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Chapter 287- Sets out on a journey

Ye Xiwen was looking at the construction work going on in Yi Yuan School then shortly decided to embark on a journey to TMU. In about a year, the TMU's assessment was about to take place in True Martial City. TMU was located in True Martial City which was the first human city to be recorded in the history of Zhen Wu Jie. It was one of the grand divine cities of Zhen Wu Jie and didn't belong to any influence. It was governed solely by TMU.

Within ten days, they reached Shun’an Prefecture, which was located on the bordering region between the Ming Empire and the Southeast region.

The Ming Empire shared its border with the southeast region, which was the longest border that crossed all ten countries of the southeast region. The Great Yue State was one of them.

Ming Empire was spread massively, covering a vast expanse of land, it was larger than the combined ten countries of the southeast region and this was just one of the several empires located in the southern region.

Two figures entered the city slowly, although they were not dressed in traditional clothing of Ming Empire, no one bothered to care because Shun'an prefecture was located in the border area of Ming Empire and was always visited by outsiders.

One of the two men was dressed in black and carrying a blade, the other one was carrying a long sword and there was an icy cold look in his eyes. These two figures belonged to Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen.

Ye Xiwen was being followed by a dashing demon beast that had a shinning black body. It was none other than the wolf cub who seemed to have grown up to 1-meter height in the last few months, reaching up till Ye Xiwen's waist.

"Gee, there are so many people here. Out of all the races living in the ten thousand worlds, the human race has the highest breeding capacity. They breed like rabbits….." The wolf cub could not help but express his admiration.

Before he could finish, Ye Xiwen slapped him lightly and said: “Stop acting like a country bumpkin, you will make us lose our faces in a foreign land."

The population was so much more in Zhen Wu Jie compared to his past life on the Earth. In fact, China was only half the size of the Great Yue State and Eurasia was only half the size of Ming Empire, not to mention it was still not the largest empire in this world.

The people on the streets were shocked when they saw the wolf cub, not because they had never seen a demon beast walking peacefully in the city, but because they saw a small wolf having a conversation like human beings. It was a well-known fact that it was extremely difficult for the demon beasts to acquire wisdom, let alone acquiring enough wisdom to talk like humans.

Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen were looking for a hotel to rest for some time. They still had plenty of time and were not worried.

Not far from them, there were several people talking among themselves.

"TMU opens its doors once in a hundred years to recruit experts and that time has finally arrived!"

"Yes, hey, you know, since our Shun’an prefecture is situated at the border of the southeast region, every time a large number of experts from the southeast region pass through here to participate in TMU recruitment."

"They are the weak ones, the ones who got left out. There are the ones who get directly recruited by the representatives and the leftovers go to TMU for assessment. They are nothing compared to our experts in the Ming Empire, only one of our experts is enough to cause wreak havoc in the southeast region.

Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen were not pleased when they heard this, because they both belonged to the southeast region. Although the southeast region was divided into ten countries, the insult was directed at both of them.

"Southeast region is a small influence and sends worthless participants in the assessment especially the experts of their younger generation are mediocre and get wrecked by our experts every time."

“Yes ah, the contest between the young experts is very intense, but it is also worth seeing. If it was me and had the opportunity to be at TMU, I would have never missed it, the experts who go to TMU get to assess their own strength, and also get a chance to kick some serious asses!”

"TMU is the topmost university in the southern region, the recruitment process is very grueling, and they depend purely on talent and strength, there is no age limit to participate, even if a participant is 100-year-old or 200-year-old. The accumulation of these older experts is profound compared to a 50-year-old participant. Although the accumulation of some comparatively younger experts, let’s say under the age of 50 years, who have already stepped into half-step legendary or legendary realm is not profound, they are still better than a 100-year-old expert of the same level. But even this much is not enough to win a seat in TMU!"

"Those experts who are ambitious and want to reach the peak of martial arts, they not only have to beat their peers but also have to trample the older experts. But the experts who are more than 100 years old are generally in the third or fourth stage of half-step legendary realm. They are very powerful and experienced and hence there would be few 50-years-old or lesser experts who would be at the same level. And even then, they would need to have multiple breakthroughs first in order to defeat the older experts. Under normal circumstances, having multiple breakthroughs in such less time is impossible. Not to mention, there already are countless powerhouses in TMU, increasing the competition many folds afterward."

When Ye Xiwen and Jian Wuchen heard this, their expressions suddenly changed. Ye Xiwen had not expected the assessment to be so tough, originally he knew that the road would be difficult to tread but he had underestimated it. He thought that the representatives would have already picked the worthy ones, like Qi Feifan, and the remaining experts coming to the assessment would not be that skillful, but he was wrong.

Ye Xiwen was not much interested in TMU, all he cared about increasing his strength and stepping into the legendary realm by passing various trials.

At such a young age, if Ye Xiwen was able to step into the legendary realm then no matter where he was, this would certify him as a genius and living legend. However, he never considered fighting against much older experts who might be on the fourth or fifth stage of half-step legendary realm.

But now he did not have time to think about those who were far above him, this trip to TMU was not going to be easy as he had expected but he would certainly get to fight with talented young experts around his own age.

He might get to experience startling heavenly collisions in the near future.

But there was a possibility that things could take a cruel turn, these ambitious young masters would do anything to beat all the peers and establish their prestige in the foreign land.

Ye Xiwen was a little alarmed but mostly calm after he put together all the facts, however, Jian Wuchen was very much excited, he wanted to defeat more and more powerful opponents so that he could prove himself as a true sword master.

“Hey, this time our Shun'an prefecture's Ominous Wolf duo are also embarking on a journey to TMU. I must warn our fellow brothers from the southeast region that they shouldn't provoke the bloodthirsty Ominous Wolf duo otherwise, they will witness massacre, ha ha ha ha, anyway, only a few people have come from the southeast region and should consider themselves as terminated already.”

"Ominous Wolf? Look, they are from your clan." Ye Xiwen said to the wolf cub jokingly.

"Humph! They are definitely from some bullshit clan." The wolf cub replied.

"They are really arrogant!" Jian Wuchen said while his face revealed a slight trace of anger. Being a sword master, there were very few things that affected his composure and being looked down upon was one of them.

"Just ignore them, we don't have to lower ourselves to their level." Ye Xiwen replied calmly. Although these people were not weak, almost all of them were at the fifth or sixth stage of truth realm, but they were nothing in front of Ye Xiwen. He could crush them all in one fell swoop.

"Indeed, Indeed!" The wolf cub yawned and said, "They are nothing more than dried bones in burial mound (idiom), anyways, why hasn't the food been served yet?"

The wolf cub instantly went back to showing his real freeloading colors!

"You all are way too arrogant! Don't you dare cross the line, okay?" A person from the back stood up and spoke, looking at his appearance it was easy to make out that he was from the southeast region. "Your Ming Empire is indeed very powerful but do you really think that the ten countries of the southeast region are run by weak lambs? Don't you forget that this is just a prefecture, not a land of geniuses? Your plan of defeating us is nothing more than wishful thinking, understood?"

(To be continued)


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