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Ch 285 - Died in war

The Old head and the Specter were fighting furiously to decide the outcome of the battle. The Old head was exceptional, he used simple sword techniques but they were filled with immense power. The strike of the sword filled the air with Swordqi which cracked open a massive void.

The Specter roared and a powerful dragon shot out from his devil spear. It engaged with the Old head and started fighting with him viciously. The fight between these two experts was so violent that everyone feared it would cause colossal damage to the sect. Even though the eyesight of the Old head was weak, he had a strong tactical understanding about how to fight high up in the sky.

At that instant, Ye Xiwen caught a glimpse of the fight and saw that the Old head was struggling and had already spent most of his life force. He was losing his vision and also experiencing shortness of breath. It seemed that he would be defeated senseless any moment now.

Ye Xiwen was worried because the specter was getting stronger. If the Old head was defeated then everyone underneath would have to face the wrath of the specter and he would wipe out Yi Yuan School in no time.

A master in the sage realm was considered to be exceptionally strong. A legendary realm expert was enough to cause wreak havoc in the ten countries of the Southeast region but a sage expert was strong enough to rule over the entire Southeast region.

Just one sage realm expert was sufficient to not just lead an entire sect, but also to dominate over the ten countries of the Southeast region, let alone a sect like Yi Yuan School.

However, Ye Xiwen did not know about any other sage level existence in the Yi Yuan School. There was only one sage expert, the Old head and everyone was convinced of his demise.

However, the presence of the Old head was radiant and scared the Specter. He was pushing the battle to the limit to quickly burn up the life force of the Old head. But it was remarkable how the Old head had lived for 1000 years.

The Old head was Yi Yuan School's final trump card and he was certainly not just an ordinary deterrent.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen summoned the Hanshan seal, which got bigger and bigger in the sky and slammed it down instantly on the devil cavalries, causing severe casualties.

Devil experts were ignoring Ye Xiwen. They did not want to engage in a fight with him. They had witnessed how he had slaughtered Lu Hongwei and the legendary realm devil. They thought that they didn't have enough strength to go against Ye Xiwen. They were not aware of the role of Tianyuan mirror in the demise of Lu Hongwei and the legendary devil.

They were inherently scared of Ye Xiwen, mostly due to the influence of Tianyuan mirror which was associated with his aura, and therefore did not dare to approach him.

Right now, Ye Xiwen's focus was concentrated on the battle between the two sage realm experts.

"Today you will die, old man!" The specter laughed wildly and ten thousand poisonous snakes exploded out from his spear. Each snake was covered in venom which corroded the atmosphere. A peculiar feeling of terror spread among the spectators.

Old head's expression did not change. He coughed out blood once then charged towards the specter. His sword movements were quick and flared up the whole sky. Old head's sword was swift enough to break through the ten thousand sword laws of the world.


The Old head's sword attack seemed mediocre but suddenly it burst out into a vibrant light which was difficult to look at, it was massive enough to sweep off everything around. It instantly chopped off the specter's spear attack.

The specter's expression changed, he was shocked, taken aback after witnessing the Old head's sudden sword attack.


Old head's sword attack was bursting with terror and instantly collided with the specter's spear attack.

The sword attack was much more powerful and swift and ultimately deflected the spear attack.

However, the swift sword attack didn't stop there and moved forward. The very next instant, it sliced right through the specter's neck.

“How is this possible?” A look of disbelief appeared in the specter's eyes.

"Boom!" The specter's tall body collapsed. The Old head descended from the sky carrying the specter's head in one hand. But Ye Xiwen noticed that his face had started to wither and his skin became dry like an old bark. He was losing his vitality and even his hands and feet were trembling.

The disciples of the Yi Yuan School were crying because they could see that the Old head had arrived at the end of his life.

“Comprehensive counterattack!” The elders, the top leaders and the present sect-head of Yi Yuan School, Wu Potian, immediately came out from the depths of Yi Yuan School and roared. Wu Potian was covered in blood, while the other experts had also suffered grave injuries. One of them was missing an arm and was also losing a lot of blood.

All these experts had experienced tough battles and now that the enemy sage expert had been beheaded, they finally made an appearance to make use of the sudden boost in morale to lead the disciples into a final comprehensive counterattack.  The death of the specter created uproar amongst the devil soldiers. They never thought that the Old head would be powerful enough to defeat the specter.

There was a sudden decline in their will to fight any longer and began to flee through the crack in the space.

Yi Yuan disciples were exhilarated and there occurred a sudden boost in their morale.

"Teacher!" Wu Potian saw the Old head, fell to his knees and burst into tears. He reminisced about his childhood times with the Old head when he used to be just a student. It was because of the Old head that his progress had increased by leaps and bounds, ultimately helping him become the sect head of Yi Yuan School. He couldn't suppress his emotions after seeing this plight of the Old head.

Everyone was in tears, after all, the Old head had been looking after them for such a long time. Many of the top leaders were aware of the majestic powers of the Old head but the disciples were never his students and only knew about his tyrannical existence.

In their hearts, the Old head held a higher prestige than the founder of Yi Yuan School.

"Stupid Son!" The Old head landed on top of a mountain peak and put down the specter's head. Some people came forward to receive the specter's head because it was a priceless treasure and could help in excelling a fearful magical weapon.

The Old head sighed saying, "Life is supposed to start with birth and end with death, what is important is to live the way you want and to do what you want, however, we martial artist strive to achieve a prestigious title. Look at me, I should have died sooner, but I lived for more than one thousand years, even though I have acquired this much, it is still nothing."

"Old head, you cannot die, you cannot leave Yi Yuan School!" Wu Potian burst into tears. It was very unlikely of a man to cry like this but given the situation it was acceptable and no one would judge him for that. Many of the disciples were also crying.

Old head shook his head and said: "Yi Yuan School's strength has made me very proud. I am convinced that it has a strong generation of disciples."

Old head's aura became increasingly weak.

He recalled the time when he was just an ordinary true disciple, but once upon a time, Yi Yuan School was in an emergency when a large of experts died in a treasure hunt, he pushed himself to the limit and came to the front of the stage to lead the weakened sect, all the way to its current glory.

His peaceful life was disrupted by that.

In that era of turmoil, expeditions, deadly battles, wars, he participated in all to restore the status of Yi Yuan School and led it back on the right path. However, he lost too much and too many in the process.

Loved ones, fellow brothers, teachers, spouse, he outlived all of them and lived his way to the current date.

This was silent departure, his frail body instantly turned into mist and dust and vanished.

In front of everyone, the Old head died respectfully in a sitting posture!

Everyone stopped crying but they were full of remorse after seeing the Old head's demise. At that instant, Wu Potian stood up and roared angrily: "Kill all these devil bastards, make them pay the price!”

Ye Xiwen also controlled his emotions and restrained his heavy heart, after all, the Old head had died peacefully in a sitting posture and that too out of his own will. He had never met the Old head however he did harbor immense amount of respect for him.

Ye Xiwen, the wolf cub and Ye Shu flew back to the Qianyu peak (flying war-fortress) where the usual peaceful paradise-like atmosphere was now replaced with a miserable one. All sorts of attack-based laws and Zhen circles were activated and working non-stop. Ye Xiwen felt like he had entered a war machine.

Ye Xiwen immediately assumed command while it was needless to say that the true power of Qianyu peak was unleashed instantly. Like a domineering flying war machine, it flew forward while eradicating the devil soldiers in its way. A legendary level devil tried to stop the war-fortress but was directly crushed to death by the combined attacks of Ye Xiwen and Qianyu peak.

“Kill them all, destroy the devil lair!” Ye Xiwen sat well above the seat of honor and shouted like a true commander.

(To be continued)


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