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Chapter 284 - Lu Hongwei slaughtered

Lu Hongwei's complexion suddenly turned pale. His relationship with devils was not necessarily good. He had followed the path of devil worship which included practicing devil arts, ultimately turning him into a half human half devil hybrid. People like him were known as devil men.

These people were characteristically selfish, ruthless and evil, otherwise, would have never been tempted by devil powers. Those who lusted for devil powers were certainly not part of the good crop, but real devils were inherently evil and cunning. Was there really a scope for these two types of sinister factions to get along?

Although they had same interests at the moment, it did not mean that they were going to be on friendly terms in the future.

“Do you want to fight with me?” Lu Hongwei snarled.

“What's the point of fighting you, killing you shall be an effortless task and doesn't interest me at all.” The devil said in a disrespectful manner.

“Do you want to die?” Lu Hongwei gritted his teeth and said.

“Do not fight among yourselves, come, both of you can come at me at once.” Ye Xiwen mocked them and a terrifying aura rippled out of his body and spread in all directions. He was not at all intimidated even while facing two experts who were at a much higher level than him. Suddenly, a sword intention appeared in his hand and began to compress and dilate the surrounding space. “You devils just look big and talk big, but when in an actual battle, you cower like ants in front of human powerhouses.”

“Bullshit, you humans can just dream of defeating us devils in battle.” The legendary level devil said in a proud voice. He did not want to team up with Lu Hongwei as suggested by Ye Xiwen.

“Prepare yourselves!” Ye Xiwen roared like a wild beast and his voice as if broke through the barrier of this world and echoed throughout the universe. The sword intention was instantly unleashed into the sky along with the ideal condition of coiling dragon palm that summoned a humongous coiling dragon in the sky. It was so huge that it seemed like even the sky wouldn't be able to contain its existence.

This was the kind of glorious existence that could make its way directly into the historical records. Everyone was shocked by the extent of power being displayed by Ye Xiwen. Everyone was looking towards the sky as their eyes were as if glued to the magnificent golden figure of Ye Xiwen who was floating above the coiling dragon like a furious god of war.

Ye Xiwen sneered and swept the rippling sword intention across the sky. Like a beam of fragmented yet interconnected rippling energy, it went forward at an incredibly fast pace. Ye Xiwen had already reached such a high comprehension level of sword skill that he didn't actually need an actual sword to use sword attacks.

The sword intention as if disintegrated the air on the molecular level and went straight towards the legendary level devil expert.

“Boom!” He tried to block the attack but was directly sent flying far away.

Only now did he realize his mistake of underestimating Ye Xiwen and a look of terror dominated his face.

Ye Xiwen's stalwart figure was wrapped in a dense golden cloak of divine light.

Ye Xiwen's enormous power and frightening attacks immediately boosted the morale of Yi Yuan disciples, but they also felt a little strange. How in the world was Ye Xiwen was able to do all this? He was just an expert of Complete Truth realm but his attacks were somehow pushing back a legendary expert. This was simply unrealistic!

However, the disciples didn't seem to notice one thing that was picked up well by the legendary devil's senses. He sensed a strange and horrifying aura emanating from Ye Xiwen's body. He felt like facing a mythical being from ancient times. In fact, just by standing in Ye Xiwen's presence, he felt like his mind and soul were being dominated. He also felt a rogue idea capturing his mind, as if telling him of his inferior existence in front of the mighty being that standing before him.

An ominous coercion tightly enveloped him and made his cultivation to fall all the way to half-step legendary realm. Actually, a major part of his power and energy were used up in combating this ominous coercion, otherwise, he wouldn't have been pushed back the sword attack.

“I guess, now I have the required qualifications to fight the two of you at the same time, correct?” Ye Xiwen said in an indifferent tone but it was filled with a kind of invincible confidence.

“You are courting death!” The legendary level devil and Lu Hongwei ultimately decided to join forces and jointly issued an attack on Ye Xiwen, immediately tearing the space at several places. It seemed as if numerous stars were falling from the sky and were aimed at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen unleashed a second sword strike, filling the entire sky with golden energy. For a moment, it seemed like the entire world was made up of gold, but the very next moment, the golden energy exploded and suppressed the very stability of this world, crushing everything in the range.

Ye Xiwen was like the sword god of this world because all sword laws were under his control.

“Boom!” The two attacks collided and resulting exploded as if resembled the explosion of a star.

The fight in the sky had entered a superheated phase while the three half-step legendary experts were fiercely clashing with each other. Ye Xiwen was keeping a strategic position in the sky so that the complementary of his attacks could kill as many devil soldiers as possible.

Ye Xiwen’s sword intention swayed in his hands as he said in a cold voice: “Brace yourselves.”

The sword intention crawled out of his hands and went towards both Lu Hongwei and the legendary devil.

The legendary devil also took out his spear and shot a terrible spear attack, consisting of dreadful Spearqi fluctuations, towards the incoming sword intention attack. The two attacks clashed in the sky and led to a massive explosion.

“Boom!” This was an earth-shattering collision and swept off endless shock waves in all directions. The true power of the legendary devil revealed itself just now. Even though a major part of his power was being suppressed by Tianyuan mirror's coercion, the quality of his energy was still superior to that of an expert of half-step legendary realm.

But at this time, Lu Hongwei's devil sword released vibrating moqi that collided with Ye Xiwen's sword intention and blocked it in its way.


The enormous destructive power contained in this blast swept all around and the three experts backed off, no on daring to go near the aftermath of this explosion.

Ye Xiwen went a few steps back before stopping in midair, then immediately unleashed yet another sword intention towards the two experts. However, this time, the sword intention was massive and proceeded forward wantonly, destroying everything in its way, evaporating mountains and wiping out forests in a blink of an eye. While at the same time, Lu Hongwei and the legendary devil collaborated and unleashed their best attacks.


The pure power of this collision invoked tremors all over and bulldozed everything in the range.

The moqi contained in the Spearqi attack left a terrible wound on Ye Xiwen's body. The blood started to ooze out of this wound and appeared just like a fountain of blood.

However, the legendary devil received a much terrible wound as the sword intention directly pierced through his body, leaving a large hole in his abdomen. Lu Hongwei was also in a critical condition but not as severe as the legendary devil because a large percentage of the blast was blocked by the legendary devil, shielding Lu Hongwei in the process. Therefore, he only received flesh wounds.

An ice-cold look appeared on the legendary devil's face, but immediately, moqi quickly wrapped his wound and it started to heal at a fast pace.

A devil's restoration ability could really leave a human expert flabbergasted.

The legendary devil's eyes were bloodshot and full of killing intention. His sword-like sharp eyes were stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen as if trying to kill him with the stare itself.

His killing intention was the real deal.

Lu Hongwei was experiencing an extreme shortness of breath. He had once lost to Qi Feifan but at least he was considered the leader of the younger generation in Great Yue State. However, if he lost to a 20-year-old youngster like Ye Xiwen then wouldn't it leave a stain on his reputation forever?

He had been practicing devil arts consistently for decades then how were these ordinary humans surpassing him one after another!

However, he was shocked once again when he saw Ye Xiwen's wound healing at an incredibly fast speed and completely restoring itself in a blink of an eye. When compared to Ye Xiwen's regeneration ability, the legendary devil's restoration ability was literally garbage.

The legendary devil was frustrated and just didn't want to accept what he saw just now. How could these inferior humans have such outstanding regeneration ability? Of course, he knew that Ye Xiwen must have practiced some kind of secret technique but that didn't change the fact that he was just a human being.

His frustration was understandable after all he had come to this world to massacre human being by crushing them like ants. He never thought of the possibility of bumping into a monstrosity in human form.

“Die!” Both Lu Hongwei and the legendary devil were raging to kill Ye Xiwen and once again timed their attacks to congeal a massive moqi-based attack.

“Now that you devils have already come into our territory, don't even think about going back alive.” Ye Xiwen sneered.

The whole sky was torn open by a divine golden sword intention as it instantly annihilated the enemy's joint offensive.

“Puchi!” A terrible was torn open in the legendary devil's body, his blood spattered and the broken bone fragments were sent flying.

Ye Xiwen had used his strongest sword attack so the outcome was not surprising!

Ye Xiwen's tyrannical imposing aura swept off everywhere.

Everyone gawked at this scene because they just couldn't believe that an expert of Complete Truth realm could actually fight with an expert of half-step legendary realm and the other of the legendary first stage. Not to mention, Ye Xiwen was single-handedly pushing them back and it seemed as if he was not even trying.

How was this possible?

However, the reason and explanation didn't matter now as the Yi Yuan crowd kept on cheering for Ye Xiwen, the guy who gave them immense confidence and the will to fight back.

“Such a fearful human, I cannot let him live.” A killing intention flashed in the eyes of the legendary devil. He knew that Ye Xiwen must not be allowed to live and grow, otherwise, he would certainly become a huge threat to their cause.

The three experts again clashed in the sky and started to go all out.

Ye Xiwen just wouldn't fall under the wind no matter how much they tried.


Ye Xiwen's sword intention once again instantly swept across the sky an wreaked havoc everywhere.




Ye Xiwen's changed his strategy and this time unleashed a smaller yet faster Swordqi attack towards the legendary devil.

“Boom!” The devil used his spear to block it but some sections of Swordqi were deflected towards him from the sides and hit him, making him spout a mouthful of blood due to the impact.

At this time, Lu Hongwei took advantage of the opportunity and launched a long ranged attack at Ye Xiwen in the form of dazzling shooting stars made up of Swordqi.

The legendary devil ignored his own injuries because he didn't have enough time to stop for healing them. He must team up with Lu Hongwei and time his attacks perfectly to kill Ye Xiwen. He would worry about his pride later, but first he must eliminate at all costs.

His battle strategy was dependent on the assumption that Lu Hongwei would have to play the role of bait.

However, how could Ye Xiwen not know about their strategy?

Ye Xiwen guessed what they were planning to do and sneered. Right now, his physical condition was at its peak thanks to phoenix regeneration whereas the other two were injured and almost exhausted.

Ye Xiwen unleashed his sword intention attack to tackle the incoming shooting stars.

However, before the enemy could attack again, Ye Xiwen immediately summoned Hanshan seal in the sky. It transformed into a humongous sierra and smashed down.

“Bang!” Lu Hongwei collided with Hanshan sierra and was sent flying far away ejecting blood from his mouth then fell to the ground. He glared at the legendary devil who actually used him as a shield to escape from Hanshan attack.

The legendary devil looked coldly at Lu Hongwei. Deep in his heart, he simply looked down on humans and did not think that doing something like this was wrong. To him, human beings were born to serve devil race as slaves!

But before he could have fun seeing Lu Hongwei in such a sorry state, Ye Xiwen shot his sword intention attack directly towards him. According to Ye Xiwen's battle strategy, the legendary devil was more dangerous than Lu Hongwei and must be eliminated first.

Ye Xiwen hand sword meaning light burst ek terror thrusts.

The legendary devil never expected to be attacked like this and his carelessness caused his demise. The sword intention punctured the energy barrier protecting his body then further pierced into his body and destroyed his heart, ripping a hole in his chest.

(NT: Ulquiorra :P)

On his chest ripped a big hole.

The legendary devil wanted to struggle, but suddenly, a Hanshan seal appeared in the sky and instantly smashed him into ground, turning his body into meat patty.

Lu Hongwei saw the pitiful demise of the legendary devil and started to laugh like a madman. Ye Xiwen was not planning to let him off and immediately released a Swordlight attack that went across the sky and chopped Lu Hongwei into pieces, ending his life.

Although it seemed like a long story, in fact, all this happened in a matter of several breaths. The spectacular battle between the Old head and the specter was soon going to enter the final phase.

(To be continued)


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