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Chapter 286 - Aftermath

The devil forces were trying to escape from the cracks in space. All the legendary experts were rushing to slaughter them, especially Wu Potian and his subordinates. He had just experienced the pain of the loss of his mentor and was not able to resist the grief. He wanted to vent out all his anger, so he rushed to kill the devil forces.

Wu Potian looked like a deity who had descended into this world with a terrifying aura. The devil forces did not have anyone who could stop him except the specter but he was already dead. Wu Potian was beaming with anger because the devil forces had dared to attack his home and the loss he had to suffer was grave.

Ye Xiwen crashed into the space crash along with Qianyu Peak. He was leading the way while others were following him. Qianyu Peak was a specially designed floating war-fortress that was only given to the pro-disciples and was much superior to ordinary floating peaks. Not even the attacks of a legendary realm expert could bring it down, not to mention it was not possible to bring down Qianyu Peak so easily because Ye Xiwen was there to guard it. The combined power of Ye Xiwen and Qianyu Peak was enormous and disastrous for anyone or anything that stood in their way. The importance of Qianyu Peak could be determined from the fact that in over a thousand years of history, Yi Yuan School was able to accumulate not more than ten floating war-fortresses. And only the pro-disciples were eligible to have their own floating war-fortresses. Anyway, there were never too many pro-disciples to surpass the number of available fortresses.

One must know that building such a fortress was much more difficult compared to training disciples of similar strength since the cost of the resources required was almost ten times more.

These war fortresses were very significant during such attacks and were made to defend the sect only during such critical times. During the attack, the Taizhong elders were busy activating these war-fortresses, and right now, they were relying on the extreme destructive power of the war-fortresses to wipe out the devil forces.

Ye Xiwen issued an order and the Qianyu Peak rushed forward to exterminate the remaining devil soldiers.

Ye Xiwen chased the devils into the space crack and saw that at the other end of the crack, there was a valley. It was spread in several thousand square kilometers, although Ye Xiwen was not sure where this place was located in his world, he was certain that they had found the devil's lair.

Many devil soldiers were boiling with excitement after seeing the invaders in their lair. Several devil experts ascended to attack them along with many War Monsters.

The Qianyu Peak was surrounded by a Lingqi barrier which was protecting it, even though the firepower was consuming way too much energy from the spiritual arteries. The Devil base was also surviving on similar veins, which were present underneath the valley and it made the devil war machines much powerful and easy to use, but they still could not rival the resources of Yi Yuan School.

"Bang!" The devil forces attacked the Qianyu Peak and it vibrated due to the impact caused by a barrage of attacks.

Ye Xiwen issued an order "Forward" and the Qianyu Peak crashed into the valley, various attack-based laws and Zhen circles were activated, all sorts of martial attacks were launched. Everything that came in its way was destroyed while the other floating Peaks also arrived in abundance and started following the lead of Qianyu Peak.

Wu Potian and several other elders, followed by the war fortresses, rushed forward to attack the devil camps. Numerous devil soldiers could not resist the attack and were killed instantly.

"Who is there?" There was a mighty roar from the depths of the valley and a terrifying claw appeared from the sky. It grabbed one of the floating peaks and crushed it, the floating peak exploded and many disciples were killed at once.

"Humph!" Wu Potian growled and swayed his sword. It was clear that his sword technique was somewhat similar to the Old head, even though it was not that swift and potent, however, his Swordqi attack seemed powerful enough to split the world.

Wu Potian swayed his sword, and in a flash, dissected the devil claw in the sky. The Swordqi was so massive that it created a deep ditch in the valley, killing unknown numbers of devil soldiers in one fell swoop.

"Aaah!" A sharp scream resounded in the sky and a figure fell from the void.

"Shua!" Wu Potian made a final sword strike and created a void with his might, a massive blood fog surrounded the falling figure. He was merciless with the sword because in his heart he was angry and this was the only way to vent it.

The disciples were excited after witnessing this and went all out. They rushed to exterminate the Bai Mojiao followers. The Bai Mojiao followers were shocked and did not have the strength to retaliate. All of them were massacred by the angry disciples of Yi Yuan School under the leadership of Wu Potian.

After, almost half a day, the one-sided massacre finally ended. The Bai Mojiao followers had nowhere to hide. Their sage realm devil expert, who was supposed to guide them, was also dead. In the end, Yi Yuan School completely eradicated the devil's lair.

Yi Yuan School's expedition shocked the entire Great Yue State. Although it had to suffer heavy losses, everyone got to know that both sides lost their sage realm experts and made them feel somewhat relieved, after all, the very existence of a sage realm expert had a strategic suppression effect on the entire Great Yue State.

However, this was certainly not good news for Yi Yuan School.

By this expedition conducted by Yi Yuan School, the Bai Mojiao organization suffered a head-on blow and was exterminated to such an extent that it would never be able to recover from this.

The losses suffered by Yi Yuan School were less compared to the devil forces. One-third of the disciples of Yi Yuan School were killed and hundreds were injured. Although there were several hundred true disciples in the sect, almost a hundred were killed and were severely injured in the battle. Over one-third of the elders also lost their lives while protecting the disciples in the battle.

Although it did seem like the elders appeared during the end of the fight, it was not true. They were, in fact, fighting the devil forces that had infiltrated the inner parts of the sect.

This time, Yi Yuan School suffered heavy losses by losing one-third of their nurtured and cultured disciples. However, it couldn't be considered as a miserable loss because this was the last time anyone would dare to attack Yi Yuan School. After all, if they could survive an attack of such huge scale then could literally survive anything.

Yi Yuan School was attacked brutally but it survived and was not destroyed. Yi Yuan School had been standing tall for thousands of years and with their hidden techniques and secret strength, who could dare to drown them?

This victory of Yi Yuan School would be recorded in the history of Great Yue State.

No one thought that Yi Yuan School would fall down so easily, but no one thought that they would come out of it so victoriously either. Yi Yuan School organized a huge memorial service for the fallen and invited many influential figures. A memorial service was conducted specially for the Old head.

The Old head lived for 1000 years before dying in the most respectable and honorable manner. All the disciples and the influential figures that had come to pay homage were younger and did not know him personally, but they held high regard for the Old head. The Old head had fought bravely and saved Yi Yuan School from a sage realm devil, ultimately ending his life in a sitting posture (is considered a sacred practice in Buddhism).

If the Old head had not stopped the specter then he would have wiped off Yi Yuan School and conquered the entire Great Yue State.

On top of a mountain peak that was located in Yi Yuan School's territory, two figures were standing tall and comfortably in the spring breeze.

Ye Xiwen was looking over the school from the mountain peak, the reconstruction work of Yi Yuan School was in full swing.

"Are you planning to go to TMU?" Ye Xiwen asked the young guy who was standing next to him. He was the strongest disciple in the younger generation of Yuncheng sect named Jian Wuchen. He had come to pay homage to the Old head as a representative from Yuncheng.

Ye Xiwen looked at him in a somewhat strange manner. One must know that Jian Wuchen was also in Complete Truth realm like Ye Xiwen. He was also not far from breaking into the half-step legendary realm.

Going to TMU and having such a cultivation level was not really an issue. Although it was indeed said that true disciples could at most become janitor disciples after joining TMU, exceptionally talented and young disciples like Jian Wuchen were bound to become outer disciples at the least.

Jian Wuchen earlier belonged to a sword-slave clan but his status had now risen.

Ye Xiwen knew about the existence of the so-called sword-slaves of Yuncheng Sect and how the young and talented disciples were forcefully made to acquire the status of sword-slave and were trained intensely to serve the imperial clan. However, making good use of such an opportunity, even as a sword-slave and after being trained in the most low-level martial arts, Jian Wuchen still rushed all the way to the top of Yuncheng's younger generation and became a legend over there.

It could be said that the eighth prince and several other people were in awe after seeing Jian Wuchen's potential, after all, he was the only noteworthy sword genius in the younger generation of Yuncheng. Others were just unable to challenge his status. His future prospects were also boundless. Ye Xiwen believed that Jian Wuchen would manage to do well in TMU as well.

Of course, there used to a connection between him and the eighth prince that had forced him to become Ye Xiwen's enemy back then but Ye Xiwen did not hold it against him.

Mu Ling had also evaluated him before, saying that Jian Wuchen's sword skills were purer compared to his own. Mu Ling was quite impressed and that was the reason why he had spared Jian Wuchen's life on the demon island.

Such a person should definitely be a part of the first batch of TMU.

Jian Wuchen replied with an indifferent expression on his face: "Those youngsters died because of me. I led them to their deaths."

Ye Xiwen immediately understood what Jian Wuchen was referring to. The casualties that occurred on the demon island had deeply affected him and he felt responsible for the deaths of his juniors.

"But now all that is over, it does not matter anymore, it has opened up a path for me and my way is now the way of the sword!"

Ye Xiwen kind of understood that Jian Wuchen was also probably going to participate in the assessment.

"That's right, I am going to participate in TMU's assessment, let's go together."

(To be continued)


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