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(NT: Third compensation chapter.)

Chapter 283 - Provokes a legend

The old sect head was sent flying into a mountain peak and blasted it to bits.

"You humans are inferior creatures. It is impossible for you to stop our superior devil race." The sage realm specter said to the Old sect head with a cold look in his eyes.

"Old head!"

"Old head!"

Numerous disciples of Yi Yuan School cried out in fright.

"No! Our Old head…was also defeated."

"He couldn't stop that sage realm specter, what should we do now!"

The disciples were now desperate, although they were not alive 1000 years ago, they had heard from the people, who lived during that time, about the Old head. Their hearts were filled with respect for him, for them he was a deity who had saved Yi Yuan School at the most crucial time, flipping the tides of misfortune. Even now at this age, he was willing to raise his sword and fight, as long as he stood there, he was like an invincible war god, instilling confidence and morale among the disciples.

"Old head is now old and fragile, but in the past, he bore the title of the unparallel hero."

"If he wasn't old and injured to such an extent, this despicable specter wouldn't be rampaging like this in his presence."

Whispers between the Yi Yuan disciples were heard by the specter who, then, revealed a disdainful smile on his face and said: "Human race is really the most worthless race in all of the ten thousand worlds and we devils will make sure to eliminate your very existence. In front of our devil cavalry, you are nothing more than a herd of lambs, all prepared to be slaughtered."

"Damn you, how dare you say such spiteful things to my disciples? It seems you and your stinking bugs really want to venture the depths of hell. I will gladly fulfill your wish and banish you to hell along with these insects."

"Yes, even the so-called devil cavalry of yours cannot defeat us."

The Old head stood up, his stature was skinny, his back was arched yet he grasped his sword and slashed it towards the specter.

"You still dare to raise your sword, seems like you really don't want to live." The specter sneered, "We have 100 methods to heal you, and you can even progress your cultivation by leaps and bounds as long as you are willing to join our side and become a devil slave."

"I am aged, but I have not lost my self-respect, ke ke." The Old head coughed a few times then said, "The human race has established itself in this world through countless tribulations and sufferings. There is nothing that can ever strike us down!"

An overwhelming amount of heroic aura overflowed out of his body and enveloped him completely.

"Those who will not surrender to us shall be slaughtered." The specter ordered callously as he stood tall and high, surrounded by his prestige as a devil.

"We will see that!" The Old head shot a fascinating Swordqi attack towards the specter.

"Bang!" A terrifying sound resounded everywhere as if penetrating the sky. The chaotic Swordqi as if appeared to be cutting the world itself into two halves.

The Old head's attacks continued to become more and more horrifying. This rampaging sword attack was so insanely destructive that it made the specter retreat as far as possible to evade the attack. He just did not dare to face the Old head's sword attack.

Although it was clear that the Old head was now on the winning side of this battle, but the disciples of Yi Yuan School did not share even the tiniest bit of excitement. They all knew that the Old head was burning his own life force and irrespective of what the result would be, he would most likely……

Some people were terrified of the thought that he wouldn't even survive till the end of the war.

The Old head did not even portray the slightest bit of hesitation and once again attacked, churning the entire sky with his martial attacks and marking the outbreak of a great battle's finale.

The Old head knew that he didn't have much time and the rate at which the fight was consuming his energy was more than he could handle. In fact, even the specter knew that the Old head was approaching the complete exhaustion of his vitality.

"Don't you realize that you have come to fight an obsolete war?" Old head said lightly but his long sword did not have a moment to stop. It was unceasingly howling and releasing Swordqi across the skyline.

"You filthy old guy, you breathe greedily on a day to day basis to survive, I do not need to kill you because you will die on your own soon." The specter sneered and said.

"Despicable, shameless!"

"You are nothing in front of our Old head so shut your mouth, you filthy devil."

"Originally I wanted to see you die on your own, but since you say so, I will kill you with my own hands and also crush your pride in the process. That will make you realize that devil race is the true ruler of the heavens and your human race is only suited to be our slaves." The specter said in a loud voice while his body was enveloped in a sea of moqi.

His devil spear started to rumble, summoning the ideal condition of chaotic devil laws as if restarting the age of chaos in this world.

The Old head rushed forward with his sword, slicing the life out of all things around. He was the strongest expert of Yi Yuan School and had achieved complete mastery over his sword skills through a comprehensive study. At this time, he finally used his sword intention on the specter.




The Swordqi collided with the Spearqi and the resulting explosion spread across the sky. The battle between these two sage realm experts had finally started to get more and more intense.

"Today you will die." Lu Hongwei did not know how Ye Xiwen had affected his strength but his cultivation had reduced from single layer of half-step legendary realm to ordinary half-step legendary realm. However, he still did not consider Ye Xiwen as a worthy opponent.

"Since you wish to die, I will certainly help you." Ye Xiwen opened his eyes slowly. There was a divine golden radiance in his eyes, making him appear like a godly entity in the battlefield.

Ye Xiwen immediately used his golden claws to stop the incoming attack.

Lu Hongwei's Swordqi attack was easily grabbed and then extinguished by Ye Xiwen's golden claws.

"Last time, you were lucky enough to escape from the hands of Brother Qi, but this time, you will not be able to escape from me." Ye Xiwen smiled coldly and immediately summoned the Hanshan seal in the sky, aiming it directly at Lu Hongwei.

"You are courting death."  Lu Hongwei yelled in anger. Last time, he had indeed suffered a severe wound at the hands of Qi Feifan and this was simply of great shame to him. And today, Ye Xiwen reminded him of this matter just to puncture his pride and provoke him. And it seemed like Ye Xiwen actually succeeded in his plan.

The devil sword held in Lu Hongwei's hand was exuding faint traces of moqi, and suddenly, the roars of devilish dragons filled the surroundings while a sword sliced through the sky. Even the earth shook under the influence of this sword attack.


The shock waves created by this sword attack were so terrifying that they instantly annihilated several devils of Xiantian level that happened to be in the attack range.

"Clang!" The Swordlight shot up into the sky, formed a dense and rippling sword light, then condensed into a rain of arrows and were blasted towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen pressed the Hanshan Seal down and it instantly crushed this grand scale Swordqi attack.

"You are bold, human!" At this time, a sonic boom exploded in the sky and a big hand extended down from the sky to grab Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had dared to rush in the midst of the devil cavalry which made him stand out as a unique entity, also turning him into a direct target.

The aura which was covering the big hand was terrifying, simply earth shattering and while it swept across, Ye Xiwen sensed the strength of legendary realm from it.

It was the move of a peerless master of the legendary realm.

The devil soldiers were shivering after seeing the fearful power of this attack. An ordinary master of half-step legendary realm just couldn't achieve such a level of power.

Ye Xiwen was not a man who would sit still, he stuck out his palms which immediately transformed into dragon claws and went forward to greet the incoming big devil hand.

"Bang!" The big hand the dragon claws collided in midair and mutually annihilated each other, ultimately transforming into a turbulent flow of Lingqi.

"Legendary devil!" The disciples of Yi Yuan School cried out in horror as they never expected that a legendary level expert would suddenly attack Ye Xiwen.

For these disciples, according to their understanding, an expert of the legendary realm was a great being and simply out of their comprehension. After all, even a senior disciple like Chu Jingcai had recently stepped into the legendary realm.


As if a tsunami of energy greeted the scene and overwhelmed everyone.

"Why is a legendary devil suddenly daring to fight with me?" Ye Xiwen asked in a calm voice.

Everyone gawked when they heard what Ye Xiwen said. He basically provoked a legendary devil, despite being in truth realm himself.

Was Ye Xiwen actually provoking a legendary devil for a face to face fight?

All the disciples froze on the spot and could not believe what they just heard and saw.

This was a legendary devil, a true legend.

"Boy, today will be marked as the day of your demise. I will kill you first then destroy your Yi Yuan School." The legendary level devil said while giving Ye Xiwen a cold and murderous look.

"Get out of my way, this is my enemy, I will be the one to who would take his life." Lu Hongwei roared.

"Humph, you are just a waste who cannot even cope with a trivial human of truth realm." The devil basically looked down upon the human race, and being a human being who had adopted devil ways, Lu Hongwei was no exception either.

(To be continued)


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