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(NT: Second Compensation Chapter. One more to go before resuming regular releases.)

Chapter 282 Fight with Lu Hongwei

"Ye Xiwen, this time I will kill you mercilessly and also destroy Yi Yuan School!" Lu Hongwei gave a murderous look to Ye Xiwen, his left arm didn't seem like a normal arm instead it was a devil arm which was brimming with energy.

He detested Ye Xiwen, if not for Ye Xiwen, he would not be so embarrassed. And because of this, he must kill Ye Xiwen to satisfy his obsession.

Ye Xiwen had ruined his plans on Qianji Island, giving prior warning to Yi Yuan School and the other major forces about Bai Mojiao's approaching raid. This was not a hidden matter and everyone knew about Ye Xiwen's role in that incident.

Ye Xiwen sneered and said, "Your century-old dream of destroying Yi Yuan School shall never be fulfilled."

Several hundred thousand devil soldiers had come rushing today to eradicate Yi Yuan School. This time, the enemy was enormous and powerful and it seemed like there truly was a danger of total destruction awaiting Yi Yuan School.

Lu Hongwei assumed an awe-inspiring pose, displaying the true power of half-step legendary realm. The extent of his power was simply difficult to visualize.

The entire battlefield was riddled with corpses of devils and human experts. Everywhere, the disciples of Yi Yuan School and the devils were indulged in clearing each other out.

Lu Hongwei's arm, which was possessed by a devil sword, released a devilish magical beam towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not budge and stood still like a mountain, with an icy cold look in his eyes. His whole body was radiating golden rays of light. He appeared like a golden god that was cloaked in divine golden halo. This was the first time he was going to display his true battle strength of half-step legendary realm. He roared towards the sky and his whole body was engulfed by an unprecedented amount of magnificent energy.

Ye Xiwen swiftly joined his hands together and shot a golden beam towards the devil arm.

"Bang!" A terrifying shock wave swept across as a result of this collision. The demon cavalries and the Yi Yuan disciples who were present around the perimeter were directly sent off flying.

"Ye Xiwen, you cannot fight here, otherwise, you will accidentally injure many disciples of your own sect." Ye Mo said.

At this time, a huge silhouette appeared in the sky. Qianyu peak was actually a flying war-fortress and that had come to Ye Xiwen's aid. It was larger than an average mountain and was constantly shooting energy beams at the enemy forces, wiping out countless devil cavalries with each strike. Even the War Monster was too slow to dodge a powerful beam attack and was directly cut in half.

The power of the flying war-fortress was fully manifested at this time.

"Ha ha ha, the prince is here!" At this time, the wolf cub laughed mockingly then opened his mouth and fired a grand scale attack at the devil cavalry, which resulted in a mushroom cloud. In a blink of an eye, hundreds of devils were annihilated.

Ye Shu was standing next to the wolf cub and he also began to use all sorts of martial techniques, wiping out several devil cavalrymen in groups.

As for Ye Feng and the others that did not come out, since they had not yet entered into the truth realm, they were not capable enough of protecting themselves in this battlefield, therefore they were simply operating various Zhen laws and martial attacks from inside the Qianyu war-fortress.

Ye Xiwen grinned and a burst of golden light seeped out of his body and instantly swept through the formations of devil cavalrymen instantly.


The entire battlefield was shaken by the pitiful screams of the devil soldiers as their souls were directly harvested by this golden light and turned them into golden blood fog.

"You won't escape from me!" Lu Hongwei stared at Ye Xiwen with his burning red eyes then immediately began to chase Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen directly flew inside the devil formation and unleashed his powers, killing them in hundreds at a time while trying his best to avoid accidentally hurting his fellow disciples. However, Lu Hongwei did not seem to care about the loss of his own soldiers in friendly fire.

Ye Xiwen was like an invincible entity, cutting his way through the devil cavalrymen. No one was able to stop him no matter how much tried! The divinities crawling within his body were a devil's worst nemesis.

"Kill him!"

The shouts were lingering in the battlefield, the battle continued, corpses were being sent flying around. Streams of blood were flowing across the battlefield, indicating the extent of the death toll that continued to rise with each passing moment.




Along with a barrage of terrifying noises of explosions, Ye Xiwen was encircled by numerous devil experts, but in a blink of an eye, all were chopped into pieces by Ye Xiwen.

Hanshan seal was summoned by Ye Xiwen in the sky. It transformed into a huge mountain and slammed down upon devil exerts. Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen was unceasingly slaughtering the enemies that were appearing in his way. However, as a result of that, his speed finally slowed down a bit and this made it possible for Lu Hongwei to overtake him.

"I would like to see where you will go now." Lu Hongwei was keeping a close eye on Ye Xiwen and did not seem to care about the devils who had been massacred so far. His eyes were fixed on the real enemy, Ye Xiwen. If Ye Xiwen was not eliminated right away then his plan would most likely fail once again, not to mention he might have to flee again in a severely injured state like the previous time.

"Bang!" Lu Hongwei sliced the air with his devil sword, and suddenly, a horrifying light which was made up of moqi began to billow around him.

(NT: moqi = devilqi)

"It is time for you to say goodbye to this world." Lu Hongwei clenched his teeth in anger and his red eyes sparkled like a crazed beast.

It seemed as if Lu Hongwei's anger could sweep away the universe any time now.

Ye Xiwen's eyes reflected no fear instead a golden light flickered in his hands. Coiling Dragon Palm was unleashed by Ye Xiwen, instantly releasing a coiling dragon into this world. It appeared like a living golden dragon, all set to devour the opponent ahead.

"Bang!" A terrifying collision took place when Ye Xiwen's coiling dragon swallowed a huge bout of moqi, but all of a sudden, the moqi suddenly burst out of its body, annihilating it in the process.

Lu Hongwei was at a higher level when compared with Ye Xiwen, after all, there was a gap of almost 100 to 200 worth of practice years between the two.

Ye Xiwen made a strategic retreat while Lu Hongwei continued to move in his direction under the urge to kill him once and for all.

"Ye Xiwen, I am afraid this Lu Hongwei has attained half-step legendary realm long back!" Ye Mo's voice sounded in Ye Xiwen mind.

Ye Xiwen's heart shook for a moment. A while ago, he had finally stepped into Complete Truth realm and his battle strength was equivalent to half-step legendary realm, reaching the same level as Lu Hongwei, but the so-called half-step legendary realm had many distinctions. Although the battle strength of both Ye Xiwen and Qi Feifan were on half-step legendary level, but in reality, Ye Xiwen was still not as strong as Qi Feifan.

Besides the ordinary half-step legendary realm, there existed several branch level such as half-step legendary first stage, half-step legendary second stage and so on, all the way up to the ninth stage.

Ye Xiwen could easily defeat an opponent who was at ordinary half-step legendary realm, but after reaching the higher levels such as half-step legendary first stage or above, the battle strength also increased exponentially with each stage.

Regardless of how much an ordinary person would practice, they could only achieve the half-step legendary realm. Only a genius could break the shackles of half-step legendary realm and truly achieve the first stage or second stage and so on. One must know that if an expert was at half-step legendary first stage then their battle strength would be equivalent to that an expert on legendary first stage. And the same analogy would apply at other half-step legendary stages as well. However, the issue was that there was a tremendous gap between any two neighboring stages in the half-step legendary realm. An expert who was at half-step legendary first stage just did not stand a chance against an opponent who was a stage above him. This strict barrier was specifically prominent in the half-step legendary realm. Not to mention, only talented experts could actually dream of reaching the higher stages within half-step legendary realm, leaving no other alternative options whatsoever for ordinary experts.

In other words, a high-level of talent was a must to reach the higher and mostly inaccessible stages that were hidden inside the half-step legendary realm. Ordinary experts simply had no talent or the option to step into the half-step legendary first stage and could only have a breakthrough directly into the legendary first stage, then continue forward.

Of course, if an expert was able to reach half-step legendary fourth or fifth stage and decided to have a breakthrough and step into legendary realm then they would automatically step right into the legendary fourth or fifth stage, however, with better foundation and understanding.

Half step legendary realm was a very important stage for someone who was really determined to have limitless future prospects in the world of martial arts. It was a very crucial stage to lay the foundation for an eventual breakthrough into the Sage realm, which was very important for transcending the mortal world.

It was said that if a person would stay for a longer time in the half-step legendary realm, they would be able to enjoy limitless future prospects. This was the reason why TMU had made a special assessment for half-step legendary category. Those who were at the higher stages of half-step legendary realm always had more chances of being selected by TMU.

However, the breakthrough to each stage was very difficult and this immense measure of difficulty was enough to limit the quantity in each assessment.

Now, it was no longer a mystery why Lu Hongwei was still stuck in half-step legendary realm, after all, more than 100 years ago, he had fought with Chu Jingcai and the other pro-disciple of that generation. Back then, if he had chosen to have a breakthrough into the legendary realm then he would probably have reached legendary third or fourth stage by now, however, he chose to stay in half-step legendary realm and was now at half-step legendary first stage. In other words, this showed how much difficult it was to climb stages inside the half-step legendary realm.

(NT: In other words, an expert can choose to stay in half-step legendary realm and accumulate energy and understanding via cultivation. Then their cultivation will rise from half-step legendary first stage to the second stage and so on within the same realm. It’s the expert’s choice to decide when to have a final breakthrough into the legendary realm.)

"Ye Xiwen, today I will kill you for sure!" Lu Hongwei roared.

"Tianyuan Mirror!" Yi Xiwen pulled out his wild card. He would not have cared much if he was facing an ordinary expert of half-step legendary realm, but now he needed to pay more attention because his opponent was at the first stage of half-step legendary realm.

Tianyuan Mirror appeared on top of Ye Xiwen's head instantaneously, it started whirling and simultaneously began to release a dreadful coercion, as if coming straight from the command of the Devil King and powerful enough to suppress all devil soldiers right where they were.

Within a mile radius, all magical beasts began to tremble with fear and kneeled down on the ground, not daring to get up. Although no one understood why this was happening, it was the kind of scary feeling which came from the bottom of their hearts, which made them scared and timid. This was a bizarre scene and shocked everyone who witnessed it on the battlefield!

However, no one knew that this scene was just an aftermath of Ye Xiwen's intended attack that was aimed directly at Lu Hongwei.

"What mischief are you up to now!" Lu Hongwei roared, he only felt a dreadful restraint deep inside his mind, his consciousness was being blinded. He wanted Ye Xiwen dead, but now he felt like he wanted Ye Xiwen to live. As if he was being forced into thinking that Ye Xiwen must not die and he must not attack Ye Xiwen at any cost. The confused state of his mind was a serious threat to him and his plan.

This was a startling yet terrifying deterrent!

His strength was also gravely affected and directly dropped down from half-step legendary first stage to ordinary half-step legendary realm.

This swift decrease in his power made Lu Hongwei nearly go crazy as he rushed towards Ye Xiwen to attack him.

However, after the sudden drop in Lu Hongwei's strength, Ye Xiwen was no longer hesitant to fight back with all his might.

(To be continued)


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