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Chapter 275 - Freeloader Wolf Cub

After killing Shimo, Ye Xiwen did not continue to go into the depths of the library, although he wanted to read all of the books, there were a lot of powerful book demons ahead and many of them were at half-step legendary level and above. At present, he was not an opponent of these tyrannical book demons, but he was happy to have benefited a lot in this library.

He stopped accumulating knowledge and went to the library section where books and records on True Martial University were kept.

TMU was set up a long time ago. After human ancestors came to Zhen Wu Jie, in order to resist the attacks from demon beasts, they established a sacred place, dedicated to preserving and enhancing martial arts heritage from ancient times.

The history of humankind was extremely long and finding out the concrete specifics related to its beginning was now impossible to some extent. Because of various wars and other reasons, the history of mankind had a lot of loopholes and dark eras. A lot of things were buried in the dust of history, perhaps deliberately or circumstantially.

One could almost say that the southern region and even the entire Zhen Wu Jie, every large or small influence in the vicinity, more or less, had their origins in TMU. In fact, most sects and factions were once started by the disciples of TMU in the past.

Generally speaking, all these books gave only introductory information regarding TMU, which made him somewhat disappointed, but in the end, anyway, knowing something was better than not knowing anything.

Ye Xiwen made up his mind and decided that it was time to go back. He took Ye Shu along and went out of the library.

It was not easy for book demons to leave the library unless they had sufficient merit points or there was someone with authority willing to take responsibility. Ye Xiwen fulfilled this criterion quite well, being a pro-disciple who was destined to become a great man in the future.

Taking away Ye Shu was simply not a problem; he would just need to lend some merit points to Ye Shu for the time being until the payback. Since Ye Xiwen had accumulated a lot of merit points during Qianji Island incident and never had time to use them, so now, he could easily lend them to Ye Shu for the sake of his freedom.

“You really want to take him away?” The old guard looked at Ye Xiwen with a somewhat unexpected look flashing in his eyes. The most surprising thing was a drastic upgrade in Ye Shu's level in the last few months. Ye Shu was one of the few book demons who performed chores for this old guard, so he certainly knew the extent of Ye Shu's strength before he left off with Ye Xiwen.

“Yes.” Ye Xiwen said.

“Well, looking at his current cultivation, he can truly apply for a transfer.” The old guard smiled and looked somewhat happily at Ye Shu then said, “It seems you have obtained a large fortune this time, haven’t you? Your future prospects shall be limitless!”

“Thanks a lot, senior!” Ye Shu's eyes were full of tears. If not for this old man, a weak book demon like himself would have perished long ago. He would either have been caught as a slave for some powerful book demon or would have been devoured.

The law of the jungle was prevalent in this library and he was able to survive this long only because of this old man.

“Ye Xiwen, this old guy is a book demon, gee, such a formidable monster he is.” At this time, Ye Mo's voice sounded in Ye Xiwen's mind and finally confirmed the old man's true identity. Being a book demon with extremely profound cultivation, he was tasked with guarding this library. And he alone was enough to act as a deterrent against countless book demons.

After saying farewell to the old guard, both of them went out of the library. This was the first time Ye Shu was stepping in this world and one could see excitement spread all over his face.

After spending a few months in the world of books, Ye Xiwen's cultivation had undergone an enormous sublimation.

Ye Xiwen returned to Qianyu peak and found out that the entire place had been ruined by the wolf cub in his absence. All those cranes and demon beast pets accumulated by Qianyu faction and its members, in more than a year's worth of time, had been devoured by the wolf cub, not to mention even immortality pills and Dans faced a similar fate. In a short period of three months, all these important faction resources had been scourged by this son of a bitch.

After coming back, the first scene that greeted Ye Xiwen's eyes was - the wolf cub roasting a rabbit beast just the way Ye Xiwen used to do on the demon island. Ye Xiwen got furious when he saw this and gave a solid slap on his face and sent him flying high into the sky.

Did he roast and ate all those valuable birds and beasts like this?

Ye Xiwen could not believe that the wolf cub would do such a thing in his absence.

Since the day Ye Xiwen left Qianyu peak, the wolf cub had constantly been eating precious demon birds and beasts which were owned by Qianyu faction. No one would dare to stop this bastard, and in fact, there was no one on entire Qianyu peak that could stop him.

(NT: Luffy? :O)

He used to be at truth eighth stage when arrived here, but in the last few months, his strength level directly leaped up to Complete Truth realm, making him only a bit weaker than Ye Xiwen.

According to Ye Mo's guess, although the wolf cub did not remember too much about his own origins, it seemed like he belonged to the bloodline of noble wolf clan that might have disappeared along with ancient heaven. He stayed in his egg for ages, buried under the ground, and lost most of his power but that did not change the fact that he was a noble wolf and held limitless future prospects.

Especially this wolf cub had a sort of amnesia and most of his memories were in a suppressed state right now, otherwise, it would be hard to predict the extent of his power-rise once he would regain his lost memories.

What did this mean? This meant that this son of a bitch was likely to grow at an unimaginable speed, without facing any bottlenecks in the path, accumulating and regaining the strength back that had worn down with the passage of time.

Not to forget, he was of noble descent and was bound to possess inherent talent so his future progress was going to be very fast.

In fact, according to Ye Mo's speculation, the progress speed of both Ye Xiwen and the wolf cub were almost the same. During the last three months, Ye Xiwen learned so many things and experienced a number of battles to finally achieve the battle efficiency of Complete Truth realm, while this bastard just wasted time on eating and drinking and reached Complete Truth realm.

However, there were a lot of evildoers (monsters) like Ye Xiwen in this world. Some were born in truth realm while some in legendary realm. In the end, talent and bloodline were not the only factors that determined success. Ye Xiwen had already defeated many and would continue to do so. Nothing was going to shake his heart that was filled with motivation and ambition.

“How did a freeloader like you even dare to think about damaging your host's private property? Aren't you ashamed of yourself?” Ye Xiwen said in a somewhat silent yet scary voice.

“Wait, stop, you don't need to be so angry. I did not eat too much and made sure that I don't waste food!” The wolf cub leisurely flew back to where Ye Xiwen was and said, “I was controlling my appetite you know, do not be so stingy!”

“You! You have eaten almost all the birds and beasts belonging to faction and now you have the guts to talk back? You have done an irreversible damage and forgiveness isn't something I give that easily!” Ye Xiwen was angry because he never expected to see so much chaos on Qianyu peak, all because of this bastard's selfish and immature attitude. Now, it had become absolutely necessary to teach this spoiled wolf prince a lesson.


Ye Xiwen went back to his palace and invited over Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue.

“Little brother, you have not only made our parents proud, you have also earned a big long face for Yi Yuan School.” Ye Ruxue patted Ye Xiwen's shoulder and said with a smile.

Ye Xiwen smiled back and thought that she was still the same, hadn't changed one bit, Not to mention, he still cherished his family just the way he did earlier, getting stronger did not change him either, neither did it change his identity or the love towards his family and friends.

“I heard that foolish eighth prince tried his best to kill you?” Ye Ruxue asked, despite knowing that the eighth prince was already dead, but she could not help but furiously clench her teeth. She remembered how that eighth prince had tried to use her younger brother as a stepping stone and had also used extreme methods against him. She was actually very happy that Ye Xiwen got rid of that madman.

Although Ye Xiwen's present strength was far beyond hers, in her eyes, he was still her little brother whom she used to protect all the time.

As long as she was around, no one dared to bully her little brother and she still adored him the same way.

“Yes.” Ye Xiwen began to describe the events in detail and his two siblings were secretly speechless with admiration. Although he was not at all trying to boast or something and explaining the whole incident superficially, but both Ye Feng and Ye Ruxue just couldn't stop themselves from getting flabbergasted, after all, even after being at truth sixth stage, Ye Xiwen had single-handedly defeated two experts who were at truth eighth peak at that time. They could clearly feel the intensity of situation and realized how close to death Ye Xiwen had been in a short span of six months and that too not once or twice, but a lot many times.

Ye Xiwen appeared very majestic on the outside. Not to mention, he also held the historical and unprecedented record of becoming a pro-disciple in the shortest span of time. No one could imagine that he had experienced many life and death situations and had risked his life several times in deadly battles.

“Brother, sister, I have decided to go to True Martial University.” Ye Xiwen told them the real purpose behind inviting them here.

“What, are you really going to True Martial University?” Ye Feng said.

“You know about it?” Ye Xiwen asked in a somewhat perplexed manner. Although TMU's presence was well-known in Zhen Wu Jie, only powerhouses above a certain level were concerned about its reality. For ordinary disciples, core disciples, or even most of the true disciples, its existence was nothing more than a bloated fable. They were absolutely not exposed to the happenings and news about TMU, and it was so much above their own existences that they did not even bother to find out, in fact, even Ye Xiwen got to know about it not long ago. It was obvious that the news and rumors about TMU only existed in the community of some powerhouses.

(To be continued)


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