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Chapter 276 - Pro-disciples get together

“Well, recently there has been a huge uproar about TMU in the sect.” Ye Feng said, “A lot of people are discussing this matter because I heard that some people from TMU are visiting our sect. They plan to take some pro-disciples and also some true disciples from Yi Yuan School for evaluation.”

“TMU has personally sent over people for procuring disciples?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Yes, in fact, there has always been a solid connection between TMU and Yi Yuan School, after all, our predecessors used to be the students of TMU, so they are especially sending people to take Brother Qi and other worthy candidates back to TMU.” Ye Feng replied.

This was clearly a kind of preferential treatment, in fact, TMU must have sent people to recruit from a series of major forces, not just Yi Yuan School. However, there were many small forces and they naturally wouldn't get a chance to enjoy such privilege. If they wanted their disciples to join TMU, they must go through a rigorous selection procedure.

“Everyone's saying that even the head has been dispatched to entertain the guests from TMU.” Ye Feng said, “But I have heard that TMU's requirements and standards are off the charts. Maybe, it's too early for you to be thinking about going to TMU. I suggest you wait for the next time, take your time and train to surpass those requirements.”

“I have a reason to go, and it has to be this time. I cannot wait for the next time.” Ye Xiwen said.

“Little brother, you really want to go! Is that your final decision?” Ye Ruxue said with some dismay. If Ye Xiwen really went to TMU, she wouldn't be able to see him for a long time.

“Yes!” Ye Xiwen very firmly said.

“Wait, I forgot to tell you one thing. There is a meeting of pro-disciples and true disciples two days from now. Brother Chu has sent invitation card. If you go to this meeting, perhaps you will get a chance to participate in the recruitment process.” Ye Feng looked at Ye Xiwen and said. The realm of truth was unattainable for him right now, so he couldn't accompany his younger brother.

Ye Feng clenched his fists and secretly wished for the success of his younger brother. He wasn’t too far from entering into the truth realm, but he was still too far from his younger's level. Currently, he was at Xiantian eighth stage and reaching truth realm was only a matter of time. He would most likely step into truth realm before the age of 30 and his progress speed was certainly not slow. Besides him, even Ye Ruxue, Zhangsun Yuyin and the others from the same batch did not show slow progress speed. All of them were bound to become strong experts in coming few decades.

In a flash, two years had passed and new entrants had flocked to join Yi Yuan School. Ye Feng used to be a new disciple back then, but now, he was a full-fledged senior. However, his younger brother was going to leave the sect.

“Alright, I will go, but if I do get selected for TMU, then you will attain responsibility of looking after Qianyu faction.” Ye Xiwen said. “I have already reconciled with Chu Jingcai so he and his faction will not try to suppress our faction. If anything big happens, you can also ask him for help.”

If Ye Feng knew about TMU, he should also know about Chu Jingcai stepping into the legendary realm and its implications in power balance and interior politics.

“In addition, I have found a strong helper for you. He is a book demon and has already achieved Complete Truth realm. He is going to become a true disciple of Yi Yuan School and his addition to Qianyu faction will increase the strength of our faction considerably.” Ye Xiwen said.

“Brother, thank you so such for doing all this for us!” Ye Feng said. He also knew that addition of an expert of Complete Truth realm was going to give a whole new height to Qianyu faction's status in Yi Yuan School. Unless a pro-disciple like Chu Jingcai personally attacked them, no one else could cause trouble for Qianyu faction in absence of Ye Xiwen.

“It's nothing, brother.” Ye Xiwen replied with a smile.

After spending some time, leisurely chatting with his siblings, Ye Xiwen announced that he was going to indulge himself in closed-door training and no one must disturb him. Ye Feng was now officially going to handle Qianyu faction and Ye Xiwen did not plan to meddle either.

Although Ye Xiwen announced about closed-door training, he was not really going to as there was no benefit of only two days worth of training. He preferred resting for two days, sitting alone and strategizing about the upcoming recruitment process.

Days passed quickly and soon it was time for true disciples' general assembly.

Ye Xiwen went to the Full moon peak and brought along the wolf cub with him. The general assembly was going to take place at Full moon peak, initiated by Chu Jingcai. Of course, he had come forward to entertain the guest as the half-lord of the peak.

(NT: Full moon peak is like the main administrative building of a school.)

Chu Jingcai was originally not a disciple of Full moon peak but now he was made one all of a sudden. This gave a very clear indication; since the head of Yi Yuan School had always been a disciple of Full moon peak for ages, so this sudden change of events was quite inevitable. In other words, Chu Jingcai was the next candidate for the position of sect head, with no visible competitors, so he was made a disciple of Full moon peak in a pre-determined fashion.

Perhaps in the coming few decades or a century, the current sect head would step down from the throne and Chu Jingcai would officially become the head of Yi Yuan School.

But this had nothing to do with Ye Xiwen because he was never interested in becoming the head of Yi Yuan School. In fact, he was not even interested to become the leader of Qianyu faction. He preferred freedom over anything!

At this time, hundreds of true disciples had gathered in the assembly. Even those who had been indulged in closed-door training for several years came out to participate in this general assembly.

No one dared to disrespect Chu Jingcai for obvious reasons.

“Brother Ye!”

“Brother Ye is here!”

“Greetings to Brother Ye.”

“So he is the famous Brother Ye? He is really such a young and handsome genius!”

“Being twenty-years-old and holding the title of a pro-disciple, he has really broken all records in Yi Yuan School. Even Sister Hua was not as quick as him.”

Now, both Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan commanded respect in the community of true disciples, being the two youngest pro-disciples of Yi Yuan School.

Ye Xiwen noticed several figures sitting above stone blocks and talking to each other.

There were two particularly striking women in the group and both of them looked outstanding, like two celestial maidens descended from heavens. One of the two was Hua Menghan and the other woman was also a pro-disciple, named Shuiyan Luo.

(NT: Her name kind of means 'Hookah Basket')

She looked a lot different and exceptionally mature compared to Hua Menghan.

Qi Feifan was sitting next to these women and there was a usual sunny smile on his face. His golden eyes were dazzling in the sunlight, just like his blond hair.

Next to him, a man in a yellow robe was sitting with a serious look on his face. He was also a pro-disciple named Huang Luochen (Yellow dust), and in contrast to Qi Feifan's sunny temperament, he appeared cold like an iceberg.

Chu Jingcai was sitting next to him. He was clad in a magnificent Chinese robe and possessed the strongest imposing aura in the group.

Among these pro-disciples, there were two unknown men also present with somewhat haughty looks on their faces. One of them looked roughly 20-years-old, wearing embroidered robe and looked handsome but with a trace of overflowing arrogance riding his face. Especially, whenever he was looking at the true disciples of Yi Yuan School, the arrogant look on face was getting prominent.

The other man also looked arrogant. He had a tall stature and was clad in a white robe.

“Young Ye, you finally came!” Chu Jingcai's face revealed a pleased look as his sharp eyes caught Ye Xiwen approaching them. He immediately got up to welcome Ye Xiwen with a bright smile.

“Greetings to Brother Chu.” Ye Xiwen cupped his hands and said, “Greetings to all senior brothers and sisters!”

Excluding Hua Menghan, everyone else here was older than him. They deserved courtesy and respect and he was aware of that.

“Young Ye, allow me to introduce you to our guests. These two gentlemen are from TMU. They are called Young Li Fei and Young Gu Yun.” Chu Jingcai introduced them to Ye Xiwen.

“Actually, Young Li Fei's grandfather was a disciple of Yi Yuan School. It's is really fateful for our sect that our predecessors are now part of TMU!” Chu Jingcai said.

Both Li Fei and Gu Yun were young talents of TMU, and also one of the most outstanding disciples from the lot, however, the clear arrogance visible on their faces was making Ye Xiwen feel somewhat weird.

“We are lucky and grateful that Young Li Fei has personally come to fetch Young Huang and the other eligible candidates to TMU.” Chu Jingcai smiled and said. Now, he, anyway, could no longer participate in the assessment of TMU.

Li Fei nodded and glanced at Ye Xiwen somewhat disdainfully.

“I don't like these smelly arrogant farts!” The wolf cub said to Ye Xiwen. It was rare that both he and Ye Xiwen reached the same point of view this time.

“I also feel like slapping these two arrogant pricks!” Ye Mo's voice rang in Ye Xiwen's mind.

“Ha ha ha, Young Ye, you and Young Li Fei are contemporaries, the two eminent members of the younger generation. Since Li Fei has connections with Yi Yuan School, both of you should very well become close friends in the future.” Chu Jingcai said with a smile.

“I don't think that's going to happen. There's no way this guy is worthy of being called an eminent member of the younger generation!” Gu Yun looked disdainfully at Ye Xiwen and said. He obviously did not acknowledge Ye Xiwen at all and did not let go of this chance to insult Ye Xiwen in front of everyone.

“Perhaps you are considered quite well in the southeast region, but for the disciples of TMU, you are nothing.” Gu Yun further said and did not make any concessions while looking down on Ye Xiwen.

The southeast region was an inconspicuous place in the entire South region, and TMU attracted geniuses from the entire region, so it was clear that mentioning Ye Xiwen's fame and relating it only to the southeast region was an attempt to look down on him.

“Fuck this arrogant piece of shit. How can he dare to behave so arrogantly in front of me?” The angry wolf cub said with a furious look flashing in his predatory eyes. He could not accept that someone else was more arrogant than him.

(NT: The wolf cub is referring to himself as 'prince')

As soon as Qi Feifan and the others heard this, suddenly, their complexions changed.

(To be continued)


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