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Chapter 274 - Overturning the Heavens seal

“Boom!” The devil claw was instantly annihilated by Ye Xiwen's attack.

“You are courageous, I give you that.” Ye Xiwen sneered then stood up after having completely absorbed the zombie cores. He had already broken into truth eighth stage and this breakthrough was a lot easier than the previous one.

If the inner state was a water tank and energy was water, then he had already been successful in the expansion of water tank, and in having done so, the difficulty could be imagined, but now he had already built a good pool of energy to keep the irrigation line active.

He had enough energy to have this breakthrough, and even after that, he still had a lot of spare energy.

After stepping into truth eighth stage, his battle strength had already reached Complete Truth realm because his accumulation was way too much, in fact, reaching such a state was impossible for anyone else.

(NT: Others cannot accumulate the way Ye Xiwen does because their bodies will explode with excess accumulation of energy. That is why other experts require frequent breakthroughs. Ye Xiwen has a tyrant body to sustain and contain much higher levels of energy within his body.)

“What is going on here?” Shimo was confused and obviously did not know what just happened, “Damn, how did you absorb my cores so fast? How dare you, human! Now, brace yourself because I am going to eat you to make up for my loss.”

Shimo's anger level was off the charts, after all, a golden opportunity of stepping into half-step legendary realm was destroyed by Ye Xiwen right in front of his eyes.

Shimo's whole body was instantly covered in Deadqi fire, also releasing a putrid smell in the air, and suddenly, several bone claws approached Ye Xiwen to tear him to pieces.

This Deadqi fire was very insidious and could melt shields and barriers like butter with the mere touch.

“Die, Die, Die, Die!” Shimo entered a wild rage mode and immediately attacked Ye Xiwen.

“Your inconsequential technique is not even worth witnessing.” Ye Xiwen sneered and stretched out his big hands. His golden body made a sudden appearance and his golden hands went forward to grasp the incoming attack.

Ye Xiwen appeared just like a reincarnated overlord as he directly caught the Deadqi fire attack.

“Zizi Zizi!” The Deadqi fire was still trying its best to corrode Ye Xiwen's palms but did not succeed in doing so and suddenly got extinguished like it was nothing.

There was an incredible look of disbelief on the little book demon's face because Shimo was a well-known powerhouse in the library, though not among the top ones, but powerful enough to scare most book demons. However, that Shimo's most terrible attack wasn't able to put even a scratch on Ye Xiwen's skin. The little book demon's mind was blown by this scene because he just couldn't imagine the extent of his elder brother's strength.

“What? This is impossible.” Shimo looked incredibly at Ye Xiwen, “I cannot believe my eyes. My zombie art technique should be invincible!”

“Invincible, you say? Don't even try to be so full of yourself, especially in front of me.” Ye Xiwen sneered as he had actually killed two half-step legendary zombies earlier and this Shimo was nothing like those genuine zombies. Shimo was just a book demon, belonging to a book on corpse-devil practice techniques.

“I’d like to see what kind of secret lies in your zombie arts.” Ye Xiwen also had a keen interest in zombie arts. If a person dies and his soul leaves the body then what exactly brought the corpse back to life as a zombie?

In this world, zombies were considered undead, somewhere between alive and dead.

“Rippling Mountain seal!” Ye Xiwen shouted loudly and a huge printed ribbon with a seal on it, enormous and powerful, instantly appeared from the void and smashed down like a falling meteor.

This was a very horrible scene as if the earth would turn inside out. Not to mention, this attack was locked on Shimo and there was no place to hide.

This was the stunning heritage that Ye Xiwen obtained from the tomb slave.

The name of this inheritance was called Overturning the Heavens seal!

In his previous life, he had heard about extremely destructive magical weapons, and this was a similarly stunning attack arcane, derived directly from the source of an extinct secret sect. Ye Xiwen got this ancient arcane attack technique as a reward and its destructive power was unparalleled.

This secret arcane technique was divided into three stages, Rippling Mountain Seal, Inverting the Ocean Seal and Overturning the Heavens Seal. Ye Xiwen had already mastered all three stages, but at his current skill level, he could only use Rippling Mountain Seal. However, its destructive power was ridiculously large, enough to smash down an expert of Complete Truth realm.

Although Ye Xiwen's skill was far better than his, the power of Rippling Mountain seal was needless to say.

Shimo's thinking process was a little slow but he finally reacted. He ultimately realized that Ye Xiwen was an absolute existence and that he himself did not stand a chance again Ye Xiwen. At least that was the case at present. Even his most powerful attack couldn't break Ye Xiwen's defense.

“Do not kill me, please do not kill me, I can explain to you the most exquisite zombie theory, allowing you progress by leaps and bounds in Deadqi arts!” Shimo quickly shouted in a panicked state.

“I do not need it.” Ye Xiwen already had mysterious space so he was not interested in this offer.

“Boom!” There sounded a terrifying fulmination noise and Shimo was smashed into a group of essence, grasped in Ye Xiwen's big hand. Ye Xiwen glanced at the little book demon and threw the group of essence towards him.

The little book demon's body immediately absorbed the group of essence and began to digest it rapidly.

After a long time, the imposing aura of the little book demon suddenly stagnated for a moment, followed by his aura exploding the very next instant, sending him directly into the Complete Truth realm.

He was at the peak of truth ninth stage, narrowly failing to step into the Complete Truth realm but Ye Xiwen helped him once again in this vital breakthrough. Swallowing other book demons or book devils was the most efficient method for book demons to enhance cultivation.

“I don't know how to show my gratitude to you brother for showing such graciousness towards me.” The little book demon cupped his hands across the chest and sincerely said. If Ye Xiwen was not there to help him, he would have continued to stay at the bottom in the hierarchy of book demons.

“Would you like me to take you out of this place?” Ye Xiwen stared intently at the little book demon and asked.

“Of course, I would absolutely love that, I have been willing to get out of here for such a long time!” The little book demon quickly answered as he was aware of living in this small library world all this time and he was also aware of existence of a large world outside this small space. He wanted to see the world where Yi Yuan School existed and the tyrannical guard wouldn't allow any of the book demons to go outside. Yi Yuan School was afraid of evil book demon causing havoc in their world so these book demons weren't allowed to come out of the library world.

In order to go out, they must take refuge in Yi Yuan School and contribute significantly by giving their distinguished service. The book demons were expected to get real strong in order to get an opportunity of going out to perform tasks for Yi Yuan School as deacons. Only then, they would have a strong chance of becoming a full-fledged Yi Yuan School's disciple, which was again a rare opportunity.

However, such a rare case was in minority and sometimes wouldn't happen for hundreds of years. For him, this was a luxury that even after having taken birth few decades back, with Ye Xiwen's help, he could enjoy becoming one of such rare cases and might have a chance to go out of this world. Reaching Complete Truth realm was literally a dream come true for him and all thanks to Ye Xiwen.

The gratitude he felt towards Ye Xiwen was naturally difficult to put into words.

“Good, I have established a faction in the outer world, it's called Qianyu faction. But I must leave Yi Yuan School to join True Martial University so I am going to find a way to make you a true disciple. You will assume the position of the leader of Qianyu faction in my absence, what do you say?” This was his plan all along. In his absence, Qianyu faction, being a truth level faction, was going to need a strong leader as there already were several true disciples in this faction and none of them were strong enough to be the leader. One true disciple was enough in an ordinary faction but Qianyu faction was the faction of a pro-disciple and must be led by a competent leader.

Ye Xiwen's plan was to cultivate this little book demon and make him competent enough to assume role of Qianyu faction's leader, then he would feel relieved while going to True Martial University. Now an expert of Complete Truth realm was going to safeguard Qianyu faction, plus Ye Xiwen had already reconciled with Chu Jingcai, the strongest disciple in the entire sect. With all these preparations, Ye Xiwen was reassured that Qianyu faction, his family, and friends would stay safe in his absence.

Of course, Ye Xiwen didn't miss to witness the little book demon's loyalty towards him when he was willing to risk his own to protect Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen had already seen through the little book demon's honest attitude, otherwise, he wouldn't have put so much effort in nurturing him.

“I am very much willing, I surely would!” The little book demon nodded and couldn't hide his excitement. He was not just going to become a true disciple, he would also become the leader of a faction, this was really a dream come true.

“Do you have a name?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“No.” The little book demon said in a somewhat embarrassed way.

“Such being the case, I’ll give you a name. From now on, your name shall be Ye Shu (Ye Book), also from now on, you are a member of Ye clan.”

(To be continued)


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