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Chapter 266 - Departure from the island

“The worst decision you made was to refuse to embrace death. You rejected our offer when you could also have become a master of death, but unfortunately, an influence that once deterred the Ten Thousand Worlds has gone downhill to such a pathetic state.” The shadow said in a mocking tone.

“I never thought that you would be hiding in the dark like a rat and still haven't withered away.” Demon Emperor said proudly in a gallant manner.

“Ha ha ha ha, Demon Emperor, you are ignorant and still haven't understood that if there is light in this world, there has to be darkness as well to maintain the balance. And remember that no matter how long you manage to survive; only death is eternal in the world!” The shadow laughed in a weird way as if mocking the Demon Emperor.

“There are some things that even you never understood after all this time.” Demon Emperor said in a somewhat indifferent tone, “You have overreached yourself by daring to come here in your true body. I hope you are prepared to pay the price for your foolishness.”




There were several light flashes around his body with clanging sounds of ten thousand swords everywhere, along with the formation of a gigantic Swordqi and beams of light shooting everywhere in the sky. This sword intention attack was much more tyrannical than the sword intention attack that Ye Xiwen learned from a sword emperor, long time ago. The Demon Emperor's sword intention was pure and extremely frightening when considering the fact that it contained the power of world laws as well.

In an instant, an endless amount of Swordqi coagulated to form a huge and thick curtain of swords in the sky.

Everyone saw this scene and could not help but swallow their saliva. They could not make a guess about Demon Emperor's cultivation level but judging from his awe-inspiring Swordqi, it was not difficult for them to speculate that he was several realms above them.

It seemed like the Demon Emperor used several world laws in conjunction for this one attack!

Everyone was panic-stricken and was scared of the aftermath of this attack. They knew that even one touch of this Swordqi could instantly kill them.

They did not dare to stay outside and rushed into the palace.

Everyone hastily entered the palace, and at this time, a loud noise resounded everywhere. An incomparably terrifying beam of light shot up into the sky and exploded, thereby instantly annihilating the palace's roof. Two figures leaped up into the sky, one was the Demon Emperor and other was that shadow.

Demon Emperor was floating at a very high altitude, but his figure looked fuzzy and dimmer as if his whole body was enveloped in a fog. Space around him was distorted and no could see his face as a result of that.

Ye Xiwen felt as if he was looking at a Sword God, a being who was capable of cutting the sky and chopping the earth into pieces, in fact, a Sword God was said to be capable of chopping destiny as well.

Numerous Dao based world laws were twinkling around his body and driving an almost endless amount of Swordqi in the air; all prepared to kill anyone who would dare to come close to it.

The large amount of Swordqi fragmented into numerous swords and each and every one of the swords pierced through space, causing countless holes in the space which then automatically repaired on its own. This was a spectacular yet frightening scene.

At this time, the shadow's enormous and tyrannical imposing aura erupted from his body and instantly spread a barrage of Deadqi into the air. The spread out Deadqi then suddenly instantly condensed to form a spear and collided with the Demon Emperor's Swordqi in the sky.

“Ye Xiwen, now is your chance, hurry up and uncover the seal!” At this time, Ye Mo's voice sounded in Ye Xiwen's mind.

Ye Xiwen did not ask him why he was hiding in front of the Demon Emperor because the answer was quite obvious.




The collision between Deadqi and Swordqi produced a horrible sight where a large section of space suddenly collapsed, just like the end of the world scenario.

But right then, the Demon Emperor stretched his hand out and directly grabbed a world law out of the broken space. Afterward, he condensed that world law into a sword and struck with it, releasing a massive Swordlight, along with rippling world law, towards that shadow.


The entire space in the path of that Swordlight was cut off and a large part of it collapsed like a shattered mirror, while at the same time, the Swordlight continued to travel towards the shadow.

The shadow also congealed a spear out of Deadqi in his hands and shot a beam of black light.


The impact of this terrible collision seemed to be causing the annihilation of the world as if the entire world would collapse any moment now.

At this time, Ye Xiwen felt a terrifying surge of energy waves coming towards him. He immediately used Tianyuan mirror to block those energy waves and rushed all the way inside the palace hall. He finally saw the ancient bell that was constantly ringing and releasing dreadful sound wave ripples. He also saw the seal that had completely sealed the bell's power.

“Ye Xiwen, do it now!” Ye Mo suddenly shouted.

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate to reach out and directly grabbed that seal, but he never thought that he would be able to tear off the seal so easily without putting much effort.

Ye Xiwen snorted as he looked at the torn off seal in his hands. He never imagined seeing such a pathetic seal that was able to restrain such a powerful ancient artifact, not to mention he managed to tear it off as if it was nothing more than a piece of paper.

“Shua!” The ancient clock bell turned into a streamer of light and flew towards the Demon Emperor. At this time, that arrogant shadow's barely noticeable face finally revealed a horrified expression.

“Ding-Dong!” The bell's vigorous ringing sound echoed throughout the ominous mountain and the sound waves overflowed everywhere. The shadow turned into a black streamer of light to escape but the sound waves were quicker than him and instantly hit him from behind, annihilating him into dust in a flash. It seemed as if a formidable enemy like him simply did not stand a chance in front of the bell's power.

The sound waves spread throughout the ominous mountain and the entire undead army of zombies and skeletons instantly collapsed.

The power of this bell was simply unimaginable.

The seemingly endless undead army was instantly defeated and countless corpses fell down on the ground. The Demon Emperor glanced at the demon beast cubs once then heaved a sigh but did not say anything. He just flew into the sky and slowly vanished into the horizon.

The demon beast cubs were still crying as they saw the Demon Emperor disappear. Emperor Chen and the others looked at each other in dismay as they had never seen demon beasts crying like this.

The dark ominous clouds in the sky suddenly broke after the heavy downpour that miraculously wiped out Deadqi and Yinqi from the atmosphere and the rain water, which seemed to contain some kind of miraculous power, cleaned each and every bit of evil energy from the island. All kinds of vegetation began to grow up on the island and a bleak island suddenly evolved into a fairyland in a matter of few breaths.

Everyone knew that this might be the last thing that was left behind by the Demon Emperor in this world, but they were also deeply impressed by his power and skills which were simply out of reach of the mortals.

—— Demon Island battle finally came to a close with a loss of several human geniuses and thousands of demon beast soldiers. Out of more than 1000 disciples summoned to this island, only 400 managed to survive till the end. This figure also included about 100 weak disciples who actually did not participate in the final battle.

Now, the survivors clearly understood why this island was called genius meat grinder.

Although one year's time had not yet passed, the demon island quest came to an end ahead of time. Everyone was speculating that this might be the last summoning of geniuses to this island. After this term, the demon island bell would no longer summon peerless geniuses from the ten countries of Southeast region.

After the undead rebellion was put down for good, the very next day, a crowd of human experts gathered at the coast. They were waiting for the ship that would take them from the demon island to the coast of East China Sea. Since the airspace of the demon island was isolated from rest of the world, the safest option was to take the sea route.

Both happiness and a sense of accomplishment could be seen on everyone’s faces. They were somewhat tired after having finished the demon island quest.

Of course, many experts were reluctant to leave, after all, staying on this island was very beneficial for their cultivation and experience.

“You are always welcome to be a guest of Wu royal clan.” Wu Shaoqun smiled and said to Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling. He was quite sad of separating from his two good friends, but being martial artists who were dedicated to the way of martial arts, they were accustomed to such scenes.

Mu Ling nodded with a smile.

At this time, there was a sudden commotion and an ethereal voice sounded from afar and gradually approached the group of experts. Ye Xiwen saw a delicate figure with white skin, curved black eyebrows, and dazzling eyes, approaching him at an incredibly fast speed. It was as if he was looking at a fairy maiden with a peerless angelic appearance.

Ye Xiwen was surprised when he realized that this figure was none other than Hua Menghan.

She was clad in a snow-white robe and her whole body was covered in a white aura, also, a pair of white wings could be seen protruding out of her back.

Not just Ye Xiwen, everyone looked surprised when they saw Hua Menghan because they had never seen her on the island in the past several months. It was as if she never set foot on the island or was possibly hiding somewhere.

Hua Menghan gently descended next to Ye Xiwen and her beautiful eyes smiled at him.

“Are you okay?” Ye Xiwen asked in a somewhat astonished tone, “Where were you all this time? I searched for you everywhere but couldn't find you.”

“It's a long story.” Hua Menghan said. Ye Xiwen sensed that she had obtained a peerless treasure and couldn't tell about it in front of everyone.

Everyone around was casting envious glances at her. Judging from her speed and a pair of white wings on her back, they knew that she must have obtained some sort of treasure or heritage and this out-of-the-world agility technique was an undeniable proof of that.

Ye Xiwen noticed that she initially used to be at the first stage of truth realm at the time of demon island bell summons, but now she was already at truth ninth stage. It was obvious that she obtained some kind of inconceivable heritage during last several months.

Where did Chen Ruochen go?

Ye Xiwen had some doubts in his heart but he chose not to ask right now.

At this time, he saw someone approaching at a much faster speed than Hua Menghan. It was none other than the elderly tomb slave.

He showed a faint smile to Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling, then waved his hand and two divine lights directly submerged the minds of Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling.

Ye Xiwen immediately understood that the tomb slave fulfilled the promise to him and Mu Ling, but it seemed like others did not obtain tomb slave's heritage. Perhaps, this promise was not for everyone.

After the tomb slave handed over his heritage to Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling, he did not say anything and turned around to leave. Ye Xiwen was not in a mood to find out whether other experts got this heritage or not.

And that was because a large ship was slowly approaching the island.

(To be continued)


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