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Chapter 267 - Chu Jingcai promoted to legendary realm

(NT: For those who don't remember, Chu Jingcai is one of the five pro-disciples of Yi Yuan School and also the eldest among them.)

Yi Yuan School was not far away from the East China Sea coastline. Both Hua Menghan and Ye Xiwen displayed incredibly fast speed to reach Yi Yuan School in much less time in comparison to the time it took them to reach the demon island. This time, they hardly spent half the time to travel from the East China Sea to Yi Yuan School. Back then, Hua Menghan was on the verge of entering the second stage of truth realm and now she was at truth ninth stage, which clearly showed the extraordinary heritage she obtained on the demon island.

And Ye Xiwen was able to raise his cultivation level from truth fourth stage to truth seventh stage, though his battle efficiency was now comparable to truth ninth peak. In other words, both of them reaped immense benefits on the demon island and would naturally display much faster speed than before.

Hua Menghan was accompanied by a small white fox that was riding a beautiful rainbow and was occasionally producing faint roars. The wolf cub was on the side of Ye Xiwen and now seemed in a better mood than earlier. Initially, Ye Xiwen wanted to know the secret of the demon island but after witnessing the battle on that ominous mountain and unexpected appearance of the Demon Emperor, Ye Xiwen decided to stop pursuing this secret. He did not want to get involved in some kind of terrible secret. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

Such being the case, there was no reason for Ye Xiwen to continue to keep the wolf cub under arrest. So he told the wolf cub that he was free now and could go wherever he wanted to. However, in contrary to Ye Xiwen's expectation, the wolf cub chose to stay with him and said that he did not want to stay on the demon island, otherwise, he would be suffocated to death.

All of them were extremely fast and soon arrived at the entrance of Yi Yuan School.

They were about to enter when more than a dozen disciples suddenly arrived in front of them. These were the patrolling disciples of Yi Yuan School.

All of them were core disciples with each having cultivation of Xiantian sixth stage and above. They were riding tall cranes to fly this high in the sky.

(NT: Core disciples are always in Xiantian realm because after stepping into truth realm, they become true disciples. Since Xiantian level disciples cannot fly, they are riding cranes. Ye Xiwen also used to have a crane when he was in Xiantian realm.)

Since the invasion of Bai Mojiao, core disciples would always come out on patrolling duty.

“Stop!” At this time, one of the core disciples said in a loud voice and blocked the path of Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan.

“What do you want?” Ye Xiwen put on a serious face and asked in a strict voice. True disciples enjoyed a special status in Yi Yuan School, no less than the elders, let alone Ye Xiwen was the fifth pro-disciple then how did these core disciples dare to stop him?

Even if these core disciples did not recognize them, they should have at least figured out that both Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan were true disciples of Yi Yuan School since they were flying in the sky and were wearing the sect's badge as well. Then why did they dare to block their path like this?

Hua Menghan did not say anything but Ye Xiwen stepped forward to deal with them.

“Ye Xiwen, are they the disciples of your Yi Yuan School? They are pathetic losers! Newborn pups on my island are better than these good for nothing weaklings.” The wolf cub said and seemed prepared to attack those disciples but Ye Xiwen flicked his forehead with a finger to stop him.

“Do you know the consequences of stopping a true disciple?” Ye Xiwen asked coldly.

“So, it is Brother Ye and Sister Hua!” At this time, the leader of the core disciples recognized them but still did not get out of their way, “But I must inform you two that security rules have changed because Bai Mojiao's rebellion is getting bigger and bigger. Brother Chu has ordered a thorough inspection of anybody who comes from outside in order to guard against spies.”

“So, you are basically trying to say that I might bring in spies with me so you will perform an inspection?” Ye Xiwen's complexion turned dark and a fierce look appeared in his eyes. So basically, under this rule, even true disciples were not eligible to pass through the entrance without having an inspection done on them. But this rule shouldn't apply on pro-disciples since Chu Jingcai himself was a pro-disciple and did not hold enough authority to put checks on the other pro-disciples. However, it was still unprecedented and totally bizarre that a bunch of core disciples dared to question two true disciples, not to mention Ye Xiwen was also a pro-disciple. Chu Jingcai indeed held great authority in the sect but this was totally unacceptable. Could it be that his plan was to offend true disciples?

“We are not trying to say that but Brother Chu has set a rule and we must abide by that.” The leading disciple said.

“Get lost!” Ye Xiwen was disinclined to speak nonsense with them. Performing inspection on him was no different than putting him in the category of a probable traitor, would it not thoroughly degrade his dignity and prestige as a pro-disciple? And that too when he was going to be inspected by a bunch of core disciples? It was not just about being suspected or inspected by juniors, it was also about submitting to Chu Jingcai's authority and Ye Xiwen wasn't the type of guy who would simply ignore that.

“Brother Ye, Sister Hua, I’m afraid you do not know that three months ago, Brother Chu has stepped into the legendary realm and is now going to become the head of next generation, though it has not been announced yet. Gone are the days of five pro-disciples!” The disciple said in an arrogant tone.

“Brother Ye, it would be best for you to obediently get yourself inspected otherwise if Brother Chu got to know about this, things would get pretty ugly for you.” The disciple openly mocked Ye Xiwen and it seemed like he belonged to the faction of Chu Jingcai and that was why he was being so rampant in front of Ye Xiwen.

“Even if Chu Jingcai has entered the legendary realm, that doesn't mean you can disrespect me, your superior!” Ye Xiwen shouted, “Remember that your Brother Chu won't come to save you from my wrath. You have dared to disrespect your superior and according to the rules of Yi Yuan School, you shall be punished.”

Ye Xiwen slapped that disciple right in the face and sent him flying far away. His figure disappeared into the horizon and it was hard to predict how far he would go, flying like this, before falling down on the ground.

Ye Xiwen was very calm at this moment and seemed to be indulged in deep thinking. Chu Jingcai stepped into the legendary realm so the status of other pro-disciples was no longer valid in Yi Yuan School?

“Ye Xiwen, how dare you treat us this way? How do you plan to explain yourself in front of Brother Chu?” A disciple got angry and shouted loudly. Of course, he was scared and did not expect to see Ye Xiwen reacting in such a manner.

Other true disciples had already submitted to Chu Jingcai because it was now clear that he was going to become the next head of Yi Yuan School. No one wanted to be on his bad side and the other pro-disciples also lost their special status, thereby returning to their previous identity of true disciples.

“Humph, I don't need to give him an explanation and I don't give a damn about what he thinks about me.” Ye Xiwen said coldly as he was not at all scared of Chu Jingcai.

“Ye Xiwen, behave yourself, do you want to be convicted as a traitor?” A familiar voice sounded from afar and Elder Jin Xuan arrived at the scene.

“So, it's you.” Ye Xiwen looked coldly at Elder Jin Xuan without showing any trace of respect whatsoever.

If Chu Jingcai had placed such a rule, was it also applicable on the elders?

True disciples enjoyed lots of privileges in Yi Yuan School and held much more authority than the elders. This was the reason why Luo Yifan used to be so rampant by relying on his identity as a true disciple.

True disciples were superior to core disciples in status, strength, and influence. They also held enough authority to punish core disciples if deemed punishable.

Not to forget, Ye Xiwen was a pro-disciple and certainly wasn't going to just stand and watch while his juniors tried to disrespect him. But, Ye Xiwen soon understood that it was actually Jin Xuan who was behind all this. Jin Xuan must have instigated these core disciples to provoke Ye Xiwen and chose the right time to make an appearance and blame him. Ye Xiwen noticed that Jin Xuan's cultivation was now at truth eighth stage. Of course, Jin Xuan must have been desperate and forcibly had a breakthrough at such an old age, otherwise, later it would be impossible to have a breakthrough. So, he got an opportunity to have a forced breakthrough and he made full use of it.

Ye Xiwen did not know how he did it but it was certainly related to Chu Jingcai.

“Ye Xiwen, are you trying to commit treason right after coming back to the sect?” Jin Xuan looked viciously at Ye Xiwen and a look of anger flashed in his eyes. Ye Xiwen had made him lose face in front of everyone. He had been thrown into the mine, never to come back to the sect again in this lifetime, all because of this one arrogant brat named Ye Xiwen.

He never thought that one day he would get an opportunity to return to Yi Yuan School and once again stand in front of Ye Xiwen.

“Treason, you say? These people have dared to disrespect their superiors. They are lucky that I haven't killed them already.” Ye Xiwen said in a calm yet scary voice.

“Nonsense, they are acting in accordance with the orders from above. But I can see that you are acting suspiciously and you also are the biggest suspect of being a spy” Jin Xuan said and grinned.

“An ignorant elder like you wants to convict me. I think you do not wish to live anymore.” Ye Xiwen said and smirked in response.

“I see, in that case, first I will capture you then deliver you to the elder parliament.” Jin Xuan sneered and suddenly rushed forward. The great power of truth eighth stage instantly manifested itself within his body.

He arrived in front of Ye Xiwen like an incredibly fast storm, but since he had once been defeated before, he knew that Ye Xiwen was ridiculously strong. Hence, Jin Xuan would naturally not dare to underestimate him.

“Damn you bastard!” Ye Xiwen was furious with an intense killing intention boiling within his heart. His whole body instantly released a burst of Zhen Yuan in the surroundings.

“A disciple wants to attack an elder? This is going to invoke capital punishment upon you!” Jin Xuan said in a stern voice, and all of a sudden, waves of Zhen Yuan surged out of his body and began to revolve around him.

Ye Xiwen's Zhen Yuan transformed into a coiling dragon which roared loudly and crashed into the revolving protection screen of Jin Xuan. Ye Xiwen did not even need to act personally because Jin Xuan's revolving protection screen was immediately routed by the coiling dragon.

At this time, Jin Xuan shot his most powerful attack in the form of surging Zhen Yuan that blotted the sky and then suddenly converged towards Ye Xiwen just a like squally shower.

(To be continued)


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