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Chapter 265 - Shocking secret

In the eyes of such a supreme figure, this mortal world was insignificant in a way and same could be considered about the mortals. It could be seen that he had experienced innumerable eras and must have been to several worlds. It was as if he had crossed the river of time to appear here and it was fair to say that mortals wouldn't be able to comprehend such an entity.

He possessed the kind of imposing aura only known to have been displayed by great tyrants of the universe. The kind of suppression that could make everyone submit to this domineering figure, just like the legendary gods mentioned in fables.

Even if everyone knew that this was possibly not his main body but seeing such a supreme level figure standing right in front of them still made them have a feeling of prostrating themselves sincerely and worship him.

“I would not kneel down in front of anyone, never, even when the god itself appears in front of me.” Emperor Chen clenched his teeth and was enduring the incredible pressure. The other experts heard him growl and saw how he was unwilling to surrender to this supreme figure and not willing to kneel down. His legs were firmly fixed on the ground as if two iron pillars were nailed to the ground, unwilling to bend. His face was covered in cold sweat and his entire body was trembling fiercely. He was a very stubborn man, indeed.

Not just Emperor Chen, even Qing Xu, Ye Xiwen, Warhawk and the other top experts were also refusing to kneel down and were still somehow standing. Their stance was simple - Humiliation was worse than dying, so they would rather die standing instead of kneeling down and live!

These were the few experts who possessed invincible will along with great ambitions. Those who wanted to dominate the entire world. In that case, how could they just bend their knees and prostrate in front of anyone? Indeed, this supreme figure seemed to come from a superior race from ancient times but what they were seeing was certainly just a shell of the original being and if they bowed down in front of it then it would utterly destroy their indomitable hearts.

After experiencing this, one thing was guaranteed that the impression left by this domineering celestial figure would never ever leave their hearts.

At this time, all of the demon beast cubs, namely golden lion, yellow crane, dragon butterfly and golden-winged eagle felt weak in the legs and fell down on the ground and began to cry loudly with large bundles of tears rolling down from their eyes. The golden lion cub was fortunately quite ignorant and did not understand what was going on, but the wolf cub undeniably possessed far more wisdom than the other cubs and was a lot more mature as well.

But at this time, he was the saddest one and his howling sound was indicating the intense sadness in his heart. He was crying tears of sorrow, not like an ignorant cub that cries for himself, but like an adult that was crying due to a serious reason that was causing him pain.

His sorrowful crying voice and howls, extremely pitiful appearance explained his tragic state. Even Mu Ling was confused because he could not understand how a foul-mouthed, yet, wise wolf cub suddenly began to behave like this. Ye Xiwen was also shocked by this and did not know what to do.

The way the wolf cub was crying right now, it seemed as if he was grieving the death of his father.

The supreme figure walked forward step by step, and as soon as he began to walk, a golden lotus emerged from the ground!

All eyes were immediately focused on that magnificent golden lotus and they all saw that it was not condensed out of his power, but purely manifested out of some pure world law. In other words, the world itself honored his presence by giving him a tribute in the form of this grand and pure golden lotus.

It made everyone have a chill feeling inside their hearts when they tried to analyze this by considering the extent of this supreme figure's power and the recognition he got from the world itself. It was as if they were like commoners in front of a noble existence.

Ye Xiwen was instantly reminded of a legendary character from an ancient fable and how it was impossible for others to figure out the extent of his cultivation.

Similarly, there was no way to try and speculate the cultivation level of this supreme figure but it could be said that it was far-far beyond the legendary realm.

The supreme figure walked step by step with his sharp and all-encompassing vision observing everything around him. Whenever he took a step, the world trembled around him and trails of violent aura would ravage the space around him.

That supreme figure's eyes looked like that of an eagle, filled with confidence and pride, not to mention he possessed an invincible majesty. To an extent that no one was daring to look him in the eye.

“How can someone be so strong?” A young expert said with a dumbfounded expression on his face. This was the first time he experienced something like this and couldn't help but express his shock.

“Demon Emperor, you used to be strong but that is a thing of the past.” The shadow suddenly issued an owl-like raucous laughter. “But, no matter how magnificent you were during your lifetime, death is always the final verdict and shows you the path to a home you can return to.”

“The worst decision you made was to refuse to embrace death. You rejected our offer when you could also have become a master of death, but unfortunately, an influence that once deterred the Ten Thousand Worlds has gone downhill to such a pathetic state.” The shadow said in a mocking tone.

Demon Emperor? Everyone was shocked when they heard this. Even an ordinary person with basic general knowledge would know the weight contained in these two words. The very term 'Emperor' held a major significance irrespective of which race's name was put ahead of it.

For example, Human Emperor, Demon Emperor, Devil Emperor and so on. But using these terms casually without any truth or basis was an absolute taboo. Even most tyrannical experts of the world were afraid to call themselves so because it was no different than courting death by proclaiming oneself to be one. This was not a talk about one world but all of the ten thousand worlds and a Demon Emperor was a being who was not just a local lord, he was the emperor of entire demon race that was spread throughout the Ten Thousand Worlds Community.

You just could not claim to be an emperor and not face the consequences. And those who dared to call themselves emperors also had the ability to support their claim.

Even in the ancient times, no one dared to claim of being an emperor so easily.

Ye Xiwen did not know much about the history of demon race or Demon Emperor but it was quite understandable if one would say that this supreme figure had frightened the Ten Thousand Worlds Community in the ancient times when demon race used to be at its peak.

Such a great being, even if he was not a human being, was worth giving respect!

At this time, Ye Xiwen remembered a myth from his previous life. The myth talked about the Jade Emperor who had ascended the throne of the heaven but was it actually the legendary Demon Emperor who actually did it? Demon Emperor of the Heaven!

This was just a myth but Ye Xiwen could still tell the undeniable similarities. This was enough to instantly accelerate his breathing out of surprise and excitement.

Demon Emperor, Heaven's Peak Palace and a lost civilization. These all things indicated startling similarities between the myth on the Earth and the things he saw here in this world. What exactly happened in the ancient times?.

There were traces of Demon Emperor's existence in several legends and myths on the Earth but most of them were unofficially recorded ones. They did not give a solid proof about the existence of Demon Emperor of the heaven. Jade Emperor was the one who dominated the heaven in the legend of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.

Ye Xiwen could see a solid connection between the hidden history of this world and the myths on the Earth, and in both cases, Demon Emperor had been kept a secret officially. He could faintly feel that perhaps he had come across something that was surprisingly being kept a universal secret.

However, Ye Xiwen's breathing accelerated not because of these legends, but because these things could clearly be linked with the legends on the Earth.

Could it be that the Earth was related to the heaven of this world? Ye Xiwen was most concerned about this point. Initially, when he had come to know that he crossed to this world from the Earth, he was devastated because he had read so many novels on the same plotline and had never read about anyone returning home.

However, today his palpitation accelerated suddenly when he speculated that these worlds were somehow linked. If the Earth was also in a world that was part of the Ten Thousand Worlds community then he might be able to cross the worlds. He, then, would have an opportunity to go back home!

Thinking of this, he simply was unable to restrain himself. One must know that although he had fully invested his time and heart in gaining the power to be able to protect his current family, he had always dreamed of returning to the Earth. He considered it a distraction and would always suppress the thoughts about going back to the Earth.

If someone was to tell him now that everybody wants to cross to a different world because it’s thrilling then why did he want to return to the Earth? Then, he would certainly slap them into oblivion. Only an idiot would willingly want to pass through to a different world or perhaps people with special situations want that to happen. When considering Ye Xiwen's case, he never involved himself in romance and women whom he thought was a waste of time and money, he was not an orphan and neither was he an outcast. He was neither struck by the lightning, nor was he hit by a truck. He used to be the most average kind of person with most average lifestyle in his past life and never cherished the idea of going to a different world. He was separated from his family and loved ones just like that.

Family was always the most important for him, and even in this world, he treasured his family more than anything especially because he lost it one time and did not want to go through the same pain again. No wonder his enemies had to face the wrath of the emperor whenever they threatened his family's security.

Now it seemed like it was possible to go back to the Earth, so how could he not be excited about it? Although this news might very well be useless in the current scenario as crossing worlds was an inaccessible concept for Ye Xiwen and even after finding out that it was possible, he might not be able to find a way to do that, but even so, he was still optimistic about it.

Ye Xiwen felt that this shadow's words very shocking, to be honest. The decline of ancient heaven on the Earth should have in the records but there were none. As if something happened at all and this led to the formation of a flawed history.

According to what the shadow said, there seemed to be some kind of relationship between the decline of the ancient heaven in two different worlds. As if it was the result of the direct decline of the ancient heaven that was unique to all worlds, including the Earth.

Ancient heaven had innumerable powerhouses and their only commander was the Demon Emperor. All of the Ten Thousand World community was scared of Demon Emperor whose eternal glory had spread across the worlds. Such an almighty and tyrannical influence that continued to exist for millions of years actually declined when challenged by the unknown influence to which this shadow belonged to? This deduction was extremely shocking.

Emperor Chen and the others were also in shock after they heard the ancient secret that actually blew up their minds. Although they did not know about the famous myth on the Earth, this was still more than enough to leave them in utter shock.

(To be continued)


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