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Chapter 264 – Supreme figure

Everyone was stunned and giving dumbfounded looks to Ye Xiwen. They couldn't believe their own eyes. The zombie was literally unable to fight back and Ye Xiwen so effortlessly killed it in front of them as if it was such an easy task. Ye Xiwen managed to complete a task that such a large team of experts was unable to do. This was simply a miracle in their eyes!

Ye Xiwen was merely an expert of truth seventh stage while their team had several experts at the peak of truth ninth stage. But Ye Xiwen managed to kill a half-step legendary zombie whereas their entire team couldn't do it. So how did Ye Xiwen succeed? And what was the real extent of his power?

Emperor Chen and few other experts actually knew how Ye Xiwen was able to kill that zombie because it was already seriously injured and had also exhausted most of its energy. In comparison, Ye Xiwen's combat effectiveness was at its peak condition, not to mention the zombie was under suppression and it was mostly relying on its formidable body to fight, but once again, Ye Xiwen had an advantage of having a similarly formidable and uninjured body. In short, the zombie's defeat was inevitable the moment Ye Xiwen became its opponent. However, only a few experts were able to figure out the facts behind this miracle.

Also, it would not be wrong to say that if there was someone else in place of Ye Xiwen, they wouldn't be able to kill the zombie the way he did it!

Although some experts were aware of the special circumstances under which Ye Xiwen killed the zombie, they were still very shocked by a scene in which how easily a half-step legendary zombie was killed by a guy who lacked three levels in comparison. This was just insane and totally outrageous for the experts who were at higher levels.

Ye Xiwen's dominating aura, as well as self-confidence, was inducing envy and restlessness in their hearts.

However, right now, they did not have time and intention to be sighing and feeling that way because the allied armies of demon beasts and ghost soldiers were indulged in a crazy battle with skeletons and zombies and were slowly advancing towards the peak, slaughtering and pushing back the undead along the way.

It was obvious that this battle was approaching its most tragic phase so they must finish their mission as soon as possible.

The allied forces were doing their best to contain the undead army and push them backward, but it could be seen that they were not going to last very long. The urgent matter at hand was to take off the seal and end this crazy battle.

“We are running out of time, so let's hurry.” Ye Xiwen said. “We need to go to the summit as soon as possible to take off the seal, otherwise, we won't have a way out of this mess. The battlefield is quickly shifting towards the peak, and trust me, guys, you don't want to be anywhere close to that battlefield.”

Ye Xiwen was aware of the consequences they would have to face if they did not take off the seal quickly and he also knew that they did not have a lot of time left either. The fierce undead army was truly horrifying so the team of human experts couldn't afford to waste time as they needed to take off the seal before the allied forces would completely exhaust their strength.

Irrespective of their envy and hatred towards Ye Xiwen, the experts had to agree with his words. Right now, rather than bickering and being envious, they needed to show courage and concern towards the situation and must act as fast as possible.

The team of experts once again rushed towards the summit, meanwhile, avoiding formidable zombies and skeletons on the way. They were also steering away from the palaces since almost every palace was inhabited by terrifying monsters of the legendary realm and above, but they seemed to be imprisoned inside the palaces and couldn't come out.

Finally, the team took a section of road that led them straight to the summit. This section of road was too terrible and the team bumped into a few half-step legendary zombies on the way, but the good news was that these zombies appeared alone, on separate times, and the team somehow managed to either evade or distract them whichever was deemed necessary in the situation at hand.

On the hilltop, they saw a magnificent palace spread across the entire summit. It looked like a sky palace and its size was almost equivalent to that of a small town. Ye Xiwen carefully observed the entire palace and saw a giant stele hanging in the sky, right above the palace. There were big characters engraved over this giant stele and looked very dazzling.

A terrifying aura was transmitting from that stele as if trying to suppress the entire world.

However, a terrifying aura was surging from the palace also and rising into the sky. The palace's aura was confronting the stele's aura that was pressing down from above, thereby creating equilibrium between the two tyrannical auras in the buffer region between giant stele and palace. In this buffer region, space was collapsing and restoring itself frequently in a cyclic process and one could also see cold pitch-black debris of space floating there. The experts were deeply affected by this scene which was quite terror-inspiring. Even Ye Xiwen was no exception because he sensed a rogue feeling of terror lurking in his own heart.

Seeing space collapsing and restoring right in front of their eyes, it seemed as if they were standing on the edge of the world where two worlds were colliding with each other, giving rise to such an apocalyptic scene.

However, they had no time to think about the reason behind this phenomenon rather they immediately went towards the palace.

A signboard was floating high in the air!

Heaven's Peak Palace!

It was hard to speculate the level of the civilization that left behind such a legacy thousands of years ago.

Ye Xiwen did not wait and immediately rushed forward towards the palace.

As soon as they entered the palace compound, they heard intermittent sounds of a bell ringing unceasing. Yes, it was the same bell ringing that has summoned these young geniuses to the demon island.

They rushed all the way inside the palace compound and actually saw an ancient clock bell ringing constantly.




The bell was ringing non-stop and also releasing fluctuating sound waves but only in its vicinity due to some kind of barrier. The answer to this was a huge seal that was hovering over this ancient bell and releasing a mysterious glow that contained a dominating power, very similar to the power contained in world laws but much more intense. Everyone noticed that the seal's power was restricting the bell’s power.

“That's the seal we are looking for!” An expert said aloud while his eyes were totally focused on the seal. The tomb slave had informed them about this seal and also told them that they must remove the seal in order to quell the undead army.

While they were all set to finish the task, all of a sudden, the palace doors made a 'squeak' sound and opened wide. And a tall figure with a demonic aura wantonly revolving around him came out.

His form was blurred and fuzzy and basically looked like a human shadow with a pair of red eyes. He also possessed a terror-inspiring demonic aura.

The experts suddenly stopped when they saw this shadowy figure and instinctively took one step back. They had seen a lot of weird things on this island but this was probably the weirdest of them all.

“Ding-Dong!” The bell suddenly began to ring faster, and even though a seal was placed on it, it still managed to shoot a condensed form of sonic energy at that shadow.

The shadowy figure lifted his claws, directly grabbed that mass of sonic energy and tore it apart.

“Boom!” At this time, the fluctuating mass of energy surrounding the bell suddenly condensed and seemed to have actually opened up a portal, and all of a sudden, a celestial figure slowly walked out of it. He was clad in an emperor's long robe and possessed an unimaginable imposing aura. The human experts were so much affected by his presence that they felt like bowing down on their knees and worship this divine being.

And at this time, Tianyuan mirror suddenly began to shiver violently as if feeling a hint of provocation.

Yes, Ye Xiwen had never seen Tianyuan mirror acting this way no matter what kind of tyrannical epxert he had faced so far.

“Ye Mo, what's happening here?” Ye Xiwen asked loudly in his mind.

But he suddenly realized that Ye Mo was fully suppressed inside Tianyuan mirror and did not dare to say anything. It seemed as if Ye Mo no longer existed inside the mirror and had completely disappeared without a trace.

Something like this happened only once when that tyrannical sword expert had suddenly appeared and used his sword intention on Bai Mojiao disciples. But even back then, Ye Mo was not this much scared which indicated that this celestial figure was definitely an Emperor level expert.

After coming out of the portal that appeared on the bell, the celestial emperor slowly walked away from the bell but soon bumped into the seal. However, he quickly bypassed the barrier and looked coldly at that shadow.

As soon as the celestial emperor walked out of the barrier, no one in the team of human experts was able to bear the incredible pressure and kneeled down on the ground. Even Emperor Chen and the other top experts were no exceptions, in fact, even Ye Xiwen was not able to resist this pressure despite having the support of Tianyuan mirror.

Ever since he obtained Tianyuan mirror, he was never bothered by his opponent's coercion which was more of a joke in his eyes. Tianyuan mirror was a top-tier divine tool of the Devil King himself so only those experts, who were at a level higher than him, would be able to suppress Ye Xiwen.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen had never experienced suppression from coercion. Even a high-level legendary expert wouldn't succeed to bring Ye Xiwen to his knees by simply using their imposing aura.

However, now that he did not have the shelter of Tianyuan mirror, he immediately felt a terrifying pressure rampaging upon his body.

“Insolent fool!”The celestial emperor spoke and it seemed as if his words were promulgating the law to be enforced. As soon as he said these words, everyone felt like they did the biggest mistake of their life by coming here and must apologize if they wanted to live.

But the celestial emperor did not even look at Ye Xiwen and the others, who, like a group of ants, did not deserve his attention at all.

Those words were actually meant for that shadow. The celestial emperor looked sternly at the shadow and space around him began to fluctuate and disintegrate.

(To be continued)


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