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Chapter 257 - Tomb slave reappears

“What the fuck, my meat! It's all ruined now!” The wolf cub could not bear to see the delicious meat corroding in front of his eyes and his anger suddenly soared to the sky. The so-called proud prince could not control this outburst.

Ye Xiwen immediately stood up and looked at the sky. Wu Shaoqun and Mu Ling also looked at the sky and did not know what actually happened all of a sudden.

“Beep!” A tyrannical golden bird flew across the sky and was headed towards the huge ominous mountain. Ye Xiwen noticed that this golden bird was actually the golden-winged bird that had destroyed his boat when he was entering the island.

Then a giant flaming bird flew from another direction and went towards the ominous mountain.

“Seems like a major event!” Wu Shaoqun murmured.

It was easy to tell from the present environment on the island that something was off and this was certainly an important matter.

And it was kind of scary to see that this matter was somehow related to the  ominous mountain!

The rain got harder and harder and black clouds enveloped the entire island. It seemed as if the entire island had been swallowed by a deathly atmosphere, making it seem like the world of death itself.

Ye Xiwen and Wu Shaoqun immediately used Zhen Yuan to resist the corrosive rain, whereas Mu Ling was not all affected by the rain, on the contrary, the rain was actually absorbed by his body.

Then, abruptly, a figure appeared in the distance. Ye Xiwen saw a somewhat emaciated old man flying in the rain, directly across the sky. He seemed very far away, but the very next instant, he appeared in front of them. It was actually the tomb slave.

Ye Xiwen's pupils shrank because he clearly remembered what tomb slave told him about making a vow to always guard the tombs and not being able to leave the premises of graveyard. But now he seemed to have come out and this certainly showed that something big happened on this island which compelled him to come out of the graveyard.

And this was certainly related to the sudden outbreak on the ominous mountain.

“Greetings to honorable senior!” Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling quickly saluted to show respect to the old man. Wu Shaoqun did not know who he was but since Ye Xiwen was showing respect to this old man then he was bound to be a great persona. So, Wu Shaoqun quickly followed the other two and gave his salute.

“What have you decided about the thing I told you earlier? Are you ready to take up the task?” The tomb slave said. “It is solely in your control whether you want to do it or not, but remember, if you are unable to accomplish this task then forget about leaving this island, you might actually lose your lives.”

Ye Xiwen's complexion suddenly changed, so this matter was really very serious. Moreover, they might not be able to leave this island.

For these geniuses, staying on this island was only a part of an adventure. No one wanted to spend their entire lives on this deadly island. Their motive was to get stronger on this island then go back and display their newly obtained strength to the entire world, not to mention also to contribute to their respective sect's strength.

However, this matter had turned into a serious possibility that everyone would end up dying on this island.

“Senior, what exactly has happened? At least let us know.” Ye Xiwen said.

At least he would like to know what had really happened then he would further decide whether to go or not.

“What we are witnessing is the period of time that comes once in a millennium. During this period, those undead that reside on ominous mountain experience great suppression and are at their weakest level.” The old man explained, “In fact, the undead are confined in a powerful matrix method on the ominous mountain and its impossible for them to come down, but the situation has gotten worse because a gap has appeared in the matrix method and those undead will most likely come out through the gap. So I sent the demon beasts of this island to rush to the ominous mountain and make sure to block the gap, otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous. Even if the undead face a major reduction in their strengths during this period of time, they are still very scary and if even one of them managed to come out, then forget the demon island, the entire world would face a serious danger.”

Now, they finally understood the seriousness of this situation.

Especially, Ye Xiwen understood better because he could tell that this would perhaps affect the entire world.

These so-called undead monsters were insanely formidable and scary. Even after facing the suppression that appeared once in a millennium, they were still so terrifying that even one was enough to threaten the world security.

However, this matrix method was so powerful that it was able to confine these undead monsters for tens of thousands of years. According to what Ye Mo said, the person, who must have set up this matrix tens thousands of years ago, was truly a terrifying being, simply beyond the comprehension of this realm.

However, a gap appeared in such a powerful matrix method, though only a small gap, but enough to put the entire world in danger.

The creator of this matrix method must be an extremely formidable being. Or perhaps, it was not created by a person but an organization.

Ye Xiwen had already started to notice that there was basically no subordination system among the demon beasts on this island. It was as if demon beasts had divided their respective territories on the island and no one interfered with each other. Of course, there was no sign of intrusion as well which indicated a very smooth regulation and territorial understanding among the beasts. The demon beasts only hunted in their respective territories and there were no signs of cross-border attacks.

However, the appearance of ancient eggs was enough to hint that this demon island was hiding a secret, but this time, things got even weirder than before. The wise and exotic demon beasts of legendary level or above were actually following the orders of the tomb slave. It seemed like this island previously belonged to a tyrannical faction and although there was a decline in its influence over time, the chief of each demon beast clan was possibly still a member of that ancient faction and the old man was their boss.

And even if this faction's influence had declined, were still a tyrannical existence for Zhen Wu Jie.

It was like a clash between two disastrous forces.

Why did the demon island appear once in every 50 years? What was the reason behind summoning young heroes to this island?

What was the point of ghost soldiers going on an expedition every night in the yellow river and against whom?

Who was this old man?

Were the demon beasts on this island really the descendants of god?

Ye Xiwen was immersed in deep thoughts as these questions quickly flashed in his mind!

“Looking at the gravity of this situation, what can we do?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“You can uncover that seal since those undead are now under the restrain and you can take advantage of this opportunity to travel to the ominous mountain. But you will get only one chance, if you fail, that will be your end.” The tomb slave said in a serious tone. “But my offer is still valid, as long as you can uncover that seal, I will give you the right to my inheritance. You think about it while I will go inform the other human experts about the situation.”

Then the old man turned around and disappeared into the thin air. The insane level of his agility skill could literally shock the world.

Just before leaving, he glanced at the wolf cub then left from there.

The other two looked at Ye Xiwen and asked: “What should we do now?”

“I advise you to do what the old man said because this is big trouble.” The wolf cub suddenly spoke, “Even if a part of the Zhou star array is broken, it is enough to become a door to unleash deadly creatures that have waited for so long to wreak havoc on this world.”

“We have to do it, guys! There is no other way out. If what the senior said is true then we will most likely die if we don't do something.” Wu Shaoqun clenched his fist and said.

“If we don't act, we die. But if we take the risk and survive, we may get that inheritance he talked about.” Ye Xiwen said as even he could clearly see the hidden meaning in the old man's words that they had no choice but to take up this task.

Earlier, the old man had said that if Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling refused to take up the task, he would wait for another fifty years to pass on the task to another generation of geniuses, but now he seemed anxious and it seemed like he really wanted them to take up this task and succeed.

Ye Xiwen was no longer thinking about the inheritance because survival was a much bigger issue now!

“Come on then, there's no point in further discussion, let's go!” Mu Ling said in a straightforward manner.

The trio made the final decision and rushed in the direction of the huge ominous mountain of the undead. They were planning to do all they could in their power before the disaster would strike. But all of a sudden, Ye Xiwen was actually surprised when he saw the wolf cub following after them. The same wolf cub who tried several times to escape, was now silently following them on his own accord.

(To be continued)


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