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Chapter 256 - Great changes on the demon island

The devil wings no longer gave off the feel of being made up of dense Moqi, though its mighty magical powers were still intact but the ominous devil magic had been replaced by a divine feel.

(NT: Moqi = Devil qi)

The people of Zhen Wu Jie might not care about the evil ways of martial arts, but they were very much concerned about devil ways of martial arts. (NT: Evil way and devil way are two different forms of martial arts.)

After all, devil race was by far the strongest archenemy of humanity.

When Ye Xiwen opened his devil wings, his speed suddenly rose dramatically. He tore a golden streamer in the sky and instantly went towards that small wolf.

The wolf cub initially thought that it had gotten rid of the human experts, but did not expect to see a golden figure suddenly catching up.

It suddenly cursed out loud: “Fuck, this is unreasonable!”

Although it had a small body, it was very fast and was also using an extraordinary agility skill. It was so fast that even Ye Xiwen, with his strength equivalent to an expert of truth ninth stage, might not be able to catch up. No wonder, he had to resort to using devil wings. In fact, even an expert of legendary realm might not be able to catch it.

The extent of this cub's speed could be imagined.

However, an expert of the legendary realm would not need to chase in the first place, since with just a flick of hand, they would directly confine the space, making it impossible to make an escape.

But, Ye Xiwen's devil wings technique was not an ordinary devil technique. It was a top tier technique and since he had already perfected it, he was able to display extremely high acceleration and reach unimaginable speeds in a matter of seconds.

Therefore, within a moment, Ye Xiwen caught up with it and stretched out his hands that suddenly transformed into a big hand, made up of Zhen Yuan, and proceeded to grab it. It turned back and spat a divine beam towards Ye Xiwen.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen's big hand was unaffected and directly caught the beam and crushed it. The coyote was very strong but its strength was only comparable to that of an expert of truth eighth stage. However, its attacks were simply useless on Ye Xiwen who possessed a tyrannical golden body.

“You fucker!” The coyote said angrily and turned around to escape but it was just a wishful thinking on its part because Ye Xiwen's big hand instantly printed a direct slap on this foul-mouthed cub's face, sending it flying for a large distance.

Ye Xiwen's wings fluttered and he slowly descended to the side of the cub that was lying on the ground.

“You insolent bastard!” It was angry because this was the first time it was slapped by a human being after taking birth. It could not accept the fact that it had been defeated by a human, not just in speed but also strength.

Ye Xiwen grinned while thinking that it was really very intriguing. He asked: “Well, what is your family background?”

The cub pretended as if it didn't hear anything and simply ignored Ye Xiwen.

“You should consider answering because if you don't, I would prefer cooking a pot of dog soup using you as the ingredient, so delicious.” Ye Xiwen said with an evil smile.

“Go fuck yourself, this prince is a wolf, A WOLF, get it? I am not a dog!” The cub instantly said in an angry tone.

“Whatever.” Ye Xiwen said dismissively, “Why are there so many eggs belonging to ridiculously powerful beasts buried in this area? If you answer honestly, I’ll let you go.”

Ye Xiwen was not particularly interested in subduing an extraordinary beast cub, especially this one.

He could see that this wolf cub's wisdom was way too high for an ordinary demon beast. Ye Xiwen was impressed by its intelligence, strength and skills. There was a high possibility that subjugation might not work on it because its wisdom was similar to that of human beings, not to mention it had a rebellious personality. Ye Xiwen could not say for sure that he could subjugate it, and if he could not make it willingly surrender, and ended up hurting it in the process then it might summon danger for him. Since he was not aware of this cub's background which was bound to be extraordinary.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen believed that there should be more eggs buried in this area and he would get plenty of opportunities later on.

Ye Xiwen mainly wanted to know why there were such extraordinary demon beast eggs in this area. Also, just like Warhawk attracted the attention of a legendary level demon beast senior, he also needed to be careful not to offend any high-level demon beast for his own good! But one thing was certain that there was a hidden secret behind all this.

“I do not know.” The cub mumbled while still lying on the ground as if feigning death.

At this time, Mu Ling and Wu Shaoqun also arrived and saw the small wolf playing possum on the ground. They were a bit surprised, did not know what exactly happened here.

Ye Xiwen explained things to them and they felt like having a headache all of a sudden. Of course, they could not hurt this cub otherwise that might attract the attention of a legendary level demon beast.

Ye Xiwen vaguely guessed that this cub's background should be extraordinary. If something happened to it then he would definitely be chased down on this island for the remaining months.

Usually, as soon as the eggs hatched, those demon beast seniors would immediately appear to protect the newborn baby beast, without giving any chance to human experts to hurt or capture the baby beast. This meant that this cub was also one of those so-called untouchable and precious babies.

However, it was not saying anything rather there was a treacherous and slick look on its face. As if it would rather die than surrender. Ye Xiwen was a bit surprised by this and secretly praised it.

Ye Xiwen did not have a way to find out about the secret from the wolf cub, though it clearly knew something and was not willing to tell. Since he could not resort to brutal means to force the information out of its mouth as its rebellious personality was a big hurdle. So he decided to keep this wolf cub at his side, perhaps, later on, it would willingly tell things about this mysterious island.

This wolf cub was the only way to find out the real secrets about this strange island.

As far as the wolf cub’s attitude was concerned, it had non-violent, non-cooperation attitude and its only option was to stay with Ye Xiwen.

The race to capture eggs was getting intense and complicated. A lot of people had started going crazy to obtain an egg of their own.

After the wolf cub, several demon beast eggs were dug out but nothing good came out of it. Most of the cubs fled and almost every time, demon beast seniors rushed to protect their own and this led to a lot of chaos. In the end, for human experts, their hard work was all in vain.

Certainly, there were some experts who were successful, such as Ji Moon obtained a Hudiesaurus (butterfly lizard) which was an extremely rare demon beast. Its whole body was of a Tyrannosaurus but with a pair of butterfly wings on its back.

However, the third super expert, Wang Purple, was the most unfortunate one because when he finally got a cub, it attracted a demon beast senior and he was half beaten to death, not to mention that cub was also taken away from him.

The good thing was that the opposite party was not serious, otherwise, he would have already been killed.

The unrest continued to get stronger and stronger.

The silence of the night spread a chill everywhere while the constant shrieks could be heard transmitting from the ominous mountain. The roars of several demon beasts also disappeared under the overwhelming presence of those shrieks.

Not far away, the yellow river was flowing down the forest and numerous ghost soldiers could be seen marching upon it. They had been following this daily routine for thousands of years, going on an expedition against an unknown enemy.

Mu Ling was indulged in a continuous battle in the yellow river and basically cultivating. He was fortunate to be able to practice in this river of the dead, which was also the main reason why his cultivation progress rate was so high.

“Several days have passed, why haven't your relatives come to pick you up?”

A large bonfire was burning high and mighty and a considerably large demon beast was supported on two thick branches and was being roasted in the fire.

As the roasting continued, its meat was gradually turning yellow while the fat oil was dripping down into the fire, contributing to its intensity.

Not far away, the wolf cub was constantly pacing back and forth. When compared to a few days ago, its size was now significantly larger and it also looked a lot stronger.

Obviously, it was still constantly complaining: “This prince is not going to eat this lowly demon beast.” Nonetheless, its eyes were constantly staring at the almost cooked demon beast. It was reluctant to remove his gaze from the delicious food.

Ye Xiwen slowly rotated the branch to roast the uncooked portions of flesh and the delicious fragrance suddenly spread in the air. Ye Xiwen had been relaxing for the last few days, a short break was necessary to stabilize his inner state. Anyway, there was no point in being impatient when it came to cultivation.

Ye Xiwen felt odd because when other demon babies came out, soon, demon beast seniors rushed to take them away. But this wolf cub had been out for quite some time and no one came to pick it up. Though he did not know what means they used to find out about the birth of these cubs, but in this case, Ye Xiwen felt something was off.

“They are all dead.” The wolf cub did not turn his head and said in a low voice. Its eyes were still staring at the demon beast meat.

From the beginning, he tried several times to escape, but each time, he was caught by Ye Xiwen within seconds. Now, he was an orphan who did not know where to go. Though it did not take him too long to understand that Ye Xiwen was not going to hurt him.

According to what he said, Ye Xiwen also came to know that he was homeless. No wonder no one came to pick him up.

However, when Ye Xiwen asked him about other things, he refused to talk about anything.

Just when Ye Xiwen seemed all prepared to taste the meat, suddenly, horrible shrieks began to echo everywhere. The ominous qi swept from the mountain and instantly obscured the entire sky in the form of dense black clouds. The condensed black clouds suddenly gave rise to endless rain on the island.

The sudden invasion of Yinqi and Deadqi sucked away lives out of the trees, leaving them in a withered state.

The barbecue was instantly corroded by the torrential downpour and ruined the bonfire.

Then, Ye Xiwen and the others suddenly heard extremely loud roars of demon beasts coming from the depths of the island. They had never heard such horrifying roars before and it was not hard to tell that these roars belonged to extremely tyrannical demon beasts.

(To be continued)


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