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Chapter 258 - Rushes all the way

Three men and a wolf rushed all the way at an extremely fast speed and soon reached the huge ominous mountain. Although this mountain was visible from any part of the demon island, it was in fact located very far away in the depths of the island. Now, after arrived so close to the mountain, all they saw was a steady stream of demon beasts rushing to the mountain one after another.

Even the yellow river changed its course and was flowing towards the ominous mountain. The ghost soldiers were riding the mighty streams of yellow river and all set to go on an expedition to the ominous mountain. This was really a frightening event.

Innumerable tribal groups that consisted of various species of demon beasts which usually preferred to stay in hiding also showed up to be a part of this grand expedition. Not to mention, the mighty cavalry of ghost soldiers was also a part of this grand expedition, making the whole situation quite scary for human experts.

Ye Xiwen was literally speechless when he looked at the raid being performed by demon beasts and ghost soldiers. Such an enormous and mighty army was enough to bring chaos throughout Zhen Wu Jie. The sheer number of legendary realm warriors in this army was beyond imagination.

Not to mention, this was just their strength after the decline of their influence over a span of thousands of years. Ye Xiwen simply could not imagine the extent of their original might when this influence was at its peak.

The fearful shrieks of the undead creatures could be heard from far. Ye Xiwen condensed Zhen Yuan in his eyes and it seemed as if he suddenly opened a deva-eye in the sky. Now, he could see from unimaginable far distances.

From afar, he saw an endless army of skeleton monsters that were entirely enveloped in inexhaustible amounts of Deadqi. There could be only one way to define these skeletons, terrifying creatures! It was easy to make a guess that they belonged to a mighty ancient influence, and at this time, an army of skeletons was rushing down the mountain. The terror-inducing sound of bones, rubbing against each other, was resounding throughout the sky and making the whole atmosphere even more frightening.

Ye Xiwen witnessed how the army of skeletons severely clashed with the army of demon beast and vicious creatures on both sides began the most terror-inspiring battle. In moments, there were several casualties on both sides but that didn't affect the battle at all.

“Beep!” At this time, the golden-winged eagle arrived like a fighter jet, flapping its wings violently and shot several rounds of lasing beams on the skeleton army, sweeping clean a big stretch of area.

However, the golden-winged eagle did not stop and continued to advance in the direction of the mountain of undead. On the rear side of skeleton army, there was an immense army of skeletons and zombies. And several zombie experts had unimaginable strength and cultivation levels. The zombie commander suddenly released his invincible imposing aura, thereby sweeping Deadqi into the sky in the form of a column of light. As soon as this column of ominous light soared into the sky, it exploded and scattered the dark clouds in all directions.

Ye Xiwen's eyes opened wide as he saw this scene. He suddenly held his breath and simply couldn't believe his eyes. If skeletons were terrifying then zombie experts were much more dreadful. And then there were also evil spirits waiting to wreak havoc on this world.

Wu Shaoqun cursed out loud and said: “Goddamn it! I just hope that the matrix method is still confining a major part of this undead army, otherwise, we are screwed.”

The roars of demon beasts, the roars of undead creatures, the rubbing sounds of bones; When interwoven together, the generated noise was extremely horrifying, enough to shake heaven and earth.

The count of demon beasts kept on increasing since more and more demon beasts kept on joining the battle to stop the rampage of the undead army.

The two sides were in a deadly deadlock which was essential to stop the undead army from destroying the entire island.

It was like Armageddon, the whole island was trembling. It seemed as if the whole world would collapse as a result of this battle.

Soon, the yellow river also reached its destination and ghost soldiers joined the battle. The ghost cavalry reached directly from the oblique side and cut off the contact between skeletons and zombies. Although skeletons and zombies might have been extraordinary powerhouses when they were alive, but when confronted with the yellow river, they immediately fell under the possession of evil spirits lurking in the yellow water and this greatly lowered their spiritual strength. Some could no longer maintain their existence, screamed loudly and melted on the spot.

It was a terrible war, enough to inspire terror in anyone. The dark sky was wreaking havoc on the island in the form of deadly rain that was capable of instantly corroding things.

“Let's go, no matter what, we must cross the battlefield!” Ye Xiwen took a deep breath and said. There was only one option at hand for not only their own survival but also for the safety of the entire world. Anyway, tomb slave told earlier that they could not leave this island, and if this undead army was allowed to go outside, then there was no point in leaving either, because the entire Zhen Wu Jie would face destruction.

The entire humanity might face annihilation so they must find a way out of this mess.

“Hu Hu!” Ye Xiwen's extremely fast flight as he cut through the air produced a whistling sound that seemed to resemble a devil's cry.

Ye Xiwen and the others rushed all the way and soon reached the intersection point between the two armies. The demon beast soldiers seemed to understand that Ye Xiwen and the others were here to help them. Not to mention, they were indulged in this battle and simply did not have time to attend to Ye Xiwen's team.

However, skeletons noticed them, and immediately, a formidable skeleton gave the order to his subordinates to attack. They immediately reacted by shooting a barrage of bone arrows towards Ye Xiwen and his team.

Also, there was no lack of legendary realm skeletons among the attackers.

“Get out of the way!” Ye Xiwen bellowed and his whole body was instantly covered by a golden cloak of divinities. The mighty divinities were burning wantonly around his body while also purifying the Deadqi in his surroundings. This decreased the intensity of howling of innumerable souls that were filled with resentment.

The long blade danced in his hands and released a dazzling Bladelight that instantly formed a curtain of blade shadows and blocked the incoming bone arrows, chopping and crushing several of them to bits almost instantly.

Mu Ling and Wu Shaoqun also resorted to their secret techniques to block the incoming barrage of bone arrows.

Then there came a shrill cry and a formidable looking skeleton took out a bone arrow, aimed at Ye Xiwen and shot.

The arrow pierced through the space and almost instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

Almost at that moment, a terrible light flashed in the sky and the bone arrow instantly disintegrated under its enormous might. Then the golden light further proceeded and crashed into that skeleton, crushing him instantly.

Ye Xiwen looked up and saw the giant stature of golden-winged eagle in the distance. It did not stop and once again continued to slaughter undead soldiers.

Apparently, it did this to protect Ye Xiwen and his friends.

The trio and the wolf cub continued to move forward, but more cautiously. This time, they were fortunate enough to receive help from the golden-winged eagle, otherwise, things could have become messy.

They went forward all the way, only to find many experts in the distance. They had also taken advantage of the commotion and arrived here to participate in this battle. It seemed like they had also been persuaded by the tomb slave. In short, they knew that if they did not go all out now then there was a possibly of a great disaster that would eventually bring death to all. Therefore, they chose to struggle for survival rather than waiting for death.

Ye Xiwen’s team also joined the team of experts.

This team was being led by Emperor Chen, only this time, he was sitting upon a golden lion. He appeared majestic, just like the true emperor of this world.

Emperor Chen's imposing aura swept over in all directions. He turned his head and saw Ye Xiwen flying towards his team. He snorted but did not take the opportunity to attack Ye Xiwen, because he was clearly aware of the severity of the situation. He ignored the presence of Ye Xiwen and urged the golden lion, thereby flying all the way forward.

Qing Xu could also be seen following Emperor Chen and his aura was no worse than Emperor Chen's. With just a flick of his hand, a blue beam appeared out of nowhere and swept skeletons out of his path.

Qing Xu was riding a beautiful yellow crane and appeared just like an immortal being. There were several familiar faces on this team, such as Ji Moon could be seen standing on her butterfly lizard, Warhawk was also riding his golden-winged eagle, and Wang Purple was also present. These four formidable experts were guarding the four sides of the team formation with all other human experts inside the formation.

Mu Youran and Jian Wuchen were no longer injured and had come to participate as well. In addition, several other strong experts of the ten countries of the southeast region had also arrived, with some being at truth seventh or eighth stage while some being only at truth fourth or fifth stage.

The island’s best human experts had already arrived to participate in this battle for their survival.

But at this time, the smell of blood spread all over, the sky turned red and began to pour blood everywhere, almost as if the heaven was crying tears of blood.

“It's the infamous blood rain, so terrible!” An expert said when he was drenched in the blood rain and felt his body getting heavy, to the extent that he was unable to take even a single step forward.

“Tianyuan mirror!” Ye Xiwen shouted and Tianyuan mirror flew out into the sky and released a curtain of scarlet light that immediately acted as a shelter against the blood rain. However, when the blood rain fell on the scarlet shelter, it instead became a source of nourishment for the mirror.

“Ha ha ha!” Ye Mo gave out a carefree laughter because this blood rain was simply like a nourishing shower for him and Tianyuan mirror. This shower of blood was made up of evaporated blood and essence of demon beast soldiers as they were being slaughtered by undead soldiers. For most people, this blood rain was like a curse and very hard to deal with. In fact, it could even kill formidable experts if proper protection was not used, but Tianyuan mirror directly erased the curse and absorbed blood and essence out of it. This was the reason why Tianyuan mirror was getting brighter as it was constantly absorbing blood and essence of killed demon beasts. The scarlet light released by the mirror almost camouflaged the surrounding sky.

At this time, Tianyuan mirror flew high into the sky, got bigger and bigger, covering a very wide area, and the blood rain was directly absorbed by the scarlet red mirror.

The experts cupped their hands and showed gratitude to Ye Xiwen. If Ye Xiwen had not acted at the critical moment then they would have faced extreme difficulties in dealing with this blood rain.

They felt like throwing up due to the repugnant smell of blood emanating from the blood rain.

This was the time when everyone needed unity and cooperation. Ye Xiwen was not stingy and openly lent them a hand, not to mention, it also allowed Tianyuan mirror to reap great benefits. In any event, Ye Xiwen made the right decision.

Only Emperor Chen looked coldly at Ye Xiwen. He neither appreciated Ye Xiwen's strength nor the kindness rendered by him. He certainly was not afraid of this blood rain and continued to defend the frontline.

(To be continued)


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