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Chapter 255 - Foul-mouthed cub

“Boom!” A loud explosive sound echoed throughout the cave.

A blue figure strode out from the cave with a sort of smile on his face. Several deepwater black snakes were flying around him and growling. Although his stature looked exquisite and fairly small in comparison to the monstrous beasts floating around him, but his terrifying imposing aura was enough to show who was the boss here.

Ye Xiwen was holding Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array in his hand.

After several months of training day and night, Ye Xiwen was planning to reach truth ninth stage, and in order to reach this stage, he had collected the corpses and souls of deepwater black snakes for later consumption. Since, at the time of breaking to the half-step legendary realm, he would need to have a proper amount of accumulation as well as a difference in the quality of energy. Also because of this, so far, he was only able to reach truth seventh stage since he was focusing more on the accumulation of heavy amounts of energy. However, now that he had completely entered truth seventh stage, one could see that his strength was not at all inferior to any of the experts of truth ninth stage. This really pumped an invincible confidence inside him.

“You had a breakthrough?” Wu Shaoqun asked.

“Yes.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile. He had successfully stepped into truth seventh stage, and for him, its significance was hard to put in words. In short, now he was no longer afraid of anyone from truth realm. Unless his opponent was an expert of half-step legendary realm or above, he could easily deal with rest of the experts on this island.

Now, he could also be regarded as strongest in the younger generation of experts.

Ye Xiwen's practice time was much shorter when compared with other young geniuses, so this was a huge achievement for him.

“Come on, let's go.” Ye Xiwen said and grinned at the same time.

“Where are we going?” Wu Shaoqun asked.

“We are going to check out that place where demon beast eggs are buried.” Ye Xiwen said. “It has been so noisy lately. Let's go and see what's with all this commotion.”


According to the rumors, these so-called ancient eggs were buried in a stretch of river basin, more like a very spacious plain, surrounded by cliffs from all sides.

At this time, the entire area was overrun by experts and all of them were trying to find eggs. Ye Xiwen and his group quickly reached there and began the inspection.

Suddenly, a loud voice came from a distant place.

“Ha ha, I did it, I found an egg!”

Everyone heard the voice and immediately rushed towards him. They were surprised to find a young disciple who was holding a 1 meter long egg in his hands and was laughing like a crazy guy.

Now that he found an egg, this almost instantly increased his importance in the eyes of other experts.

“Just look at the extent of his happiness. But he has made a mistake of thinking that just because he found an egg, he can subjugate the cub. That's a wishful thinking right there.” An expert commented with a disdainful look on his face.

“Just wait and witness how he gets killed by the cub.”

“Sure, I expect nonetheless from the cub of a legendary demon beast from ancient era.”

Ye Xiwen glimpsed at the egg and couldn't conceal the greedy look in his eyes.

After all, there was a high probability that this cub contained the noble blood of an ancient god beast, just like Warhawk's new pet. So far, Ye Xiwen had only seen god's descendants who were basically separated by hundreds of generations from the original gods. But, there was a chance that this egg belonged to a real god.

One could imagine why this cub was going to be a rare and priceless treasure.

The young expert did not waste a single moment and immediately used his hands to inject Zhen Yuan into the egg, forcing it to hatch. He was not a fool, knew very well that everyone was eyeing the egg and if he tried to escape now then he would surely be tracked by others. So, his only option was to forcibly make it hatch on the spot and subjugate the cub.

The elite young geniuses that were summoned on this island were no stupid. They were very smart and knew how to act in a given situation. No one interrupted the hatching process and continued to watch from sidelines.

It was hard to determine how long it took but the egg finally began to hatch.



“Kaca!” The eggshell broke off little by little, and finally, a little black beast crawled out of it. Everyone exclaimed at this scene when they saw a meter long cub with its whole body covered with profane breath. Judging by its appearance, it looked like a wolf, more like a coyote because of its small appearance. Its black body was overflowing with terrifying breath.

One could say that a seemingly divine glory was overflowing from its body.

The young expert was going to reach out and touch it, but it suddenly opened its eyes. There was an aggressive look in its eyes, and just then, it opened its mouth and shot a beam of energy that blasted the arm of that young expert. A pitiful scream echoed everywhere as the bottom half part of the egg, that was still intact, fell to the ground and disintegrated into several pieces. The coyote stood on the ground, uttered a loud howl then coldly looked at the human experts, as if issuing a warning to stay away.

It just took a few second for its quivering limbs to stand firmly on the ground. And the very next instant, it appeared vigorous and healthy as if it was not a newborn at all.

Its growth was almost visible to naked eye, just too amazing.

It looked like a coyote but with a fearsome oppressive aura.

The experts began to look for an opportunity to grab it.

However, no one knew that its first few words would be: “You fuckers.”

Then it turned around to run away!

Everyone was stunned by this. What the fuck just happened? A newborn cub actually spoke, no, it swore to be specific. In general, a demon beast's wisdom was dependent on its strength and level, but this scene was still hard to digest.

It was common knowledge that it was always difficult for demon beasts to acquire wisdom, especially for low level demon beasts. But the truth was that it was equally difficult even for high level demon beasts.

The only difference was that Xiantian level demon beasts could not attain high wisdom no matter how much they tried but high level demon beasts, though after facing a lot of difficulties, could actually achieve great wisdom and intelligence, enough to be able to speak like humans.

But, irespective of level or strength, it was never easy for demon beasts to attain enough wisdom to speak like human beings. It was simply unheard of that a newborn cub could actually speak so fluently. It really came as a shock for everyone.

Just what was the origin of this coyote? Now, everyone had started to feel that it had a tyrannical background.

Color of greed began to appear in everybody’s eyes. A burly expert suddenly rushed forward shouting: “This cub is mine!”

His big hand went forward to grab the coyote.

“I am not your sister, fucker!” The small cub cursed out loud and spat a divine beam towards that expert.

“Bang!” He screamed while his whole body disintegrated in front of everyone. He died almost instantly!

But his death was not enough to stop others from pursuing the cub.

The cub saw many people rushing towards it and immediately turned around to flee from there. A stream of divine light appeared beneath his feet and suddenly boosted his speed several times.

“Ha ha ha, this wolf or dog or whatever it is. It is too much fun!” Wu Shaoqun laughed loudly like a mad man. It was fun to see how everyone was trying best to catch this foul-mouthed cub.

Even Mu Ling's eyes flashed with a curious look clearly visible in them, after all, the cub really intrigued him. He had never witnessed such a bizarre scene before.

There were 200-300 experts in the vicinity and all of them instantly rushed toward the escaping cub.

The cub was very tyrannical, it was jumping from left to right to throw off the chasers. No one was able to catch up with its speed, in fact, its agility skill was so advanced that it would make anyone wonder about its background. Soon, it disappeared in a blink of an eye and left only a sense of regret in everyone's heart. But at this time, Ye Xiwen suddenly moved, and in a flash, a beam of light appeared beneath him and blasted him forward like a super jet. Mu Ling and Wu Shaoqun also followed after him.

“Who is this man? He suddenly began to chase but with his agility skill, it should be impossible to catch the cub.” Someone said.

“He looks somewhat familiar, oh wait, I think….this guy is that infamous Ye Xiwen from the rumors!”

“Yes, you are right! I saw how he single-handedly slaughtered those two tyrants. He is undoubtedly that Ye Xiwen but he has not come out for a long time, I almost forgot his appearance.”

“He hasn't appeared for past few months, but he suddenly shows up today. Did he actually come here for the egg?”

“There's nothing to be surprised about, after all, who isn't interested in these demon beast eggs? He would not even bother to chase if he was not interested.”

“Well, considering his strength, he should be able to deal with that cub, but he lacks enough speed to catch up with it. The cub is too fast for any of us.”

Ye Xiwen and the other two suddenly vanished from there and this caught the crowd's attention. At this time, a pair of wings appeared behind Ye Xiwen. These were devil wings but were thoroughly covered with golden light. The wings were certainly generated from a devil power technique, but since they were wrapped in a layer of golden divinities, Ye Xiwen wasn't worried about exposing them in front of everyone.

(To be continued)


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