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Chapter 254 – Demon beast egg

It was a well-known fact that all demon beast eggs came with expiry dates and must hatch within a certain period of time. Otherwise, these eggs wouldn't be able to hatch and stay buried under the ground for a long time, ending up becoming a fossil. Some would rot whereas some would miraculously survive the lapse of so many years, however, at the cost of consumption of vitality.

If these eggs had hatched countless years ago, when they were supposed to hatch naturally, then the newly born demon beasts would probably take birth directly in legendary realm or in a realm even above that.

Moreover, it was said that there should be more than one egg buried under the ground. This spread a wave of joy and excitement among the human experts and they rushed to capture the remaining eggs. Even one such egg would be a very big harvest.

Soon, the second golden egg was discovered by human experts. It belonged to a pterosaur and the expert who found it was only at truth fourth stage. As soon as he unearthed the egg, it hatched, but things didn't go well for that expert. On the contrary, the baby pterosaur gave him a fatal blow and killed him almost instantly, before flying away from there.

However, this was not enough to deter the crazy experts from looking for the buried eggs because they believed that the killed expert was careless and incompetent for the job. They were overconfident that a newly born demon beast should not be that big of a threat to their lives.

So, experts from all over the island flocked towards that area where the buried egg had been discovered!

The demon beasts that hatched out from these eggs were certainly not like the common demon beasts that were prevalent on this island. They were far stronger than rest of the demon beasts of the demon island.

One must know that common species of demon beasts found on this island were far stronger than the species found in outside world. So, it was easy to guess that these eggs belonged to tyrannical demon beasts of ancient era.

However, survival through the passage of numerous years caused consumption of a major part of egg's vitality and essence. No wonder, demon beasts that were supposed to be taking birth in legendary realm were now taking birth in truth realm.

Not all knew about this fact.

Later, another matter shocked everyone. This was also related to demon beasts because on the demon island, even if there were many demon beasts but there still remained a division of territory among them. They rarely crossed into each others' territories and since human experts preferred to not barge into the territories of demon beasts, there was rarely a clash between the two races.

However, after the hunt for eggs became popular, the human experts couldn't restrain themselves and started intruding into the territory of demon beasts.

Originally, there was a presence of formidable demon beasts in depths of the demon island and one such tyrannical demon beast visited Eagle Union Encampment. It was a bird-type demon beast of legendary realm, a senior beast who personally visited Warhawk and his men to take back the golden-winged eagle's chick that was subdued by Warhawk. Reportedly, the chick belonged to an ancient mighty demon god and demon beasts did not want it to fall into the hands of human beings.

The two sides came very close to war and Warhawk wasn't scared at all, even while facing a legendary level demon beast, but the fight did not happen because the golden-winged eagle's chick was reluctant to leave Warhawk and actually wanted to become his partner. So, the senior demon beast had to bitterly leave.

Before leaving, it bowed submissively, not to show respect to the human experts, but to the small chick who was still in truth realm.

This incident was a solid proof that demon beasts weren't dumb creatures without wisdom. It was just an ignorant perception that must be changed especially because now these human experts were on an island which was home to tyrannical demon beasts. Human experts always underestimated demon beasts and didn't think twice before massacring them for their own benefits. But the wise demon beasts of this island were a different story altogether, pertaining to their high wisdom and tyrannical strength.

However this again made more and more people crazy to find the eggs, after all, who wouldn't want to have an ancient beast as pet.

When a newborn beast was already born in the higher stages of truth realm, one could imagine how powerful it would become after reaching adulthood. Some experts were planning to capture one and sell it in the future for huge benefits.

Human experts were no fool and reacted quickly. Now they knew from Warhawk's example that newborn beasts could be subdued and thereby turned into loyal pets.

Although they could not fight with the demon beasts lurking in the depths of the island, but they could at least capture the eggs.

Suddenly, several experts rushed towards the area that was rumored to be hiding eggs.

In a cave, a bundle of black light was blooming, and a strange dragon howl burst out in the form of shock waves but was soon prevented from going outside by a circular membrane made up of energy.

“What kind of mysterious technique is Ye Xiwen practicing in there? He is creating so much turbulence!” From a distant place, Wu Shaoqun said while looking at the cave's entrance. There was an incredible look in his eyes.

“I do not know!” Mu Ling replied and waved his sword, releasing an endless stream of light into the sky.

Since that battle, Wu Shaoqun was disinclined to return to the small faction of Qing Xu and few other rogue experts. He preferred staying with Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling and formed a small group of three people. Not to mention, this trio was strong enough to deal with any possible threat on this island.

Now on the entire demon island, situation was getting increasingly bizarre, more and more dangerous, so no one dared to stay alone.

After practicing for three months, two days ago, Mu Ling finally stepped into the truth ninth stage. Although his inner state was not yet stable but this was enough to put him among the most outstanding human elites on this island.

Wu Shaoqun was also not much behind and reached the peak of truth eighth stage. He was almost on the verge of stepping into truth ninth stage.

Among all of the summoned geniuses, Mu Ling and Wu Shaoqun were clearly the super elites among elites, undoubtedly among the top. Despite being so young, they managed to reach such higher levels. Of course, there were few other experts that were at higher levels than these two when they came to this island, but all those experts were older. Basically, it could be said that these two were bound to become dominating figures in the Southeast region sooner or later.

In fact, not just Mu Ling and Wu Shaoqun, all other experts were going to become tyrannical figures in the future.

When considering Ye Xiwen, three months ago, he was able to defeat two experts of truth eighth peak.

When these three were together in one group, who would dare to provoke them? Ye Xiwen was concentrating on training and cultivating, while the other two members of group were keeping watch, even though they knew that no one would dare to provoke them.

Wu Shaoqun was very satisfied because while staying with two cultivation freaks like Mu Ling and Ye Xiwen, he could also concentrate more on cultivating. Not to mention, he felt safe with these two trustworthy friends.

Mu Ling also did not mind being with Ye Xiwen and Wu Shaoqun, as long as it didn't hinder his practice. His cultivation relied on Dead qi and yellow river and he had limited time on this island so he could not afford to waste time. One must know that his progress speed was almost equivalent to that of Ye Xiwen.

The three experts usually shared their respective experiences with each other and were benefiting greatly.

“It seems like he will soon have a breakthrough, then his power will shatter the flag array.” Mu Ling said.

Ye Xiwen always found it very difficult to breakthrough since his foundation was strong and each breakthrough required huge accumulation of energy. The difficulty level of his breakthrough was much above that of ordinary experts, but once the breakthrough occurred then his strength would increase dramatically and directly surpass the strength of the experts at much higher level.

“How is he able to do it, I am quite interested. Let's go and check.” Wu Shaoqun smiled and said.

“Not interested.” Mu Ling answered.

“Many people want to obtain it, still cannot obtain, you know.” Wu Shaoqun curled up his lips and said.

“My way is the way of the sword. Everything else is like a distraction for me.” Mu Ling indifferently said.

“Man, you are really a cultivation madman.” Wu Shaoqun said and realized that this was precisely the reason why he was one step behind Mu Ling. He lacked the craziness that Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling displayed when it came to cultivation.

But he was not planning to change because his natural disposition included his free, easygoing and straightforward nature.

One of the prohibited taboos in the world of martial arts included abstaining from concealing one's own natural disposition. Cultivation not only targeted at the improvement of body but also mind and soul. So a cultivator must never try to conceal his true disposition while cultivating. The disposition of the eighth prince was also a kind of nature that helped him a lot in getting stronger.

“Boom!” A loud explosive sound echoed throughout the cave.

(To be continued)


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