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Chapter 253 - Constant changes

The scene fell into a strange calm atmosphere. It seemed like Ye Xiwen and Emperor Chen would soon engage in battle, but this time, no one was daring to underestimate Ye Xiwen even though his opponent was at a much higher level.

Who was this Emperor Chen? His strength was apparent to all but what was he planning to do?

Ye Xiwen's whole body was covered with Zhen Yuan, and while at the same time, golden divinities were crawling all over his body. He seemed all prepared for battle.

The enemy was very strong so Ye Xiwen was not in a mood to make concessions instead he intended to go all out from the get-go.

“You’ll be sorry.” Emperor Chen looked at Qing Xu and seemed a bit afraid of him. Then, he turned his face and looked coldly at Ye Xiwen and said. Afterward, he immediately turned around to leave.

When Emperor Chen left, Qing Xu did not stop either. He looked at Ye Xiwen and smiled with an apologetic expression on his face, then quickly vanished from there in front of everyone.

Soon after these two left, Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling also left and went straight towards a secret mountain valley.

In that secret valley, Wu Shaoqun was sitting cross-legged on the ground and meditating to recover. At this time, his whole body was stained with blood.

“How did this happen? Why are you injured?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Those bastards, though their main force was stationed to ambush you, they still left behind a lot of experts.” Wu Shaoqun said.

Since Ye Xiwen knew himself being the main target of the eighth prince and Wan Cheng Yao, so he naturally could not be careless. He certainly rushed into their ambush but it was all part of a plan!

Ye Xiwen collaborated with the Xueling Union and helped them in planting a large Xueling array. The Xueling Union was naturally not going to stand still and patiently wait to get slaughtered. They also did not want to escape because it could later put a major stain on their reputation.

Ye Xiwen also asked Wu Shaoqun to go to Imperial Union's encampment to help him in rescuing Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen who were rumored to have been captured by the eighth prince, though these rumors might be a hoax to trap Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen knew that Wu Shaoqun's strength was enough for the job, after all, the main forces were going to be handled by him and the Xueling Union. Hence, Wu Shaoqun would only need to deal with residual forces in the enemy encampment.

However, it seemed like Wu Shaoqun was injured while performing the task.

“Are you okay?” Ye Xiwen quickly asked.

“Relax, I am fine. Their residual force was not a big deal and these are minor injuries.” Wu Shaoqun waved his hand and said. His injuries were a result of his own fault of underestimating the enemy, “But I am really glad that you came back, Ye Xiwen. So that means those two bastards are really dead.”

Wu Shaoqun was astonished to see that there wasn't a single scratch on Ye Xiwen's body. This was simply hard to imagine that he actually killed those two tyrants.

“Yes!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

“You’re so fierce.” Wu Shaoqun gave the thumbs up and smiled. But this stirred his wound and his face immediately contorted in pain.

“But Ye Xiwen, I did not see your sister apprentice and brother apprentice in the enemy encampment.” Wu Shaoqun said, “Damn it, that bastard actually tricked us. I interrogated some people I caught in the encampment and found out that they never caught your fellow disciples. It was a trap to force you out.”

“I knew it! So it was really a trap.” Ye Xiwen trusted Wu Shaoqun and only he knew that Ye Xiwen had been looking for Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen, then how did the eighth prince find out about it?

Ye Xiwen had asked Wu Shaoqun to find them but outsiders did not know about it.

Although Qing Xu was related to Wu Shaoqun and knew about it and Ye Xiwen was not at all happy with him, but had a feeling that he would not do such a thing. So in the end, who leaked this information to the eighth prince?

Ye Xiwen felt strange while thinking more and more about it but now those two tyrants were dead, making this thing a permanent mystery for him.

“Well, I asked a lot of formidable people for help.” Wu Shaoqun said, “Perhaps, one of them betrayed me but fortunately it doesn't matter anymore because those two are already dead. Otherwise, this could have led to disastrous consequences.”

“No matter what, I thank you for helping me today.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile, but his mind was still busy thinking about this matter.

The news about how Ye Xiwen fought with the eighth prince and Wan Cheng Yao and killed them both shook the entire demon island. Ye Xiwen became a well-known figure, much more famous than he used to be. If Emperor Chen had not appeared at the end of the battle and threatened Ye Xiwen, then all of the experts would have come forward to put a crown on Ye Xiwen's head.

Besides Ye Xiwen, no one else would have dared to pull off such a stunt.

“What, that Ye Xiwen actually killed two experts of truth eighth stage?”

“Yes, two experts of truth eighth stage were not his match.”

“Wan True Union really had it coming.”

Wan Cheng Yao and the eighth prince’s death shocked the entire demon island, but nothing could become an eternal topic of discussion on this island. The topic slowly submerged under several other topics which popped up one after another.

Three months passed quickly.

On the demon island, several young geniuses lost their lives while several others obtained a lot of benefits. Their cultivation increased by leaps and bounds and they suddenly became the new champions on this island.

For example, shortly after the death of the two tyrants, both Mu Ling and Wu Shaoqun became famous throughout the demon island. In a competition for relics and vestiges, Mu Ling defeated Wang Purple and his alliance and this put him in the list of top players on the demon island.

And in a month's time, Wu Shaoqun officially stepped into truth eighth stage and thereby also landed on the list of top players.

These changes continued to take place for three months. During this period, several heroes lost their glory while several others made brave appearances.

In a flash, almost six months had already passed on the demon island since the island first closed down. In a period of only six months, many experts had multiple breakthroughs and there were some who actually leaped from truth second stage to truth sixth stage.

Although this island was not as big as Zhen Wu Jie but it held more resources in comparison, enough for these young geniuses. At least, they did not have worry about practicing resources.

One year's worth of cultivation on this island was equivalent to 10 year's worth of cultivation in the outside world or even more, to be honest. Of course, the risk was also high because only a few hundred experts were still alive out of more than 1000 summoned experts. In fact, almost half of the summoned experts had already died.

Although the cultivation was very efficient here, the mortality rate was also quite high.

In addition to the deadly fights between human experts, the biggest problem was battles between humans and demon beasts.

The young geniuses who were summoned to this island were under 50 years of age and even the strongest human expert was still in truth realm, but the same was not true for demon beasts. Indeed, most of the times the demon beasts were in truth realm, but there were many half-step legendary level demon beasts as well. Not to mention, there were ethnic groups with legendary realm demon beasts and some were even beyond legendary realm, i.e. those old monsters that wandered the depths of this island and were presumably in the Saint realm.

Therefore, even if the experts were slowly exploring the depths of the demon island, they hadn't ventured into the true depths of the island and were only exploring the peripheral zone. Those who dared to go to the real depths never came back.

But even so, there were many who still benefited a lot from their explorations and this was the reason why their cultivations progressed by leaps and bounds, placing them among top players.

The latest rumor shocked the entire demon island when experts got to know that Warhawk found an ancient egg which was actually a relic of ancient times. It was an egg of a golden eagle and they found it floating in the air. The chick was actually at Small Truth realm and some experienced experts said that if this egg had hatched long time ago, when it was supposed to hatch, then this chick would have been born directly into the legendary realm.

(NT: Truth fifth peak < Small Truth < Truth sixth stage)

This discovery immediately sent a wave of excitement among human experts.

It was said that only dragons gave birth to legendary level baby dragons. So the mother of this egg was actually a demon beast that was on the level of dragons. This news could stir the entire southeast region.

(To be continued)


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