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Chapter 252 - You were unqualified

The eighth prince was startled and angry at the same time. He never thought that an expert like Wan Cheng Yao would meet such a horrifying death by getting trampled to death.

Setting sun!

Oblique wind!


Broken bones!

Everything was outlining a desolate scene in the battlefield.

Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry to kill the eighth prince. He was taking advantage of this time to restore his power by constantly mobilizing phoenix regeneration technique.

The experts who were observing from the sidelines only saw Ye Xiwen going forward bravely, but they never noticed that he was also actually injured.

The strength of these two tyrants was far above his own, so sustaining some injuries during the clashes was obvious because gilded tyrant form could only give a certain amount of protection to him at a time, then he again had to rely on phoenix regeneration to heal.

However, these two techniques were not invincible or infinite!

A moment ago when he was giving the finishing blow to Wan Cheng Yao, Ye Xiwen accumulated a lot of bruises on his body and had no choice but to heal up using phoenix regeneration!

In addition, it was an undeniable fact that he was unable to kill these two tyrants simultaneously.

The eighth prince was stuck in a stunned pose for a while and this allowed Ye Xiwen to rest for some time.

When Ye Xiwen's breathing calmed down, he looked coldly at the eighth prince and said: “By now, you certainly wouldn't have imagined that today I will send you to hell.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” The eighth prince laughed loudly and wasn't intimidated by this: “Today, I will offer you and your people as sacrifices to my cause.”

The eighth prince's voice thundered as his spear transformed into a dragon and crawled forward as if to pierce the sky. Radiant stars dazzling at the tip of his spear as if buzzed and advanced towards Ye Xiwen.

The eighth prince was not discouraged and seemed more tenacious and sinister than Wan Cheng Yao. He needed to get rid of Ye Xiwen as soon as possible because Mu Ling had unexpectedly become a possible threat to his life and if Ye Xiwen teamed up with Mu Ling then that would certainly bring his doom.

He had no other way out!

Ye Xiwen's golden hands effortlessly tore off the dazzling spear attack, and the very next moment, his golden palms shot forward and swept out a vast golden light which crawled towards the eighth prince.

“Poof!” This golden light was so fast that it instantly approached the eighth prince and pounded on his chest. He spat a mouthful of blood and quickly retreated several steps to neutralize the enormous force contained in Ye Xiwen's attack.

Phoenix regeneration granted an astonishing recovery speed though at the cost of Zhen Yuan or vitality in extreme situations. But, in a matter of few breaths, Ye Xiwen had already reached his peak condition, whereas the eighth prince had been injured twice by Ye Xiwen, not to mention he had been wounded by his own spear, and he had already spent a considerable amount of energy to set himself free. In other words, the eighth prince was certainly not at his peak condition right now and was actually at a disadvantage.

However, Ye Xiwen was in peak condition though at the cost of his vitality.

Phoenix regeneration had already been displayed to the acme level by Ye Xiwen.

Granting him unimaginable strength and battle efficiency!

Ye Xiwen's imposing aura climbed to the peak and golden divinity was surging in his boiling blood.

Although the eighth prince was roaring again and again and deploying various secret technique one after another but was still being defeated again and again by Ye Xiwen's golden palm attacks.

In the face of absolute strength, all secret techniques were like floating clouds.

It was simply impossible for the eighth prince to be an opponent of Ye Xiwen in such an injured state.

Ye Xiwen's attacks were getting faster and faster, and at the same time, he had been constantly using phoenix regeneration to stay at his peak condition at all times while launching attacks non-stop!


The eighth prince blood-bathed body was again sent flying.

To spectators, Ye Xiwen radically looked like a fearless warrior, who was not only brave but unscrupulous. This observation was because of a simple fact that the rate of recovery was far beyond their imagination. But the same was not true for the eighth prince and his pitiful appearance was visible to all.

The eighth prince's battle efficiency slowly began to reduce. And finally, he was completely suppressed by Ye Xiwen.

Everyone saw the angry expression on the eighth prince's face changing to a shocked one when he was suddenly trampled by Ye Xiwen. He absolutely did not have any strength to fight back.




The eighth prince's bones gradually cracked one by one and some bones protruded out of his torn off skin. Now, his body looked like a tattered bag of blood and cracked bones.

Everyone looked at each other and was speechless. Was this time for the curtain to drop?

“Bang!” The eighth prince had been brutally trampled by Ye Xiwen, but Ye Xiwen did not stop there and kicked him so fiercely that he was sent flying miles away and crashed into a mountain. Ye Xiwen immediately approached the eighth prince, lifted his hand and landed a malicious slap on his face while holding his neck with the other hand.

“Wake up, open your eyes and properly witness the final moments of your pathetic life. Today, no one is here to save your ass. You are doomed!” Ye Xiwen said coldly.

“Wait!” A loud shout resounded throughout the sky. A youth, who appeared to be 20-years-old and clad in ordinary clothes, suddenly descended from the sky.

Ye Xiwen suddenly raised his eyebrows and asked: “Again? Who are you?”

“Emperor Chen.” The man said proudly.

“What do you want? Do you also want to fight with me?” Ye Xiwen pointed a finger at him and coldly asked. Ye Xiwen was vigilant and activated a Sealing type Zhen method to seal the energy within the eighth prince's body.

He was also mobilizing phoenix regeneration technique to maintain a continuous restoration of his injuries and battle efficiency.

“Let him go. That's all I want.” Emperor Chen said openly without hiding his intention.

“That’s impossible!” Ye Xiwen almost instantly said leaving no scope for negotiation.

“How dare you go against my words?” Emperor Chen said coldly.

“Humph! Am I supposed to care?” Ye Xiwen tightened the grip on the eighth prince's neck. Ye Xiwen's iron like claw was almost on the verge of crushing his neck.

“Ye Xiwen!” A gentle voice sounded from afar. Ye Xiwen turned his head and saw the same Daoist priest he had met earlier.

Qing Xu descended from the sky like a celestial immortal.

“Qing Xu, you are also with him?” Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and said. He said this in a cold and rough tone and no longer felt like considering Qing Xu as his friend.

“If possible, I would like you to spare the eighth prince's life.” Qing Xu sighed and said in a somewhat embarrassed tone, “You have already killed one rare genius of the Southeast region. At least spare the eighth prince.”

“Ha ha!” Ye Xiwen laughed loudly then said: “You have chosen such a nice time to come out as a peacemaker. I wonder why not you appeared back when these two so-called rare geniuses had teamed up to kill me. Where were you then? I expect you to give some proper reason.”

“Because you were unqualified at that time.” Emperor Chen said in a cold voice. And what he said was a fact! After all, who would have thought that Ye Xiwen would display such terrifying battle efficiency? Indeed, he was counted among well-known figures but he was still not considered on the level of super experts.

Ye Xiwen smirked. He once again witnessed 'the law of the strong' and how obvious it was in this world. His own life was not worth saving before this battle, but now that he defeated these two tyrants, he suddenly started to get special attention from others. So these two did not feel like interfering earlier because the eighth prince and Wan Cheng Yao were great powerhouses and rare geniuses.

“Listen, Ye Xiwen, these things are very complex and includes the battle involving our southeast region with foreign powers. I hope you can show mercy and spare his life.” Qing Xu said with a sigh.

“Don't make me repeat myself. You are asking for impossible!” Ye Xiwen shook his head, “I certainly do not know much about this battle you talk about, but I know that he is a poisonous snake. I don't want any future trouble so sparing his life is out of the question.”

“And listen to this and deeply engrave it in your heart. You are unqualified to tell me what to do.” Ye Xiwen turned towards Emperor Chen and said in a grim voice. And as he said these words, he used his other hand to grasp the eighth prince's head.

The next instant, the eighth prince's head was crushed and dropped as a pile of brain paste and blood on the ground.

“You are courting death, do you think that I will not kill you?” Emperor Chen's imposing aura instantly enveloped Ye Xiwen's body. He was angry because no one had ever dared to not give him face, but Ye Xiwen dared to kill the eighth prince right in front of his eyes.

Emperor Chen's breath was extremely formidable, perhaps he was on truth ninth stage though his inner state showed signs of instability but he should be more powerful than the eighth prince.

“Then you are free to try!” Ye Xiwen followed the rule of tit for tat and instantly summoned a layer of golden divinity over his body. His imposing aura also erupted out of his body at the same time.

“Well, since it has come to this, we will say nothing else.” Qing Xu could feel Ye Xiwen's anger. He was finding it difficult to stand on the opposite of Ye Xiwen.

If before, he had stood in support of Ye Xiwen then it was perhaps okay to interfere now, but his current interference was no different from taking advantage of his friendship with Ye Xiwen.

Emperor Chen's fiery eyes were staring at Ye Xiwen and it seemed like he would launch an attack at any time. Ye Xiwen did not dare to relax even for a moment because Emperor Chen was extremely strong.

However, it was true that the opposite party did not have grounds to blame Ye Xiwen. If Ye Xiwen had not killed the eighth prince then he would certainly have become a major threat to him or his family in the future.

Ye Xiwen would obviously first ensure his own safety, otherwise, why would he care about the well-being of the southeast region!

Everyone was stunned while witnessing this scene. Who was this Emperor Chen? Almost nobody knew him and had never heard of him since coming to this island.

On the contrary, Warhawk was a bit surprised when he saw Emperor Chen and seemed to know his identity.

(To be continued)


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