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Chapter 248 - Fight with fate

Mu Ling was facing Jian Wuchang. Jian Wuchang had a dignified appearance, although he was clad in simple attire and his face had an indifferent expression, but no one would dare to underestimate him.

He had an absolute heroic aura!

“Get out of the way.” Jian Wuchen was a man of few words and did not have any favorable impression of the eighth prince, but being a disciple of Yuncheng city, he had no other choice.

He received the order from an elder of his sect to follow the eighth prince's commands.

Ye Xiwen also glanced at his opponents and did not give the slightest indication of losing this battle. If he was defeated then who would save the disciples of Xueling Union, after all, they were using up their entire strength in maintaining such a massive array.

“Impossible!” Mu Ling said and shot a glance at Ye Xiwen. But he was relieved to see that Ye Xiwen had not fallen under the wind.

Jian Wuchen did not want to fight, but since Mu Ling was not ready to step aside, he had no choice but to engage in battle.

He instantly waved his sword and released a rippling Swordqi that went across the sky, churning the clouds all the way, and descended upon Mu Ling.

Jian Wuchen did not hesitate from using one of his best attacks on Mu Ling.

Meanwhile, Mu Ling also did not hold back and displayed his best sword skill. Since his practice was based on consumption of Deadqi, his sword attack was bound to be gloomy and ghastly. The whole sky as if trembled when these two sword attacks collided and set off storms in all directions.

The spectators trembled when the strong auras of these two sword geniuses spread everywhere. Though their battle was not as outstanding as the battle between Ye Xiwen and the two tyrants, but there was not much difference either, after all, they were just one stage below. There were only a few experts of truth seventh stage on the demon island so no one would dare to look down on them.

“Boom!” Two massive streams of Swordqi severely collided and set off waves of a hellish aura in the surroundings.

Jian Wuchen was a rare sword genius that appeared once in a century, but Mu Ling was also an unusual expert and his powers were derived directly from hell.

Suddenly, there appeared two diagrams in the sky, each representing the practiced sword intention of the two sword geniuses.

It could be seen that both sword intentions were at the acme level and as soon as they collided, they began to devour each other and resulted in a fearful competition between their respective ideal conditions.




The intensity of this battle was obviously inferior to the battle going on between Ye Xiwen and the two tyrants.

Jian Wuchen's main motive was to save his fellow disciples of Yuncheng city who were trapped inside the Xueling array, but Mu Ling promised Ye Xiwen that he would absolutely not allow anyone to pass.




Inside the Xueling array, the evil blood god's spears were nailing the experts on the ground one by one.

Mu Youran was smiling and seemed very happy. He felt proud and elated while the disciples of the Imperial Union and the Wan True Union were crying pitifully.

Almost everyone thought that this was going to be the end of Xueling Sect's younger generation, after all, why would Ye Xiwen show up and risk his life for the sake of some strangers? And even if he did, the eighth prince would not put a hold on his plan of getting rid of Xueling Sect's younger generation.

There was an evil smile on Mu Youran's face, because after this battle, who would dare to underestimate the Xueling Union.


The eighth prince's shot a glorious Spearqi which as if pierced through the sky and was firmly locked on Ye Xiwen.

“Clang!” Wan Cheng Yao’s blade instantly released a dazzling Bladelight that went howling towards Ye Xiwen.

Two scary attacks were rushing towards Ye Xiwen and everyone thought that he could certainly not withstand them. In fact, withstanding even one would be a miracle, let alone two.

The earth-shattering attacks bulldozed numerous trees and set off air explosions everywhere.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's long blade congealed a huge dragon that immediately rushed out.

A terrible blast swept off after the collision, but Ye Xiwen did not move one bit. The aftermath and complementary waves of this world-shattering collision did not affect him at all. His incomparably tyrannical golden body was simply not budged by anything and he continued to stand right where he was, with peerless self-confidence.

“Get out of the way!” Compared to the eighth prince, Wan Cheng Yao was much more concerned about his men and did not want them to die.

There was a surge of dreadful energy that completely erupted from his body all of a sudden and rushed towards Ye Xiwen like a sea of moving mountains of light.

The Bladeqi was rushing towards Ye Xiwen like surging waves of the sea, and at this time, the eighth prince also shot a deadly spear attack that released a dragon. It seemed as if a dragon was lurking in the waves, sometimes soaring up, sometimes diving in the waves. This scene was exceptionally awe-inspiring.

Ye Xiwen's eyes revealed intense killing intention, aimed at both of these tyrants.

If Wan Cheng Yao's Bladeqi was like waves of the sea, then Ye Xiwen's Bladeqi was sharp enough to cleave those waves. Ye Xiwen was able to sweep away any attack aimed at him, regardless of how vast and massive those attacks might be.

At this time, the tyrannical might of ‘gilded tyrant form’ fully manifested and golden Zhen Yuan started to boil within Ye Xiwen's body. He appeared like a golden god of war, standing motionless in the raging waves of Bladeqi like an iron mountain. No matter how mighty those waves might be, were unable to move him even a step back.

Ye Xiwen knew that this was not yet the most tragic phase of the battle. But his gilded tyrant form had also not been fully released either.

“He is really fighting with two tyrannical experts and is not pressed under the wind!”

“Indeed, how is he able to block their joint attacks? This Ye Xiwen is too weird.”

“Even if he dies today, he will still become a legend.”

“It’s still early to make such speculations.” Warhawk said while observing the battle from sidelines, “This is just the beginning, and it's hard to say which side will come out as victorious.”

Ji Moon Ji and Wang Purple nodded. Their visions were naturally not like ordinary people.

“The Great Yue State has given a lot of elites to this world. The eighth prince, Ye Xiwen and Mu Youran are all peerless elites.” Warhawk said because it was not hidden from him that almost one hundred experts were summoned from Great Yue State. Yi Yuan School was famous for the shortage of elites in their younger generation, but Ye Xiwen alone was more than enough to compensate.

The battle suddenly entered into the most intense phase.

Ye Xiwen's long blade released a sword intention that was faintly glowing with fluctuating world laws. Ye Xiwen was slowly revealing his cards.

Now, each and every one of his blade attacks transformed into ruthless sword intention and also contained the ideal condition practiced by him to the acme level.



An enormous sword intention rushed across the sky and advanced towards the two tyrants.

The eighth prince and Wan Cheng Yao also resorted to their strongest attacks. Wan Cheng Yao's blade released endless waves of Bladeqi that seemed to be burdening the entire world.

The eighth prince's spear also released an endless barrage of Spearqi.


The blast swept out in all directions. Even the atoms cracked open in this terrible collision that formed a blossoming mushroom cloud rising into the sky.

Ye Xiwen's hair was flying crazily in the wind. He did not stop even for a second and immediately waved his long blade, releasing a fearful Bladelight that went across the sky and collided with the enemy's joint attack.




The aftermath of the explosion crushed everything in the surroundings, sweeping away mountain peaks and the forest. Even the universe seemed to be collapsing in its wake.

The two sides once again indulged in a superheated battle.

Everyone's eyes were dazzled by this scene. They never expected to see such an intense battle, in fact, even the experts of truth eighth stage would call the level of this battle extremely tyrannical.

This was a rare opportunity to witness such a battle, and if lost, then might not get another one.

The battle was finally arriving in its most tragic phase.

“Shua!” Ye Xiwen's long blade clashed with the eighth prince's spear and the terrifying rippling energy waves swept towards a mountain peak and smashed it to pieces.

But, at this time, the suppression world law attached at the tip of the spear swept forward and pierced into Ye Xiwen's body.

“Puchi!” His golden blood splashed out and he quickly went several steps back to avoid the next section of this attack.

“He is finally injured! Is this it? Is this the end of his fight with the fate?” A disciple shouted excitedly.

The eight prince roared and his tall body pressed down towards Ye Xiwen like a boundless mountain.

This was the right moment to end this battle. He saw an opening in Ye Xiwen's defenses and must make the final strike immediately to finish him off once and forever.

“You will die. No one is going to save you today!” The eighth prince sneered and swept his spear, setting off a terrible storm that transformed into a mass of light and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

(To be continued)


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