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(NT: Fourth and last regular chapter for the week.)

Chapter 249 - The eighth prince nailed to the ground

“You will die. No one is going to save you today!” The eighth prince sneered and swept his spear, setting off a terrible storm that transformed into a mass of light and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

If gilded tyrant form’s defense was not truly tyrannical then Ye Xiwen would have already been defeated a long time ago.

The spear thrust forward like a dragon, directly towards Ye Xiwen.

“Puchi!” The eighth prince's spear accurately pieced through the belly of Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen spat a mouthful of blood and the blood also oozed out of the wound on his belly.

This battle had already resulted in the destruction of the surrounding forest.

Ye Xiwen immediately grabbed the spear with his hands and the gilded tyrant form activated to its extreme. Ye Xiwen's might was so greatly strengthened that the eighth prince never expected that he would not be able to pull out the spear from his body.

While still clutching the spear with his hands, a spiraling golden energy surged out of his body and transformed into a huge dragon. It soared into the sky and instantly crashed into the eighth prince's body.

“Bang!” The eighth prince was instantly sent flying. This attack was so terrifying that some of the bones in his body were broken and he suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood.

This was the so-called method of getting mutually wounded where both of them were injured almost at the same time.

But, there appeared a look of terror in the eyes of the eighth prince when he saw Ye Xiwen's injuries healing at an unimaginable speed. In a flash, Ye Xiwen's body was restored to its original state and there were no traces of wounds anywhere on his body.

Not just the eighth prince, everyone present on the scene was dumbfounded. They saw that Ye Xiwen's battle efficiency was also restored to its peak level.

Only gilded tyrant form was not enough to give him confidence that he could kill those two simultaneously. The main source of his confidence was the phoenix regeneration technique. Ye Xiwen’s combat effectiveness was not inferior to them, and so long as he continued to recover unceasingly, he would be able to kill both of them sooner or later.

This was the only method capable of beheading both of them at the same time. If Ye Xiwen did not succeed this time, then it would be even more difficult the next time.

Ye Xiwen did not want to fall short, and his present tactic was trading wound for wound. The fast regeneration ability of the phoenix regeneration technique gave him such confidence.

There was another way to exhaust them to death, although it would possibly hurt Ye Xiwen's vitality and shorten his lifespan, but right now, he had no choice. He must get rid of the eighth prince and Wan Cheng Yao otherwise it would be disastrous if Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen fell into their hands. Earlier, he had heard false rumor of them falling into the hands of the enemy, but it might become a tragic reality.

This needed to be done today. Ye Xiwen did not have the luxury of trying next time. Not to mention, he was aware of Wan Cheng Yao's mentality. He was even worse than the eighth prince since no moral barriers could stop him from sinning if he felt offended. He would continue to wreak havoc throughout the island and must be exterminated today.

Saving the world from these two psychos was worth losing some of his lifespan!

If he was at truth seventh stage then killing these tyrants would be a lot easier.

Ye Xiwen showed no hesitation and rushed straight towards Wan Cheng Yao.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's long blade went towards Wan Cheng Yao’s body.

The Bladelight released from the long blade invoked suppression law of the world and as if moved forward to crush the universe. Ye Xiwen had added divinity to the Bladeqi and that was the reason why the whole world shook in the presence of this divine attack.

“Shatter!” Wan Cheng Yao's blade released a large stream of Bladelight towards the incoming attack.


The horrifying collision turned numerous trees into ashes and Wan Cheng Yao’s felt his hands go numb all of a sudden. He cursed in his heart and did not know what kind of strange power was being used by Ye Xiwen, but his attacks contained extreme might, the force of hundreds of millions of Jin, as if released to chop down the stars in the sky.

Missing moon beheader!

Ye Xiwen's first blade attack had not even stagnated when he made the second blade attack the very next moment!


Another blade attack fiercely pounded on Wan Cheng Yao's blade and the terrifying force contained in it shook him thoroughly.


The third blade attack instantly changed its direction and sliced its way into Wan Cheng Yao’s body. He suddenly spat a mouthful of blood and was extremely depressed in his heart. Ye Xiwen's blade skill was too weird because he caught the opportunity and made three blade attacks one after another and each attack was mightier than the previous one.

This blade skill was called missing moon beheader and its key point was to find an opening in the opponent's defenses. As soon as there was an opening, the practitioner could use his strongest blade attack. And while waiting for an opening, the practitioner could continue to use blade attacks one after another to keep the opponent busy while constantly increasing the might of the attacks to confuse the opponent, going all the way up to the ninth blade attack. Of course, the ninth blade attack would contain an earth-shattering might, much more than the might of the previous blade attacks.

However, Wan Cheng Yao was a skilled fighter and he immediately dodged the next blade attack to get out the barrage of blade attacks coming one after another. He dodged the fourth blade attack and did not know that the sixth blade attack might have ended his life. Ordinary experts were unable to display the full might of Missing moon beheader, but in the hands of Ye Xiwen who was a peerless blade master and had comprehended the ideal condition of this technique, it was truly frightening.

Wan Cheng Yao quickly retreated far away from Ye Xiwen, but at this time, the eighth prince suddenly rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

The spectators were afraid to blink because they might miss something important. They were not just watching the battle but also observing the skills used by these three tyrannical experts and learning new things.

Now, they knew that their assumptions were wrong. Instead of falling under the wind, Ye Xiwen actually had the upper hand, of course, only when he was fighting one opponent at a time.

Not to mention, none of the two tyrants was a match of Ye Xiwen in a one-on-one fight.

However, whenever the eighth prince and Wan Cheng Yao teamed up, Ye Xiwen was forced to switch to defense styled combat.

At this time, Wan Cheng Yao was feeling an uncontrollable rage surging in his heart. It was a shame for him that in spite of being at truth eighth peak, he was pushed to such an extent by an expert that was two levels below him. If the eighth prince did not lend a hand then…..

Wan Cheng Yao's anger filled roars resounded throughout the sky and the air began to boil like boiling water. Countless air explosions took place in the sky and it seemed as if the surrounding space would crack open anytime.

Wan Cheng Yao was releasing a terrifying imposing aura and some spectators felt as if their eardrums would shatter any moment now.

Wan Cheng Yao went all out and his fearful imposing aura instantly locked on Ye Xiwen. He did not waste time and immediately shot a rippling Bladelight that rushed towards Ye Xiwen at a lightning fast speed.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen tried to block this attack but was sent flying and his ribs were completely shattered.

Ye Xiwen felt an intense pain raiding his brain.

“World domination!” The eighth prince did not miss this chance and directly impaled Ye Xiwen with his spear.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen was directly nailed to the ground.

Seeing Ye Xiwen in this state, the eighth prince laughed and a grim look appeared on his face. Last time, he was nailed to the ground and that brought a lifelong shame for him, but he took revenge today by doing the same to Ye Xiwen.

However, his pleased mood did not last long because Ye Xiwen suddenly shot his palm, releasing a mass of spiraling energy that pounded on his chest and sent him flying. He paid the price for being arrogant and underestimating Ye Xiwen and also letting his guard down. He spurted a mouthful of blood and fell heavily on the ground.

Ye Xiwen pulled out the spear from his body and his wounds healed almost instantaneously. The experts who saw this scene held their breaths and simply did not believe their eyes. How was this possible? How could he have such an ability which simply defied the heaven's will? Most importantly, was it literally impossible to kill Ye Xiwen?

No wonder he was so full of confidence and challenged these two tyrannical experts.

Ye Xiwen's hands were instantly enveloped by a kind of seething golden energy.

“Whoosh!” An awful piercing sound echoed throughout the sky when Ye Xiwen threw the spear towards the eighth prince, who was still lying on the ground.

“Boom!” The spear descended upon the eighth prince and nailed him to the ground. Ye Xiwen was quite far away and did not know what kind of expression appeared on his face right now. Perhaps, he was excited to be nailed to the ground by his own spear?

In fact, the eighth prince's face was flushed red with shame and embarrassment, after all, this was the second time he was nailed to the ground by Ye Xiwen. Not to mention, he did not have the phoenix regeneration technique to heal his wounds.

However, at this time, Ye Xiwen did not get a chance to give the finishing blow to the eighth prince because Wan Cheng Yao immediately appeared in front of him.

The atmosphere began to disintegrate when these two collided and several experts trembled with fear and excitement.

If they had not seen this battle from the beginning, they would have continued to think that Ye Xiwen was just an expert of truth sixth peak and his battle efficiency was comparable to the experts of truth seventh peak. But, now they knew that there was no one on this island that could be his rival.

The long blade danced in Ye Xiwen's hands. A huge dragon roared and flew into the sky and it seemed like its fierce claws would tear the sky to shreds.

(To be continued)


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