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Chapter 247 Battle with the two tyrants

In the early morning, the Imperial Union and the Wan True Union arrived at the encampment of Xueling Union to begin the punitive expedition. In addition, almost a thousand other disciples also came to observe the battle.

The eighth prince was standing in midair. Clad in a royal robe, he looked like an absolute tyrant who seemed all prepared to dominate the entire world. Right now, he was looking indifferently towards the members of Xueling Union. In his opinion, these people were actually the rebels and he must either tame them or eradicate them.

Wan Cheng Yao was standing at his side and looked even more vicious as if he was not looking at humans but ants.

“Ye Xiwen, come out to die.” The eighth prince coldly said and glanced towards the crowd of experts that had come to observe, as if to recognize Ye Xiwen's face.

At this time, Wan Cheng Yao said: “Let's begin. If he doesn't want to come out, we will compel him to come out!”


The eighth prince issued the command and disciples of the two alliances rushed towards the disciples of Xueling Union to exterminate them.

The disciples of Imperial Union mostly consisted of imperial guards who were trained to eradicate any and all obstacles from the path of the eighth prince.




Suddenly, there came noise of intermittent fearful explosions and those disciples who crashed in the encampment found themselves trapped inside a scarlet colored Zhen array. They were now firmly surrounded from all sides.

Some disciples screamed pitifully and their bodies disintegrated on the spot. The spilled blood was directly absorbed by the array and took the shape of an evil blood god. It curled up the corners of its mouth to reveal an evil grin and a blood-red spear appeared in its hand. The evil blood god threw the spear that branched out into numerous spears and instantly nailed several disciples to the ground.

“Not good, we fell into their trap!” A disciple shouted in panic.

At this time, the eighth prince's complexion slightly changed as he said: “Damn, this is Xueling Union's trap.”

“Mu Youran!” The eighth prince clenched his teeth.

“Did you think that the Xueling Union will just sit back and do nothing?” A strange voice sounded from the direction of Xueling Union's encampment and a blood-red figure flew out of there.

“I will terminate your followers. Your dream of world domination can go to hell.” The young man in a blood-red robe with somewhat pale complexion said in a cold voice as he viciously stared at the enemy.

It was Mu Youran, the super geniuses from the younger generation of Xueling Sect.

“You are courting death, you must blame Ye Xiwen for this. You are suffering because he did not show up!” The eighth prince gritted his teeth and shouted.

“You think you can deceive me?” Mu Youran said disdainfully, “This low-level trick doesn't fool me. Give up on your whole brainwash plan and don't even bother acting friendly.”

“No need to talk nonsense with him, I will break this array right away.” Wan Cheng Yao could not see his men getting killed in front of his eyes.

“I am already here. Are you blind or something, cannot see me?” A cold voice resounded throughout the sky and a huge Bladelight suddenly swept towards Wan Cheng Yao.

Wan Cheng Yao sneered and his hands spread out to form a layer of divine light that instantly annihilated the Bladelight.

“Ye Xiwen, you finally came to meet your death?” The eighth prince said and a crazed look appeared in his eyes.

“I give him to you.” Wan Cheng Yao looked at the eighth prince and said, then advanced toward the Xueling array.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen shot his palm. A giant golden dragon flew towards Wan Cheng Yao and blocked his path.

“Did I say you can go?” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

At this time, Mu Ling vanished from the side of Ye Xiwen and appeared in front of Yuncheng city's top genius named Jian Wuchen.

“You showed up today and made the biggest mistake of your life. I'll never let you run away again!” The eighth prince ferociously said.

“You are quite the tactician aren't you?” Ye Xiwen smirked and said, “You used me as a reason to eradicate your competitors. That's really a good plan.”

“So long as I can kill you, I don't mind going to any limits.” The eighth prince's face revealed an evil smile.

“Kill me? You really do like to joke around, don't you? Did you forget how I nailed you to the ground like a dead dog? If that old guy hadn't come to save your sorry ass, I would have tortured you to death. Well, I’d like to see who is going to save you today.” Ye Xiwen smiled but each and every word that came out of his mouth hit the bullseye.

“Your elder sealed my power, otherwise, I would have defeated you easily. But today, I will use my full power to kill you.” The eighth prince's heart was instantly filled with monstrous rage and ferocity. He was confident because today he could display his full power and after obtaining the heritage of Four Sacred Beasts Sect, his power and skill had progressed by leaps and bounds!

He completely forgot the fact that in the last duel, Ye Xiwen used to at the peak of truth fourth stage and even after his own level was sealed, he was still at Small Truth level.

“I wanted the eighth prince to deal with you, but since you are so eager to die, I will first kill you.” Wan Cheng Yao coldly glared at the man who slaughtered his two deputy chiefs.

An invincible imposing aura burst out of his body as if he was the true supreme existence in this world.

The eighth prince's imposing aura also broke out. He was truly worthy of his reputation. And from the wretched expression on his face, one could see that he would resort to all means as long as they served his purpose. Not to mention, he planned to team up with Wan Cheng Yao to slaughter Ye Xiwen.

“If you think you can stop us and allow Xueling guys to kill our men, you’re too naïve. I can radically kill you with a flick of my hand.” Wan Cheng Yao sneered.

"Then why don't you try?" Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry because this was the time for the enemy to be anxious. With passing time, their men were getting slaughtered inside the Xueling array.

The spectators were shocked because they clearly saw that Ye Xiwen had little to no chance of winning. Battling two experts of truth eighth peak simultaneously was simply insane.

“Is he insane? How does he plan to fight those two!”

“I think he is trying to stall for time so that the large array of Xueling Union can sweep clean the disciples of the two major alliances.”

Everyone was aware of the fearfulness of those two tyrants and one would need boundless courage and willpower to face both of them simultaneously.

“I don't think so.” At this time, Warhawk crossed his hands behind the back and solemnly said, “I sense heavy murderous aura from Ye Xiwen. He actually plans to kill them.”

The surrounding disciples were left stunned when they heard this. According to them, fighting even one was insane, but according to Warhawk, Ye Xiwen was all set to kill both? Was such a thing really possible?

These two tyrants were existences of truth eighth peak. The news about Ye Xiwen's battle with those two was enough to attract this island's celebrities like Warhawk, Ji moon and Wang Purple to come here to watch the battle.

Wan Cheng Yao waved his blade and a dazzling long Bladelight went across the sky towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not reveal any expression on his face, just instantly covered his whole body with a layer of Zhen Yuan and golden divinity.

Then, the long blade danced in his hand and shot a fluctuating Bladelight to welcome the incoming attack.




Two Bladelights collided and mutually devoured each other, setting off endless blast waves in all directions. The surrounding forest was directly wiped out by the aftermath of this blast.

A grim smile appeared on the eighth prince's face as he took out his spear and shot terrifying spear shadows towards Ye Xiwen.

“Shua!” Ye Xiwen waved his long blade horizontally and blocked this peerless spear attack.

“The battle has started!” Some people exclaimed.

Ye Xiwen was showing no signs of falling under the wind, even if he was facing attacks from the two tyrant experts. This made people feel as if their heads would explode with bafflement. What the hell was going on?

However, there were many people who thought that Ye Xiwen should not fall under the wind from the beginning, after all, if that happened then there was no point in coming to observe this battle.

Although people thought that Ye Xiwen was audacious, but no one thought of him as an idiot.

Right when the eighth prince's spear attack was blocked by Ye Xiwen, Wan Cheng Yao instantly released a much larger Bladelight than before.

As Ye Xiwen expected, these two tyrants seemed to be in a hurry and wanted to finish this fight as quickly as possible. After all, if their elite men were exterminated inside the Xueling array then what would happen to their aggressive dominance? The two tyrants would end up being loners on this island.

“Boom!” After a terrifying collision, both sides continually withdrew several steps. Ye Xiwen's gilded tyrant body was vibrating right now. Its defense was truly tyrannical, but Ye Xiwen's level was not enough to simultaneously deal with two experts from two levels above.

In fact, the two tyrants were shocked to no limit, especially the eighth prince. His eyes were full of disbelief because he never expected that Ye Xiwen would display such a progress. He got the heritage of Four Sacred Beasts and managed to reach the peak of truth eighth stage so quickly, but what kind of heritage Ye Xiwen obtained to progress so fast and that too at such a young age? It was obvious that Ye Xiwen really defeated him when it came to cultivation progress speed.


Thinking of this, an endless killing intention spread in the eighth prince's blood-shot eyes.

(To be continued)


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