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Chapter 241 - War with Wan True Union

Immortal palace became the source of a sensation that spread throughout the demon island. Four ancient Daoist skills had been divided among four tyrannical experts. However, the last one wasn't seized by Jiang Hua but a rather little-known expert, the same guy who became famous few months ago when he crushed a law fragment.

Ye Xiwen had become famous when the law fragment incident occurred, but for the next few months, he remained low-key and everyone was busy in reshuffling and completely forgot about him!

Moreover, later, the rumors spread that deputy-chief of Wan True Union chased down and killed Ye Xiwen.

However, no one thought that he would actually appear once again and that too with such a blast. The emergence of Ye Xiwen went side by side with the annihilation of Jiang Hua and several other elites of Wan True Union.

Ye Xiwen stunned everyone on the demon island and soared all the way, gaining a spot among the handful of super experts.

So many experts saw how the elite members of Wan True Union were butchered by Ye Xiwen. Now, there remained only one deputy-chief in their alliance.

The loss of a deputy-chief was a matter of far more concern when compared to the loss of several elites. To put it bluntly, it could be said that the elites had grouped together on the demon island in various alliances only to seek greater benefits in a relatively safer way. The loss of few elites shouldn't matter much to them because it was not like they shared some kind of bond.

However, the loss of deputy-chief was a bigger issue because it put a big question mark on the reputation of the alliance and affected everyone associated with it.

Everyone was waiting to see what kind of response would come from Wan True Union.

And Wan True Union did not really let them down. They spread the news that within the remaining time on the demon island, they would continue to look for Ye Xiwen and kill him once found. The informants would be rewarded with ten Ling Dans, and if someone managed to kill Ye Xiwen then they would be awarded the vacant position of deputy-chief of Wan True Union.

This was like the calm before a storm! One could see that this war was going to last for a long time.

Many people guessed that this should continue until the arrival of the demon island's opening time!

When Wan True Union issued the 'search and destroy' command, a lot of experts began to help them in the search.

At this time, Ye Xiwen was in a cave and practicing Phoenix Regeneration Technique. He was unceasingly circulating Zhen Yuan throughout his body and following the process as recorded in that page.

Lingqi was being constantly injected in his brain and helping him in slowly grasping all the secrets of 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique' inside the 'mysterious space'. He was not at all bothered about what all things happened on the island during his absence. He was just one man and it was not all difficult for him to hide from the pursuers on such a vast island, not to mention his 'restraining breath technique' was active all the time, so experts of fifth or even sixth stage weren’t able to sense his presence.

So no matter how much they search, Ye Xiwen was not afraid, after all, the demon island was too big and so long as he ran a little farther towards the depths, it would be impossible to find him.

Right now, he was very confident.

Days passed and a month later, Ye Xiwen finally completely grasped the 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique', moreover, he was also getting stronger and stronger all the while. Now, he was much stronger than he used to be before he started the practice.

Now, even if he was split in half, he would be able to regenerate and reorganize the cut off parts of his body. This was the mind blowing fact about this technique because it was actually impossible even for the demon race to regenerate after being cut into two halves.

However, such a magical ability was inherent to Phoenix race.

After perfecting this divine technique, his close-combat efficiency progressed by leaps and bounds. He could now compete with the experts of truth eighth stage and experts of truth seventh stage could not even dream of putting even a single scratch on him.

Ye Xiwen was now confident to deal with much higher level opponents with ease.

And it was not like he didn't know what was happening on the island while he was busy practicing this technique. Wu Shaoqun was constantly collecting news and transmitting important information to Ye Xiwen.

They had started a full-fledged search and destroy operation against him but he simply did not care. In fact, this in itself was an indication of the damage done to their own practical significance and was no different than strangulation of their beliefs at the hands of Ye Xiwen, but the significance of beliefs was one matter and the possession of strength was another matter.

At present, Wan True Union or its second deputy chief did not scare Ye Xiwen. He was only concerned to know about their mysterious leader. Ye Xiwen was guessing that he was certainly a powerhouse of truth eighth stage or probably ninth stage, otherwise, it would have been impossible to tame a psycho like Jiang Hua.

And experts like that possess unmatched arrogance and are never satisfied. They don't stop until they have completely subdued any or all possible rivals around them. Else, they get rid of the obstacles permanently.

As long as he didn't bump into this mysterious chief, he was not afraid of the rest of the alliance.

Now, with the help of 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique', even the experts of truth eighth stage wouldn't be able to kill him, so what was there to be afraid of? So what if they were going to continue the search and destroy operation for the rest of the year? Phoenix regeneration not only helped in fast regeneration of injuries but also increased the production speed of Zhen Yuan within the body. Hence, unless he was fighting with an expert of half-step legendary realm or legendary realm, it would be impossible to exhaust him to death!

And now that the enemy had made its move, he would not just sit passively and wait for the enemy to find him.

He got the information that Wan True Union had sent its strongest members to find him. And considering that no one had seen their leader, perhaps only the second deputy-chief was guarding their encampment. One must know that the two deputy-chiefs of Wan True Union were strong enough to place this alliance in the ranks of four strongest alliances.

Although the deaths of Jiang Hua and the elite members was not enough to cause severe losses to Wan True Union, but could not be ignored either, after all, Jiang Hua's strength used to be only slightly inferior to other super experts.

And since their chief had almost never been seen before, it could be said that the other deputy chief was very powerful.

Perhaps his strength was comparable to Warhawk and the others. Ye Xiwen did not know and neither did he want to waste time thinking about all that. According to the information he got from Wu Shaoqun, the main forces of Wan True Union were not present in their encampment. Only the deputy chief was present to guard it along with the average members, indicating that now was the best time to attack their encampment.

And most importantly, there were a variety of reasons that urged him to plan a trip to the encampment of Wan True Union.

There was an irrevocable hatred between him and Wan True Union, reaching the point of kill of be killed. Ye Xiwen still hadn't forgotten the pledge he made to himself.

Such being the case, he had nothing to say and neither did he plan to wait!

“They are looking for me, so I think I should give them a chance and see if they can kill me?” Ye Xiwen smirked and said in a strange manner.

Wan True Union was one of the four major alliances so it shouldn't be a problem to find its headquarters.

Soon, Ye Xiwen arrived near its encampment.

Wan True Union’s encampment was located in a true oasis, a big place and all of the demon beasts in the surrounding area had already been beheaded by its members.

At this time, a large number of experts had gone out to find the whereabouts of Ye Xiwen, but security here was still fairly tight.

Ye Xiwen took out his long blade and walked towards the encampment. This was going to be the battlefield for a man versus an entire alliance, and perhaps only Ye Xiwen could do such a thing so calmly and fearlessly. Forget the entire force of an alliance, he wouldn't even think twice before clashing with that mysterious leader.

Experts of truth fifth and sixth stage were stationed at the fairly small gate. Ye Xiwen did not hide his presence and allowed them to spread the warning about an intruder. They immediately pulled out their weapons and coldly looked at him. Ye Xiwen's image was already carved into their minds since the day 'search and destroy' command was issued by their alliance. And as soon as they saw him coming, they immediately set out to cut him into pieces.

(To be continued)


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