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Chapter 240 – Heavenly Phoenix Regeneration Technique


The sword of divine light was directly crushed by Ye Xiwen. He just stood there as if nothing happened. Then, he suddenly rushed forward.

Both sides attacked maliciously and engaged in a fearsome battle.

“Not good!” Jiang Hua noticed that Ye Xiwen's tyrant body had also leveled up in the last two months and now he did not a stand a chance against it.

Ye Xiwen arrived in front of Jiang Hua and thrust his palm.

“Bang!” His palm pounded on Jiang Hua's chest and shattered his sternum. He screamed pitifully and spat a mouthful of blood, while simultaneously retreating several dozen meters to escape from Ye Xiwen's next attack.

Jiang Hua was literally shocked to death. He never thought that there would be such a huge disparity between their strengths. Last time, he was the one who completely suppressed Ye Xiwen, and this time, the exact opposite was happening.

He was depressed and felt like vomiting blood.

But at this time, Ye Xiwen's attacks became more and more intense. His hands transformed into a dragon sword and stabbed towards Jiang Hua.

Ye Xiwen's command, over the skills he had practiced, was so profound that it left everyone stunned.

“Poof!” Jiang Hua couldn't dodge and failed to block Ye Xiwen's sword attack, as a result of which, his other arm was also chopped off by Ye Xiwen.

After practicing gilded tyrant form up to 50%, Ye Xiwen's flesh had become so formidable that his punches and kicks were enough to explode his opponents.

Jiang Hua was enduring severe pain but he still somehow congealed a massive sierra of divine light and shot towards Ye Xiwen.


Ye Xiwen used his hands to tear this sierra to shreds and immediately rushed towards Jiang Hua.

Ye Xiwen was not sticking to his moves or usual fighting style. He began to understand his own path and felt the blood boiling in his body. He heard the roars of a vicious dragon as if coming from his own body.

Ye Xiwen sneered: “Today, you die!”

Ye Xiwen's hands moved slightly and two coiling dragons suddenly soared up, entangled together, and dived towards Jiang Hua.

“Boom!” The two dragons bulldozed Jiang Hua as he severely fell to the ground and the entire palace trembled, stone fragments were sent flying in all directions. A huge crater appeared in the floor while Jiang Hua could not endure anymore when all the bones in his body shattered into pieces and punctured his flesh internally.

Everyone was stunned watching this scene. Ye Xiwen was ridiculously powerful! They originally felt that he was very strong but probably not as strong as the super experts, but after witnessing this battle, they were forced to change their opinions.

Within moments, he crushed a tyrannical expert like Jiang Hua.

Jiang Hua screamed as blood oozed out of the numerous tiny holes on his body. Suddenly, his whole body was enveloped in some kind of scarlet light. He apparently used a secret technique to escape.

At this time, Ye Xiwen stretched out his hand and directly grasped the ball of scarlet light.

“Poof!” Jiang Hua was directly caught by Ye Xiwen and crushed to death.

Everyone froze and their faces revealed dumbfounded expressions. Jiang Hua, a deputy-chief of Wan True Union, was crushed to death by Ye Xiwen. This was a huge loss for Wan True Union, because they not only lost face by losing their deputy-chief and several elite experts, but also lost an opportunity to obtain the Dao book's page.

A high-level expert was effortlessly killed by Ye Xiwen.

Now they knew that Jiang Hua was never a match of Ye Xiwen.

This was going to stir up the entire Wan True Union and it would make things difficult for Ye Xiwen, after all, Jiang Hua was one of the two deputy-chiefs, not to mention their mysterious leader was still around. When Jiang Hua was strong enough to stand side by side with the other super experts, then one could imagine the strength of this mysterious leader.

So it could be said that although Wan True Union faced big loss but this was not enough to cripple them. However, this incident was enough to prove the ruthlessness of Ye Xiwen. Now, no one would dare to mess with him.

At this time, Ye Xiwen appeared extremely horrifying to everyone and his imposing aura was also monstrous.

Ye Xiwen was not in a rush, just crossed hands behind his back and stood there like a mountain. His very presence was overbearing and unparalleled.

This Dao book was the most precious item in this immortal palace, but now that it was divided among four tyrannical experts, no one wished to stay here and dispersed to search the others parts of this enormous palace.

Warhawk and Wang Purple soon left. Only Ji Moon arrived in front of Ye Xiwen, smiled gracefully and said: "Considering what we saw today, I am afraid the news about Brother Ye's invincible strength will soon spread throughout the demon island.”

“Fairy maiden is flattering me.” Ye Xiwen politely said. He was such a person, kind for kind, ruthless for ruthless. It is easy to be disrespectful to others but takes a big heart to respect them. A person who doesn't know compassion can only respond with arrogance to the politeness shown to them.

“I have come to know that there are some misgivings between our deputy-chief Liu Yueru and Brother Ye. I hope Brother Ye can spare her and not punish her too severely.” Ji Moon said.

Ye Xiwen suddenly understood why she suddenly came to him. He did not know that Liu Yueru actually joined Goddess Union, but he did not care. Nothing big happened between him and her, his direct enmity was with Xiao Zhen, not her.

“She and I have no enmity, some misunderstanding and nothing more.” Ye Xiwen said.

“That’s good! If you have free time later, our Goddess Union will gladly welcome you.”

Ji Moon said respectfully, and elegantly flew away.

Ye Xiwen did not follow experts to other parts of the immortal palace. He sat cross-legged on the spot and began to examine the page.

There were ancient scriptures written all over the page. Since he only got one page, some of the information was divided but he figured that the Dao book definitely belonged to a peerless ancient influence. Stunning Daoist skills were recorded in the book, and on the page seized by Ye Xiwen, the skill recorded was called 'Phoenix Regeneration Technique'. It was a technique born out of phoenix comprehension and granted the magical ability of repairing any injury to the practitioner. For example, he could heal all the injuries he got two months ago within few breaths with the help of this technique, in fact, he could also re-grow cut off body parts.

Of course, this was going to be possible only after perfecting it, but he had the 'mysterious space' so it shouldn't be a problem. It would just require consumption of many Ling Dans.

Ye Xiwen suddenly held his breath. How was it possible for such a Daoist skill to exist? If he had this skill two months ago then he didn't need to escape from Jiang Hua.

It could be described as the supreme divine technique of life insurance.

This divine technique was most appropriate for 'Gilded tyrant form'. Once Ye Xiwen would perfect both these technique, a trivial attack wouldn't work on him, and even if he was tragically injured in a tyrannical battle, he would use Phoenix Regeneration Technique to regenerate any or all injuries.

It could be estimated that the other three secret techniques were also rare masterpieces of Taoism. Now that they obtained great benefits, they would certainly become his rivals.

However, Ye Xiwen did not want to think much about others people's possessions. For now, the most important task was to master the Phoenix Regeneration Technique. Once perfected, even if he desired death, it would be difficult to die. (NT: O_O)

Ye Mo saw this secret technique and could not help but jump up with excitement: “This secret technique probably comes from the ancient race of Mystical Phoenix, passed down from generation to generation, but Phoenix race has vanished from the Ten Thousand Worlds Community countless years ago. I must say, this technique should be a supreme secret of the ancient Phoenix clan, and only the direct blood descendants were allowed to practice it. How can it be here?”

Ye Xiwen frowned, this influence was far more terrifying and powerful than he initially imagined. It was hard to digest the fact that they actually possessed the secret technique of ancient phoenix race that was said to have disappeared countless millenniums ago.

He came to know from Ye Mo that Dragon, Phoenix and so-called other ancient beings had disappeared countless eras ago. It seemed like there occurred a terrible war in the Ten Thousand Worlds community and led to their disappearance. One must note that all this happened long before the beginning of the era of Ye Mo's previous owner, the Great Devil King.

There were dragon legends everywhere, but no one alive had actually seen one.

This influence was ancient and huge, perhaps far beyond the imagination of Ye Mo as well.

Not only could they get an access to the Ancient Phoenix technique, but might have also obtained secret techniques of other races which simply went against the heaven's will.

He continued to read and found some explanations about Phoenix Regeneration, recorded in order to help increase the understanding of the practitioners!

After studying the Phoenix Regeneration Technique all day, he had to admit that its effects simply defied the heaven's will. When used in coordination with the gilded tyrant form, his battle efficiency and resilience would have no limits, rising dramatically all the way to an entirely new and profound level.

But the secret techniques, now in the possession of the other three individuals, were not going to be ordinary either!

(To be continued)

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