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Chapter 242 - Tramples the Wan True Union

Spearqi, Swordqi, Bladeqi, a variety of martial arts were swept towards Ye Xiwen. They noticed that Ye Xiwen did not budge in the face of the so many attacks and themselves rushed forward to kill him.

Ye Xiwen waved his long blade and shot a fluctuating Bladeqi so massive that it instantly crushed all the incoming attacks in one fell swoop.




Blood spattered everywhere and all of the guards were instantly chopped into pieces.

They were never a match of Ye Xiwen and simply overestimated themselves thinking they could take him on. Although they were called geniuses and attacked in numbers, but still did not stand a chance against him.

The noise suddenly alarmed many experts resting inside the encampment. Wan True Union was really worthy of being one of the four major alliances. Even if the main force was sent out on a mission to find Ye Xiwen, but a lot of experts had stayed back.

And many of them were at the peak of truth sixth stage at such a young age, which was a clear declaration of their exceptional talent.

“Ye Xiwen, you are really something. You even dare to barge into our encampment? It seems you have become suicidal!” An expert of truth sixth stage came out and said. There was a disdainful expression on his face.

“Puchi!” Ye Xiwen flicked his finger and shot a laser-like concentrated energy that instantly pierced into that expert's body and tore him apart from the inside.

At this time, several experts simultaneously attacked him.

“Die!” An expert waved his spear and released an enormous Spearqi that rushed towards Ye Xiwen, and it seemed as if it was going to puncture the world itself.

Ye Xiwen instantly shot an endless stream of Bladelight from his long blade. This mass of brilliant energy as if looked like a section cut off from the Milky Way and descended in this world. It instantly routed the Spearqi attack.

“Boom!” A loud explosion occurred and the Bladelight swept towards that expert, and his body was split in half.

He did not even get a chance to react and was instantly killed.




Various types of martial arts and weapons attacks were swept towards him. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen was standing in front of a huge wave of martial attacks, coming layer after layer.

Although these members of Wan True Union were not good in coordinating their attacks, but their inherent talent and power were more than enough to compensate for the lack of teamwork.

Ye Xiwen's facial expression was callous, but just by looking at him, one could see that he did not consider them as equals, rather he was chopping them like vegetables. The peerless geniuses of the ten countries of Southeast Region had become time pass, nothing more than a warm-up for Ye Xiwen. He used celestial step and marched forward without stagnation, and suddenly shot a tyrannical Bladelight towards the team of experts.




The Bladelight rendered all of the incoming attacks useless then took advantage of the opportunity to attack the experts.




Some experts were blasted away in the sky, while some where cut in half. The ones who managed to dodge the attack were personally chopped into pieces by Ye Xiwen.

Wan True Union had placed several scouts in the nearby areas to keep a lookout for spies from other major alliances. It was needless to say that these scouts were extremely powerful, much stronger than the experts guarding the encampment.

However, even those scouts had been completely wiped out by Ye Xiwen before he arrived here. They did not even get a chance to react or alert their comrades.

Everyone present on the scene felt chills down their spines. When Ye Xiwen disappeared for almost a month then no one knew where he went. A lot of people said that he was afraid of Wan True Union and ran away like a scaredy-cat. Whereas, a lot of people thought that Ye Xiwen was certainly tyrannical but how could he possibly fight against an entire alliance.

When they could not find him, they began to clamor that Ye Xiwen was a timid guy, a coward who was afraid to come out and face them. This was a tactic to provoke Ye Xiwen and compel him to come out, but a month passed and he didn't appear.

But now that he finally appeared, he made an appearance like a terrifying storm. Ye Xiwen came alone and single-handedly killed so many members of Wan True Union and this was just the beginning. This was like a big slap to those who called him coward.

One man versus an alliance, no one would dare to do such a thing!

Although most experts were not present in the encampment, but the remaining experts were still enough to make Wan True Union a tyrannical force.

The deputy-chief was a tyrannical expert and he had personally taken command of Wan True Union in the absence of their leader.

But even his presence was not enough to deter Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen was extremely arrogant and no one really knew the extent of his strength.

Ye Xiwen kicked the main gate and shattered it into pieces, then strode all the way towards the central station when he suddenly sensed a powerful expert coming towards him.

“Ye Xiwen, I admire you for your courage. But this is a dead end for you!” A loud voice like a sonic boom resounded and an expert of truth seventh stage, who was standing far away from Ye Xiwen, suddenly shot towards him like a bullet while bringing an endless amount of Lingqi along with him. He congealed a huge hand made up of Lingqi and pounded it on Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen just casually waved his long blade and shot an inexhaustible Bladelight that instantly obscured the entire area and crashed into that huge hand of Lingqi.

“Poof!” Ye Xiwen's Bladelight effortlessly annihilated that huge hand of Lingqi and advanced towards the expert.

This expert of truth seventh stage was supposed to be the secret weapon of Wan True Union and was only slightly weaker than the two deputy-chiefs. Other elite members of the alliance who went out to find Ye Xiwen were relieved that an expert like him was there to guard their encampment.

His confidence was understandable but he never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually be so tyrannical. His huge hand of Lingqi was instantly routed by Ye Xiwen's Bladelight and it advanced toward him. It seemed as if the Big Bang itself had escaped from the river of time and congealed in front of him.

“Puchi!” He was instantly chopped into two halves.

“Ye Xiwen, you really want to die so badly, huh?” There came a loud shout and echoed in the surroundings, “I’ll make sure to fulfill your wish!”

A blazing red figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stared at Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen saw that this expert was quite young, had a fiery red hair, was tall and had a strong build.

Ye Xiwen immediately figured that this guy was none other than the deputy-chief of Wan True Union named Xia Wuchang. He was the second strongest member of this alliance after the mysterious leader.

There was a cold look on his face but he did not say anything else and immediately fired a punch, releasing a blossoming burning flower of flames towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen sneered and used 'Azure Dragon rises from the Abyss' move of 'Coiling Dragon Palm' to summon a black coiling dragon that immediately coiled around him. At this time, Ye Xiwen looked like a god of war with his tamed black dragon and as soon as the flaming flower approached him, the black coiling dragon directly tore it apart with its claws.

“Boom!” This resulted into such a vast explosion that it wreaked havoc in all directions, reaching all the way into the sky and the whole encampment began to burn violently.

Xia Wuchang's complexion suddenly changed because he never imagined that Ye Xiwen would be so strong. Now, he got serious all of a sudden as he clearly understood that he could no longer afford to underestimate Ye Xiwen.

The flames reached all the way to the nearby pond and instantly vaporized it, forming a thick layer of mist and smoke screen, making it difficult for the spectators to see clearly.

Xia Wuchang was about to attack once more but heard an extremely sharp piercing sound and suddenly saw a horrifying Bladeqi coming towards him at an incredible speed.

He quickly retreated several dozen feet and somehow managed to dodge it, but immediately saw that Ye Xiwen, grasping a long blade, had already arrived in front of him.

At this time, he naturally did not dare to block Ye Xiwen's blade and repeatedly blasted waves of fire springing towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen instantly waved his long blade and released innumerable blade shadows. He displayed missing moon beheader, a Xiantian level martial technique, but he had already taken it to a whole another level, surpassing even the creator of this technique.

Although the name was still the same and displayed picture was also the same, but Ye Xiwen had already revised it numerous times, transforming countless times to find the best suitable compatibility with the endless amount of Lingqi present in the air, since he could now manipulate Lingqi after stepping into truth realm. And with the integration of Lingqi into the basic concept of this technique, its overall might reached a whole another level. Now, even truth level experts would find it difficult to block it.




Ye Xiwen's Bladeqi cut through the waves of fire and extinguished the flames thoroughly. The blade shadows were dancing around Ye Xiwen and formed a protective layer so that the blazing fire was no longer able to approach his body.

“I will send you on the journey to hell, but before that, I will cut off your head and keep it as a trophy.” Xia Wuchang said with a deadpan look on his face. Now that he was aware of Ye Xiwen's strength, he became much more determined to kill him.

Jiang Hua's death indeed made him angry, but he did not mind too much, after all, Jiang Hua was powerful but there was still some gap between his strength and the strength of experts at the pinnacle of truth seventh stage.

He used to think that Ye Xiwen's strength was enough to deal with the average experts of truth seventh stage, but today he discovered the tragic error in his own assumption. Ye Xiwen was far stronger than he imagined.

Xia Wuchang knew that he must go all out and gathered all his power to congeal a giant fire dragon and it suddenly sprang towards Ye Xiwen.

(To be continued)


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