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Chapter 239 - Showdown with Jiang Hua

“Brother Warhawk, I have heard you come from a famous prestigious clan. I am sure you don't lack such Dao books, might as well give it to me.” A sweet voice of Ji Moon sounded in Warhawk's ears.

“Get lost!” Warhawk shouted, his golden Zhen Yuan burst out of his body and rushed towards her. He did not show even a shred of tender affection towards this lovely girl, rather there was decisive killing intention hidden in this attack.

“This book must be handed over to our Wan True Union.” A big hand clutched down towards the book.

“I will see who dares to stop me!” Wang Purple shot a divine beam towards the others.

All attacks hit simultaneously on the Dao book.

“Boom!” The terrifying explosion tore the book open and four pages fluttered out in the air. There were only four pages in this Dao book.

At this time, Jiang Hua and others no longer entangled in battle and rushed towards the four pages, each aiming for one page of the Dao book.

Once they were done seizing the Dao book's pages, they saw the recorded secret technique and could not help but get excited all of a sudden.

Although Jiang Hua was a step slower than the other three super experts but that did not prevent him from seizing a page, however, before he could see the secret technique recorded in it, there came a loud dragon roar and a huge shadow dived towards him.

“Bold, who dares to mess with Wan True Union!” Jiang Hua suddenly got furious and turned around to slap his palm towards that huge shadow.

It was actually a coiling dragon. His palm collided with the huge coiling dragon and instantly destroyed it. At this time, he finally looked at the page in his other hand only to find out that it was no longer in his hand? The Dao book's page had already been snatched by a blue figure, yes, by Ye Xiwen.

Jiang Hua's pupils suddenly contracted and he shouted crazily: “It's you!”

“I have been here all along, but it seems deputy-chief Jiang did not notice me.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

At this time, the other three super experts stopped fighting because they knew that continuing to fight did not make sense. Each person won a page of the Dao book, so it was a win-win situation for all.

If you are too greedy and want to monopolize all the benefits then you end up ruining everything.

As for the others, they simply did not stand a chance against these super experts and could only accept this outcome bitterly.

Actually, right now, everyone was curiously looking at Ye Xiwen. This guy was really courageous, actually dared to challenge Jiang Hua and Wan True Union.

“I am surprised to see that you actually dare to appear in front of me.” Jiang Hua's eyes instantly revealed signs of extreme hatred. The usual indifferent expression on his face was now replaced by a vicious crazed expression.

The culprit who destroyed his hand was standing right in front of his eyes, so how could he possibly stay calm.

“Why should I not dare to appear in front of you?” Ye Xiwen looked coldly at Jiang Hua and said, “Have you forgotten what I said back then? I shall teach you and your Wan True Union a valuable lesson about why you shouldn't have fucked with me.”

The anger could be seen burning intensely in Ye Xiwen's eyes as he stared at Jiang Hua.

Both sides were equally burning with hatred. Some experts remembered hearing rumors about Jiang Hua chasing down an expert and losing an arm in the fight. Could this guy be the one who blasted Jiang Hua's arm?

Such a vicious enmity was far more than ordinary!

“Quickly hand over the page! Do you actually think that someone like you can have it?” A member of Wan True Union stepped forward and said.

“It seems that deputy-chief Jiang needs a man like you to do his bidding, and do you really think that it's just a matter of one page of Dao book?” Ye Xiwen grinned and said.

“Shut up and hand over the page, otherwise, killing you won't be a tough task!” Another member of Wan True Union said.

“No need to waste your breath on a dead man. He has dared to provoke our alliance, so he is already a dead man.” A master of the truth sixth stage said in an authoritative manner. Although he was just an ordinary member of Wan True Union but he used to be the leader of an alliance before reshuffling and held enough influence.

He immediately rushed forward and his hand transformed into a big hand and stretched out to arrest Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen just flicked his finger.


In an instant, everyone saw that disciple screaming pitifully and his entire arm was torn off, leaving behind a pool of blood on the floor. He was squealing loudly like a pig.

Ye Xiwen took one step and instantly disappeared in front of everyone. He instantly dashed into the crowd of Wan True Union and had already recognized the faces of those who were mocking and insulting him a while ago.




Almost in a flash, several disciples of Wan True Union were attacked by Ye Xiwen and were chopped into pieces.

They never saw him coming and were suddenly overawed. It took some time to realize that he messed with the wrong guy. However, it was too late because now they had no choice but to stand there like pigs and obediently wait to be butchered by this peerlessly ruthless man!

Moreover, this scene acted as a deterrent for several other experts who were planning on stealing the page from Ye Xiwen later on. But after witnessing this carnage, they would never dare to even dream about messing with him.

One must know that Wan True Union mostly consisted of experts of truth fifth stage and sixth stage, but in the face of this death reaper, they certainly did not stand a chance. In fact, there was no room for any fight back.

Warhawk and the other super experts were also earnestly watching the whole scene and suddenly frowned. They never knew that a formidable expert like Ye Xiwen was present among them. In their eyes, Ye Xiwen became a reckless guy who was decisive, brave and formidable. These few moments were enough to make them consider him as an equal.

In this world, strength was not only the ultimate law, but also the ultimate justice. In this world, only strong were revered.

Jiang Hua was stunned for a moment, and within this one moment, Ye Xiwen had already butchered several of his subordinates. His face turned blue with anger as he shouted: “You are courting death! You don't understand what you have done. From now on, you won't have a place to hide on the entire demon island!”

As his voice fell, his big hands stretched out and shot a huge mountain of divine light aimed at Ye Xiwen. Compared to two months ago, he was now much more tyrannical and his practice speed was far beyond the imagination of ordinary experts.

However, how could he ever compare with Ye Xiwen? Ye Xiwen shot his palm and released a coiling dragon that roared and flew directly towards the mountain of divine light and tore it pieces.

Ye Xiwen jumped towards Jiang Hua, while at the same time, his skin turned golden in color making him appear just like an ancient Overlord reborn.

His power completely burst out and paled the complexions of all the experts present on the scene. How could this guy have such extraordinary strength! His strength was not one bit inferior to that of Warhawk and the other super experts.

Even Jiang Hua was surprised to no limit, after all, in just two months, Ye Xiwen actually managed to grow so powerful. His own practice speed simply could not rival with Ye Xiwen's.

Last time, it had been so difficult for Jiang Hua to deal with Ye Xiwen and also lost an arm when there was a difference of two levels between the two. But now, Ye Xiwen was clearly much stronger than before, although he himself progressed a lot in the last two months and was on the verge of breaking through to the truth eighth stage.

If he managed to step into the eighth stage then he wouldn't be afraid of anyone on this island. Then, he would have sufficient power to run amuck like those super experts.

But before he could have a breakthrough, he once again clashed with Ye Xiwen, moreover, Ye Xiwen was now much more tyrannical than two months ago.

Thinking of this, an intense killing intention flashed in his bloodshot eyes.

Jiang Hua shouted and congealed a sierra of divine light, so big that there literally was no escape route for Ye Xiwen. This was a battle of life and death and both of them were aware of that.

Under Jiang Hua's command, the huge sierra of divine light descended towards Ye Xiwen. This was the same attack he used last time, but this time, it was more powerful and frightening.

Ye Xiwen also displayed the progress he made in the last two months and sent his coiling dragon towards the descending sierra.

The coiling dragon as if devoured the sierra of divine light almost instantly and this caused a massive explosion in the hall.

Last time, Jiang Hua had an overwhelming superiority in the battle, but this time, the tables turned in Ye Xiwen's favor and Jiang Hua was completely suppressed.

“Boom!” The killing intention spread in all directions and Ye Xiwen went all out, displaying various martial art techniques one after another without restraint.

Jiang Hua also felt the crisis and went all out, displaying various martial techniques. He lifted his hand and a mountain of divine light transformed into a sword and instantly swept towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen did not dodge, just stood there like a mountain. Jiang Hua had clearly been completely suppressed by him, but he did not have any relaxation. He did not want to give any chance to Jiang Hua and decided to end this as fast as possible.

Ye Xiwen's gilded tyrant form was working at its best. He just stretched out his palm and effortlessly caught the sword of divine light.

(To be continued)

NT: I have got few mails from the readers suggesting me to drop MGS and pick up a better and more interesting project because MGS has become monotonous or something. Well, just thought of sharing this with eveyrone, I don’t plan on dropping MGS because I know how awesome it is, rather I want to increase the pace since things are going to get interesting in the coming chapters. You guys seem to forget that MGS has 3700+ chapters. So far, you have basically read only 6% of the whole story or even less 😉

[Spoilers Ahead]

MGS has beautiful romance but it is still quite far away from the current chapter. Ye Xiwen is gonna travel to new worlds in his new golden armor. He will be like a hero of justice or something (Heard this from a friend who has read the raws all the way to the latest chapter) To be honest, the author has not yet started the world building properly. And, you can just imagine the kind of world bulding he has done in the coming 3000 chapters. Don’t even ask how many realms are there above legendary realm.
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