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Chapter 238 - Contest for a Dao book

The situation got intense and far beyond the imagination of the experts. They never expected to find so many ghost soldiers and terrifying hairy zombies inside the immortal palace.

“Damn it, this is simply a peerless tomb. Where is that son of a bitch who said this palace has a peerless treasure trove?” An expert could not control his anger and curse out loud.

Now they were at their limits and basically frustrated, after all, they were considered peerless geniuses and still faced so much difficulty dealing with the dead, not to mention several experts were not even able to enter the immortal palace.

A total of more than one thousand experts broke into the palace but only after experiencing so many causalities, they came to realize why the demon island was called genius meat grinder.

However, although these zombies were very powerful but were not as violent as these experts. Although there were hundreds of casualties in the human expert team but the zombies and ghost soldiers had more casualties.

As they continued to go all the way inside, more and more ghost soldiers and zombies appeared in large numbers because of the entanglement of resentment and Lingqi, raising corpses of the soldiers back from the dead.

Ye Xiwen and the others finally arrived in a hall, only to see corpses lying everywhere on the floor. These corpses had not yet transformed into zombies but it could be seen that they were rotting for a long time. Several corpses had already decayed to the point of leaving behind piles of bones.

Many bones were actually corroded as if swept by the aftermath of a large attack, crushing several bones to dust.

The experts encountered several skeleton monsters on the way but nothing could stop them from advancing.

Working together as a team, they continued to rush all the way inside.

Ye Xiwen had a kind of bad feeling in his heart because the soldiers who died in this palace either turned into ghost soldiers, skeletons or zombies. If the ruler of this immortal palace was preserved in this tomb and his corpse turned out to be fully intact, then what if he suddenly rose back from the dead? Then they would be in huge trouble!

But they were already here so they did not have an alternative but to advance further.

Fortunately, however, before his doubts evolved any further, they finally arrived in an open hall, and in the center of this spacious hall, a dignified looking man was sitting cross-legged and calmly looking into the distance as if disdainfully look down on all the living beings.

Everyone suddenly stopped and did not dare to approach. Being cautious was essential since there were really too many strange things on this island and they had gotten used to being wary all the time.

After a long time of observation, Warhawk suddenly said: “He is already dead!”

At this time, everyone relaxed and even they felt that although this man looked kind of invincible but had no aura or presence. He was not even releasing ice-cold breath like the zombies.

Everyone at this moment was finally relieved.

A cold wind blew out of nowhere and the whole body of this man suddenly turned into a pile of sand and flew together with the wind.

He died in a seated posture!

(NT:  zuò huà: to die in a seated posture (Buddhism))

Everyone was astonished and could not believe their eyes.

This was something only legendary beings with good fortune could achieve. It was said that as long as the corpses of mighty experts were left behind, there was a possibility that they might rise from the dead, therefore, using the seated posture method was a way out.

And so there was a myth about the powerhouses that they would always be considered a legend in life and death. Even if they died, they would not decay or disappear like ordinary people. It was said that since they possess formidable strength, even the experts of truth realm could directly evolve into zombies if their corpses were left intact. Although the possibility was minimum and would be close to zero if placed under the sun, after all, these were just myths and recognition from the world principles was also necessary. But, once turned into zombies, the whole world would face a big disaster. The seniors would refuse to acknowledge their families and some sects suffered heavy losses because of this, finally leading to their complete decline. Moreover, letting the corpse of a senior turn into a zombie was undoubtedly equivalent to causing great disrespect!

Therefore, some people chose to die in a sitting posture but this occurred only in the myths and only legendary level characters could perform it. Now that the experts saw this with their eyes, they could not help but feel excited.

Because when someone died in a sitting posture, the world principles comprehended by him would be blown off in a massive explosion. If at that time, someone stood by their side and came in contact with these principles then they would obtain enormous benefits.

Of course, this man should have died countless years ago so what they saw was only a wisp of what could have been his real corpse. But this scene was still enough to shock them.

After the man's figure faded in the wind, everyone saw a book made of unknown metal lying on the ground. It had only a few thin pages but it was exuding fluctuating dao patterns. They immediately understood that this book definitely contained an earth-shattering martial power technique, and not just recorded, but still emitting waves of dao patterns. From this itself, one could imagine the level of martial technique recorded in this book.

But everyone was standing calm, no one dared to go forward, fearing that they would end up in a dispute and someone else might benefit as the third party.

“This Dao book is mine!” Suddenly, Warhawk stepped forward grasping his eagle spear and instantly rushed towards the Dao book to seize it.

“Give up the idea!”

“How dare you!”

“Dream on!”

Suddenly, several experts shouted and various martial attacks aimed at Warhawk from behind.

“Bi!” The loud cry of a giant golden eagle resounded in the hall. It extended its wings to block the incoming attacks and protect Warhawk and then flew towards the Dao book to clutch it in its claws.

But at this time, the experts who attacked Warhawk were unable to control themselves and rushed forward. If they did not act now then the book would fall into the hands of Warhawk.

“Bold, how dare you claim this book as if it belongs to you? The book belongs to me!” At this time, Wang Purple instantly shot his jade seal towards Warhawk to suppress him.

“Boom!” Warhawk instantly drew back to dodge and the jade seal fiercely crashed into the floor and opened a huge hole.

“Bastard, you really want to become Wan True Union's enemy?” At this time, Jiang Hua also jumped into the skirmish and congealed a big hand that instantly went forward to grasp the book.

“Whoosh!” The sound of an arrow echoed when Ji Moon shot an arrow and it instantly punctured into that big hand and made it explode.

Now everyone was involved in this so-called contest for the Dao book without even knowing its contents or what kind of secret technique was described in it. Was it really a Dao book or something else?

Perhaps there were not many of such type of Dao books in Zhen Wu Jie. Dao books were generally used to record marvelous techniques; otherwise, just recording the technique would not cause such fluctuations patterns. In fact, a legendary book like this had never been seen before even by the higher ups of their sects.

However, they certainly would not let go of such an item.




Various terrifying explosive sounds echoed throughout the hall.

No need to mention, Warhawk and the other super experts were the fastest and strongest.

Ye Xiwen was watching from a distance and was not in a hurry. He did not want to get involved and was silently observing them like a poisonous snake in the dark, ready to attack anytime and anywhere.

This was the first time the leaders of the four alliances fought and were going all out at this moment. Earlier, they used to have a tacit understanding and did not get involved in meaningless fights, but now, the situation was entirely different.

The leaders of the strongest alliances were bound to participate in this kind of contest to see who was the strongest and it finally occurred.

Hundreds of experts had initially jumped into the skirmish but this only reached a deadlock. In the end, other than the four super experts, everyone else backed down and no longer dared to come in their way.

Taking advantage of the confusion, an expert of truth third stage rushed forward and extended his hand to grab the Dao book, but suddenly, a huge enchantment barrier appeared around the book and sent him flying. His blood spattered and he fell unconscious.

“Go away, this Dao book is mine!” Warhawk was in a rage and roared again, blue veins appeared on his muscular hands as he threw his eagle spear towards the Dao book.

“Whoosh!” There came a loud and shrill piercing sound as the eagle spear flew towards the Dao book.

“Bang!” The spear fiercely stuck on the book's enchantment barrier.

“Boom!” A huge explosion took place when the enchantment was abruptly punctured by the eagle spear. Then, it fell down and nailed to the top of a high tower.

This stirred up everyone because they knew that right when the enchantment was broken, the contest finally arrived in its final stage.

Warhawk suddenly transformed into a golden eagle, flew up and dived towards the Dao book.

“Shua!” Everyone watched as he directly grabbed the book in his hands, but at this time, a slender hand caught one page of the book.

(To be continued)


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