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Chapter 237 - Hairy Zombies

Ye Xiwen swept all the way inside following the group of other experts while simultaneously killing the ghost soldiers that were coming from behind. Although other experts were enticed by the immortal treasures, but Ye Xiwen was not like them and was maintaining his calm!

In his opinion, one can be excited while doing something, but too much of anything is not good. One must never be irrational and always act with reason.

“Kill!” Battle cries echoed everywhere inside the palace and ghost soldiers rushed forward to stop the intruders.

“These ghost soldiers are strange, but there are still some differences between them and the ones we saw in the yellow river.” Ye Xiwen calmly analyzed without losing his head like other experts.

The ghost soldiers kept on coming like endless tides. No matter how many of them were killed by the experts, there was no end. This was normal since these soldiers did not have mass and were formed out of Yinqi and killing intentions.

Yinqi was abundant inside the Immortal palace and endlessly producing ghost soldiers.

Human experts rushed towards the depths of Immortal palace and slaughtered countless ghost soldiers along the way. Ye Xiwen was not far behind them and suddenly saw a large pool of blood on the floor. According to his estimate, at least several dozen experts had been seriously injured by the ghost soldiers.

While advancing towards the palace depths, it took half a day's worth of effort to finally get rid of those ghost soldiers. The experts' team had serious losses, with each super alliance losing several members, not to mention a lot of the dead experts belonged to unknown sects.

They finally arrived in the inner chambers of the palace. The palace looked enormous from the outside but was even enormous and very spacious on the inside. Some kind of space matrix method was used to increase the size of the palace from inside by expanding the space itself.

Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry and was slowly advancing while keeping a nominal distance from the team of experts. He was like a grown up looking at some kids as they were rushing in excitement to get candies.

Then, abruptly, there came intermittent waves of terrible screams, resembling shrill cries of a fighter. It caught Ye Xiwen's attention all of a sudden and he was surprised to see several hairy zombies running amuck everywhere.

These zombies had thin physiques and were holding lances and long spears in their hands. They were clad in iron armors and their whole bodies were covered with long black hair. They looked grim and horrifying with their glowing fangs and were continuously releasing ominous Yinqi from their bodies. Whenever soldiers died in this immortal palace, they would rise again as zombie soldiers and would forever stay in the control of this palace all the while unable to reincarnate.

Ye Xiwen held his breath when he saw this scene. These hairy zombies were incapable of thinking, had no self-control or reasoning ability, and only lived as walking dead in the endless desire of blood. They didn't age, didn't extinguish, couldn't die, and were basically abandoned by the 3 realms. Not to mention, they weren't allowed into the 6 reincarnations cycle, making them destitute, helpless and homeless for eternity. Their bodies were stiff and they instinctively blamed the entire world. Living as dead in endless solitude, they loathed all living creatures and only longed for blood.

The zombies had practiced 'Copper skin iron bone' cultivation method and the long hair on their bodies was acting like an incredibly tough protective layer. The toughness of their hair armor was higher than that of a copper-steel frame. Not to mention, all of them had high cultivation levels. When all these attributes were taken into consideration, no wonder even the strongest attacks from the human experts didn't injure the zombies.

These zombies were not just the collection of Yinqi like the ghost soldiers. Instead, they were originally mere corpses that soaked Yinqi for countless years to grow the impenetrable hair armor.

In addition to that, they moved on killing instincts and hell endless hatred towards the living. But the good news was that they were all lower level zombies and didn't possess wisdom or consciousness, otherwise, they could easily massacre the entire team of experts in one fell swoop.

Even so, the human expert party faced severe losses.

More than a dozen experts were directly stabbed by the lances and nailed to the ground.

Although there were many cut wounds on the bodies of the zombies, but they simply did not feel pain or fear, making them very terrifying.

Ye Xiwen was carefully observing the zombies and noticed that although their armors and helms were damaged but there was no damage to the hair armor.

Ye Xiwen shot his palm, a huge dragon flew towards a zombie and tore it into two halves, then, crushed its core. It happened so quickly that the zombie didn't even get a chance to struggle.

When other experts saw how Ye Xiwen killed a zombie, they finally got to know how to deal with the zombies. It was unusually hard to kill them, but now they knew that they were heading in the wrong direction altogether. They just needed to crush the zombie core to kill a zombie. Zombie core was similar to demon core.

Thanks to Ye Xiwen, now the experts knew how to deal with this situation, after all, they had never dealt with zombies before.

“Ye Xiwen, something is off here.” Ye Mo said, “The concentration of Yinqi is really strong. Look at this, so many zombies have gathered here, now just imagine the amount of Yinqi required for producing so many zombies.”

In general, it was very difficult to produce zombies and the production method simply went against the heaven's will. A zombie was not allowed in any of the realms, including heaven, so one could imagine the tragedy they must face in their eternal lifespan.

However, the zombies could not just breed out of Yinqi. And in the presence of sunlight, this process was simply impossible.

Only in a tomb with its own spiritual pulse for gathering Yinqi, the mass production of zombies was possible.

Emperors often chose such a feature in their tombs to protect their tombs from the raiders.

Ancient legends said that emperors of ancient times would dig their own tombs in advance. They would choose a valuable land with good geomantic design, having an endless amount of Lingqi being supplied from the dragon veins. These were necessary conditions to breed ferocious zombies in a period of hundreds of years. Jin officers knew the means to avoid the traps and mechanisms inside the tombs, but even they could not escape from the zombies. The zombies never discriminated when it came to killing and were extremely brutal. Once the tomb was dug open, they would come out to cause havoc. And in the troubled times, when the authorities did not act in time, the area of several hundred miles around the tomb would become desolate in the zombie apocalypse.

Therefore, ordinary people despised the very work-line of Jin officers, who usually died without an heir!

The ordinary tombs on the Earth were nothing like the Yin tombs of this world. Perhaps, even the original tomb of the First Emperor did not have such a frightening presence when it was unearthed.

Very harsh conditions were required to give birth to the zombies, but the presence of so many zombies here was a result from the availability of bodies of the dead soldiers. Not to mention, a massive amount of Yinqi was present here that could easily breed countless zombies.

“This palace is not really a peerless dragon tomb as we thought.” Ye Mo said in a somewhat doubtful manner because the palace interiors did not look like a tomb. “A great master has most likely died here, and after his death, a tomb spontaneously formed at his resting place.”

“The death of a great master will immediately promulgate a law that will automatically give rise to a tomb at the place where he fell.” Ye Mo said.

The blood from the bodies of wounded zombies and killed experts mixed thoroughly to form a river of blood.

Ye Xiwen was walking in this river of dark red blood, constantly killing zombies and fiercely fighting with many of them at once.

Suddenly, the commander of the hairy zombies appeared. His strength was quite tyrannical, though far worse than his real strength when he used to be alive, but after becoming a zombie, now he possessed tyrannical flesh and it was very difficult to deal with him.

Warhawk immediately stepped forward to deal with him.

His mighty roar echoed as he rushed towards the zombie commander.

“Roar!” A formidable zombie roared and leaped towards Ye Xiwen.

It suddenly brandished its lance and a dreadful cold and poisonous Dead qi, in the form of a gorgeous beam of light, flew towards Ye Xiwen.

This zombie was very strong and was actually at the peak of truth sixth stage.

Ye Xiwen bellowed and stretched out his hand, releasing rays of golden light as if flooding towards that zombie. At this time, Ye Xiwen looked just like the reincarnation of an ancient Sun God.

Ye Xiwen caught the poisonous Dead qi in his hand and crushed it. Then he jumped forward, arrived in front of the zombie in a flash and directly kicked on its stiff chest.

“Boom!” Its sternum was directly shattered by this kick and its whole body was sent flying, crashed into a pillar and fell heavily fell to the ground.

“Roar!” However, it obviously was not willing to give up. It again discharged poisonous Dead qi towards Ye Xiwen.

But this poisonous Dead qi couldn't possibly break through the protective layer of Zhen Yuan on Ye Xiwen's body. Right now, his battle strength was at the peak of truth seventh stage so the zombie simply didn't stand a chance.

“Ye Xiwen, kill it!” Ye Mo said. These zombies were nothing but corpses filled with hatred for all living beings. They were banned from stepping into 6 samsara cycle and were basically tired of living on like this. Ye Xiwen was doing the right thing by killing them and freeing their souls in the process.

Ye Xiwen lifted his foot and stamped on the zombie’s head. Its head instantly exploded along with the disintegration of its core.

Ye Xiwen did not stop and proceeded to slay other zombies.

(To be continued)


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