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Chapter 236 - Ghost soldiers cavalry

With the sunrise, the ghost soldiers would begin to lose strength and would be considerably weakened.

Night time passed quickly while everyone was quietly waiting for the sunrise. The experts knew that they could go all out as soon as the sun rose in the eastern sky.

As expected, the ghost soldiers were really weakened a lot.


At this time, no one knew who shouted but hundreds of experts instantly rushed towards the Immortal palace like a mighty force advancing to pillage a nation.

As soon as the ghost soldiers saw the human experts rushing towards the palace, the billowing Yinqi soared to the sky and formed endless clouds, sealing the sky.

Grand explosions occurred one after another, again and again.

The mighty force galloped, the ground trembled vigorously, and immediately in the next quarter, battalions of ghost soldiers began to emerge one after another with their imposing aura soaring to the sky.

These ghost soldiers were clad in ancient iron armors and grasping iron lances in their hands. All of them were riding various types of dead demon beasts and rushing straight towards the group of experts.

“How can these ghost soldiers be so formidable? Damn, there are so many of them!” Several experts exclaimed.

However, in just a moment, a cavalry of several thousand ghost soldiers had already appeared, each having considerably high level and terrifying aura. Moreover, more and more ghost soldiers kept on appearing as if there was no end to this.

“There are too many of them, moreover, why are these ghost soldiers so formidable. How do we deal with them?” Their complexions suddenly changed.

“Why are so many of these ghost soldiers in this immortal palace, don't tell me King of Ghosts is also among them?” An expert shouted.

At this time, the complexions of other experts suddenly changed. They knew well what kind of existence the King of Ghosts actually was.

The so-called ghosts in this world were not the same as the ghosts in Ye Xiwen's past life. The ghosts in this world were more evil and smart, congealed from lingering resentments and Yinqi and were capable of having cultivation.

But Ghost King was the scariest being among them all. It was a dreadful existence and also the commander of ghost troops. If Ghost King was really commanding this ghost cavalry then the experts were really in danger, in fact, there was a possibly of facing complete annihilation.

“We have come all the way to this immortal palace. Should we really withdraw at the first sign of danger? Do you all think withdrawing now is useful?” At this time, someone from the crowd shouted.

The greed suddenly took over the major part of their hearts, giving rise to a desire to win this battle. Indeed, withdrawing now was simply a waste of time, effort, and such a rare opportunity.

At this time, Ye Xiwen thought that they made a blunder by waiting till dawn thinking that ghost soldiers would be weakened during the day. Indeed, they were weakened but the sudden emergence of thousands of ghost soldiers cavalry was really beyond their calculations.

The Yinqi was soaring in the sky and dense ink-like black clouds was spread in the sky, blocking the sunlight thoroughly and invoking terror in the hearts of people present there. Ye Xiwen felt as if he was standing on the set of a horror movie.

The ghost cavalry comprising of thousands of ghost soldiers was rushing towards the experts. The soldiers were shouting and looked glorious in their shining black armors. There was a flood of killing intentions in the sky and it seemed as if the whole world was shaking in the presence of this mighty cavalry.

This scene was very shocking. Thousands of ghost soldiers were galloping and radiating large mass of dark Yinqi towards the sky. It seemed as if a mighty tide of iron and steel was coming towards the experts destroying and crushing anything in its way.

The cold wind howled, the towering old trees were uprooted and disintegrated into bits while the leaves as if performed a chaotic dance in the air and scattered in all directions.

This was a mighty force that swept everything in its way. In fact, even the heavy boulders that came in the way of this cavalry couldn't withstand the impact and simply turned into dust.

Nothing could stop this cavalry as they were advancing with the spears to the front, fully prepared to destroy all visible matter in the path.

But even such a terrific scene was unable to suppress the excitement and greed towards immortal treasures and the experts also rushed forward.

However, they wouldn't dare to underestimate the enemy.




Several experts on the forefront were instantly blasted away with the first impact of the ghost cavalry and died on the spot.

Several experts were injured and were spewing out blood from their mouths while several others were torn to shreds and instantly lost their lives.

The ghost soldiers were roaring again and again. The ghost soldiers condensed Dead qi in their hands, then seized several experts and directly crushed them to death.

It seemed as if a terrible force swept past like a surging black tide.




After some time, the cavalry finally slowed down and the experts also got a chance to display their best attacks.

A cavalry's biggest advantage is its running speed, and once slowed down, it is almost similar to being trampled upon by the opposite side.

These experts were not ordinary people but a group of peerless geniuses. Each and every one of them possessed secret martial arts. Once they began the slaughter, the scenario suddenly changed on the battlefield.

Several ghost soldiers were immediately killed by the experts and directly turned into mist, changing back into resentments.

“Let's go, brothers!” Warhawk shouted loudly, and leading the members of Eagle Union, he flew towards the palace. The ghost soldiers who tried to come in their way were instantly slaughtered, and within seconds, hundreds of ghost soldiers had been annihilated.

The experts of Goddess Union also started to catch up, not to mention their battle efficiency was truly intrepid and simply unimaginable. The ghost soldiers didn't stand a chance in front of these beauties.

The ghost cavalry was caught off guard and human experts took this opportunity to run past them in the direction of Immortal palace.


But at this time, endless thundering sounds transmitted in the surroundings and the experts saw thousands of ghost soldiers rushing out from the Immortal palace

“My turn!” Wang Purple waved his hand and suddenly appeared a large imperial ghost-like figure behind him. It instantly threw an imperial jade seal that malicious fell towards the ghost cavalry.

“Boom!” With a loud noise, the imperial jade seal fell down like a heavy mountain and caused a massive explosion.

This led to the annihilation of hundreds of ghost soldiers.

The ghost soldiers simply did not stand a chance in front of such a potent attack.

Ye Xiwen recognized the technique that Wang Purple used just now. It was called 'Martial Emperor' and the practitioners used this method to release mighty Dragon qi. Not to mention, Dragon qi was basically positive energy, hence the natural nemesis of ghost soldiers. Just like Ye Xiwen’s ‘Coiling Dragon palm’.

Jiang Hua also shot his palm and released a huge divine beam of light which fell down upon ghost cavalry and killed many.

His tyrannical strength had not decreased even after losing a hand, on the contrary, there was a slight improvement in his strength.

And at this time, Ji Moon also attacked by shooting waves of divine beams towards the ghost cavalry and killing many in one fell swoop.

Under the leadership of these four leaders, the human expert party swept all the way inside.

The experts didn't have time to waste on exclaiming in bewilderment and quickly rushed towards the palace door.

After storming all the way to the Immortal palace, the experts saw that the palace door was tightly closed. Earlier, the ghost cavalry had directly passed through this door, but humans could not go inside like this.

“Let's go!” At this time, a long spear appeared in Warhawk's hands.

An eagle's cry resounded everywhere and a golden eagle came out of the spear fluttering its golden wings and flew straight towards the palace door at an incredible speed.


The golden eagle directly crashed on the palace door and cracks began to surface on the seemingly indestructible door. Its supernatural power was simply comparable to the demon beasts.




Loud explosions reverberated everywhere and the main door of Immortal palace quickly collapsed. Everyone was dumbfounded and gaping at Warhawk in astonishment. His attack was incredible and could easily kill the experts of truth seventh stage. Having such power and cultivation was difficult to imagine.

“Boom!” With a loud rumble, the main door of Immortal palace directly collapsed into pieces.

However, no one got a chance to celebrate because all of a sudden, a mighty current of innumerable ghost soldiers swept towards them from the inside.

Warhawk didn't show the slightest hint of fear and his long spear instantly released countless golden eagles towards the ghost soldiers. The attack was very effective and annihilated large numbers of ghost soldiers.

“This Warhawk is really incredible, damn, no wonder he has maintained his status as the chief of Eagle Union. No one here can beat this guy!”

“He is far more than an ordinary expert. Just at look at how he is single-handedly sweept through the enemy lines. Such a person is simply an inborn evildoer/monster.”

“Kill, yes, all we need is to kill some ghost soldiers and make a way through the cavalry then we can obtain immortal treasures!”

The hidden treasures of Immortal palace once again induced greed in everyone's heart giving rise to an infinite power and courage in their hearts and they suddenly rushed inside the palace.

Ye Xiwen also swept all the way inside while his whole body was wrapped around by a coiling dragon and those ghost soldiers simply couldn't get close to him. But since he was flying behind the other human experts, therefore, no one noticed that there was one more peerless killer god among them who was actually the natural nemesis of these ghost soldiers.

(To be continued)


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