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Chapter 235 - Gathering outside the Immortal palace

This was an Immortal palace, magnificent, simply beyond the imagination of mortals. It was perfectly conceivable that the status of this palace's master would also be beyond anyone's comprehension.

But at this time, this palace was actually home to ghostly figures shutting back and forth and patrolling the palace.

From time to time, frightening howls could be heard coming from the palace.

Ye Xiwen as if treading a rainbow arrived near the palace and frowned. One must know that this was not the only palace on the demon island. Although all the other palaces were in the form of ruins, but from the wreckage, one could still find some clues.

However, this was the first time he saw a perfectly preserved palace on this island, indicating that it was definitely an extraordinary place, after all, it managed to survive through endless time.

Ye Xiwen was not the first expert to come here. Many experts had already arrived here, almost 200-300 experts were gathered outside the Immortal palace and it seemed like they did not belong to any of the existing alliances.

“I am still not sure whether we will find stunning treasures inside this palace.”

“Treasures, humph, I think there is something ominous lurking inside. You see this terrain has nine large dragon signs wrapped up in one package. It seems this has contained the Yinqi in the palace for millions of years. Deducing from my geomancy concepts, I can clearly say that this so-called Immortal palace is actually the finest dragon tomb. Do you actually think that mere Yinqi can give birth to such vicious ghost soldiers? Perhaps, the king of ghosts is buried in this tomb!” A disciple put forward his theory based on geomancy.

“Then, we may actually find some super precious stuff in there.”

“God knows, this demon island is too weird. The civilization that lived here seemed to have faced annihilation in the past, god knows what happened to them.”

“Anyway, seeking treasures and wealth is always risky. There is no such thing as safe adventure and rewards are always attainable at the end of a risky adventure.” A disciple said with disdain.

Ye Xiwen looked at those ghost soldiers and noticed that almost all of them were the experts of truth third and fourth stage. Although they did not have the mass, but must have used some kind of unique cultivation method for souls. This was the reason why they possessed such terrifying strengths.

In a while, the major alliances finally started to come one by one.

The first to come was the famous Eagle Union. Several mighty experts were flying across the sky, led by a man of strong build like a young dragon, with a resolute face and an aquiline nose like an eagle. He was the chief of Eagle Union named Warhawk.

Warhawk was aggressive and competitive, just like a peerless barbarian god, blazing with anger and fierceness in his eyes. No one dared to look straight into his eyes.

Ye Xiwen glanced towards Warhawk, the man who firmly held his status as the chief of Eagle Union even after the great reshuffle a few months ago. His strength was simply unimaginable.

So the rumor about him being an expert of truth eighth stage was not false, and even if he recently stepped into the eighth stage, he was still a fearful expert. Moreover, he would most likely step into ninth stage before leaving this island. This was the limit of truth realm that true disciples needed to reach before stepping into half-step legendary realm. Not to mention, even in a major force like Yi Yuan School, there used to be only four pro-disciples of half-step legendary realm and they were basically not considered true disciples.

It was really hard to imagine that Warhawk was not even 50 years old but still possessed such a tyrannical strength.

“Isn't that Eagle Union's chief, Warhawk? He is so young but still has profound strength!”

“Yes, during the reshuffle, several tyrannical chiefs were kicked out from their own alliances. Only the Eagle Union was an exception.”

“Perhaps, Warhawk's strength can be counted among the topmost hidden powerhouses of this island. He really deserves the title of Eagle Union's chief.”

Then, there was another commotion and a group of young women arrived there. Under the bright moonlight, they looked just like a group of fairies flying in the sky.

They were led by a beautiful woman, roughly 17-18 years old, clad in a white long skirt. She basically looked like an ice-woman with curved black eyebrows and her big eyes were twinkling and keeping an eye on everyone on the scene. She gave off the feel of an aloof woman who wouldn't allow a man near her.

She was Ji Moon, the chief of Goddess Union.

“Goddess Union has arrived, gee, all of them are reigning beauties, probably the strongest and most beautiful women throughout the southeast region are centralized in this alliance.” A disciple said with an amazed expression on his face.

Even these so-called peerless geniuses had no alternative but to gaze upon the beauties of Goddess Union from afar.

“Especially Goddess Union's chief, Ji Moon. She is so beautiful, enough to cause the downfall of an entire nation. If I can get intimate with her, this life will not be in vain.”

“Stop dreaming man, although we are the so-called outstanding geniuses of our respective sects but how can we be on par with Ji Moon. She belongs to a very influential clan from Central Plains, not to mention she is very talented and has already stepped into truth seventh stage. She is basically unattainable even for men like us.”

The Goddess Union basically included only female experts. When compared to male experts, female experts generally had vulnerable Xiantian states such as physical strength and what not.

Irrespective of levels, female experts were not dominant in quantity or quality. For example, among the pro-four disciples of Yi Yuan School, there was only one female disciple, Shui Yanluo, and she was not the strongest either.

But there were always some exceptions who managed to break this general trend.

These women were undoubtedly one of the best.

No one would dare to look down on them!

“Purple Union has also arrived!” At this time, a group of people dressed in purple robes were seen flying in the sky and rushing towards the Immortal palace.

A young guy with dignified appearance was leading them. He was as if walking in the sky and with each step he took, he crossed several hundred meters, showing a fearful agility skill level. He was named Wang Purple, the chief of Purple Union.

Outsiders might not know but he was a star disciple of his sect and would one day become the emperor of his kingdom. So, his ambitious nature and courage could be imagined.

“Three of the four great alliances have already arrived here, leaving only the Wan True Union. I don't know whether their chief will make an appearance or not. It is said that he is a mysterious guy and possesses extraordinary strength, but no one has actually seen him.”

“It doesn't matter whether he comes or not. His two deputy chiefs are more than enough for the job.”

The great reshuffle had given rise to four major alliances on the demon island namely Eagle Union, Goddess Union, Purple Union and the Wan True Union. The strength of each of these four great alliances was far more than other alliances. Hence, they were known as four super alliances.

Eagle Alliance was an established alliance and had existed from the start. It even survived through the reshuffle, but the most mystical alliance among the super alliances was the Wan True Union. No one had seen its chief and only by relying on its two deputy chiefs, it was ranked among the super alliances.

As the experts were discussing among themselves, suddenly, there was a mighty burst of imposing aura and the Wan True Union finally made an appearance. A line of dozens of mighty experts quickly rushed to the scene.

But, the one leading them was none other than that psycho, Jiang Hua. Ye Xiwen noticed that after resting for two months, Jiang Hua seemed to have fully recovered except the empty sleeve hanging in the place of his hand that was blown up by Ye Xiwen.

After the four super alliances had arrived here in full, everyone was excited, because now they could finally start the real raid on the Immortal palace. At this time, those ghost soldiers patrolling the palace were the biggest problem.

Although Ye Xiwen was keeping a close eye on Jiang Hua, but he was not in a rush and knew that now was not the right time to take revenge.

Not just Jiang Hua but the entire Wan True Union would feel his wrath one day!

Ye Xiwen was still furious about what happened, about their unreasonable behavior and would certainly teach them a very simple concept; When you try to be overbearing on someone, you must first check who you are dealing with.

“Ye Xiwen, this palace is very ominous and is certainly not an ordinary palace, perhaps it really is an Immortal palace as the rumors say!” Ye Mo said, “The waves of energy leaking from the palace seem different, nothing like the ominous aura attached with ordinary Dead qi. There is definitely something extraordinary hidden inside.”

However, at this time, other warriors could not bear the waiting and immediately wanted to go inside to seize the treasures which would surely shock the world.

But soon, they got over the temptation of treasures and began to worry about the dangers that might arise inside the Immortal palace. Though in their view, even if there was a danger inside but since there were so many of them, so they were not afraid to take a risk.

Perhaps, this courage was the so-called effect of 'unity is strength'!

However, the crowd did not rush inside for a very simple reason, because it was still night. They all knew that Yinqi and resentment grew stronger during the night and these ghost soldiers might actually display 120% of their daytime strengths!

In the end, they decided to wait till dawn!

(To be continued)


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