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Chapter 234 - Truth sixth stage

“Initially, I thought that since we both are on the same level then I will have enough strength to defeat you, but it looks like my practice is not enough.” The man said in a somewhat self-ridiculing manner, but there wasn't a shred of discouragement in his tone.

The god's favored ones like him must have experienced many tribulations and sufferings. How could one or two failures discourage such a person? Unless he was some pampered prince, but judging from his appearance, he didn't seem like one. He didn't seem like the arrogant type rather he seemed like someone who would never betray a friend.

“I must say, you are truly super strong for someone on truth sixth stage.” Ye Xiwen smiled and praised him.

This was not nonsense after all Ye Xiwen had always been super strong when compared to other experts on the same level so it was really hard to find a rival on the same level. It could be said that the future prospects of such a person was basically immeasurable.

“Why didn't you kill me? I was the one who started this.” The man asked.

“Because you do not have the intention to kill, and I am not the type of guy who involves himself in needless indiscriminate slaughter.” Ye Xiwen said. He always respected other fighters and didn't believe in killing for fun. Of course, if someone intended to kill him then he wouldn't hesitate to kill either.

“Well, that’s good.” The man smiled. “I am Mu Ling, Yellow river sect's disciple.”

Ye Xiwen gawked for a moment because he had never heard of this sect, although there was nothing strange about it, after all, there were innumerable sects in this world and he was not an encyclopedia.

“Ye Xiwen, a disciple from Yi Yuan School.” Ye Xiwen said and realized that Mu Ling must have been practicing in the depths of the demon island for a long time otherwise he should have definitely heard recent rumors about him.

Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling chatted for a while and got to know each other. Ye Xiwen discovered that he had practiced a special martial technique and was able to use the yellow water for cultivation. Particularly, a yellow spring was simply a godsend gift for such practitioners. Since the seniors from his sect had also been summoned before, so he knew that yellow river appeared every night in the depths of this island.

Mu Ling had been practicing here for some time and didn't want Ye Xiwen to discover his secret, so he used the scare away tactic on Ye Xiwen.

When Mu Ling heard that Ye Xiwen planned to go further deep into the forest, he frowned and said: “I urge you to not go too close to that ominous mountain. The people of Yellow river sect are most sensitive to Dead qi and that mountain is probably hiding a terrible secret, something that you shouldn't involve yourself with.”

“I thank you for the heads up, I will stay cautious.” Ye Xiwen said.

At this time, the currents in yellow river got stronger all of a sudden and even the new influx of soldiers, appearing in the river, were getting stronger than before with extremely high-level soldiers. Some demon beasts and human soldiers appeared to be of half-step legendary realm, arranged in neat ranks and marching towards an unknown destination.

According to what Mu Ling said, the souls and resentments in River Styx from 6 pm onward till midnight weren't usually too strong, but for the rest of the night, incomparably fearful monsters would appear in large numbers.

Two giant teams of soldiers were fighting in the yellow river and their strength was also getting more and more intrepid. All night, Ye Xiwen continued to look at this mighty expedition of the dead.

This scene was simply like the legendary fable of demon soldiers.

Horrifying monsters continued to appear for the rest of the night. Just from one look, one would feel their soul being sucked into an infinite ice pit, feeling a kind of an inexplicable chill throughout the body, as if simply crawling out from the hell.

Ye Xiwen watched until sunrise when the yellow river gradually disappeared without a trace.

Fortunately, however, as Mu Ling said, these armies of dead soldiers would not attack unless attacked by the living. They were as if immersed in their own lives, in a mighty campaign which seemed like an undecided battle from when they were alive, and did not care about Ye Xiwen who watched their battle whole night from the sidelines.

Ye Xiwen did not stay there for long. This type of practice style was suitable for Mu Ling, not for him.

Ye Xiwen decided to indulge in absorbing divinities and strengthen 'gilded tyrant form'. He was waiting for his golden body to reach the peak level because then even at his current level he would be able to kill that psycho Jiang Hua in one hit.

It would immediately pick him from the weak spot and place on the strong spot, making him strong enough for the job……

As this island had been divided up by the major forces among themselves, and gradually, all of the treasures were seized, after a tangled warfare, the leaders of various forces also determined that it was time to explore the depths of the demon island.

They did not come here to fight but to explore this island for its treasures.

In less than a month, various strong alliances had already explored up to the spot where Ye Xiwen and Mu Ling met.

And at this time, a big rumor broke out which made everyone boil up with excitement. A complete immortal palace was found in a sierra.

Finding a fully intact immortal palace was really a huge achievement. This immediately stirred all of the experts.

In fact just like Ye Xiwen, others also speculated that this island was possibly the residence of a tyrannical influence. In fact, Ye Xiwen had discovered the ruins of a large palace earlier and guessed correctly.

This also indicated the remains of a big adventure, immortal soldiers, ancient martial arts, a variety of immortality pills, all kinds of adventures, all kinds of treasures were likely to occur among these ruins. Moreover, according to their observations, the ancient civilization that resided here was very powerful and terrifying and left behind a magnanimous palace. Not to mention, it was an unguarded Immortal palace and several sects must have attacked it in order to obtain the treasures hidden inside but couldn't succeed. For so many years, so many sects and so many experts tried to capture this Immortal palace for its treasures but no one was successful in achieving that. In the end, several factions and sects faced destruction, such as Heavenly Rock faction.

There were countless formidable forces scattered in this vast sea, but this demon island was probably far beyond their imagination.

One simply couldn't comprehend the scope of the treasures left behind by an ancient immortal civilization and neither was it easy to make a guess about the vastness of the treasure trove hidden in this Immortal palace.

After obtaining the news, suddenly, numerous experts flew towards the Immortal palace……

Inside a cave, Ye Xiwen had planted 'Breath Isolation' matrix method and was indulged in closed-door training. He had been like this for full five days.

Ye Xiwen's golden body was glowing and the dark-golden light was illuminating the entire cave.

More and more golden threads were crawling on his bronze flesh, indicating that he accumulated a large amount of divinity.

During this whole month, he killed countless demon beasts, and finally, the upper of his body was completely covered with divinity. Gilded tyrant form was half-complete and his cultivation had also reached the point of breakthrough.

His body reached the limit of withstanding the accumulated Zhen Yuan and he needed to step into next stage as soon as possible.

It was always tough for him to have a breakthrough, but at the same time, after the breakthrough, his inner state would be much stronger than other experts of the same level.

'Mysterious space' was crazily devouring Ling Dans and absorbing Lingqi from them, and under his control, information regarding various martial arts and world laws was being projected in his mind, making all the necessary preparations for stepping into the seventh stage.

It was just like the last-minute cramming up for an exam. He was quickly grasping the knowledge and information required for stepping into the next level, and was able to do so thanks to the presence of mysterious space in his mind.

Zhen Yuan was crazily surging in his body and there was a fast increase in aura. It was always very difficult to control the sudden eruption of aura during a breakthrough.

Therefore, experts generally chose a calm and steady place for having a breakthrough because of the turbulence it created in the surroundings and attracted the attention of people. No one would want to face an enemy during the breakthrough.

However, Ye Xiwen had no other choice since he was on this demon island and couldn't possibly expect to find a completely safe place. So, he planted a 'Breath Isolation' matrix method outside the cave with a protective curtain released by Tianyuan mirror on the inside. The motive was to not attract the attention of tyrannical demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen's breath continued to rise bit by bit and quickly reached the peak of truth fifth stage, followed by reaching the stage barrier.

Ye Xiwen let go of his control on Zhen Yuan and fully mobilized it within his body.

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen's breath suddenly rose and directly reached truth sixth stage in one fell swoop. There was no ordinary gap between fifth and sixth stage and he finally crossed this gap. Before this breakthrough, he was able to beat a peak level expert of the sixth stage. So, now his battle strength would certainly have an enormous growth.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and a smile appeared on his face. Now, he could easily beat the experts of truth seventh stage which placed him among the few top experts on this island.

Ye Xiwen stood up, withdrew the matrix method and Tianyuan mirror, instantly turned into a streamer of light and vanished into the horizon. Yes, he was going towards the rumored Immortal palace.

(To be continued)


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