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Chapter 232 - The yellow river

The unreasonable overbearing arrogance of Wan True Union became quite apparent when they came looking for trouble for no reason, after all, from Jiang Hua's tone, Ye Xiwen could make out that they were not giving much importance to the crushed law fragment, in fact they used it as a topic for negotiation for roping him into their alliance.

Since they did not come for the law fragment or at least not mainly came for it, then their sudden interest in Ye Xiwen was very strange. The only way to explain this was Xiao Zhen's presence in Wan True Union. He must have said something or might have provoked them against Ye Xiwen, so they came after him.

However, now it did not matter anymore because Ye Xiwen already credited this account on Wan True Union’s head. Now, they had no choice but to suffer because he would neither forgive, nor forget.

Although Ye Xiwen had a recent power up and could easily beat the experts of truth sixth stage, but he would still have a tough time dealing with the experts of truth seventh stage. So, it seemed necessary for him to wait until stepping into the truth sixth stage.

Moreover, he was quite wary of Wan True Union's chief. He could not help but fear the tyrannical strength of this chief who actually tamed a psycho like Jiang Hua, a super genius of truth seventh stage.

Right now he couldn't launch an attack on the Wan True Union, at least not until he had sufficient strength.

After fully recovering and simultaneously gaining a power up, Ye Xiwen decided to leave the griffin valley. Basically, it could be said that in this valley, he was constantly surrounded by danger, not to mention he had to be cautious at all times in order to not get found out by half-step legendary or legendary level griffins. He was tired of this non-stop 'hide and seek' game.

After carefully exiting the griffin valley, Ye Xiwen felt relieved but when he observed the surroundings, he didn't know where he was. On the day he was being chased down, he was mostly focusing on dealing with the enemy and didn't pay attention to where he was going.

Now he was basically lost, but at least knew that he was probably already out of the outermost regions of the demon island because the demon beasts here were significantly stronger than the outermost regions, for example, the griffins.

But anyway, Ye Xiwen had been planning to explore the depths of the island, and as long as he would continue to march towards the huge mountain of Dead qi, located at the centre of the demon island, he would eventually reach his destination.

Night gradually deepened and endless stars appeared in the sky. It seemed like a gigantic Zhen formation in the sky, projected directly onto the demon island.

As he continued advancing towards the depth of the demon island, he discovered something strange. In the night, the starlight projected onto the demon island was being absorbed by all types of demon beasts, making their bodies glow with faint silver light. Yes, they were absorbing the energy of the stars.

"They are absorbing the quintessence of the stars!"

An idea suddenly cropped up in his mind as he remembered reading about this in the ancient legends. The ancient myths mentioned about the so-called evil spirits, could be plants, beasts or human beings, who were capable of absorbing the quintessence from the heavenly bodies, including the sun and moon.

So in this case, it was the quintessence of the stars?

Ye Xiwen tried before but could not absorb the so-called quintessence of the sun and the moon. Later found out that it was nothing but a crappy concept since that little touch of energy was only enough to survive and nothing more, a concept filled with utter nonsense.

But now he discovered that this legend was not nonsense, but a mistake on his part since he used ordinary irradiation laws for absorbing the quintessence of the heavenly bodies. So, there was actually need of special methods, or perhaps a special type of gene in body, in order to absorb and harness the quintessence of heavenly bodies.

Without these necessary things, one could not harness the energy of heavenly bodies. Otherwise, it would basically turn into an alternate source of energy, enough to sustain life at the most.

“It really is a vast method, just look at the power of these stars, infinite!” Ye Mo pointed towards the sky and said, “This mysterious huge Zhen array is restraining the rich energy of a total of 1800 most luminous stars, and then this massive energy is being projected on the island. No wonder this island's demon beasts are so tyrannical. After showering in the illumination of these stars for so long, even the most ignorant and weakest demon beasts will eventually power up to become extraordinary!”

“Moreover, look at the ominous Dead qi erupting from that huge mountain and forming a dense cloud in the sky. The dense cloud spreads throughout the island and envelops the entire island in the night, thereby blocking all the stars, and not just that, these clouds also block the outward diffusion of energy by forming a large diaphragm of Dead qi. Although the clouds of Dead qi are not as thick on the rest of the island as above that huge mountain, but there is no doubt, these clouds block most of the starlight. And this is a good thing because considering the massive energy present in the starlight originating from so many stars, if it fully illuminated the entire island then the demon beasts on this island will be on a whole another level. And then you and those other experts won't be able to survive on this island.” Ye Mo said, “Plus we saw the ruins of an ancient civilization, on top of that, all of the demon beasts on this island are god's descendants. Now I can affirm that this island is an encampment of a terrifying influence, possibly at the level of ten thousand world's community. Moreover, it's most probably a demon race encampment and all the demon beasts here are the descendants of that demon race. Obviously, several members of that demon race must have been immortals, perhaps belonging to a big organization.”

Ye Mo speculated and his whole body actually shivered. A legendary immortal organization was only heard of in fables. One must know that immortals were frightening existences and worked like a deterrent community.

If so, then everything could be explained. This large Zhen array with its mysterious power of trapping starlight was actually planted by a mighty demon race. It also explained the origins of the ominous Dead qi on the mountain.

So this was the reason why the demon beasts of this island were more powerful!

This was indeed a reasonable explanation!

However, Ye Xiwen had a cold feeling about this organization, after all, such an organization was far more formidable than the combined influence of the ten countries of the southeast region, in fact, even the might of the whole Zhen Wu Jie was nothing in comparison!

However, such a formidable influence actually became dilapidated like this and finally became a practice field for the young geniuses of the southeast region!

What was going on!

Yes, Ye Xiwen always found this island very strange and shrouded in mysteries, but now he felt somewhat dismal about it.

Perhaps, millions of years had passed since its original glory, which gradually submerged in the sandstorm of time and would continue to do so, retelling the tales of its lost civilization which couldn't escape destruction despite being so formidable!

Ye Xiwen lightly asked: “Ye Mo, you tell me what in the world is this so-called immortality?”

“Even great masters like me or magnificent forces such as this immortal demon race ultimately find it difficult to escape death.” Ye Mo said in a low voice, “Maybe the so-called immortality exists, but peerless geniuses still ascend the road to heaven singing and dancing along the way ……”

“Well, anyway, these things are still far away from me.” Ye Xiwen shook his head and decided to throw away these distractions. In fact, he could hear about these things just because Ye Mo was at his side, otherwise, he wouldn't even bother knowing about them!

The more he knew about these things, the more he became aware of his tiny existence!

Then, abruptly, Ye Xiwen discovered something underfoot. He immediately looked down and saw a yellow-green river which was exuding yellowish light and it was actually corroding the Zhen Yuan around his feet.

Ye Xiwen was immediately startled and quickly retreated all the way back and went out of the scope of this yellow river and asked in a surprised voice: “What is this yellow water?”

“This yellow water is actually dead people flowing down the so-called river of dead.” Ye Mo explained.

“River of the dead? How many people must have died to give rise to this river of dead!” Ye Xiwen looked at the yellow river flowing all the way into the distance.

Ye Xiwen observed that the source of this yellow river was none other than that ominous mountain. And in the night, it looked even more strange and ominous.

“It is really a big fortune that we get to see it! Countless people must have suffered unjust deaths, giving rise to such rich Dead qi.” Ye Mo said, “And their souls and resentment have coagulated into this yellow river.”

“The fables about hell talk about a river that has been flowing from the beginning of time and will flow till the end of time. It flows across time and space and is well-known among mortals as River Styx.” Ye Mo said, “It is also called river of the dead or the yellow river. Although the titles are different, but in fact, the river contains the essence of the dead and they must spend a long time flowing in River Styx before entering the hell. But we are actually able to see a part of the river here, such a good luck!”




Terrible cries of terror were sounding from the river and echoing everywhere.

In his past life, Ye Xiwen had also heard of this legend but never took it seriously until now when he finally saw River Styx with his own eyes.

(To be continued)


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