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Chapter 231 - Power-up

Zhen Yuan was continuously circulating in Ye Xiwen's body and healing the injuries. He took out a lot of healing drugs and medicinal pills from the storage space in Tianyuan mirror and used them all to increase the healing pace. Finally, the bleeding stopped and his wounds no longer looked serious. Now, he appeared much better when compared to his earlier blood-drenched image.

Ye Xiwen felt relieved but knew that this was just the beginning. Perhaps, his body sustained the worst injuries ever, and that too after practicing gilded tyrant form which again proved the extent of his injuries.

Thinking of this, unbearble hatred welled up in Ye Xiwen's heart as he gritted his teeth. For him, this was simply an unexpected misfortune that he somehow ended up provoking a megalomaniac.

However, Ye Xiwen was not a nice guy and would certainly not forget this incident!

He was literally pushed to his limits and couldn't control the rage building up in his heart. He was normally a good-hearted person, but once provoked, he would neither forgive nor forget!

If someone dared to fuck with him then he would make sure to obliterate the very existence of his enemy from the face of the earth without the slightest grievance. After all, forgiveness and mercy never worked in this brutal world where strength and pride ruled all.

“I pledge to teach the whole Wan True Union a lesson. I will teach them thoroughly that they should never have fucked with me!” Ye Xiwen said and clenched his teeth, and right then, the broken bones sent waves of intense pain into his brain and his face contorted.

He began to breathe heavily!

“Rather than wasting time on such ruthless words, why not focus on recuperating first?” Ye Mo shook his head and said.

Jiang Hua's relentless attacks had done some serious damage to his body and it was going to take a long time to reach full recovery.

Ye Xiwen estimated that it would take at least three months to fully recuperate, but he couldn't afford to waste three months, after all, only a year's time was available to explore this vast island.

“Now if you slowly recuperate then it will take too long and may actually affect your vitality. You have to find a way to supplement your vitality as soon as possible.” Ye Mo said, “These griffins are god's descendants, though certainly not as terrifying as a phoenix, but we should not overlook their sheer population. There are at least 4000-5000 griffins in this valley, which means there are enough eggs to help you in restoring your lost vitality and energy.”

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded. Even he had come up with the same plan and was undoubtedly the best way to get out of this mess.

Ye Xiwen had completely used up the reserves of divinity in his body in the battle.

Days passed and in a blink of an eye, a month elapsed.

Ye Xiwen was crawling forward while 'restraining breath technique' was working at its best to cover his presence completely. There was a large rock in front of him and there was a griffin's nest right on top of it. Ten palm-sized griffin eggs were lying down in the nest and a griffin was guarding them. After a while, it spread its wings and flew away in serach of food.

Ye Xiwen finally climbed up, casually picked up one egg then quietly left that place and left towards the crevice which was acting as his hiding place in this valley.

Although there were thousands of griffins eggs in the valley, but he took only one egg from a nest. So even if a griffin noticed that one of its eggs was missing, it assumed that it must have rolled out of the nest and did not bother much. Of course, griffins were wise creatures but not comparable to humans. They would never expect someone to sneak into their nest and steal just one egg.

Certainly, Ye Xiwen did not dare to sneak into the nests of formidable griffins, for example, he would not even think about going close to the nest of a half-step legendary level griffin. Ye Xiwen's skill was too low so even after relying on 'restraining breath technique', it was impossible for him to hide his presence from higher level griffins at all times. If an ordinary truth level griffin was not vigilant then he was sure to succeed, but half-step legendary level griffins could easily see through his concealment.

Due to the lack of level, Ye Xiwen's concealment was not perfect because a part of his breath was not concealed, and if he wanted to steal the eggs then he must hide his presence completely, especially in front of a half-step legendary level griffin.

Not to mention, there were some legendary level griffins in the depths of the valley and he never thought of approaching them. Ye Xiwen didn't stand a chance against a legendary level existence, whether it was a human, a devil or a demon beast. The legendary realm really deserved its title because those on this realm could definitely be called legendary characters, irrespective of the species they belonged to. Just by stepping into this realm, the lifespan increased up to 1000 years.

And if the understanding of world laws was taken into consideration then it was on a whole another level, and, there were realms above it as well.

Ye Xiwen still remembered how those legendary experts were killed by golden-winged eagle, not to mention the entire group of formidable experts sent on an expedition to this island by Heavenly Rock faction was massacred. According to what Wu Shaoqun said, the influence of this faction in Great Yue State was apparently comparable to that of Yi Yuan School in Great Yue State.

It could be said that the combined strength of all of the griffins in this valley was more tyrannical than Yi Yuan School's total strength.

This place could only be compared to the sacred space located in the depths of Yi Yuan School. Ye Xiwen didn't even dare to be presumptuous and was quietly going through this area, although his speed was slow, but prevention is better than cure and safety always wins. He didn't want to disturb those terrifying half-step legendary or legendary level demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen returned to his hiding place. He had slightly rearranged the structure of this crevice during the period of one month he spent here, and it no longer looked like a crevice but a large dark cave.

One could see broken egg shells in the corners of the cave, thought well hidden. Ye Xiwen had been absorbing the essence from all these griffin eggs for the last whole month.

Ye Xiwen carefully put down the griffin egg and began to absorb its essence. The egg cracked and a very pure essence flew out of it. This essence was bound to contain large amounts of condensed energy, after all, unlike deepwater black snakes that took birth in Xiantian realm, griffins took birth in truth realm.

In other words, this essence was equivalent to the vitality of a truth level expert. Not to forget, Ye Xiwen absorbed the essence from so many griffin eggs.

Ye Xiwen's current level was not high so these griffin eggs were quite nourishing for him.

Not to mention, the divinity contained in a griffin egg was much stronger when compared to general demon beasts.

This essence was gradually absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's skin instantly turned golden as he activated 'tyrant body technique'. The numerous golden threads all crawled over his body. And this time, his whole body was covered with golden threads of divinity.

In other words, after resting for a month, he not only managed to completely restore his original strength but also surpassed his previous strength. Now, he wouldn't need to fight with Xiao Zhen for so long. At his current strength, Ye Xiwen could just slap him to death!

Ye Xiwen knew for sure that Xiao Zhen was the reason why Wan True Union was looking for him. Since Wan True Union came looking for trouble right after Xiao Zhen joined it.

(To be continued)


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