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Chapter 233 - The Six Samsara

However, Ye Xiwen soon discovered the real horror behind that scene and heard intermittent battle cries arising straight from the yellow river. An unknown form of energy coagulated and took form of countless soldiers in a large battle arrangement as they were shouting 'kill' again and again and their expedition was marching towards the hell.

These were the resentments of the dead that had condensed at this time. But they were the dead members of which force?

It looked like an expedition marching on the ninth heaven!

Boundless killing intention was rolling down the yellow river and dense Dead qi was proliferating in the air and appeared like ominous clouds, concealing the presence awe-inspiring evil spirits.

“Ha!” Suddenly, there came a loud battle cry and Ye Xiwen saw an array of soldiers, who had congealed from Dead qi and resentment and flowing down the yellow river stream, being directly slaughtered. But he didn't care about those soldiers because his attention was caught by a khaki-colored figure who was shuttling back and forth in the river and his long sword was sweeping endless Swordlight in all directions, killing several soldiers with each strike.

He appeared like a twenty-year-old young guy clad in a khaki-colored robe, with a slightly pale face but carrying an extremely cold expression, and the sword in his hand was actually releasing terrifying Swordlight, capable of slaughtering those soldiers. In fact, the soldiers were unable to encircle him no matter how much they tried.

Ye Xiwen clearly saw that after dying, the soldiers transformed back into their original Dead qi form, and afterwards, this Dead qi was actually absorbed by the tip of his sword, making the Swordlight seem even brighter and formidable than before.

Ye Xiwen was shocked by this. This guy was actually absorbing the Dead qi as a means of cultivation, and although those soldiers were not conscious but still held killing instinct, almost every one of them was no less than an expert of truth fifth stage, and some were at sixth or even seventh stage. In their lifetime, they must have been much more tyrannical, but at present, they were merely shadows of their real selves, just a collection of resentments arising from the yellow river of the dead. Perhaps, they used to be on legendary realm when they were alive? Maybe even above that.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen had a kind of scalp tingling sensation. This world really had so many fearful forces with countless peerless experts. The real strength of even one of these dead experts was simply hard to imagine.

And this man was shuttling back and forth in the battalions of these soldiers and killing endlessly. In a blink of an eye, he killed several soldiers of truth fifth stage and their Dead qi was absorbed by him, thereby increasing the intensity of his Swordlight once again.

Even the soldiers of truth sixth stage didn't seem like his opponent, which clearly showed that he was at the peak of truth sixth stage. Moreover, he was not like ordinary experts of truth sixth stage.

The strength of the peerless geniuses on the demon island could not be measured on the same scale as other ordinary geniuses, because even on the same level they possessed varying powers, some having tyrannical strength while some having ordinary strength on the same level. This guy was similar to Ye Xiwen, a genius among geniuses. He was certainly a peak level existence of truth sixth stage.

Then, abruptly, the man in khaki robe saw Ye Xiwen and a sharp look flashed in his eyes. He immediately shot a dazzling Swordlight which rushed towards Ye Xiwen and completely enveloped him.

Ye Xiwen raised his hand and instantly crushed the Swordlight then looked coldly at him and said: “Why would you suddenly attack for no reason?”

With yellow water dripping from his feet, he slowly walked towards Ye Xiwen.

“You are very strong, but this is not the place for you!” The man said.

“That is none of your business!” Ye Xiwen was very unhappy, after all, he was attacked a moment ago for no reason so how could he just let this go?

Although he was wary of this man, but was certainly not afraid of him.

“Boom!” The man didn't reply and immediately swept an incredibly potent Swordlight. It suddenly surrounded Ye Xiwen from all sides, leaving no scope for escape. Ye Xiwen was unable to breathe properly while facing the huge oppression from this attack.

This man was intrepid and very tyrannical but Ye Xiwen wasn't scared the least.

“Humph!” Ye Xiwen's whole body as if transformed into a bronze statue when he activated 'tyrant body technique'. He, now, looked just like a reincarnation of an ancient overlord. A long blade instantly appeared in his hand and chopped out a hundred feet long Bladelight. As the Bladelight advanced forward, it vaporized everything in its path and even the space began to fluctuate in its presence. This was the result of Ye Xiwen's perception and understanding of the world laws.

There was an incredibly fierce look on Ye Xiwen's face, making him appear very cold and ominous.

“Boom!” Suddenly, Bladelight and Swordlight collided and the severe explosion resulted in an endless sea of light sweeping across in all directions.

As the two attacks mutually annihilated each other, Ye Xiwen directly rushed forward and his long blade suddenly released endless Bladeqi which transformed into a white dragon and roared towards that man as if to swallow him whole.


The man also released a rolling Swordqi across the sky and it collided fiercely with the dragon and led to a malicious collision.

An incredible look appeared in the man’s eyes because he never expected that Ye Xiwen would be so formidable. He had always been confident about his own strength and thought that he had no rival on the same level, but never expected to find a tough guy like Ye Xiwen.

This was a showdown between two peak level experts of truth sixth stage. Perhaps in the entire Zhen Wu Jie, there wasn't a single expert stronger than these two, there might be equally powerful experts but definitely not stronger.

Immediately, a competitive look flashed in his eyes as he sized up Ye Xiwen. This was the first time he found a challenging opponent on the same level.

“Boom!” The ground collapsed, the tide of destruction swept everything away and the surrounding trees were instantly bulldozed.

Both of them were like peerless kill gods, maliciously attacking each other.

There was an equally competitive look in Ye Xiwen's eyes because even he was excited to find a worthy opponent. It was generally not easy to bump into a well-matched opponent. Each and every one of their attacks was mutually cancelling each other. This made them even more excited and motivated towards defeating the opponent with the next shot.

Ye Xiwen could feel that this man didn't bear a killing intention in his heart. It seemed like he was just trying to defend his territory and treating Ye Xiwen as an intruder.

So, Ye Xiwen's killing intention also vanished, but his fighting intention did not reduce.

A majestic aura burst out of Ye Xiwen's body and he continued to attack again and again. His blade was thundering and releasing the finest concepts of world laws with each blade attack.

Even Ye Xiwen could feel that his blade was screaming with excitement. This was the first time he felt such a thing from this long blade, as if the blade's soul had come back to life to bring ruin to this world.

The souls of several heroes concentrated on the tip of that man's sword. And just then, Ye Xiwen saw a giant wheel congealing near the tip of the sword.

Human way!

Beast way!

Heaven way!

Asura way!

Ghost way!

Hell's way!

These six samsara were constantly turning on the wheel!

According to legends, all living beings had to go through 6 different reincarnations. These six reincarnations, also called 6 samsara, could be divided into three good ways and three evil ways. The three good ways were called Heaven, Human and Asura; the other three evil ways were Beast, Ghost and hell. However, although Asura was a good way but when compared to Heaven, it was relatively more inclined towards evil way, so sometimes it was also considered as an evil way. In that case, there were two good ways and four evil ways.

Only in hell one could see these six reincarnations together. And this man had been constantly absorbing the essence and resentment of these so-called dead creatures from River Styx, plus he was actually able to kill them. Something like this was possible only when he had practiced some kind of technique, possibly related to hell.

“This is my sect's unique skill, six samsara, you have been warned.” The man warned Ye Xiwen.

Six samsara was just like a grinding disc as it dropped from the clouds. An ear piercing sound resounded through the sky and its rotation speed was so fast that it was giving rise to storms everywhere, as if the whole world was going to perish any moment.

Ye Xiwen also did not show any weakness. The long blade danced in his hands and summoned a huge diagram of a full moon in the sky!

The massive full moon diagram swept across the sky and pressed down towards the six samsara attack.

It seemed as if the ninth heaven itself had descended in this world.

“Boom!” A horrifying explosion occurred with the collision of the two tyrannical attacks, destroying everything within the radius of several miles.

The dust and smoke dispersed, revealing a scene where Ye Xiwen's long blade was put across the man's neck. Right, Ye Xiwen's full moon diagram had annihilated the six samsara.

“I lost!” The man seemed somewhat frustrated as he said this but he looked somewhat relaxed as well.

Although he did not have any card to use against Ye Xiwen, but even Ye Xiwen was in the same situation. Yes, they did not carry on a life and death battle, but their attacks were earth shattering from the beginning and were meant to kill the opponent. But in the end, he realized that he was not Ye Xiwen's opponent.

“Initially, I thought that since we both are on the same level then I will have enough strength to defeat you, but it looks like my practice is not enough.” The man said in a somewhat self-ridiculing manner, but there wasn't a shred of discouragement in his tone.

(To be continued)


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