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Chapter 227 - Shuffles

Ye Xiwen spent almost one month in an unceasing absorption of the law fragment in powdered state.

During this month, the entire demon island was in a state of turmoil. It was a chaotic time of conquests and just because of the appearance of law fragments.

90% of truth level disciples were deeply attracted towards law fragments and reason was the sudden appearance of nine law fragments. Excluding the ninth one which was directly crushed by Ye Xiwen under the watchful eyes of several disciples, two law fragments had fallen into the grasp of formidable demon beasts.

The remaining six were all up for grabs and resulted in several battles. As Ye Xiwen had previously guessed, several fierce experts were really hiding on this island. And during the contest for law fragments, there appeared a large number of horrifying experts of more than truth sixth stage. Except the Eagle Union, the other five alliances, that had managed to obtain a law fragment each, were completely under siege from several other hidden destructive forces and undercover terrifying experts. This led to the destruction of many alliances, and in the end, these law fragments ended up in the grasp of the strongest.

The Eagle Union was actually very stable. A group of people went looking for trouble but the result was their own thorough annihilation instead.  Henceforth, everyone approved that Eagle Union was the strongest alliance on the entire island and no one should provoke them.

Some people tried searching for Ye Xiwen but were unable to find him because they couldn't find his trail as if he was a ghost or something. Moreover, since he had crushed that law fragment so they could only bitterly give up.

After Ye Xiwen departed from there, there was a severe infighting among the members of Battling Heavens brotherhood and as a result of that, the alliance completely dissolved. Afterwards, Xiao Zhen and Liu Yueru had a dramatic dispute, and Liu Yueru departed. In the end, Xiao Zhen led the remaining people to seek refuge in Wan True alliance.

This was the first reshuffle on the demon island and cropped up some of the original hidden forces, but Ye Xiwen knew that this would not be the last reshuffle because there were several horrifying experts still waiting and watching from shadows. They were not much attracted to the law fragments, after all, a year’s time was left till the reopening of the island and early exposure wasn't a good thing. Only those who get the last laugh are considered the winners.

It was conceivable that there would be a terrible upheaval before the reopening of the demon island.

Ye Xiwen did not want to be a part of this reshuffle. He was more interested in exploring the island's depths.

But, Ye Xiwen did not go directly to the island’s depths since he was looking for Wu Shaoqun.

During the reshuffle, Ye Xiwen finally heard news about Wu Shaoqun and decided to go and meet him. He was also worried about Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen because he got no news about them. He was hoping that Wu Shaoqun would help him in getting information about their whereabouts.

There was a stretch of several log cabins in a square and Wu Shaoqun was living in one of those cabins. Occasionally, terrifying beastly roars were coming from very far place. After arriving here, Ye Xiwen had a feeling of coming to the paradise with a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Ye Xiwen didn't approach, just deactivated 'restraining breath technique'.

Wu Shaoqun sensed Ye Xiwen standing outside and immediately came out of his cabin. With a look of pleasant surprised on his face, he laughed and said: “Ye Xiwen, what brings you here?”

“Of course, I have come to meet you. Why did you leave Battling Heavens brotherhood?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“I left because of that sly Xiao Zhen. He was secretly planning something behind the scenes and was about to start a war for power and his person profit. If not for giving face to Liu Yueru, I would have surely butchered him.” Wu Shaoqun answered and this really surprised Ye Xiwen. This was the first time he witnessed Wu Shaoqun's crazy side which was quite contrasting to his usual jolly attitude. “But I knew that Battling Heavens brotherhood won't last long under his leadership.”

“Ye Xiwen, you have become very famous these days. The whole island knows your name. Damn bro, you are really ruthless, actually crushed a law fragment!” Wu Shaoqun smiled and said.

“It's such an honor to have a friend who has come from so far to visit us.” Suddenly, a voice sounded from a nearby log cabin and a young Daoist priest came out from there. Ye Xiwen noticed that he was the same Daoist priest he saw earlier.

“Daoist priest, the pleasure is all mine.” Ye Xiwen cupped his hands and said.

“Ye Xiwen, meet Qing Xu.” Wu Shaoqun introduced them.

“You can call me Qing Xu and I’ll just call you Ye Xiwen.” Daoist priest was surprisingly not attaching any importance to superficial formalities.

For Ye Xiwen, it was still very difficult to see through Qing Xu's cultivation. Even though his own cultivation level had increased since the last meeting, but he was again unable to sense Qing Xu's cultivation level.

“How come you two are together?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“We do not want to join any alliance, so we all decided to live in the same place and watch each other's back.” Wu Shaoqun smiled and said.

Wait, so there were more than just these two living here. Ye Xiwen was now curious, since it looked like a small group of people who didn't want to be a part of any alliance. But, Ye Xiwen did know that this was no ordinary group.

Wu Shaoqun was at the peak of truth sixth stage and even after the recent shuffling, he could be counted among the top experts on the island. But, Qing Xu was on a whole other level and would be counted among the handful of terrifying existences.

“Well, why don't you join us here? I think your strength is sufficient enough to be one of us.” Wu Shaoqun indirectly tried to check what Ye Xiwen was thinking. After all, although their group had not become famous, but its battle efficiency was on par with the strongest active alliances on the demon island.

“No, I can bring a lot of trouble for you guys and I don't want to see anyone hurt because of me.” Ye Xiwen shook his head and refused. What he said was true but more important was the fact that he needed to hunt as many god's descendants as he could in order to perfect 'gilded tyrant form'. And, he certainly couldn't tell them about this.

“Oh come on, we can deal with any trouble, and just because there is trouble out there, we must work together to tackle them.” Wu Shaoqun laughed and said.

But, Qing Xu immediately figured that Ye Xiwen did not want to join their group and said: “Shaoqun, you don't have to force him. We are not an alliance, think of us as a group of people who have come together to mutually aid each other. Ye Xiwen, so long as you want, we will always welcome you in our group.”

“Indeed, if there is anything you need help with, just ask.” Wu Shaoqun said, although had only met Ye Xiwen a few times but had a good impression of him, probably because Ye Xiwen's temperament was very much to his liking. These two really hit it off from the very first meeting.

Precisely because of this, Ye Xiwen hoped that Wu Shaoqun would definitely help him out. And just now, he felt that his decision of meeting Wu Shaoqun was right. Although these experts were not part of any alliance, but should have a broad network of contacts, spread across several alliances.

“Actually, I want your help with something.” Ye Xiwen didn't beat around the bush and directly said.

“Feel free and tell.” Wu Shaoqun said.

“As I told you before, I was separated from the two fellow disciples of my sect earlier when we encountered golden-winged eagle. I hope you can help me in getting any information about them.” Ye Xiwen said.

Qing Xu also remembered seeing two people with Ye Xiwen in the sea.

“It’s a small thing, no problem!” Wu Shaoqun beat his chest once and said in a confident tone.

“Also, I want you to help me in obtaining any news about Great Yue State's eighth prince.” Ye Xiwen said.

“The eighth prince of your country, you mean Yue Yi?” Wu Shaoqun immediately said the eighth prince’s name, after all, his own country had an old enmity with Great Yue State, so the royal clans of their country would obviously collect important information about each other. Wu Shaoqun's knowledge about Great Yue State's political situation was far more than that of Ye Xiwen.

“En!” Ye Xiwen said with a smile, “He and I hold a personal grudge against each other.”

In fact, Ye Xiwen was most worried because Yue Yi had remained silent for all this time. If he was on this island then considering the hate he held for Ye Xiwen, once he got news about Ye Xiwen seizing a law fragment, he would definitely step out to kill him. Not to mention, if Ye Xiwen was able to obtain a law fragment, then it should be rather easier for Yue Yi to get his hands on one.

Now, Yue Yi had sufficient time to consume the treasures he obtained from the ancient ruins. It was tough to guess the extent of his strength when he would appear in front of Ye Xiwen the next time. Hence, Ye Xiwen was eager to perfect 'gilded tyrant form' before that.

Wu Shaoqun was somewhat amazed, immediately raised up his thumb and said: “Terrific, this is even easier. I know about the existence of Great Yue State's Imperial guards and Yue Yi, the peerless genius who leads it. It seems you are going to teach this guy a good lesson. Not bad!”

Wu Shaoqun actually said in a way as if he was taking pleasure in other's misfortunes.

(To be continued)


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