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Chapter 226 – Overnight fame

If you want to step into the legendary realm, then you must spend decades finding answers to the questions posed by the secrets of world laws, and you must successfully manage to answer all of the featured questions, over the years, in order to pass the test.

However, just now, the same priceless list of questions had been torn to pieces by Ye Xiwen. Wasting such a valuable treasure, in the eyes of everyone, was a serious crime.

But in Ye Xiwen's opinion, crushing this law fragment was no big deal, especially because he had 'mysterious space' in his mind and it could help him in restructuring the broken information, then he could completely absorb and comprehend it.

Ye Xiwen chose to crush the law fragment because keeping it intact was too dangerous. While he was holding it in his hand, it continued to cut and injure his palm, and if he was not careful, then it might cut through his whole body. He also knew that Battling Heavens brotherhood would surely spread the news about this incident and it might attract tyrannical experts to track him down. So, he decided to destroy the law fragment in front of everyone.

On the demon island, a lot of tyrannical experts had formed alliances, for example, the Eagle Union consisted of several experts of truth seventh stage, a few experts of truth eighth stage and some terrifying existences of above truth eighth stage as well. And, even the weakest members were at truth sixth stage.

However, was this really the extent of the current younger generation?

Ye Xiwen did not believe in that, after all, he had seen that taoist priest earlier, but was unable see through the priest's cultivation level. He was using a high-level agility skill and must have had a very high cultivation level. Ye Xiwen believed that there were a lot of hidden experts like him on this island, and just to be on the safe side, he didn't want to attract their attention.

Not to forget, the eighth prince had not yet made an appearance. There was a possibility that he was hiding somewhere on the island and practicing, probably, waiting for an opportunity to kill Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen didn't want to waste time on these things. He would prefer exploring this mysterious demon island.

He had spent a month's time on this island but only explored the peripheral zones. He still didn't know what was present in the depths of the demon island.

While holding the crumpled debris of law fragment in his hand, Ye Xiwen flew away from there and soon disappeared in the horizon. Although the members of Battling Heavens brotherhood were filled with hate and grinding their teeth, but no one dared to pursue Ye Xiwen.

After all, when a tyrannical expert like Liu Yueru chose not to battle with Ye Xiwen, then how could they possibly think about going after him?

The impression of Ye Xiwen's incredible strength was deeply seared in their hearts.

The news about the ninth law fragment instantly attracted the attention of many people. Excluding the two law fragments that fell into the hands of demon beasts, a total of six law fragments were seized by human experts. And now, they were shocked to find out from the members of Battling Heavens brotherhood that the ninth law fragment was actually seized by a boy named Ye Xiwen.

But Ye Xiwen's name became famous overnight. Counting out Wu Shaoqun, there were two peerless experts of truth sixth stage in Battling Heavens brotherhood, making it one of the strongest alliances on the demon island.

This was just like stealing food out of a tiger's mouth. The news about Xiao Zhen's pathetic defeat at the hands of Ye Xiwen really shocked the entire demon island. Not to mention, in the presence of so many members of Battling Heavens brotherhood, the two leaders of the alliance willing handed over the law fragment to Ye Xiwen. Just what kind of strength could make it possible? Eventually, the rumors put Ye Xiwen among the numerous powerhouses of the demon island.

However, the news about Ye Xiwen crushing the law fragment made everyone jump up from shock. If he didn't want it then why did he have to waste it like this?

They were cursing Ye Xiwen for such a foolish act, but they couldn't overlook the fact that he was formidable enough to hold a law fragment in his hand and casually crush it. This was a solid proof that he was indeed incredibly strong. No mortal could do such a thing and survive!

In their eyes, Ye Xiwen suddenly became a very mystical and horrifying existence, and at the same time, there were several experts who put down the thought of looking for Ye Xiwen. Once a law fragment was broken, it turned completely useless, as if tearing an exam question paper to shreds. And who would go looking for a tyrannical powerhouse who was capable of crushing a law fragment?

In the end, things turned out just the way Ye Xiwen wanted.

Anyway, in order to use a law fragment, one would need to be at least at half-step legendary level, and on this island, there were no experts of such level, and even if there were, no one dared to entertain such a terrifying idea.

Just the way elderly fishermen did not dare to entertain the idea of monstrous tides, waiting to ambush them in the sea.

Somewhere on the demon island, the eighth prince, clad in royal clothes, was sitting in a cave and practicing an outstanding technique. The shadowy figures of an Azure dragon, a phoenix, a white tiger and a black tortoise were unceasingly glittering around the eighth prince while his aura was getting more and more formidable with each breath.

After hearing the rumor about Ye Xiwen, suddenly, a cold smile appeared on his face.

“I will let him enjoy for some time.”

His voice echoed throughout the cave.

Since others could not comprehend from a crushed law fragment did not mean that Ye Xiwen couldn't comprehend either. He had the help of mysterious space, which could help him in reconstructing and comprehending shattered or lost information. The only thing needed for that was Lingqi, and now with the help of upgraded Tianyuan mirror, the daily production rate of Ling Dans had increased from 500 to 700.

For ordinary martial techniques, this was enough, but not for comprehending a world law!

(NT: Warning!! Terrifying Explanations Ahead!!)

The fundamental principles of this world were actually the final analysis of a particular phenomenon. For example, the sun always sets in the west was one law, water always flows from higher gravitational potential to lower gravitational potential was another law, but none of the above mentioned laws explained the real reasons behind the phenomena.

However, in the legendary realm, experts tried to understand world laws to a deeper level, by tackling the questions such as why water flowed downhill instead of going uphill. And for other experts, it might be very difficult to figure out the real reason behind these laws, but the same was not true for Ye Xiwen.

This time, being a person from the earth was his biggest advantage in this world. Although there were a lot of powerhouses in this world, but very few of them were inquisitive and took their own strength for granted, never questioning why they possessed such strength.

All they needed to do was follow their predecessors in order to enhance their strength. There was a constant ongoing race with time in which they needed to cultivate and enhance their cultivation level, and at the same time, they needed to comprehend various martial techniques. They just needed to reach a certain level and comprehend martial techniques, even at the cost of not really knowing the reason behind them. It was not like they didn't want to know instead did not need to know because the time was a very tight factor during their practice. Xiantian level experts only had a lifespan of two hundred years, and it was even less for Houtian level experts. There was no time for the experts to thoroughly understand each and every theory they were practicing. They were just following the path followed by their predecessors. In short, they were first focusing on cultivation and increasing their lifespan and would consider understanding things on a deeper level, later on.

It was just like the exam-oriented education system from Ye Xiwen's previous life. The college entrance examination was a node and there was a total of twelve years from the beginning of elementary school education till the college entrance examination. As soon as you enroll in the school, the countdown of 12 years to college entrance examination begins. The teachers will begin to fill various types of concepts in your head, and it doesn't matter whether you understand them or not, you must deal with several intermediate examinations until you ultimately face the college entrance examination.

But in this world, the node was life itself. A martial artist's life was long when compared to an ordinary person, but in order to achieve longer lifespan, they must cultivate and keep on practicing and they were always short of time, so most of the time, it was necessary to give up on something to gain something necessary.

And after stepping into the legendary realm, they finally started to catch up by cramming up ferociously. They must begin to study very thoroughly, even about the easiest of laws and must find answers to the simplest of questions such as why does the sun set in the west?

This was a huge shift in practice style and not everyone could withstand this abrupt transformation. This was the problem of so-called fixed thinking, so only a small number of people could get used to this reversed notion, then continued to practice on the long road leading to a pious life.

However, there was a shortcut to all this, and it was none other than the law fragment. A law fragment was like an encyclopedia, although some people never understood why the sun sets in the west, but they could still manage to find out from the encyclopedia that the reason was actually the earth’s rotation.

A long time ago, someone did a lot of research and concluded that earth's rotation was the reason why the sun sets in the west. Now, anyone could just read the conclusion in a book and understand the reason behind this law, so there was no need for self-comprehension anymore.

Moreover, this was a question of ideas and could be reversed very easily.

But for Ye Xiwen, this kind of thing was normal, although he did not possess formidable strength in his past life, but he had an inquisitive attitude. He was a curious guy in the past life and knew the importance of getting to the bottom of something in order to understand it better.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen had an advantage over others, and because of this, even though he seized a law fragment, it would still not hinder him from being inquisitive.

The crushed law fragment was absorbed into the mysterious space then Ye Xiwen began to burn a lot of Ling Dans which then transformed into Lingqi and was injected into the mysterious space, little by little. This began to reorganize the sudden influx of information bit by bit.

(To be continued)


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