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Chapter 228 - Wan True Union

Ye Xiwen certainly knew that the rumors about the eighth prince's exploits were not only prevalent in Great Yue State, but overseas as well.

“No problem, if there is any news then I’ll let you know.” Wu Shaoqun nodded.

After saying goodbye to Wu Shaoqun, Ye Xiwen went towards the depths of the demon island. With the help of Wu Shaoqun, he also felt relieved.

Ye Xiwen was shuttling through the mountain forest, but abruptly stopped and said: “Come out!”

At this time, the figure of a man came out of the woods and stood in front of him.

He appeared like a twenty-year-old youth, tall, slender physique and had a handsome face.

“Who are you?” Ye Xiwen asked. “Why are you following me?”

“My name is Jiang Hua.” The young man looked at Ye Xiwen and said, “I am the deputy chief of Wan True Union.”

Wan true Union was the alliance where Xiao Zhen took refuge.

“Is this related to Xiao Zhen?” Ye Xiwen asked.

"It is not, I have come to invite you to join Wan True Union. So long as you join our union, we will gladly write off the enmity between you and Xiao Zhen. He absolutely won't dare to cause any trouble for you. Moreover, we will help in preserving the law fragment that you seized." Jiang Hua explained.

“The law fragment has already been crushed by me.” Ye Xiwen said.

“You don't need to lie, although we do not know what means you are going to use, but we have every reason to believe that you definitely have a way to take advantage of this crumpled law fragment.” Jiang Hua said.

“Why are looking for me, fair to say, there's deep grudge between me and Xiao Zhen. So, why are you trying to rope me in?” Ye Xiwen said and looked somewhat puzzled.

“We mean no harm since our chief is ingenious and possess outstanding ability and grand vision. So this trivial contradiction is practically nothing in front of his grandeur!” Jiang Hua said and there was a somewhat fanatical expression on his face. At this time, from the fanatic look of Jiang Hua, Ye Xiwen was actually reminded of Feng Kong, the chief commander of Imperial guard.

Feng Kong also held a fanatic-like devotion for the eighth prince.

Such people are hardest to deal with, because they don't listen to reason, and are generally a group of lunatics. They are just like the crazy fans from Ye Xiwen's previous life. If someone doesn't believe in their lord then that someone is an enemy to them.

Ye Xiwen appreciated the loyalty of people, including those who were blindly devoted, but he absolutely could not stand lunatics who couldn't differentiate right from wrong and were just blindly devoted to their lord, irrespective of whether their lord was a good or bad person.

But Ye Xiwen didn't know how to deal with these fanatical believers, because in their hearts, the faith in their master was like their belief in god as if their faith was the absolute justice.

“You are this younger generation’s top genius and that Xiao Zhen is nothing in comparison. As long as you are willing to give your loyalty to our chief, you will certainly obtain more than just a law fragment from him.” Jiang Hua said with pride.

Ye Xiwen laughed, after all, this law fragment had been seized by him and belonged to him, but according to Jiang Hua's logic, his chief would gift it to Ye Xiwen. What kind of ridiculous logic was this?

“Well excuse me, I’m not interested.” Ye Xiwen refused.

“You cannot reject!” Jiang Hua's complexion suddenly darkened as he coldly stared at Ye Xiwen, as if he committed a sin just now and wouldn't be forgiven for this crime!

“I have no interest in joining any alliance.” Ye Xiwen replied. Earlier, Wu Shaoqun invited him to join their small group but he said no, not to mention this was some random alliance and his enemy, Xiao Zhen, was also in this alliance.

“Once our union decides to recruit someone, they cannot refuse!” Jiang Hua's face revealed indifference as he coldly uttered these words.

Jiang Hua looked coldly at Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen also coldly stared at him, and as they continued this staring game, there was a sudden burst of aura from Jiang Hua's side and the dreadful aura instantly enveloped Ye Xiwen.

Jiang Hua knew that Ye Xiwen was an extremely powerful expert, otherwise, his chief wouldn't send him, the deputy chief of their alliance, to personally come and invite Ye Xiwen. Even among the top geniuses of the ten countries of Southeast region, Ye Xiwen was considered the most outstanding.

Such a peerless genius was usually very hard to deal with, but he knew what he must do. He must thoroughly defeat Ye Xiwen in order to crush his pride and self-confidence, thereby taming him in the process.

“Such threats don't work on me.” Ye Xiwen grinned and a cold light flashed in his eyes, “And what is this Wan True alliance, never heard of it.”

“If you want to die so badly, I’ll help you out!” Jiang Hua said in an angry tone and looked at Ye Xiwen with his ice-cold eyes, while his killing intention was overflowing.

“Destruction of the gods tactics!” Jiang Hua's temperament instantly changed and a dreadful killing intention surged out of his body, making him appear like the incarnation of an ancient evil god.

Jiang Hua's internal qi generation engine was operating at its peak, while the terrible rays of light spread everywhere. The entire mountain forest began to quiver under the dominating pressure of the terrifying power of truth seventh peak.

Ye Xiwen shouted and instantly activated 'tyrant body technique'. His whole body was immediately covered in bronze flesh and the faint golden light was glowing in the sunlight, making him look like the incarnation of an ancient overlord.

“Boom!” Jiang Hua's fingertips flashed and shot a huge divine beam at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen instantly shot his palm and a coiling dragon, overflowing with terrifying dragon qi, appeared out of nowhere and roared loudly.

Ye Xiwen was secretly vigilant in his heart. This guy was at the peak of truth seventh stage and could be considered one of the strongest in the younger generation of all ten countries of Southeast region. No wonder he was so confident.

However, even such a person had been tamed by someone. Ye Xiwen was quite curious to find out, who actually was the chief of Wan True Union. But, he must first think of a way to escape from this psycho.

The coiling dragon roared and flew towards the incoming divine beam.

“Bang!” The coiling dragon severely clashed with the divine beam and ripped it apart, rendering it useless.

Then it opened its large jaws and rushed towards Jiang Hua to swallow him whole.

Jiang Hua snorted and said: “Evil dragon!”

His fingertips flashed again and released ten divine beams towards the coiling dragon. These tyrannical beams of divine light attacked it and tore it to shreds.

At this time, Ye Xiwen suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Hua, coldly smiled and said: “Now die!”

Ye Xiwen shot his palm which immediately transformed into a giant dragon claw and maliciously rumbled on Jiang Hua's chest.

“Boom!” A loud explosion occurred and set off strong winds in all directions and directly bulldozed numerous trees in the forest.

The destructive power of these two experts was extremely frightening.

Jiang Hua looked solemn as he said: “You are a very good fighter, actually compelled me to use my best shot. But, rest assured, I will definitely kill you.”

However, in his heart, Jiang Hua was shocked and never expected Ye Xiwen to be so formidable. One must know that he had already used his best shot and was unable to hurt Ye Xiwen. And at the same time, he could see the strange look in Ye Xiwen eyes, as if conveying “You want to kill me?”

Ye Xiwen grinned and his eyes looked even colder than before. His body resembled those of the ancient tyrants, incomparably tyrannical. Jiang Hua was secretly horrified in his heart because he knew well that if he was not a higher level expert then he would probably be dead by now.

“You are very strong but this actually increases the fun. Killing a formidable enemy will prove my strength!” Jiang Hua said softly and step by step walked in the air.

Ye Xiwen immediately took out Tianyuan mirror which made a scarlet protective screen around him.

Jiang Hua suddenly blasted a punch which shook the surrounding space.

“Boom!” The Quanjin rumbled fiercely on the protective screen, but it only trembled a bit and didn't collapse. (NT: Quanjin = Fist power)

Ye Xiwen did not wait and immediately shot his palm, which transformed into a dragon claw and then rumbled maliciously on Jiang Hua's body.


A terrible explosion occurred in the sky.

“Bang!” Jiang Hua was sent flying hundreds of meters away. Blood was dripping from the corners of his mouth since his internal organs had been damaged. How could he possibly know that Ye Xiwen used the power of gilded tyrant form?

Although Jiang Hua's cultivation was at a higher level, but he was still injured by the aftermath of this explosion.

Although Ye Xiwen had used Tianyuan mirror's protective screen but was still sent flying by the explosion.

An incredible look appeared in Jiang Hua’s eyes. He just couldn't believe what he witnessed just now. How could Ye Xiwen's body be so terrifying? He initially planned to rely on his higher level to effortlessly kill Ye Xiwen, but what the hell happened just now? In a protracted battle, Ye Xiwen would end up consuming his energy and should be at a disadvantage, but he still couldn't overlook Ye Xiwen's tyrannical flesh. He couldn't understand how Ye Xiwen managed to attain such a body.

It was basically impossible to find a same-level rival for Ye Xiwen.

But then a killing intention again flashed in his eyes. He knew that he must strangle this threat ahead of time.

Otherwise, in the future, Ye Xiwen might become a formidable enemy.

(To be continued)

(NT: I am stuck to a busy life schedule, so the number of regular releases will have to come down to 4.)

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