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Chapter 224 - Completely suppressed

“It's quite simple. You see, he wanted to kill me so I killed him. It’s that simple!” Ye Xiwen said indifferently but there was a brutal look in his eyes. Then, he slowly walked towards the central committee of Battling Heavens brotherhood, as if dozens of other members simply didn't exist at all. He approached the leaders of the brotherhood and bravely stood right in front of them.

“Do you really want to fight with us and treat us like your enemy?” Xiao Zhen asked coldly.

“Your enemy? It seems like you are repeatedly trying to start a fight with me.” Ye Xiwen said with disdain.

He wasn't some weakling who would lie down and take punches.

Ye Xiwen looked at the law fragment which was floating above the center of the field. It was exuding a faint pattern of light.

Ye Xiwen indifferently said: “I will take this law fragment and consider it as an apology from your side.”

“How dare you!” Xiao Zhen was suddenly furious. They were the first to obtain news about ninth fragment's appearance, and then they had to fight and win an arduous battle to obtain it. And now, this Ye Xiwen actually wanted to take it away from him?

“Ye Xiwen, first you kill our comrade, and now you are trying to snatch away this hard-earned law fragment. Have you gone out of your mind?” At this time, Liu Yueru said, after all, Ye Xiwen was somehow related to Wu Shaoqun so she tried her best to not sound very rude.

“This is a law fragment, you and I are well aware of its value. As long as you hand it over to me, I am willing to write off the resentment between us.” Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

“As if we will listen to you!” Xiao Zhen was extremely furious and his figure instantly turned into a streamer of light as he rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

The long sword in his hand released a terrifying Swordlight, which instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

Gilded tyrant form!

Ye Xiwen instantly activated gilded tyrant form, and his entire body turned bronze in color. In the sunlight, it seemed as if he was a reincarnation of an ancient god. Ye Xiwen raised his hand which transformed into a claw and directly crushed that Swordlight to smithereens, while at the same time, his other palm turned into a dragon. The huge dragon opened its mouth and flew towards Xiao Zhen.

Xiao Zhen barely managed to evade this attack and that huge dragon nipped on the piece of ground, where he was standing an instant ago, and blasted a big hole in the ground.

“Well, I never thought that I was actually mistaken about your strength.” Xiao Zhen was short of breath and said with an anxious smile, “Not just me, everyone is mistaken about your strength, including Wu Shaoqun. I didn't expect that your actual strength would be so profound.”

Xiao Zhen never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually be so powerful that even a truth sixth stage expert like him would feel overwhelmed.

However, since he never realized it before, so there was a feeling of being fooled in his heart!

“But your luck will stop here because making an enemy out of Battling Heavens brotherhood is your biggest mistake!” Xiao Zhen roared and rushed towards Ye Xiwen, while simultaneously releasing a terrifying Swordlight towards him.

By this time, gilded tyrant form had been mobilized to the extreme, and Ye Xiwen looked like an ancient overlord reborn. His overwhelming imposing aura instantly overran towards Xiao Zhen.

Swordlight and domineering imposing aura maliciously hit together.

“Boom!” Accompanied with a loud noise and layer after layer of shock waves, an incomparably bright light swept away in all directions.

“Boom!” A big hole instantly appeared on the ground where the explosion took place.

Ye Xiwen's bronze skin was glowing in the sun, and there was a trace of golden color in it, making him appear like a divine being, a golden god of war.

Everyone froze when they witnessed this scene, especially the people of Battling Heavens brotherhood. Some of them knew Ye Xiwen but never expected that he would be able to defeat their boss.




Both sides mercilessly and relentlessly shot. Ye Xiwen's palm transformed into a dragon and without giving an opportunity to Xiao Zhen to react, it completely suppressed him.

Xiao Zhen was depressed because he never thought that he would be suppressed like this by Ye Xiwen. This was like the most ridicuous joke in the entire world.

He never thought that Ye Xiwen, a guy whom he underesitmated and simply never paid attention to, would thoroughly suppress him like this.

The two men went all the way into the woods, and were as fast as lightning, fighting along the way and destroying everything in their path. Their violent and immense energy was destroying the surrounding forest bit by bit!

Complexions of the members of Battling Heavens brotherhood suddenly paled. Such a battle was extremely terrifying, although they were also known as gifted disciples, but could never dare of being the opponents of those two. These two men were insanely powerful, to the extent that the ordinary experts of truth sixth stage weren't their match. In other words, these two could be considered as super experts even on the truth sixth stage.

And Ye Xiwen could be called the king of the experts of truth sixth stage.

Xiao Zhen's incredible fearful long sword was capable of destroying the hardest of defenses, but Ye Xiwen was even more fearful. He actually stopped this long sword with his bare hands, which actually left Xiao Zhen in an unbearable panic-stricken state. What kind of dreadful body was this?

Unexpectedly, his Swordlight was unable to put even a scratch on Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen's invincible body was just like an absolute impenetrable defense.




Ye Xiwen's palm attack gave rise to a wind blade which fiercely clashed with Xiao Zhen's long sword and the horrifying force made him tremble, making him lose his footing.

“Bang!” Xiao Zhen was sent flying several miles away, hitting several ancient towering trees on the way.

This scene made so many people look incredibly at Ye Xiwen, as if they were looking at a monster. They were well aware of the fact that Xiao Zhen was a very powerful man and undoubtedly deserved to be their leader, but just because they knew this, therefore they couldn't ignore Ye Xiwen's tyrannical strength, which was able to suppress their leader to such an extent.

Ye Xiwen instantly flew forward, chasing after Xiao Zhen's flying body, and a large dragon claw suddenly collided with Xiao Zhen's long sword. The sword exploded and split into fearful rays of light that immediately swept off and spread in all directions.

Xiao Zhen was also hit by the fearful blast and spat out a mouthful of blood.

But at this time, Liu Yueru finally made a move and instantly waved her long blue sword, throwing a blue Swordqi towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen took a casual side-step and effortlessly evaded that Swordqi.

Ye Xiwen stood there firm like a mountain, and slowly turned his face towards Liu Yueru. Her complexion suddenly paled as she never wanted to attack him, she was just trying to save Xiao Zhen. She, then, clenched her fists and lightly said: “Ye Xiwen, since you want this law fragment then we won't take it. I hope it's possible to write off the grudge between us with this.”

Hearing Liu Yueru's words, Xiao Zhen was depressed to the point of vomiting blood, but he also knew that she was right. Ye Xiwen was extremely terrifying and no one in the entire Battling Heaven brotherhood could possibly dream of taking him on.

Only he knew the feeling of terror and dread he had to go through just now while facing Ye Xiwen. It was like facing a violent storm head on, which made him choke several times. He was doing his best to survive as his battle with Ye Xiwen was no different from a desperate battle for survival.

Just for the sake of survival, he would have to give up on the law fragment. He had been the leader of the younger generation for several years, but in front of Ye Xiwen, he collapsed at the first blow.

Ye Xiwen seemed entirely different from before and this aggrieved his heart even more.

However, Xiao Zhen knew that her words were right. If Ye Xiwen lost his cool then he would really end up obliterating their entire existence. Not to forget, on the demon island, there were no elders to save their asses from Ye Xiwen.

The strong commandeered the world while the weak became their game, it was that simple.

Ye Xiwen didn't care about what they were really thinking. Although Xiao Zhen was powerful, but according to Ye Xiwen, he still wasn't an opponent of the eighth prince.

Ye Xiwen had a profound impression of the eighth prince's strength. Ye Xiwen was impatient about enhancing his own strength. Ye Xiwen's strength was at the peak of truth sixth stage and if he was to fight the eighth prince at his current strength, then he would be at great disadvantage. But if Ye Xiwen continued to enhance his cultivation on the demon island as planned, then it would be hard to guess his level until his next meeting with the eighth prince.

After hearing Liu Yueru's words, Ye Xiwen lightly said: “As long as you do not cause any trouble for me, I will naturally let you go.”

Liu Yueru understood what Ye Xiwen meant. The fear of Ye Xiwen was deeply embedded in her heart, not mention it had intensely impacted on her mind as well. Ye Xiwen's reservoirs were too deep and profound. Earlier, when he arrived with Wu Shaoqun, he was still at truth fourth stage and his aura was quite ordinary, but now, all of a sudden, she came to know that it was all fake. Was it seriously possible for a fourth stage expert to dominate a sixth stage expert?

But what she did not know that earlier, Ye Xiwen really wasn't her opponent.

(To be continued)


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