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Chapter 223 - Next encounter with Battling Heavens brotherhood

Truth level experts only comprehended the basic world laws in order to prepare themselves for understanding complex laws in the future.

However, only after stepping into the legendary realm, experts began to have preliminary contact with advanced world laws.

But there was no easy way to comprehend these laws, in fact, most people simply didn't know what to do in order to comprehend world laws. Among nearly ten thousand people, only one person could comprehend a law on their own, and even on the demon island, a gathering place for super geniuses, not more than ten people had the ability to comprehend on their own. Not to mention, this island was a gathering place for the supreme geniuses from the ten countries of Southeast region. And these so-called super geniuses had been selected from millions of geniuses, and even after that, only a few were capable of self-comprehension. This proved the extreme difficulty of comprehending world laws in the truth level, but there was a way for them to make contact with advanced world laws.

And it was to obtain the world law fragments. A law fragment was such a rare and precious item that even legendary experts didn't have a way to obtain one, which showed the extent of its preciousness.

Corresponding to its degree of importance and the extent of its rarity, it was obvious that experts throughout the island burst with joy and excitement.

The first law fragment was captured by Zhan Ying, the leader of the demon island's strongest alliance called Eagle union. According to rumors, he possessed earth shattering power and killed all those who tried to block his way. The first law fragment not only attracted lots of human experts but also many demon beasts, among which, some had intelligence and knew about the importance of a law fragment while others were clueless and were just following the wise ones.

Just one piece of law fragment led to the tragic death of more than twenty peerless geniuses. One could imagine the intensity of battle that took place.

The first law fragment appeared, followed by the second one, third  and fourth one until the eighth law fragment appeared. This suddenly fired up the mood of many people, after all, these were the law fragments. In the past, even if they were considered the topmost geniuses in their respective forces, but a law fragment was still out of their reach. And with the help of these fragments, promotion to the legendary realm would become an easy task.

And most importantly, by the time, the first 4 law fragments had already made an appearance, they all knew that not many fragments would come out after them, and the next one might be the last piece.

There were several experienced experts who knew the reason why these law fragments appeared, in fact, it was related to the sealed island. They speculated that this might be related to the separation of this island's space from outside. When the island’s space was separated, several world laws were also cut apart and were left behind in the form of fragments.

It was quite common for fissures to appear in space, and since these people were each top-level genius, of course, weren't ignorant like other people. They knew that all sorts of space cracks appeared in this world and many law fragments appeared in the surroundings of these space cracks. And over there, many people kept on waiting for the fragments to appear but they mostly belonged to a big influence. Not to mention, these forces were tyrannical and weren't like Yi Yuan School that dominated only a small part of a state, instead they dominated an entire continent.

Moreover, the space around those cracks had many threats, after all, there was no way to find out what kind of unknown world was present on the other side of the broken space. It might end being a terrifying world like the devil world.

All in all, even for them, the law fragments were too precious to lose.

Not to mention, space surrounding the island was slowly consolidating, hence the law fragments were getting fewer and fewer. On the first day, two law fragments appeared at once, but now, they were appearing less and less often.

Everyone was excited.

While there was still anticipation in the eyes of everyone, the ninth piece of world law finally appeared. And, even Ye Xiwen was looking forward to obtain this one.

Because by observing Tianyuan mirror, Ye Xiwen found out that the island's space had completely consolidated and had stabled down, which also meant that it might be the last piece of law fragment.

“Do not have too high hopes, since you are not like them.” Ye Mo smiled and said, “You are the next great Devil King, so how can you possibly be like them? You must take the unprecedented path and must make your own path. Of course, this is a shortcut but if you take it then your future achievement will be limited.”

Ye Mo had not given up on the plans of making Ye Xiwen the next Great Devil King, but Ye Xiwen ignored what he said just now because he was already accustomed to such talks. Almost every day, Ye Mo had been talking about it again and again, but from Ye Xiwen's indifferent attitude, it was apparent that he was not at all interested.

“They are a lot of people who will integrate the law fragment into the body, and on successful completion, the body will start resonating with the law.” Ye Mo said, “But integrating the law this way is actually a gamble of life and death. If the development potential of integrated law is stronger, then their future development potential will be stronger as well. However, if the development potential of integrated law is poor, then their future development potential will be nothing.”

“But if the comprehended law is compatible with them, then later in the future, they can enjoy boundless prospects.” Ye Mo explained.

“But still, I can refer to it, right?” Ye Xiwen said.

“No matter what, regardless of whether I am going to use it or not, I have already decided to seize this ninth law fragment for myself.” Ye Xiwen clenched his fist and said.

Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo immediately rushed in the direction where the ninth piece had supposedly made an appearance. In a while, they arrived at a very large open space and saw the ninth law fragment floating in the sky.


“Kill them all, this law fragment is mine!”

Numerous battle cries could be heard reverberating in the mountains, and in the forest, the corpses of over a hundred experts could be seen lying on the ground. Various martial arts were rumbling in the field and magical tools could be seen dancing in the air. The whole scene simply resembled an Asura battlefield.


“This is more intense than we imagined.” Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen looked from afar and saw that Battling Heavens brotherhood was at war with another alliance, and at this time, two formidable leaders namely Xiao Zhen and Liu Yueru were going all out and were rapidly pressing the other alliance.

Ye Xiwen felt somewhat strange when he didn't see Wu Shaoqun.

Now the demon island was bustling with dozens of alliances, large and small. The strongest among them was Eagle Union, with its weakest member being an expert of truth sixth stage.

Soon, the alliance, which was fighting with Battling Heavens brotherhood, realized that they weren't a match for the opposite party and quickly withdrew.

Ye Xiwen was carefully observing the situation on the battlefield, but suddenly, a huge axe was thrown over towards him at a lightning speed and instantly arrived in front of him.

Ye Xiwen hastily retreated few steps, and suddenly, a huge double-edged axe severely struck the ground and got embedded in the ground. With a loud 'Bang', the surrounding land in the radius of few hundred meters trembled with shock.

Ye Xiwen was suddenly furious since he almost avoided being chopped in half.

This sneak attack was too outrageous.

Ye Xiwen looked up and saw that it was none other than that skinny tribal youth whose pet tiger had been slaughtered by him.

Ye Xiwen stared coldly at the skinny youth, who was also keeping a close eye on him. Then, Ye Xiwen slowly walked towards the double-edged axe, grabbed its handle and sent a burst of Zhen Yuan into the tool in order to gain the control over it, then gave a cold glance to that skinny youth.

Ye Xiwen immediately twisted his waist backwards and hurled the long axe.




The huge axe went spinning and chopping the air like a fearful tornado, towards the skinny youth. This tornado was lightning fast since Ye Xiwen had quickly used some of the raw might of gilded tyrant form, while throwing the axe.

“Puchi!” His blood, like a streaming fountain, splashed all over the ground, when the huge axe chopped him into two halves and stubbornly nailed itself to the ground. There was a look of shock and disbelief while he kept on staring at Ye Xiwen. He never imagined that Ye Xiwen would turn out to be so strong.

“Ye Xiwen, it's actually you, so you are really going to oppose us?” Xiao Zhen's frightening roar echoed throughout the battlefield. Right before his eyes, Ye Xiwen directly killed the skinny youth and this was no different from throwing a severe slap on his face.

“Isn't he?” Liu Yueru muttered when she clearly recognized Ye Xiwen. Wu Shaoqun invited this boy to stay with them, but he left soon afterwards, and later she heard that some trouble occurred and he broke off his relation with Battle Heavens brotherhood and never appeared again.

But this time, even the members of Battling Heavens brotherhood appeared confused when they saw Ye Xiwen, after all, in front of their eyes, he killed their comrade. No matter how one looked at this, it was apparent that he was not a friend.

“It's quite simple. You see, he wanted to kill me so I killed him. It’s that simple!” Ye Xiwen said indifferently but there was a brutal look in his eyes. Then, he slowly walked towards the central committee of Battling Heavens brotherhood, as if dozens of other members simply didn't exist at all. He approached the leaders of the brotherhood and bravely stood right in front of them.

(To be continued)


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