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Chapter 225 - Law crushed

“Where is Wu Shaoqun? Why is he not with you people?” Ye Xiwen asked in a dull voice.

At the mention of this, Liu Yueru's complexion slightly changed as she said: “There was a clash of opinion between him and us, so he left.”

Just from the look on her face, Ye Xiwen guessed that something was off, but he did not interrogate further.

At this time, the crowd suddenly exclaimed that the law fragment had started to distort as if trying to escape from there and return to the place where it really belonged.

The crowd continued to shout, and looked extremely anxious, but at this time, Ye Xiwen finally jumped up and flew straight towards the law fragment, stretched out his hand and grabbed it.

“Stabs!” The anomalous fragment abruptly cut a terrible wound on Ye Xiwen's palm.

When the spectators saw Ye Xiwen directly reaching out to grab the law fragment, suddenly, the feeling of exultation spread in their hearts. After all, they were going to see how Ye Xiwen would be torn to pieces by the fragment.

One must know that this was no ordinary glass fragment or something, but a real space fragment. It didn't originate from a material existence but directly separated from the physical existence of space. Just like a person's shadow in a mirror that looked intact when the mirror was intact. But, as soon as the mirror was broken, the entire person's figure was also fragmented and changed back to the reality.

No one would dare to directly grasp a law fragment. This was the reason why Battling Heavens brotherhood had made a lot of preparations. They had brought several magical tools to catch this law fragment.

How could someone directly hold a law fragment, ah, it was as if this person was courting death, but irrespective of what they assumed, Ye Xiwen was not torn to pieces. Only his palm was slightly injured and bleeding, although he quite awkwardly dropped from the sky to the ground, but was still standing and looked alright. This suddenly caused commotion in the surrounding crowd.

“My God, how is he able to hold a law fragment in his hand? He looks like an ancient mythical god reborn.”

“He is too fearful! How can he possess such a tyrannical body? No wonder he was able to suppress our chief from the outset. Having this kind of flesh is really insane!”

“What we are witnessing is a miracle, isn't it?”

Nobody could achieve such a feat, at least they had not seen anyone do it before, but Ye Xiwen did it right in front of their eyes and suddenly shocked the members of Battling Heavens brotherhood. In fact, at this time, even the words weren't coming out of their mouths, including the latest stepping stone, Xiao Zhen, who appeared quite depressed and was looking at Ye Xiwen with a baffled look in his eyes.

Ye Xiwen's bright red blood sprayed out from his palm, and actually contained a trace of golden thread. It was the result of divinity refined and assimilated by Ye Xiwen in his body.

At this time, Ye Xiwen was incomparably amazed since this law fragment was too horrifying. Even though he was well prepared, with a protective cover of Zhen Yuan on his body, and he had also activated tyrant body technique, but his palm was still instantly cut open.

Xiao Zhen's Swordlight was unable to put even a scratch on his hand, but this blade law fragment was incredibly terrifying. Moreover, without feeling a shred of resistance, it instantly cut through his defenses and inflicted a cut wound on his palm.

Like in his previous life, Ye Xiwen used to easily cut through a piece of plastic foam with his finger, without feeling any resistance.

Perhaps the fearfulness of 'tyrant body technique' was beyond the comprehension of this world, but even so, its defense was easily cut open by the law fragment, cutting all the way to the bones. If Ye Xiwen had not immediately activated 'gilded tyrant form' and used the power of divinity, then his palm might have been chopped off by now.

However, if 'tyrant body technique' was practiced to its peak level then it was possible for the practitioner to use bare hands for tearing off space, but right now, Ye Xiwen's skill was not that high. Let alone tearing the space with bare hands, his palm was almost cut off by a law fragment. Fortunately, Ye Xiwen managed to escape from this tragedy and the credit would entirely go to the divinity.

The law fragment was struggling in vain and trying to escape. From the instant it was separated from the space, it was a separate entity with its own consciousness. If it could run away and find a place to hide, then after tens of thousands of years, perhaps, it would take the shape of an incomparably fearful expert with in-depth knowledge about the world law lingering inside it.

“Bang!” The law fragment suddenly broke free from Ye Xiwen's grasp, and his blood spattered as it took off instantly and fled towards the horizon.

“Look, the law fragment is escaping. I wonder what Ye Xiwen will do next.”

“Even the law fragment doesn't like him!”


Several members of Battling Heavens brotherhood laughed and ridiculed him. As for them, it was the only thing they could do to retaliate against Ye Xiwen.

However, Xiao Zhen and Liu Yueru were stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen, eagerly waiting to see what he would do next.

Ye Xiwen was not in a mood to come to terms with that law fragment. As soon as it escaped, he also immediately flew towards it and his hand instantly transformed into a huge coiling dragon. The coiling dragon was enveloped in a golden-colored light, because of the divinity mixed with Zhen Yuan, and made it seem as if the dragon god himself had descended in this world.

Ye Xiwen's dragon claw was like a raging sea, scratching and tearing the world. A plume of divinity spread in the sky, and at that moment, it directly caught the law fragment. The divine element and law fragment had a fierce friction with each other in the hand of Ye Xiwen, and terrifying intermittent explosions took place as if resembling the birth of the universe.

Using the divinity to firmly bind a law fragment was something only Ye Xiwen could achieve. It was simply unimaginable for other people to accomplish this.

Everyone was shocked because they never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually be valiant enough to once again catch and directly hold the fleeing law fragment in his hand.

“His body, is it really a human body? It's like he has transplanted the body of a devil in his own body.”

“He is incredibly strong. I wonder who can be his match later?”

"With such strength, he can definitely be called a supreme level expert in the younger generation.”

“No one will dare to grasp a law fragment in their hand, but he actually did, which is simply unimaginable.”

Ye Xiwen grasped the law fragment in his hand and crushed it. In a flash, the law fragment crumpled and left everyone in a stunned state. Everyone was dumbfounded when they witnessed the law fragment being crushed to a powdered state in Ye Xiwen's palm.

A law in itself was not visible to human eyes, but as a fragment, it was very hard and sharp. Even a simple touch of law fragment could be fatal.

But Ye Xiwen extraordinarily dared to grasp it. Moreover, he conveniently crushed it, as if it was nothing.

Immediately, countless people exclaimed because this was simply a crime in their eyes. This was not just a casual heavenly treasure, but a precious law fragment. After all, it was a treasure which could help them in stepping into the legendary realm.

Witnessing this kind of treasure, for them, was an extremely rare case that appeared only once in a hundred years, and even if they could not obtain it, why waste it like this? Right in front of their eyes, Ye Xiwen ruined a rare and extremely precious treasure.

(To be continued)


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