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Chapter 222 - World law fragment

“Roar!” A demon beast's roar resounded throughout the forest, and the color of the sky suddenly faded when the huge figure of a flame bird flew across the sky. The places it flew over instantly caught fire, and it seemed as if the space itself was melting in its presence. It dreadful roars were shaking the mountains.

Ye Xiwen was hiding amidst a thick patch of grass and felt relieved when he looked towards the furious flame bird, which was, at this moment, flying away towards the horizon.

In his arms, he was holding a big round egg, almost half his size.

This flame bird was a descendant of phoenix, an ancient god-beast, moreover, it was quite closely related as well. After reaching adulthood, a flame bird easily surmounted the legendary level.

Ye Xiwen was greatly relieved and looked at the glowing red egg held gently in his bosom. This was a big harvest.

In order to obtain this egg, it could be said that he had a narrow escape. Flame birds were very cautious while taking care of their own egg. Of course, because of the very tight security, most people simply couldn't get close, but since Ye Xiwen relied on the magical properties of 'restraining breath technique' so he was able to approach the egg and then quietly carry it away.

Ye Xiwen found a cave then gently put down the egg. In the dark cave, the egg was exuding a fiery light.

Ye Xiwen did not hesitate to activate 'tyrant body technique' and began to absorb the egg's essence. It could be seen that the flame bird's chick had not yet taken shape inside the egg. From the appearance, it just looked like a vague collection of the essence.

“Bi!” Ye Xiwen heard a crisp sound, and a blazing red soul of the flame bird's chick, which flew out of the broken egg, was directly absorbed by him.

Ye Xiwen's bronze colored skin climbed up several levels while there appeared a faint trace of golden color on his skin. After all, flame bird was the descendant of an ancient beast and was not very far apart in bloodline. Although he didn't absorb the essence of an adult bird, but the inherent divinity contained in that egg was far beyond what he hoped to obtain by killing those other demon beasts, earlier.

According to his estimate, if he later killed an adult flame bird then the divinity obtained from its body should be enough to complete the practice of 'gilded tyrant form' in one fell swoop.

However, it was an impossible task at his current level, since an adult flame bird was a beast of an entirely different realm, and even legendary level experts didn't stand a chance in front of it.

In addition to divinity, there was no small energy contained in the egg, and once all of it was absorbed by him, his inner state slowly began to break.

He had spent a long time on the truth fourth stage, and even after practicing day and night, there was almost no sign of a breakthrough, but after absorbing the divinity present in the egg's essence, his stubbornly immobile cultivation finally started to break.

The next morning, Ye Xiwen finally opened his eyes and there was an excited look on his face.

After a night's time passed, he had finally completely refined the flame bird's egg. His body no longer appeared the same as earlier, and occasionally, traces of golden threads could be seen floating in his eyes. It seemed as if the absorbed golden threads were concentrated in his eyes and whenever he activated 'tyrant body technique', his bright golden eyes flashed in the cave. Moreover, as he would continue to absorb divinity more and more, his entire body would be covered with a toughened golden layer, and by that time, when he would thoroughly carry out the 'gilded tyrant form' then his body would become incomparably tough and fearful.

To be precise, the practice of “tyrant body technique” didn't start in Xiantian realm, but in the early stages of Houtian realm. So, usually, even though the body would become very tough at the end of practice, but the end result was generally completely different from the real thing.

'Tyrant body technique' was an ancient martial art and had been created by an ancient tyrant king. It was a fearful technique and the rumors said that its practitioner could actually slay gods and devils. Although tyrant body technique was an intrepid technique, but 'gilded tyrant form' was its enhanced version, thereby making it even more dreadful.

Others certainly didn't dare to randomly make changes to the martial arts left behind by predecessors, especially when “tyrant body technique” was such a high-handed martial art, but this was not the case for Ye Xiwen. Right after crossing the first layer of “tyrant body technique", he began to figure out his own comprehension of the technique. Although he didn't know much about the original thing, but he believed that with the help of 'mysterious space', he should be able to comprehend this technique. Even though it might not become like the original, it would certainly not be inferior either.

Since the beginning of second layer of “tyrant body technique”, Ye Xiwen began to have his own understanding and developed it in his own way. As a result, its comprehension reached unprecedented proportions, probably even more than that of the supreme master who invented it, after all, unlike him, Ye Xiwen had 'mysterious space' which helped him to uncover and patch the loopholes.

So, in the end, Ye Xiwen dared to join the rank of gods, and in doing so, he ended up developing his own technique, which he named 'gilded tyrant form'.

‘Gilded tyrant form’ was a tyrannical technique, and when compared to tyrant body technique on the same level, it was much more terrifying, after all, the divine power of gods was used in it. Hence, its might was naturally going to be on an entirely different level.

Ye Xiwen was confident about his practice thanks to his stock of countless Ling Dans and spirit stones.

Compared to the beginning of the practice schedule for gilded tyrant form, Ye Xiwen was more pleased to have finally taken the most important step towards reaching the pinnacle of truth fifth stage, because his accumulation was really too vigorous, much more vigorous than anyone else.

When he was at truth third stage, his battle strength had reached the peak level of Small truth realm, and after the breakthrough to truth fourth stage, he had once again reached a satisfactory amount of accumulation, almost reaching the point where there should be a shift from quantitative to qualitative change, but there was still the need for a final push. And now with the help of flame bird's egg, the high-level life energy absorbed from it helped Ye Xiwen in finally attaining a qualitative change in his energy and he crossed the threshold, ultimately stepping into Small truth realm. Now, his battle strength was enough to beat the experts of truth sixth stage.

This meant that Ye Xiwen finally entered the ranks of the strongest experts on the demon island. Not to forget that this time, almost one thousand peerless geniuses had set foot on this island.

And among them, of course, the experts of truth first stage, second stage, third stage, fourth stage and fifth stage were in majority. However, the experts of Small truth realm were a rare presence, not to mention there were only 20-30 experts of truth sixth stage and above.

Ye Xiwen had tasted the sweetness, and if he was able to complete the gilded tyrant form then his body would be toughened to what extent, no one could predict.

However, since he relied on the egg's energy to have a breakthrough, so in the future, it would be difficult to reach the next breakthrough.

Later, he would have to continue to accumulate in order to reach the next breakthrough!

On this island, besides a terrifying creature like the flame bird, there were several other tyrannical creatures, not to mention they had cubs or eggs. Basically, they were going to help Ye Xiwen in perfecting gilded tyrant form until he would transform into a fearful golden god.

One could imagine the kind of fate those pups were going to suffer.

But before Ye Xiwen could think more on this, suddenly, a loud ringing sound of bells began to transmit from a distant place, and along with that, a multi-colored light scattered in the sky and enveloped the entire island, in the form of a terrifying enchantment barrier.




The intermittent ringing sound of a melodious bell began to resound unceasingly throughout the demon island, and even the demon beasts were excited all of a sudden.




All of the demon beasts throughout the island were excited. They turned their faces towards the sky and began to give out long and loud roars as if trying to respond to the bell’s call.

“The island is closing up!” Ye Mo said.

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded, this also meant that they were about to enter the most brutal phase of fighting and competition on the island.

During the year, no one would have any means to contact the outside world. They would have to rely only on themselves, at the same time, everyone would also slowly reveal true nature and get involved in unscrupulous battles.

Sooner or later, the conquest for treasures would start, then things would start to get bloodier and brutal!

—— Everyone on the island was still immersed in the colorful rays of light when the ringing bells sealed the island.

And, a rumor immediately swept across the island. Apparently, some people found world law fragment within a sierra.

Suddenly, this caused a sensation throughout the demon island. Perhaps experts of Xiantian realm might not know the significance of a law fragment, but that was not true for truth level experts, especially not for the super-genius experts, summoned on this island.

Regardless of what level of pious life a person had led, they must come in contact of world laws to progress further. World laws and principles were more like the essence of everything between the heaven and the earth. In order to practice further, one must grasp the essence of world laws.

This was also the only way to step into the legendary realm. There was no other way because the so-called truth realm was only a platform where one needed to prepare themselves for understanding the world laws.

Legendary realm experts were actually the tyrannical experts who were able to comprehend world laws to a certain extent.

Although the truth level experts also comprehended world laws, but only to a very small extent. And it was only sufficient to help them rank up within the truth realm, but not enough to step into the legendary realm.

The so-called half-step legendary experts could vaguely touch the world laws, but weren't able to fully touch, that's why they were still in a vague muddle-like realm and unable to step into the legendary realm.

Just by relying on one's own insight, even peerless geniuses would find it extremely difficult and time taking to comprehend world laws, which was the reason why there were several hundred true disciples in Yi Yuan School but only a handful of legendary experts.

To be continued


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