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Chapter 221 - Gilded tyrant form

After breaking off his relations with Battling Heavens brotherhood, now Ye Xiwen would need to figure out a new way of finding the whereabouts of Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen, but he did not regret it. He couldn't stand the other party's rampant attitude and the way they were trying to put blame on him again and again. If Xiao Zhen was not there then he would probably have slaughtered the skinny man right on the spot.

Ye Xiwen walked toward the depths of the demon island and arrived at a seemingly restricted area. This whole area was lush green with towering big ancient-looking trees, completely obscuring the sky.

“This demon island is too weird.” Ye Mo's voice resounded in Ye Xiwen's mind, “I have spent so many years following the great Devil King on expeditions, but I have never seen such a strange place.”

The quantity of Lingqi was adequate for the island and by far more ample than the outside world, but it was a place where demon beasts ran amuck. Even at Ye Xiwen's level, he always needed to be cautious, and from time to time, extremely frightening demon beasts would cross from the land or sky.

If Ye Xiwen's 'restraining breath technique' was not operating all the time, he simply wouldn't be able to roam around the island without being noticed.

Ye Xiwen's gaze fell upon a wreckage located in a far off place and he quickly flew over to that place. The entire place had been nearly obscured by towering ancient trees, but he was still able to see a huge white marble-paved plaza at the bottom.

A stone structure, placed right between two trees, attracted Ye Xiwen's attention. It should have been a huge stone, about 10 meters high. It seemed like the stone structure was cut off and only one-third of the original structure remained. He noticed that there were vague ancient seal characters inscribed on it. He went forward and stretched his hand to wipe off the dirt from the ancient seal characters.

Suddenly, at this moment, the ancient seal characters began to glow and the surrounding scenery suddenly transformed. Ye Xiwen suddenly felt his soul hanging in the sky, positioned right above a huge palace.

“Boom!” “Boom!”

Numerous electric snakes could be seen creeping in the black clouds and a terrifying thunder struck the palace. The palace couldn't withstand the enormous destructive power contained in the thunder strike and crumbled down.

“I am here, now come out!” Suddenly, a majestic voice resounded in all directions, “Buzz!” The low and dull muffled sound of a bell resounded and instantly sent out numerous sonic waves everywhere while several electric snakes could be seen lurking in the dark cloud, and seemed all prepared to bring down chaos in this world.

“Get lost!” Accompanied by a loud shout, a few hundred feet wide pillar of golden light went straight into the sky and dispersed the dark thundering clouds.

As the voice fell, a middle-aged man flew out of the wreckage of palace and coldly looked towards the sky. He had a dignified bearing and was clad in a golden-colored emperor's robe.

In the sky, the scattered clouds suddenly agglutinate again and revealed a huge glowing eye in the center.

"If you dare to go against the heaven's will, you cannot do that without a fight!” A muffled voice echoed everywhere.

And a huge lightning maliciously struck down.

The scene had a crazy transformation in an instant.

Right before Ye Xiwen's eyes, the golden-robed middle-aged man suddenly jumped and a blast of flames spread beneath his feet as if produced by the terrifying explosion of countless stars.

“This world is unkind to a myriad of things and treats weak as worthless. If I were to become the god of this world, I will certainly spread the notion of fair and justice and create eternal peace!”

“Ye Xiwen!” Ye Mo's loud shout echoed in Ye Xiwen's mind and forcibly pulled him out of the illusion.

Ye Xiwen could not help but held his breath. Just now, he was completely trapped inside the illusion and if Ye Mo hadn't stopped him then he probably would have sunk deeper into the illusion, until his soul vanished without a trace.

This place was indeed too weird, and at this time, Ye Xiwen was suddenly able to understand what was inscribed on the stone. It was written in esoteric seal characters of some ancient sect.

But it was just a guess on his part since there was no proof available. He was still very perplexed after witnessing such a shocking scene inside that illusion.

“Judging from surging Yaoqi in the sky, it may be because of a mighty Demon king's death. What I am trying to say is that this place is the tomb of a Demon King.” Ye Mo said in a serious tone, “Ye Xiwen, maybe, this time, we have come to a wrong place. If this place is really the tomb of a Demon King then it is absolutely one of the most deadly places between heaven and earth!” (NT: Yaoqi = Demon qi; Moqi= Devil qi; Yinqi = Negative qi; Yangqi = Positive qi)

Ye Xiwen frowned and said: “Fortunately, in the past, many people are said to have died in the conquest of the younger generation, but in comparison, not too many people died on the demon island.”

“Maybe, but this place is a natural hunting ground. In the last few days, you have killed so many demon beasts and several among them contained golden thread in their blood, although only a little, but enough to explain that they are immortal's descendants. And guess what, I have a way to extract the god's divinity from their blood, then you will be able to assimilate it into your body. That should help in upgrading your tyrant body technique and help you achieve the formidable golden body of gods. A supreme body, and incomparably tough flesh, granting you enough strength to tear even the gods to shreds!” Ye Mo couldn't hold the excitement surging inside his heart. How could he not when the god's power was right in front of their eyes. All they needed was to step forward and take it in their grasp.

For any god clan, awakening the blood of god was very precious for the children, and once it happened, they were immediately included in the elite training and were also called god's descendants. Not to mention, they were also targeted by enemies quite often.

One must know that god clans were all immortals and were rumored to have obtained immortality from the first gods. Perhaps second or third generation of god's descendants was still alive and was considered closest existence to a god and didn't die easily. These old people were extremely tyrannical, capable of bringing chaos to the entire world. So, no one dared to annoy these god clans, not just because they were immortals and extremely tyrannical, but also because they knew ancient martial arts and secret magical techniques.

This was common in all of the ten thousand worlds!

Seeing god's descendants was difficult, let alone killing them could easily cause a huge uproar and stir controversies!

Although the divinity contained in the blood of god's descendants was quite thin and weak, but the quantity was extremely large. Perhaps, a year's time should be enough to collect enough divinities to completely practice gilded tyrant form!

Ye Xiwen had an old monster like Ye Mo on his side to help him. If it was an ordinary expert then it would be impossible for them to achieve such a thing, but if this year, he continued to absorb the divinity of these demon beasts, then gradually, his future practice would benefit a lot from this.

Perhaps, this was the reason why the practice speed was usually faster on the demon island, and this was also one of the important reasons why experts desired to come to this island……

“Puchi!” A demon beast's scaly body was directly chopped into pieces by Ye Xiwen's long blade and its blood gushed out. As he expected, a golden thread was present in the crimson blood.

Under the guidance of Ye Mo, he began to absorb the divinity of that demon beast.

Ye Xiwen began to mobilize the tyrant body technique within his body, which formed a bronze sheen on his body, making it look strong and tougher than before. Ye Xiwen looked slim, but it was only because of his natural build. No one should make a fatal mistake of underestimating his strength.

After fully absorbing the divinity, Ye Xiwen noticed a change occurring in his tyrant body technique. A slight trace of golden color had begun to surface on his bronze skin.

All of the gathered silky golden threads completely covered his body, and then only, Ye Xiwen finally learned that the gilded tyrant form was a success. An overbearing and tyrannical might as if exploded inside his body, making his already enormous might even more terrifying.

After the assimilation of divinity was complete, the golden color of his skin gradually faded and turned back to bronze.

Ye Xiwen sighed and said: “This will not do, the divinity of a Small truth level demon beast can only slightly enhance my gilded tyrant form, and the overall progress is not even one out of ten thousand.”

Ye Xiwen killed for one whole day and night and he slaughtered only god's descendants, but in the end, the overall progress in gilded tyrant form was accountable to only five out of ten thousand parts. At this rate, he would have to kill tens of thousands of god's descendants of Small truth realm in order to finish the practice of gilded tyrant form.

Perhaps the time period of one year was not enough to finish gilded tyrant form!

And this was the only chance to finish the practice of gilded tyrant form, after all, he was on the infamous demon island and it was filled with opportunities in the form of god's descendants.

If he was unable to complete this technique on the demon island, he might not find god's descendants elsewhere and gilded tyrant form would end up being an unfinished technique.

“I say we find those mythical demon beasts of beyond the legendary realm, for example, the golden-winged eagle that we saw earlier." Ye Mo said with a smile.

“Do you want me to die?” Ye Xiwen frowned and said.

“Well, you do not need to go for those formidable beasts when you can always aim for their eggs or cubs. For now, let's start by targeting the young ones.”

(To be continued)


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