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Chapter 220 Broken relations

These people were lucky and could be called elites among the peerless geniuses in their respective forces, otherwise, there was no way to be summoned by demon island bell.

Everyone settled here and were waiting for more people to come, but it was only just the beginning. In the coming ten days time, more and more people would continue to arrive on the demon island. Then, it would truly be the most intense time, after all, besides competing with each other, these experts would have to deal with this mysterious island's environment. However, at least majority of them were not here to battle with others, but just to find various precious heavenly treasures, so there was no need to make enemies here and there.

Of course, at some point, they might have to compete over rare treasure, and then if necessary, they wouldn't hesitate to kill.

Ten days passed quickly, and during this period, more and more people arrived in this valley, and the number of gathered experts soon reached more than two hundred. Ye Xiwen did not stay here for a long time, every time he stayed for some time then set out in search of Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen. And, he did not want to stay here for a long time, because to be honest he didn't want to join their alliance.

Yes, three days ago when Ye Xiwen returned from the search, he heard that an alliance had been formed during his absence. And it was made under the leadership of three super experts, namely Xiao Zhen, Liu Yueru and Wu Shaoqun. The three super experts initiated the idea of forming an alliance and received many people’s support, after all, if they could have the backing of an alliance then treasure hunt would be fairly easy and safer.

Of course, there were some ambitious people who didn't join the alliance.

Three days later when he arrived here, things had slightly changed and looked more formal, even the population had decreased in the valley. Initially, there were 200 experts gathered here, but now merely 60-70 people stayed back and probably as part of the alliance.

Ye Xiwen occasionally used to come here but only stayed for a while then used to leave in a hurry, so he didn't recognize several faces.

He didn't even know when they built a small city in the valley. However, considering the magical powers and capabilities of these truth level experts, building a small city from scratch shouldn't be too difficult.

Today, when Ye Xiwen arrived, he saw that a group of warriors had arrived on the demon island. The group consisted of ten men and was led by a tall skinny man, who was clad in leather clothing and had disheveled hair while there was an unchanging sinister and ruthless expression on his face.

In front of him, a huge formidable looking tiger was crouching on the ground and its roars were echoing throughout the valley.

It seemed like they were waiting for the city gate to open, and there were few guard disciples stationed near the gate, which seemed a bit strange.

After some time, the city gate finally opened. When the skinny man saw the gate opening, he lifted his chip up, puffed out his chest, and walked forward. Other members of the group immediately followed after him and none of them dared to overtake him. However, suddenly, all of them were surprised to see that from the other side, a black figure took the lead and went ahead, meanwhile also overtaking the skinny man in the process.

A ruthless look appeared in that skinny man's eyes. He immediately used his mind connection with the tiger and ordered it to attack. A fierce and deafening roar resounded everywhere, and it suddenly transformed into a yellow and black lighting and leapt towards Ye Xiwen from behind, while keeping its big mouth opened as if to bite him to death.

The tiger's terrifying power was overflowing at this moment, and whether it was the guard disciples or the followers of the skinny man, all were trembling with fear. They were not strong enough in the face of such a beast, especially since they were mostly the experts of truth first stage, truth second stage or truth third stage at most.

This tiger was at least a demon beast of Small truth realm, so how could they not feel terror and threat from it.

For experts of this age, stepping into the truth realm itself was a great feat. Reaching Small truth realm was not something all could achieve at such a young age, except few exceptionally talented disciples like Xiao Zhen and handful of other experts.

(NT: Truth fifth stage

Ye Xiwen was suddenly furious at how quick they were to start this inexplicable dispute, but he reacted very fast. He immediately took his long blade and chopped out a terrifying Bladelight towards the approaching tiger. This Bladelight was lightning fast, and in a blink of an eye, it rushed out and collided with the demon tiger.


The huge stature of that demon tiger was directly cut into two halves by the Bladelight and its blood sprayed out all over the ground. All of the disciples were perplexed because they thought that this would be the end of Ye Xiwen, but never expected that he would turn out to be so powerful.

The tiger was a demon beast of Small truth realm, but its master was much more terrifying. He was an extremely strong expert of more than Small truth realm.

(NT: Basically, the skinny guy is on the verge of breaking from Small truth realm into the Truth sixth stage. He has accumulated energy which makes him stronger than experts of Small truth realm, but he has yet to step into truth sixth stage.)

“How is this possible? It was a Small truth realm demon tiger and considered a frightening creature in the outer world, but was actually slaughtered in one blade attack. Who is this man and how is he so formidable?”

“Do you want to die!” The tall skinny powerhouse was furious, and was about to attack, but suddenly, the figure of a handsome young man came flying from the valley and landed on the scene. It was none other than Xiao Zhen, but at this time, there was a cold look on his face.

“Ye Xiwen, are you trying to provoke Battling Heavens brotherhood?” Xiao Zhen glared at Ye Xiwen and shouted.

“I am not trying to provoke anyone and neither do I intend to stir up trouble. If I am not welcome here then I will leave this instant.” Ye Xiwen looked calm and there was an ever tranquil expression on his face, but there was anger surging in his heart. This Xiao Zhen didn't even bother to know what happened here and directly put the blame on him. Ye Xiwen's flaming heart was restless with anger but he decided not to continue the conflict with Xiao Zhen, since there was a large difference between their levels.

“First, you kill my pet then you try to run away. Well, it's too late for that.” The sinister looking skinny man said with a ruthless look in his eyes.

“Do not mess with me, or I’ll slaughter you just like I slaughtered your pet.” Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and fiercely said.

“Ye Xiwen, how dare you behave so arrogantly!” Xiao Zhen once again shouted out loud.

“Are you blind or what? Cannot you see who really is trying to provoke whom?” Ye Xiwen said in an anger-filled voice. Although he was aware of Xiao Zhen's tyrannical strength but he didn't care. Even if he couldn't beat Xiao Zhen, he could just open his devil wings and get out of here. He was being passive for now because he didn't want to break his relation with Wu Shaoqun, therefore even though he was furious right now, but he was holding himself so as to not completely ruin his relations with Battling Heavens brotherhood.

Immediately, Xiao Zhen felt that his dignity had been challenged while his sword-like fierce eyes were constantly staring at Ye Xiwen.

“Brother Xiao, I arrived here with people of my tribe at your invitation and this guy killed my most important partner. Today, if I do not kill him then it will be difficult to bear the hatred in my heart.” The skinny tribal youth's insidious eyes were stubbornly staring at Ye Xiwen.

“You seem quite eager to die. I’ll gladly buy you a ride to hell.” Ye Xiwen said in a calm voice, but his cold gaze was as if piercing the skinny man.

“You’re really arrogant. Is this how you want to challenge our Battling Heavens brotherhood?” Xiao Zhen said and looked coldly at Ye Xiwen. If not considering the relationship between this boy and Wu Shaoqun then he would have already beheaded this rampant boy.

“Obviously, this is a matter between him and me, what does this have to do with Battling Heaven brotherhood? It is imperative that you keep on proclaiming the name of Battling Heavens brotherhood, because, in your eyes, it is just a tool to be used for your convenience.” Ye Xiwen's accurate words directly hit the mark.

Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid of him, and at the worst he would leave this place, after all, his cultivation level was far worse than that of Xiao Zhen, so fighting him was not an option.

But that was only for now because later, the situation might be different, therefore, he was not afraid of Xiao Zhen. And as far that skinny youth was concerned, Ye Xiwen was simply not paying attention to him.

The skinny man was certainly an extremely formidable powerhouse and was at the peak of Small truth, but it was not enough to impress Ye Xiwen. After all, the skinny man's current battle strength was only comparable to Ye Xiwen's battle strength when he used to be on truth third layer, and now, Ye Xiwen had already broken through to the truth fourth stage.

After listening to the words of Ye Xiwen, there was a sudden commotion among the members of Battling Heavens brotherhood. Everyone saw what happened there and they were certainly smart enough to figure out who was at fault here. It was the skinny man who first tried to kill Ye Xiwen, and when Ye Xiwen acted in self-defense, he was actually accused of provoking their brotherhood.

Xiao Zhen made an appearance and interfered, but if he had acted alone, nobody would say anything, however, he kept on proclaiming in the name of brotherhood, which was not a right thing to do. Why was he pulling them into this matter for no reason?

Indeed, they were now the members of Battling Heavens brotherhood, but they joined it just because they were looking for a backing since they were looking for protection. They didn't join the brotherhood to act as someone's lackeys and be treated as cannon fodder.

One must know, even the most ordinary members of Battling Heavens brotherhood were actually considered super geniuses at their respective native places, plus they were also the center of attraction in their sects. None of them was foolish enough to willingly act as a cannon fodder for someone else's sake.

Xiao Zhen also noticed the commotion among the members of Battling Heavens brotherhood, and his complexion suddenly turned unsightly.

He immediately looked towards Ye Xiwen but actually saw that his fierce eyes were full of hostility and killing intention. No one knew what Ye Xiwen was thinking and why he had not yet taken any action.

Ye Xiwen did not stay, just turned around and left, but was actually secretly prepared to immediately fight back if someone tried to attack him.

But after this matter, he knew one thing that his relation with Battling Heavens brotherhood had completely broken off, even though there was no good relationship between them to begin with.

Xiao Zhen didn't know what to do until Ye Xiwen's figure vanished from there. He didn't do anything to stop Ye Xiwen and let him ago, but the killing intention in his eyes was still unabated.

(To be continued)


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