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Chapter 219 God's descendants

The giant mountain was actually only a part of the vast sierra which crossed from the east to west side of the demon island. It was hard to see the terminus of the sierra. Although the demon island was just an island in this boundless sea, but its size was simply beyond the imagination of an ordinary person.

Ye Xiwen was flying through the woods, and suddenly from afar, there came intermittent sounds of 'bang' 'bang' 'bang', one after another, and caused terrifying tremors in the ground. He finally found the source of this noise in the form of large mammoths which came running from far away, trampling and crushing everything in their path, including some of the great towering trees that might have lived for over a millennia.

These mammoths actually looked like giant elephants, and almost each of them was about 30 feet tall, and their whole body was covered in brown hair. The two tusks were long, sharp at the tip and curved upward, which made them appear very ominous and dreadful. Almost each and every one of them was at either truth fifth stage or in Small truth realm. Although Ye Xiwen had faced several monstrous beasts in the forest, but they all had retreated three day's march to give way in the face of Ye Xiwen's superior strength, but right now, these ominous looking mammoths were actually pursuing him.

(NT: tuì bì sān shè: to retreat three day’s march (idiom); to give way in the face of superior strength; a strategic withdrawal)

“Ha!” Accompanied by a loud shout, a sword intention fell down from the sky.

“Puchi!” A mammoth was directly cut down, the blood gushed out from the large gaping wound as it fell down on the ground. Ye Xiwen's sharp eyes instantly saw a hint of dark golden color, concealed in the dark red blood. There was a faint trace of golden color in the blood as if a golden thread was mixed in the crimson blood.

“What? Golden blood?” Ye Mo suddenly exclaimed in an astonished manner, “How is this possible? This is the characteristic of a god! So these mammoths are actually god's descendants!”

“God's descendants? What do you mean by that? You mean these mammoths turned out to be an immortal's descendants?” Ye Xiwen said in an equally astonished voice.

God, the most formidable being among the most powerful creatures in the scope of the heaven and earth, and the most famous of whom was naturally the Devil God, who was well-known for his endless destructive prowess. The Devil God gradually fell from his throne and position, but there were some people who possessed immortality and continued to live for generations. They were incredibly formidable beings and became well-known in the ten thousand worlds, where some called them immortal sages and some called them gods.

In fact, there was a way to ascertain a god's existence. A formidable immortal being contained golden blood in his veins, and their offspring also held golden blood in their body, but with the passage time, generation after generation, the golden blood continued to grow thinner. Even so, the god's descendants possessed a natural talent and their practice speed was incomparably fast.

In the last conversation, Ye Mo was talking on this topic but Ye Xiwen didn't pay much attention. After all, he had never heard about god's descendants and neither did he believe in the existence of a creature called god.

Ye Xiwen was from the earth, and unlike most people there who worshipped different gods, he wasn't indulged in god worship, because he thought that god was a very formidable being and was simply beyond the comprehension of mere humans.

In other words, the ancestors of mammoths actually turned out to be as strong as the immortals?

Although he couldn't make a guess as to how many generations had already passed in the bloodline, but he was still shocked that the so-called immortals actually existed in this world!

However, at this time, Ye Xiwen didn't have time to ponder about this matter, because just then, he saw the fast approaching figure of a man far in the horizon.

Ye Xiwen took a closer look and saw a man, roughly thirty years old in appearance and dressed in a brilliant warrior's clothing. He was a grandiose looking man with somewhat rough facial features and a burly body.

“Hello brother!” The young man's voice transmitted from afar and fell into Ye Xiwen's ears, after travelling for miles as a sonic boom. The profoundness of his skill was simply unimaginable.

“Hey, brother.” Ye Xiwen cupped his hands across his chest and said.

“It's rare to see someone coming to this island so early.” This man had a matured appearance and appeared very forthright. A jolly man like him would certainly not treat Ye Xiwen as an enemy.

Although the demon island was called a genius meat grinder, but not everyone was bloodthirsty. It was not a competition where only one person would get out alive. Since on such a dangerous island, one simply couldn't afford to offend everyone.

Demon Island was going to stay open for a month, so the participants had a window of one month's time to reach the island. After one month, the island would close down and would open only after a year.

“Great Wu State, Wu Shaoqun!” The man said with a smile.

“Great Yue State, Ye Xiwen!” Ye Xiwen replied.

“You do not mind that I am a person from Great Wu State?” Wu Shaoqun somewhat accidentally said. Although he meant it as a joke, but the fact was that Great Yue State and Great Wu State had a long border line, and one simply couldn't imagine the number of conflicts they have had for ages. When the state of Great Yue was formed and was relatively young, then Great Wu State had mobilized almost one million warriors to attack it. In the war, Great Yue State's founding emperor was seriously injured and ultimately died. Since then, both sides forged a deadly hatred for each other. In fact, Great Wu State was actually the most hated enemy of Great Yue State.

“Of course.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile, after all, he didn't have a sense of belonging to this country itself. All he cared about was his family and friends.

“Ha ha, good, even I don't care about such bullshit matters about hatred and all. It really tires me to death!” Wu Shaoqun laughed and said.

“You are a member of Great Wu State's royal clan, and if you don't care about all that then why should I?” Ye Xiwen also laughed and said. He could make out that this Wu Shaoqun was a relatively sincere and jolly person. It was actually rare to find a generous expert like him in this world.

Wu Shaoqun's surname was ‘Wu’ and was derived from Great Wu State's royal clan, which also indicated that he was actually a royal prince.

Although Great Wu State and Great Yue State were mortal enemies, but Ye Xiwen's knowledge on the topic was quite limited.

The time of his stay in this world was fairly short, and since the day he crossed over to this world, he had spent most of his time in practicing martial arts.

“Ha ha, well said. No matter what nonsense is going on between our countries, it has nothing to do with us, martial artists.” Wu Shaoqun said with a smile.

No one knew for how many years, there had been a rare quiet border between the two states and it was already gradually evolving from hate between countries into a turf war.

“Ye Xiwen, why are you not together with the people of Great Yue State?” Wu Shaoqun asked.

“Actually, I arrived here with two fellow disciples of Yi Yuan School, but two days ago, we bumped into a golden eagle which was chasing down several legendary level experts. Their battle caused the destruction of our boat, and I was also separated from them.” Ye Xiwen said.

“Did you run into those idiots from Heavenly Rock faction?” Wu Shaoqun asked.

“Do you know who they are?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“En!” Wu Shaoqun nodded and said, “They were part of a rising big influence in our Great Wu State. When they learnt about the legend of the demon island, they sent a lot of formidable experts to capture the entire island. In the end, the golden-winged eagle killed numerous of their disciples and only a few old guys were able to escape from the island. But according to what you said, it seems they were chased down by the golden-winged eagle and ultimately perished at its claws.”

“Those idiots were too arrogant. Did they really take the demon island's legend as a hoax? They once had a fearful influence, and were confident enough to plan a raid on the demon island, but in the end, they all died. And, now the weakened faction will soon break up into several small forces.” Wu Shaoqun said with a look of disdain in his eyes. Obviously, he didn't have a favorable impression of them.

“Since you still haven't found your people, why don't you come and stay with us for the time being?” Wu Shaoqun invited him.

“Then excuse me.” Ye Xiwen was anyway looking for a gathering place for experts. There could be no better place than this to spread the news about Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen. And perhaps, there, he might get some information about their whereabouts.

Both Ye Xiwen and Wu Shaoqun travelled for about 100 Li and finally reached a big mountain valley, where some warriors were gathered. All of them were truth level experts, and not just that, most of them were the experts of truth fifth stage or above.

However, there were several among them who wouldn't stand a chance against Ye Xiwen's real strength.

Seeing Wu Shaoqun flying across the sky alongside a youngster in black clothes, suddenly attracted the attention of several people.

A young man and a young woman walked over to welcome them.

“This is Liu Yueru, a disciple of Evil moon valley.” Wu Shaoqun introduced her to Ye Xiwen. She was a very beautiful woman and dressed in a long yellow skirt. She had a peerless appearance and looked just like a celestial fairy, with beautiful eyes and smooth snow-white skin.

“That is Xiao Zhen, the strongest disciple of East China Sea's Magic sect.” Wu Shaoqun said while pointing at a tall and handsome young man who looked roughly 20 years old.

“Brother Wu, this man is?” Xiao Zhen asked.

“His name is Ye Xiwen, a disciple from Great Yue State's Yi Yuan School. He got separated from his group, so until he finds them, he will be staying here with us for some time.” Wu Shaoqun replied.

“Welcome!” Xiao Zhen said, but judging from his demeanor and the way he said it, it was quite apparent that he was looking down on Ye Xiwen.

After all, on the outside, Ye Xiwen appeared to have recently stepped into the truth fourth stage.

Such a cultivation level was actually considered a big feat among the ten countries of Southeast region, but now on the demon island, it was considered nothing in the presence of strongest geniuses of the younger generation. Only those of the truth fifth stage or above could command respect on this island.

Whether it was Wu Shaoqun, Xiao Zhen, or Liu Yueru, all of them were the experts with their cultivation above truth fifth stage and possessed terrifying auras. There was no way their auras was inferior to that of the eighth prince.

As far as Xiao Zhen's rude attitude was concerned, Ye Xiwen was not angry or anything, after all, strength was the fundamental law of this world.

While facing these god's favored ones, Ye Xiwen really didn't have the qualification to be arrogant, but he was not discouraged. Their practice time was much more than his, and as long as there was enough time to practice, he would certainly be able to catch up with them, and eventually surpass them!

(To be continued)


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