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Chapter 218 - Great ominous mountain

“Roar!” The huge golden eagle gave out a loud shriek and fled all the way towards the three legendary experts. It was extremely fast and arrived in front of them in a blink of an eye, and stretched out its huge claws.

“Back off, you filthy beast!” One of the three old men swayed from side to side to barely avoid the deadly claws. He immediately flew above the golden eagle's head and instantly unleashed his terrifying powers, shooting numerous water arrows towards the golden eagle.

The great golden eagle shrieked in a loud voice, instantly lifted its golden wings upward, and in a flash, the innumerable golden feathers on its wings started to glow with golden light. It golden wings seemed all prepared to welcome the incoming water arrows from above.




The innumerable blue colored water arrows and dazzling golden feathers scattered everywhere and covered up most of the visible sky. It seemed as if the ambience of the world itself had changed in an instant.

The gigantic explosion as if churned the ocean, setting off tremors and ocean waves in all directions. Ye Xiwen immediately dived into the sea when he saw several meters high sea waves coming towards him, along with the aftershock of the explosion.

The terrifying might present in the aftershock pushed all three of them in random directions into the sea, while their boat was directly shattered to bits.

Ye Xiwen took a direct hit and the huge impact almost made him lose consciousness, but he knew that if he fainted in this damned place then there would be no saving him. This golden eagle was extremely tyrannical and was literally chasing around legendary level experts as if it was chasing stray dogs. In the end, it was hard to imagine its rank and the level of its cultivation.

Ye Xiwen was cursing these old men in his heart. If they knew that they wouldn't be able to escape from the golden eagle then what did they mess with it in the first place.

Each time the two sides clashed, it caused a blast so potent that it seemed to have been caused as a result of collision between celestial bodies. The whole sea was boiling and literally burning to the point of vaporizing as a result of terrifying attacks, derived from the fluctuations in the world principles. These fluctuations in world laws were morphing everything on the scene and Ye Xiwen felt intense pressure which began to suffocate him on the spot.

The protective layer of Zhen Yuan on Ye Xiwen's body was instantly neutralized by the aftermath of the battle, even though it was taking place about 1 Li away from there. The terrifying fluctuations in the world laws were almost about to crush Ye Xiwen to death. (NT: 1Li = 0.5 Km)

“Tianyuan mirror!” Ye Xiwen gave out a loud shout and Tianyuan mirror instantly flew out from his body and irradiated rays of scarlet light, forming a protective curtain around him. Only after this, Ye Xiwen finally relaxed and felt a little better.

At this time, he looked all around but couldn't find Chen Ruochen and Hua Menghan.

“Ah!” Then, suddenly, Ye Xiwen heard a desperate cry and looked up, only to see that the old experts had been firmly clutched in the claws of that golden eagle. Their bodies had been pierced by the horrifying claws and the blood was endlessly streaming out from their wounds. A bone-chilling sea breeze blew and the entire area was filled with the smell of blood.

How could they possibly survive after being clutched in the fearful claws of that golden eagle? They struggled for a while but ultimately died.

The golden eagle roared and seemed quite self-satisfied. While still clutching the corpses of the three old men, it immediately flapped its wings and soon disappeared into the horizon, leaving a long trace of golden light across the sky.

When the golden eagle disappeared from there, the sea finally calmed down, although still turbulent because of the usual rough waves, but when compared with the dreadful waves from a while ago, it seemed quite tranquil.

After witnessing this scene, Ye Xiwen suddenly recalled reading about a mysterious bird in the myths and legends. This magical bird was called golden-winged eagle, a legendary giant bird which was famous for taking dragons as its food.

He only considered it a ridiculous legend initially, but after witnessing the legendary golden-winged eagle with his own eyes, he couldn't help but held his breath. To think a mythical bird from ancient fables was actually living on this island.

This demon island was extremely dangerous, just like a wild forest from ancient times. Not to mention, it was a host to bad weather and all kinds of unusual demon beasts.

Ye Xiwen searched for Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen for a while, but couldn't even find a trace of the two. He could only give up and advanced towards the demon island.

He was aware of the fact that Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen were the experts of truth realm and shouldn't have any trouble breathing under water.

He continued the search inside the sea but was surprised to not see any demon beasts there, even though this part of the sea was supposed to be infested with several kinds of sea beasts. Of course, he didn't dare to approach the dark clouds……

Ye Xiwen walked for a day and night in the sea and finally reached the demon island.

The island was completely surrounded by pitch-black clouds.

This was a huge island of tens of thousands of miles in radius, floating in the boundless sea, while countless monstrous waves were crashing against it.

On the island, Ye Xiwen looked from afar and noticed that this was not so much of an island, but was more of a huge continent. The immense emerald-green forest appeared pleasant to the eye. One could hear loud beastly roars coming from the woods from time to time.

The terminus of the endless forest was actually a towering mountain, which was shrouded in dense fog. One could clearly see that it had a desolate atmosphere, which was continually spreading in all directions.

Moreover, precious medicinal plants were present everywhere on the island, including some special herbs for cultivation like several types of ginseng, white fungus, grass fire, and so on.

No wonder the demon island was so famous and attracted everyone's attention, after all, heavenly treasures and rare herbs were spread everywhere on this island.

Ye Xiwen looking for a place to rest, sat down cross-legged and began to meditate to recover the lost Zhen Yuan. In order to resist the aftermath of those attacks, he had almost depleted the reserves of Zhen Yuan in his body.

At this time, Ye Xiwen wasn't interested in collecting herbs and heavenly treasures because restoring strength was more important to protect himself on this island, more than anything else, and although many of these treasures were important raw materials for medicines, but only for average experts. Considering Ye Xiwen's cultivation level, these things didn't have any significance.

Daytime passed quickly, and the island welcomed nightfall.




Numerous roars of unknown origin started to come from the center of the island, where the towering giant mountain was located.

The noise from intermittent roars suddenly pulled him out of the meditation state.

The fearful sound of roars induced a chilling sensation in Ye Xiwen's heart. From the time he stepped on the island and came all the way to this place to rest, he saw several demon beasts on the way and was already accustomed to a variety of roars, which simply couldn't affect his concentration, but these horrifying roars that began to arise from that far off giant mountain, after the nightfall, actually sent chills down his spine.

The roars coming from that giant mountain were similar to the shrieks of a ghost, and definitely didn't seem to belong to a living creature.

During the day, the mountain appeared to be shrouded in fog, but during the night, an endless amount of surging Deadqi would cover up the entire mountain area and also surge up into the sky, forming dense dark clouds.

The usual roaring sounds of various demon beasts would vanish during the nightfall, and for the rest of the night, only the fearful shrieks would continue to transmit throughout the island. The rest of the demon island was always strangely quiet during the night, except the huge mountain which was the only source of those terrible roars.

“It's very strange.” At this time, Ye Xiwen was standing on a tall tree's branch and looking towards the huge mountain. The silver-colored starlight was sprinkled on his body, making him appear very cold and fierce.

“Well, that's quite a strong Deadqi and resentment!” Ye Mo said. “Cannot say how many people must have died to have caused such a dense accumulation of Deadqi.”

“It hard to guess the level of this powerhouse, fair to say, it will be very difficult to kill him, but the point is that what in the world happened to have caused such a terrible scene.” Ye Mo muttered.

Ye Xiwen looked at the giant mountain, surrounded by an encirclement of Deadqi, and frowned. This was an extremely terrible scene because the Deadqi was condensed to such an extent that it was visible even with the naked eye.

The dreadful roars lasted until dawn. When the stars gradually faded away, the roars also died down. After a while, the Deadqi also dissipated in thin air, as if nothing happened.

As the roars from the giant mountain disappeared, roars from all sorts of demon beasts began to resound throughout the island, just like the time when Ye Xiwen stepped on this island a day ago.

However, these beastly roars sounded pleasing to the ears when compared with the dreadful shrieks from last night.

After a night's rest, Ye Xiwen fully recovered. He was now sure of one thing that this demon island was several times more dangerous than he imagined. Not only did he need to be careful of the other peerless geniuses, but this mysterious island itself was a terrible threat.

So, now was the best time to familiarize himself with the new place and find other people. Since, Ye Xiwen believed that he was not the only one who stepped on this island.

Meanwhile, he also needed to find the whereabouts of Hua Menghan and Chen Ruochen. Ye Xiwen believed in their strengths and knew that surviving shouldn't be a difficult task for them, so he just needed to scout the island and snoop for any news about the two.

Although almost one thousand people would be setting foot on the demon island, but very few would be of average level. The remaining majority of the candidates would turn out to be extraordinary experts, each possessing high cultivation levels.

(To be continued)

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