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Chapter 214 - Eighth prince's fatal error

At this time, there was a look of shock on the eighth prince's face. He never thought that Ye Xiwen would actually have such a hidden card. However, now he didn't have a way out of this situation, he must finish what he started and behead Ye Xiwen, in order to save his reputation.

On one side stood a large array of the four sacred beasts, namely the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, The Phoenix and the Black Tortoise. While, on the other side stood the even bigger array of 19 gigantic deepwater black snakes of Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag, and not to forget that one of them being the deepwater black snake king.

All the disciples had horrified expressions on their faces as they were anticipating an earth-shattering collision between these two peerless geniuses.

Between the two of them, any of whom could be considered as an unimaginably tyrannical presence.

The four sacred beasts and the gang of deepwater black snakes severely collided.


Giving rise to an inexhaustible air explosion and forming a large vacuum belt. It seemed as if the surrounding space had been shattered by this explosion.

Both sides were submerged in the terrifying fluctuations of space and energy, while at the same time, the deepwater black snakes and the four sacred beast spirits fiercely rushed towards each other and clashed maliciously.

The entire air was boiling as the fierce beastly roars continued to resound throughout the region. There was chaos everywhere while the surrounding space was slowly cracking and collapsing. It seemed just like the collapse of this entire world.

The terrible scene scared everyone to death, as they could clearly see that this decisive battle was almost reaching its end.



All kinds of horrifying beastly roars were directly impacting the clouds in the sky and shaking the atmosphere.

This was truly a fight between ominous beasts, which was actually able to shake the heaven and the earth.


Eighth prince's spear was once again wrapped in a terrifying light. The dragon beneath his feet began to roar loudly, as he again advanced towards Ye Xiwen. The energy surrounding the spear started getting bigger and bigger and fell towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if a mountain was collapsing upon him.

The spear packed an invincible might, to the extent that it simply punctured through the atmosphere and spread chaos everywhere. This scene was literally like the birth of the world!

There was a calm look on Ye Xiwen's face. He didn't say anything, he was very calm. Irrespective of the kind of attacks enemy was throwing at him, there was no way to shake his confidence.

Ye Xiwen shot his long blade, releasing an equally fearful attack, in the form of Bladelight, towards the incoming attack.

Ye Xiwen's blade attacks were extremely horrifying, to the extent that each of his blade attacks was capable of cutting open through the space.




“Boom!” The two experts collided again, but this time, they staggered away from each other.

In a flash, the flesh and blood flew in all directions.

The disciples felt their hearts tremble, who was hurt? Whose blood was this? Yi Yuan School's disciples were naturally hoping that Ye Xiwen was okay, that it wasn't him who got hurt.

As the light dispersed, everyone saw the eighth prince's figure, standing atop the Azure Dragon. They were shocked to find that his whole arm was almost torn off by Ye Xiwen's long blade, and the blood was constantly dripping down his arm.

No one expected that Ye Xiwen would actually turn out to be so formidable that he would manage to almost chop off the eighth prince's arm.

After seeing the eighth prince's blood flying in front of their eyes, everyone was stunned. There was pin drop silence on the battlefield.

The eighth prince almost fell off the Azure dragon’s head.

Could it be that the eighth prince was not a match of Ye Xiwen in a same-level duel?  No, in fact, Ye Xiwen was only an expert of truth fourth stage and his enemy was an expert of much higher level.

This in itself was not a fair fight, but even so, the duel should have been in favor of the eighth prince. In the end, what was the true extent of Ye Xiwen's strength?

“You actually dared to hurt me, now no one can save you from my wrath!” The eighth prince's body suddenly exuded a strange godly aura, and soon, the wound on his arm gradually began to heal, was no longer bleeding like earlier.

There was a very simply reason behind why the bleeding suddenly stopped, it was because Ye Xiwen's Daoqi was still lingering in his wound and was constantly devouring his wounds, so this was the fundamental reason why he could not recover.

Just now, the strange godly aura instantly expelled Ye Xiwen's Daoqi and allowed the bleeding to stop.

Ye Xiwen sneered but didn't say anything, just looked coldly at the eighth prince.

The eighth prince grinned cruelly while he was standing on the Azure dragon's head and holding a spear in one hand. And suddenly, he rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

The spear in the eighth prince's hand began to produce buzzing noise and instantly evolved into a huge cage of energy, which then went towards Ye Xiwen in order to suppress him and choke him to death.

Ye Xiwen didn't waste any time, just rushed forward and waved the long blade in his hand, thereby releasing nine blade shadows, which then fiercely collided with the spear attack in the sky.


The two attacks glittered as they severely collided and suddenly began to exude terrifying rays of light in the sky!

“Puchi!” The spear left a fatal wound on Ye Xiwen's waist, inducing a deadly trail of blood across his waist. This was the first time Ye Xiwen got injured in this duel, but the eighth prince was in a worse state. A horrible wound had opened up on his chest and the blood was crazily oozing out of it.

“What's going on? That eighth prince actually fell under the wind!”

“How is this possible, how can this Ye Xiwen be so formidable?”

Several disciples exclaimed while there was shock and surprise on their faces. Although they always thought of the eighth prince as an arrogant and annoying guy, but deep in their hearts, they could still not deny his overwhelming might.

Although they did not want to admit it, but the powerful image of the eighth prince was deeply rooted in their hearts, so they never thought that he would actually fall under the wind. The scene that unfolded in front of their eyes was simply beyond their original expectation.

This was an unprecedented matter!

Not even the eighth prince himself ever imagined such an outcome!

Since his debut and the beginning of his so-called world conquest, he had never fallen under the wind in a same-level duel, not to mention he had never fought such a one-sided battle.

Not to forget, he was the one who instigated this duel and still ended up falling under the wind, this was just too ridiculous and unexpected.

In fact, he was not unaware that he made a blunder of underestimating Ye Xiwen and fell into his own trap.

He could sense intense threat from Ye Xiwen. He was aware of the fact that Ye Xiwen was so young and still managed to kill Feng Kong, who was clearly at a higher level. It was obvious that Ye Xiwen was capable of fighting with experts of higher level, but he just never expected that Ye Xiwen would turn out to be so terrifying.

Despite being at a fairly higher level, he had been completely suppressed by Ye Xiwen.

Suddenly, an ominous and dense aura manifested around Ye Xiwen. He didn't wait for the eighth prince to recover and attacked, but this time, he didn't use an ordinary blade skill. What he used was actually a horrifying sword intention, which instantly swept across and completely engulfed everything in the surroundings. Looking at the overwhelming might of this sword intention, no one could guess the rank of this skill. Immediately, the entire expanse of the sky was engulfed in the brilliance of this sword intention, whereas the nearby mountains couldn't stand its presence and disintegrated to bits. Everyone had a feeling in their hearts that if anyone tried to stand in its way, they would be instantly obliterated, leaving nothing behind.

Eighth prince's complexion suddenly paled. This was the first time such a terrified expression appeared on his face, other than the usual ice-cold expression. He cursed in his heart and thought that this Ye Xiwen was not playing by the rules and suddenly shot the sword intention, carrying such an out-of-the-world destructive power. Moreover, he could sense that there was an inherent meaning of creative concept hidden inside the sword intention, but the eighth prince couldn't understand how Ye Xiwen managed to practice it to such a profound level that it so effortlessly smashed his spirit illusions.

This attack was extremely fearful and was virtually impossible to guard against. Ye Xiwen so casually switched from using blade-based attacks to using a sword skill to catch his enemy off guard. He carefully waited for the right moment to unleash the sword intention, a strange but deadly skill he picked up from that fearful swordsman.

And right then, Ye Xiwen finally decided to go all out and fully unleashed his long trained combat style!


Sword Intention!

Palm shadow!

One after another, Ye Xiwen was unleashing various techniques and skill without any rules and patterns, totally random. As if all of these skills were on his fingertips and invoking them was a child's play for him. This clearly showed that he had a very high-level understanding of the martial arts when compared to his peers.

Gradually, the eighth prince was completely pressed under the wind. Needless to say, no matter how high level he was at before the seal was placed on him, but right now, the best he could do was display the might of Small Truth at best. And when considering the level of understanding of martial arts, who could possibly beat Ye Xiwen?

So long as it was at the same level, no one could contend with Ye Xiwen. Not to forget, when Ye Xiwen was at truth third stage, he was able to compete with the experts of Small Truth level. And now that he stepped into the truth fourth stage, he should posses enough battle efficiency to beat any and all experts of Small Truth level.

Of course, eighth prince was just too tyrannical and that's how he managed to survive this long in the duel, otherwise, any other expert would have been slaughtered in one shot by Ye Xiwen. (NT: Indeed, most probably, would be split into two halves :D)

Being able to last so long against Ye Xiwen, the eighth prince certainly proved his well-deserved reputation. Of course, only Ye Xiwen and Ye Mo would think so.

Everyone else was simply dumbfounded to witness that Ye Xiwen was prevailing in the duel.

But now, the battle had thoroughly fallen into the hands of Ye Xiwen, and it was time to end this once and forever.

Choosing to fight Ye Xiwen at the Small Truth level was really the biggest mistake committed by the so-called perfectionist, the eighth prince!

“Eighth prince, your legend ends today. Your decision to fight me at the same level was the biggest mistake you'll ever make!” Ye Xiwen gave out a loud shout and a burst of energy broke out of his body.

(To be continued)


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