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Chapter 215 - Eighth prince defeated

Perhaps if the eighth prince was in his peak condition, he might have been able to kill Ye Xiwen, but it just so happened that he was too conceited and made a fatal error of challenging Ye Xiwen to the same level duel.

Everyone was anxious at this moment. They were fully aware of the extraordinary prowess of these two experts, and the fact that both were capable of effortlessly beating any expert of Small Truth realm, but at this time, the young among the two was able to completely suppress the other.

“But, I was so sure of your death!” The eighth prince said with an unwilling look on his face. He was cursing himself for committing his biggest mistake. Rather than blaming himself for being so conceited, he was feeling pain in his heart for facing such a miserable situation.

Conquest between peerless experts of each generation was always an extremely cruel occurring, and everyone knew that, but in every generation, there were always few experts who were able to reach the summit of the conquest, and later in life, they would also come to control several major forces.

If only these two could have avoided this duel, at least in few decades, they would have certainly obtained influential positions in the major forces of Great Yue State. But, the duel took place ahead of time.

Ye Xiwen's battle strength was too terrifying and he easily managed to suppress the eighth prince.

Eighth prince's spear possessed tremendous might. Each of its strikes was capable of shattering the space. It seemed to be releasing a tyrannical qi which was as if coming straight from the grasp of the kind of the world.

And each blade attack of Ye Xiwen seemed to be cutting open the world itself and breaking the entire universe.

While they were fighting and clashing with each other, it would appear like a terrible collision between two planets, leaving the horrifying aftermath of the explosion everywhere. And with each collision, the enchantment barrier would almost collapse by shattering into several pieces and dispersing.

The disciples held their breaths as these scenes of terror continued to unfold in front of their eyes. These two men were undoubtedly the supreme leaders of the younger generation.

Especially, the true disciples were simply frustrated to death after witnessing such a scene. Of course, they were among the elite geniuses of Yi Yuan School, but when compared with the two peerless geniuses fighting in front of their eyes, their own accomplishments were nothing. They had the kind of feeling their hair fall off to the ground while thinking about the shame they felt for not having the capability to carry on such a fight.

After all, their strength was far worse.

This in itself was not necessarily going to determine the winner of the conquest, as long as the vast majority of peers could be beheaded, and in that case, the battle between these two could have been avoided. However, now the fight was close to the end.

And since the eighth prince's ambition was to dominate the world, he actually needed to destroy all obstacles with his own hands.

“Ah!” The eighth prince looked up towards the sky and gave out a long and loud battle-cry. And at the same time, a terrifying burst of monstrous energy rushed throughout the spear in his hand.

Eight prince's previous heroic aura had disappeared and only a boundless killing aura remained in its place. His tall stature appeared quite domineering, just like a huge mountain, when he suddenly rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

However, he still couldn't injure Ye Xiwen, in fact, his attack was easily blocked.

The eighth prince was incomparably overbearing, to the extent that even though he had been fully suppressed by Ye Xiwen in the duel, he still didn't switch to defensive-play and kept on going all out.

An example of infinite courage!

“The duel is reaching its end so soon? I never expected that the dignified eighth prince would be so close to facing a disastrous defeat.”

"It's strange, Ye Xiwen is too strong and witnessing his performance in this duel, he is certainly worthy of the title of Yi Yuan School's fifth pro-disciple.”

“The eighth prince really had it coming. He actually wanted to use Ye Xiwen as his stepping stone in his world quest. Even if our head declared his full support and protection of Ye Xiwen, he still dared to pull off such a stunt. This clearly shows that he looks down on us!”

All of the disciples felt that this duel's outcome would be out any minute.

Ye Xiwen's facial expression looked even more callous while the Bladelight completely quelled the eighth prince.

“Ah!” Eighth prince roared again and again, and suddenly shot his spear, which stabbed towards Ye Xiwen like an endlessly falling mountain. The approaching flying spear looked dazzling and colorful, just like a small sun.

“Look at yourself, now you are nothing but a cornered beast!” Ye Xiwen roared and shot his palm, which then turned into a coiling dragon and flew towards the incoming spear.

“Boom!” The resulting horrifying blast even obliterated the atoms in the atmosphere.

The eighth prince's spear collided with Ye Xiwen's dragon claw and stagnated, it simply couldn't advance.

Ye Xiwen's both hands turned into coiling dragons and soared towards the sky, like two god-beasts, suppressing and obliterating everything in the surroundings.

Eighth prince's face finally revealed a look of panic and terror. In so many years of his life, he had never been suppressed so thoroughly by anyone. Now that he was facing Ye Xiwen, he was just like a cornered beast. No matter how much he tried, it was still extremely difficult for him to escape from Ye Xiwen's attacks.

Ye Xiwen's palm turned into a coiling dragon, which swept its huge tail towards the eighth prince. He used the strongest move of coiling dragon palm, 'Divine Dragon swings its tail'.

Eighth prince was sent flying several hundred miles away, along with the spear, and finally fell on the ground. No one knew how many bones shattered in his body, his clothes were tattered, his hair scattered in all directions. He no longer looked like the heroic prince he was when he arrived earlier, now he was just a miserable looking warrior who was on the verge of losing everything he accumulated so far in his life.

But the duel was not over yet. Before the eighth prince could take a breath of relief, a spear came piercing across the sky and stabbed into his body.

Eighth prince was simply not prepared for this and was directly pierced by the spear.

“Boom!” The eighth prince was punched on top of a mountain peak by his own spear, and suddenly, the entire peak was cut off in half by the inconceivable might of the spear.

The eighth prince was still struggling, roaring again and again. One-third of the mountain had already been smashed by the enormous might of the spear, but then suddenly, the fearful seal on the spear-tip started to glow intermittently and instantly activated, thereby completely sealing off the prince's strength.

Ye Xiwen flew across the sky and landed next to the pale-looking eighth prince, then said: “As pathetic as you are right now, do you still want to kill me? I told you, in a same-level battle, I will squash you like a bug.”

“I dare you to fight a fair battle with me. Since my real strength was sealed by your elder, I couldn't show my complete strength!” The eighth prince clamored, while there was still a murderous look in his eyes, but not so intense like earlier.

“Fair, you say? How ridiculous! You are far above my level, but you still rushed here to kill me. Now you want a fair duel?” Ye Xiwen said in a ridiculing manner.

The eighth prince was furious but he couldn't do anything. Right now, his martial arts and skill had been sealed by his own spear and he couldn't even move.

“So now you can stop going on expeditions. Maybe try next time, in your next life.” Ye Xiwen said and the long blade instantly danced in his hand.

The surrounding disciples immediately exclaimed and started celebrating. Ye Xiwen finally defeated the eighth prince and saved their face. And this was simply beyond anyone's expectation. However, if he killed the eighth prince, then it would create a huge sensation throughout the Great Yue State.

After defeating the eighth prince, the one who actually intended to dominate the entire Great Yue State, it was obvious that Ye Xiwen was going to become very famous.

“I refuse to accept this outcome!” The eighth prince suddenly shouted, and this time, there was fear in his eyes. He was scared of Ye Xiwen since he had never bumped into a tyrannical expert like him. Ye Xiwen was just like an indomitable person, a truly fearful and bizarre existence and the eighth prince finally realized it!

“Stop!” A loud shout transmitted from far away, and suddenly, a big hand opened a crack in the space and stretched towards the eighth prince.

Ye Xiwen frowned, how could he possibly forget the terrifying expert who arrived along with the eighth prince?

Ye Xiwen immediately seized the eighth prince's body and threw across the sky. The eighth prince's body was sent flying at an extremely fast speed and it escaped from the reach of that big hand.

“What do you want?” Ye Xiwen said coldly and looked towards the void.

“Young man, this duel is over!” That hoarse voice said.

A skinny old man's figure suddenly appeared from the void.

“Duel, you say? You think this was really just a duel?” Ye Xiwen sneered and said.

“This time you’ve won, just respect the rule of so-called forgive and forget. The royal clan will owe you one!” The old man said.

“Humph, what will I do with a royal favor? Do you think its good enough to stand on level with this matter?” Ye Xiwen said in a strict voice. To others, perhaps royal favor was heavy as a mountain, but the same didn't apply to Ye Xiwen. His origin was extraordinary! He had come from a much-advanced world with advanced societies, where the hierarchical system of monarchy was already a long gone tradition.

“He rushed here to kill me, there was killing intention filled in his heart when he challenged me to the duel, in fact, he even said that he would take my life today. And you say that this was just a duel?” Ye Xiwen said disdainfully, “If he had won, would you show up to stop him from killing me? If I hadn't defeated him today, he and his spear would have taken so many innocent lives of countless geniuses. Would you persuade him to stop and convince him otherwise? No, all you can do is teach me a lesson on ‘forgive and forget’!”

“In the end, you just follow double standards. You treat yourself and others based on two different sets of standards!”

“Look Ye Xiwen, the road ahead is long. Even if you possess god-given wisdom and talent, but you are still young and far from being a legend warrior. There's a long way to go and you will face countless unknown obstacles along the way, so making a new friend is good for you!” A hint of threat was apparent in the old man's words.

(To be continued)


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