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Chapter 213 - Four Sacred beasts

Not even a minute had passed since the duel began, but the two experts already exchanged more than ten moves, with each being extremely terrifying and earth shattering. Their speeds were rising slowly and gradually, and in a while, to the eyes of spectators, it seemed as if both of them turned into colorful streamers of light and were rapidly colliding back and forth. In fact, the Xiantian level disciples could merely see the fierce collisions between a blue light and a yellow light.

And even for the truth level experts, it was getting difficult to clearly observe this duel since they couldn't follow the movements of the two contenders. All they could see was a duel between two afterimages.

“It’s really horrible that these two peerless heroes of this generation had to bump into each other, so early.”

“Right, although the eighth prince is arrogant, but we must admit that his strength simply goes against the heaven's will. He is definitely not some ordinary braggart.”

“Even in a low-level battle with Ye Xiwen, he is able to display such battle efficiency. I must say that both his talent and strength defy the heaven's will. Although we must also consider that Ye Xiwen's cultivation level is too far behind that of the eighth prince, but he still managed to fight back on equal terms. Not to forget, even after putting the seal on the eighth prince's cultivation, the resulting level was 'Small Truth', and Ye Xiwen's actual cultivation is less than that, but Ye Xiwen still didn't fall under the wind. It is too shocking, I am afraid we will have to agree that Ye Xiwen really is a legend, the next rising Qi Feifan of Yi Yuan School.”

The disciples of Yi Yuan School were discussing among themselves, and this time, they weren't discussing the arrogance and overbearing attitude of the eighth prince. After all, they witnessed his terrifying strength in this stunning duel, which captured all their attention.

However, while they were discussing, the duel became more and more intense and an astonishing collision occurred between the two.

“There's no point to this duel, all your resistance is futile since you are just a stepping stone and destined to become a pile of bones on the road to my success and glory!” The eighth prince expressed his overbearing self-confidence in a loud voice.

As soon his voice faded, four huge golden seals appeared out of nowhere and started spinning around him.

At the same time, layer after layer of Zhen Yuan started surging up in the eighth prince's body. And as his Zhen Yuan was constantly bursting out of his body, these four huge golden seals instantly began to change shape.

And in just a blink of an eye, huge beastly shadows appeared in the battlefield.

Azure Dragon, Phoenix, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, these four god beasts instantly appeared in front of the eighth prince. Each of these beasts was huge, almost 100 feet tall and looked magnificent while positioned in complete defense formation in front of him as if pushing chock full. It seemed like in their presence, it would simply be impossible to approach the eighth prince.

The four beast spirits, which transformed from the four huge golden seals, turned their heads towards the sky and began to roar fiercely. It seemed like their roars were shaking the entire world, as if the four sacred beasts had really descended from the heaven into this world.

The eighth prince jumped onto the Azure Dragon's head and looked at Ye Xiwen like an ancient god of war. He appeared indifferent, heartless and incomparably formidable. And while standing on that Azure Dragon's head, he seemed like the commander of the heaven's dragon community.

The disciples of Yi Yuan School were suddenly panic-stricken. In fact, even the true disciples had their complexions fade instantly when the eighth prince's terrifying coercion suddenly swept off.

Suddenly, in the depths of Yi Yuan School, several tyrannical experts started talking to each other through soul search technique. (NT: Truth level experts can use soul search to sense each other's presence/like a mobile to talk to each other/for mind control and probing the minds; like Luo Yifan had tried on Ye Xiwen to destroy his mind but Ye Xiwen was saved by 'Special space')

“Could it be that the eighth prince has obtained the heritage of the ancient 'Four Sacred Beast' sect of the southeast region?”

“Four Sacred Beasts sect, are you talking about that mighty ancient sect that was rumored to have run amuck in the ancient martial world, long back in the past? The Four Sacred Beasts sect was able to accumulate over 1 million disciples and had outclassed all other rival sects in the southeast region, but later during the Devil invasion, it was completely destroyed. Their headquarters also disintegrated and fell into the turbulent flow of space. So, this eighth prince managed to obtain the heritage of that ancient Four Sacred Beasts sect?”

“It should be true because I have read about the four sacred seals in some old antiquarian books. This is most likely the ancient martial technique of the great Four Sacred Beasts sect. However, it's supposedly a top-tier martial arts technique and I can see that the four beasts that have been summoned by the eighth prince are nothing like the real deal. The eighth prince must have used the blood of the demon beasts that contain the bloodline of the original four sacred beasts, but even so, this technique is very ominous.”

“It seems like Ye Xiwen is in big trouble. These four beasts are the guardian beasts between the heaven and earth. They are said to be the direct embodiment of the world laws. Now, while facing these four sacred beasts at once in this duel, he is going to fight at a great disadvantage!”

“Don't forget, Ye Xiwen is no fool, and he is certainly not an ordinary person. He is a fierce and formidable figure and will certainly have a way to deal with this situation.”

“Yes, Ye Xiwen is a rare genius of our Yi Yuan School. When he grows up, he will turn into the next Qi Feifan of our sect. Not to mention, he is one of the five pro-disciples and one of the brilliant disciples of the younger generation of Great Yue State. Our head has personally announced support and protection to him, so you can put your mind at ease and relax. Let's wait and see how the battle unfolds!”

“Ye Xiwen, it appears that this eighth prince truly had a great and fortuitous adventure!” Ye Mo's voice resounded in Ye Xiwen's mind. “I never expected him to summon the four sacred beasts.”

“Is it that terrible?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“Of course, it's very powerful and the genuine four sacred beasts are the supreme gods of heaven and earth. These beasts actually transcend the three realms and are said to be the masters of all five elements. There are legends about them in all of the ten thousand worlds, and especially in your human world.” Ye Mo said, “There are rumors that they were entrusted with the task of guarding the ten thousand worlds, and in each world, they take different avatars. And, all of the world laws between the heaven and the earth obey their command, granting them abnormally terrifying might, but fortunately, the eighth prince has summoned only their imitations. However, since these imitations have the features and powers of the original mythical beasts, it's going to be hard to deal with them.”

There was a sullen look on Ye Xiwen's face. He knew from the outset that the eighth prince was a tough opponent, after all, his subordinate, Feng Kong, too was such a difficult guy to deal with.

However, he wasn't the slightest bit discouraged. Defeating stronger enemies to prove that his way was right, this had been his style all along. Anyway, he had already planned to sweep away any and all obstacles in his way and thereby pave the way to his destination, the peak of martial arts world!

But, before he could obtain the full explanation from Ye Mo, the eighth prince made his move. The dragon beneath his feet instantly moved and rushed roaring towards Ye Xiwen.

The horrifying aura of the four sacred beast spirits suddenly burst forward and pressed down towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if the eighth prince was the emperor of this world, like an omnipotent god, and right now, this god had directed all his might towards Ye Xiwen.

This was the might of terror which directly swept towards Ye Xiwen.

But at this time, Ye Xiwen also made his move and 'Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array' instantly soared out and the terrifying figure of 'Deepwater Black Serpent King' suddenly appeared and coiled around Ye Xiwen. One could see dragon scales on its skin, the abnormally protruding four limbs, and the hook-like angled head. All of this was announcing that this deepwater black snake king was about to evolve into a water dragon.

Everyone gasped at this scene because they could clearly see that this beast was about to evolve into the realm of dragons, so horrifying! They could easily figure out that this beast used to be at the half-step legendary realm when it was alive, but it was then killed by Ye Xiwen and its precious corpse fell into the hands of Ye Xiwen, who then used it to upgrade his divine tool. This actually transformed the image of Ye Xiwen in their hearts as that of a fearful expert.

But only Ye Xiwen knew that this deepwater black snake king had been killed by the old man in black clothes. After being killed, its corpse fell into the hands of Ye Xiwen and was completely absorbed by the Poisonous Dragon Water Control flag.

It was needless to say how precious the corpse of a half-step legendary realm demon beast actually was. Needless to say, this beast was also the king of deepwater black serpents. Hence, its corpse was an extremely precious treasure and could be used to refine powerful tools. But, in order to win Ye Xiwen's support by giving respect and honor, the ninth prince handed over the corpse of the deepwater black serpent king to Ye Xiwen. In fact, not just that, he also gifted the corpses of thousands of other deepwater black serpents to Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen offered the sacrifice of the corpses of these deepwater black serpents to enhance the 18 surfaced Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag, in addition to that, he used the half-step legendry level corpse of the deepwater black serpent king to form a new array to the flag.

'Whiz Whiz Whiz' sound resounded several times, and from the side of Ye Xiwen, several deepwater black snakes flew out roaring from the 'Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array'. Looking at the mighty forms of these serpents, it seemed as if they were simply reborn because they had become much more formidable than before.

Ye Xiwen obtained the corpses of over a thousand deepwater black snakes and fed their souls to these original deepwater black snakes, making them transform into such mighty beasts, but because of the limited time, these few snakes could just evolve to the peak of truth fifth stage, however in doing so, almost 1/5th of the total one thousand deepwater black snakes were already consumed.

This divine tool had not yet fully formed its battle efficiency as originally envisaged by Ye Xiwen. After a complete feeding time and fully maturing, all sides of the 18 sided 'Poisonous Dragon Water Control Flag Array' would take true shape, then at least, each side of the flag array would be able to reach the truth ninth stage, not to forget that one side of this flag array contained a half-step legendary realm beast's soul. So, after successfully applying all the amendments to improve this flag array as he originally planned, the flag array would display its true might, and then with its help, Ye Xiwen would be able to contend with the experts of half-step legendary realm.

In other words, right now, this flag array was just a semi-finished product, but even so, Ye Xiwen didn't have any other means to face the boundless might of the four sacred beasts, he could only bite the bullet and brace himself.

One by one, the deepwater black snakes rushed forward on the battlefield, and suddenly, numerous disciples were amazed at this scene. Some of them had previously witnessed Ye Xiwen's flag array, but most of them had not seen such a magnificent divine tool.

(To be continued)

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