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Chapter 199 – Obstruct promotion, court death

The battle at Qianji Island ended up in the victory of the five coalition forces. Bai Mojiao’s raid was nullified in one fell swoop, as if getting rid of epidemic, and there were numerous casualties in coalition forces of devils and demon beasts. That half-step legendary devil expert was chased by Qi Feifan and was finally slaughtered. Lu Hongwei managed to escape with serious injuries, Thunder and deepwater black serpent king were also wounded but managed to escape.

This could be said as a harsh blow to the arrogance of Bai Mojiao and devils.

In this battle, two men made legends for the entire world to wonder upon. One was the invincible expert who actually single-handedly overwhelmed two half-step legendary experts. This was none other than the mythical disciple of Yi Yuan School, well-known as Qi Feifan. After this battle, one more legend was added to the huge list of his legends, sending sensation throughout the Great Yue State.

The other was a newly emerging genius named Ye Xiwen. His name spread throughout the Great Yue State and he became an overnight sensation. Initially, his fame was limited within the boundaries of Yi Yuan School and few other places, but now, the legend of his achievements completely spread, reaching the far corners of Great Yue State.

He defeated the commander in chief of Imperial Guards, Feng Kong, and a devil prince back to back.

The details of these two stunning battles quickly spread throughout the Great Yue State through the mouths of the disciples from the five forces. The rumor about Ye Xiwen receiving the challenge to a duel from eighth prince, the strongest in the younger generation of disciples, also spread.

Soon, Ye Xiwen became a well-known figure to everybody.

In a blink of an eye, ten days passed since the Bai Mojiao raid on Qianji Island.

Ye Xiwen slowly opened his eyes in a small courtyard. It took ten days for him to completely heal the injuries he received from those two battles.

He fought two experts back to back and none of the two were ordinary experts, especially that devil prince. The good thing was that he received only flesh wound which contained mainly moqi. It was extremely difficult and took him long time to first refine then consume devil prince’s concentrated moqi. (NT: Devil prince had concentrated all his moqi into one final attack, which then wounded Ye Xiwen.)

With the help of Tianyuan mirror, Ye Xiwen managed to extract moqi out of his wounds, otherwise for an ordinary expert, even if they somehow managed to survive, they would at least have to spend a year or two to heal up.

But Ye Xiwen also gained a lot from these two battles. He had to quickly increase the comprehension speed of martial arts in the mysterious space, although his accumulation was still not enough and it should take long time for the accumulation to reach breakthrough level for the truth fourth stage.

Although he rested for ten days, but it was not in vain. After all, this was the first time he seriously felt the unimaginable gap between himself and some of the country’s top experts.

Despite being on half-step legendary realm, Qi Feifan was simply invincible and heroic, not to mention he was much more stronger than those old guys at the same level.

Initially, Ye Xiwen had become somewhat arrogant, but after witnessing this war, he finally had a realization that he was not strong enough!

“Well, it’s time to go back to Yi Yuan School.” Ye Xiwen said with a smile. Now, he could go back and get promoted to the rank of a true disciple. Right now, he was officially an inner disciple and there was simply a gap of heaven and earth between an inner disciple and true disciple.

“I wonder how Brother Qi can possess such kind of strength.” Ye Xiwen said with a sigh.

“Qi Feifan is actually at a level way beyond the half-step legendary realm.” Ye Mo said, “He must be practicing some power technique that doesn’t let his breakthrough, hence he can have a strong accumulation of power, and once he had a breakthrough, he will immediately reach a higher stage of legendary realm. Don’t tell me you actually believe that a half-step legendary expert can beat the crap out of two half-step legendary experts at once?”

“It is obvious that Qi Feifan has obtained some extraordinary treasure. I don’t know what kind of treasure you are hiding, but I can tell this much that eighth prince will never be a match of Qi Feifan.” Ye Mo said, “So if you want to compete for the title of Yi Yuan School’s head, Qi Feifan is most likely going to be your biggest rival.”

“I’m not interested.” Ye Xiwen shook his head and said.

By this time, all of the disciples had returned to their respective sects, only Ye Xiwen stayed back to heal.

Ye Xiwen opened his devil wings and flew at a lightning speed, straight in the direction of Yi Yuan School. He was much more faster and stronger than experts of truth third stage, because his battle strength was comparable to Small Truth level experts.

Only within an hour, he arrived at Yi Yuan School, all thanks to the incredible speed granted by his devil wings.

Next, the most urgent task for him was to go to merit palace and change his identity from an inner to true disciple.

Ye Xiwen quickly went into the merit palace. There were many people inside the merit palace, some were exchanging demon cores for credits and some were exchanging credits for spirit stones.

Ye Xiwen walked all the way and arrived in front of the merit elder, responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of merit palace.

Everyone looked strangely at Ye Xiwen, although merit elder was responsible for the functioning of merit palace, but there were several low-tier elders for the job, no one dared to disturb the merit elder for such matters. (NT: There are Xiantian level elders as well. They are the old guys who have lived for hundreds of years and failed to step into truth level, so they are hired as elders in the sect to do the small jobs.)

“Ye Xiwen, what are you doing?” The elder said in a somewhat rude manner and looked at Ye Xiwen with his sharp gaze.

Several disciples were suddenly startled because they never thought that this young man was actually the famous Ye Xiwen. Although Ye Xiwen’s name was well-known but not many people knew his appearance.

When they finally knew that this young man was Ye Xiwen, they were suddenly excited. One must know that Ye Xiwen had now become a legendary figure and also the idol of younger generation of Yi Yuan School.

Ye Xiwen was surprised for a moment, he did not think before that he would bump into Elder Jin Xuan, a supporter of Luo clan. But, since the other party didn’t seem to give him face, he would naturally not care about giving respect to the elders. Ye Xiwen indifferently replied: “I have come to get promotion.” (NT: Jin Xuan was the elder who saved Luo Yifan’s ass from Ye Xiwen.)

“Do you qualify?” Jin Xuan looked coldly at Ye Xiwen and said.

“Isn’t that your job to find out whether I qualify or not.” Ye Xiwen sneered, he knew that Jin Xuan was intentionally embarrassing him.

“I say, you do not qualify!” Jin Xuan coldly said.

“Presumptuous, you’re just a little merit elder and still dare to arbitrarily decide this kind of thing?” Ye Xiwen snorted and loudly said.

The promotion of a disciple to the rank of a true disciple was always a major event for entire Yi Yuan School. Although there were hundred of true disciples in the sect, but this number was the result of hundred of years of accumulation. And the strength of each true disciple added up to the entire prosperity of Yi Yuan School.

Once the merit elder was requested by a disciple for the promotion, he must immediately report to the elders council and help him get the promotion.

Ye Xiwen was simply not afraid of him, although elders held high authority in the sect but it was only on par with the status of true disciples. In fact, true disciples were much more valuable than the elders considering that the true disciples represented the hope of martial arts in the sect. They would someday hold the status of a peak-head, higher position in the sect, and even the position of sect head was available to the strongest true disciple. And only those who couldn’t hold such prestigious positions would one day end up as the elder of the sect.

“Insolent brat, you dare to talk disrespectfully to an elder, do you want to be punished?” Jin Xuan coldly stared at Ye Xiwen and shouted. There was an undisguised killing intention in his eyes. Although he heard the news that Ye Xiwen had become insanely powerful but he didn’t believe it.

“Disrespecting an elder is a big sin, I’ll destroy your cultivation!” Jin Xuan said and a cruel smile appeared on his face. He instantly shot his palm and a huge hand, congealed out of Zhen Yuan, went towards Ye Xiwen. Although he was confident but he was being careful because he thought that Ye Xiwen possessed strength comparable to true disciples.

“Damn you!” Ye Xiwen immediately became furious, the killing intention surged out of his body and Zhen Yuan instantly enveloped his body, like waves of energy, rotating in circular path around his body, with him at the center.

Suddenly, the roar of a dragon echoed in the merit palace and a coiling dragon appeared out of nowhere and collided with the big hand of Jin Xuan. In an instant, Jin Xuan’s big hand, made up of Zhen Yuan, was crushed by the coiling dragon.

“You’re bold, but don’t you know that the punishment for raising hand on an elder is death?” Jin Xuan said in a strict manner but there was no way he could hide the terrified look in his eyes. How could Ye Xiwen be so powerful? Only two months ago, he was not so powerful and he could have easily killed Ye Xiwen if Lin Zhantian had not interfered, but now, his attack was so easily blocked.

(To be continued)


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